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A Wedding in the Country

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A slightly different take on a Katie Fforde book than I expected, a back to the 60’s. However, it is a charming book, as expected, very readable, and perfect for sitting in front of the fire on a cold evening. A typical “mother wants daughter to have” wedding, but daughter not so keen. All comes right in the end. No other spoilers! Different, but very good.
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Yes indeed - a feel good romance. Just the ting to read on a rainy day when you are feeling a bit ugghhh.
The early 1960s were a time when it seemed everything was possible - coffee shops were appearing with pop music I remember one in Soho - very small with a very noisy  machine to make coffee and someone singing on a guitar. And then there were short dresses and dresses with short underneath - and Biba and Carnaby Street and youth culture against the 1950s cardigan and pearl necklace brigade it seemed. I was a teenager in London with a friend whose father was involved in pop music and it seemed so exciting a time to be a teenager, but then life got in the way and the hope and joy died... (for many)
And yes, country weddings were seen as romantic and mothers who had been denied large and frothy weddings due the War wanted more for their daughters.
A  fun story that i enjoyed reading.
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A Wedding in the Country by Katie Fforde was a lovely read. Set in the 1960s it drew you in to what it must have been like living during this time. An easy to read book that I devoured in one sitting. Another great book by Katie.
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Chic Lit at its finest. A very sweet, well written love  story. Easy to read with pleasant characters. A bit “Mills & Boon” but enjoyable nonetheless. Perfect holiday fare.
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I found this book very disappointing.  I just couldn't identify the characters at all. I did try to stick with the book hoping it would get better but i could not get into the story and I eventually gave up reading it. I think it was because I could not relate to the era a bit before my time. Please do not take my review to heart as we all need something different and this was just not up my street.
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I love Katie Fforde's books and A Wedding in the Country was just a straight-up fun read and I loved it. Look, in these very uncertain times we all need fun books we all need books that make us smile and feel good and are thought-provoking in the best possible way and this is definitely one of those books! ❤
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I absolutely loved this book. I sat down to read one chapter and before I knew I was at the end. A real gem of a book.
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I was given a copy of A Wedding in the Country by Katie Fforde by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. I have read books by Katie Fforde before. This novel is set in the 1963, Lizzie moves to London to attend a cookery course. When she is there she meets Alexander and meg who soon become friends. She also meets Hugo who she falls in love with but he is with someone else. Lizzie wants to live in the fast changing world but her mother is set in the past. I loved the characters in the novel. A great read.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this light easy to read to romance set in the 1960's 
Life was much different for girls in the sixties to what they are now.
They weren't allowed to do as they pleased & were very much ruled by their parents. You were expected to marry well & have the approval of your family.
You were rarely supposed to have a mind of your own unlike young girls of today.
Lizzie is expected to marry well & has been sent to London to do a cookery course. This is just one more thing  to tick off the list of essential things she needs to do to make a good wife.
On her course is Vanessa who is rich & has her own house.
Vanessa invites Lizzie & two other girls on the course Alexander & Meg to move in with her.
Already staying their is a gay man called David but to any outsiders is passed off as,the chauffeur for appearances sake.
Lizzie is introduced Hugo, Vanessa's brother and she instantly falls for him.
Unfortunately Hugo has a girlfriend named Electra who is extremely rich & very very spoilt.
There are lots of ups & downs for our characters especially Lizzie.
I found this a light enjoyable easy read.
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#AWeddingintheCountry #NetGalley An easy to read story set in 60s Britain by this well loved author.  I found the storyline a bit predictable and certainly guessed the ending very early on but it was well written and I enjoyed the journey to get there and found the characters relevant to the era and entertaining.
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I love KF's books, but I wasn't a massive fan of this one. I am not a massive fan of books set in the past, so would be unfair to judge it on just this, nice story apart from that.
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One of my favourite authors. Perfect clean story for raomance lovers. Great characters abd location.
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A slight departure from Fforde’s usual format, as this novel is set in the 1960s.  I enjoyed the details about the cookery course and the rather Bohemian house share the main character embarks on.  Some of the relationships felt a little undernourished but the setting allowed to Fforde to reflect on how attitudes to marriage, careers, etc. have changed since the 60s.
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Great story, bit predictable but so true of the class and period of the story.  Katie Fforde can be relied on for a good read.
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I found this to be a bit different to the usual type of book that the author wrote, mainly as it was set in the 1960s. I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed though!

I really liked the characters and the way their friendships grew throughout the book.

Really enjoyable.
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A light-hearted read to lift the spirits!

I know this author is immensely popular and is loved by millions but although I enjoyed this book and found it easy to read it is not really my type of book as it is almost too happy and everything just seemed to fall into place for our heroine Lizzie or Elizabeth as she is known to her parents.

All her life Lizzie has been brought up to marry well. Nothing else is required of a young girl it would seem. This book is set in 1963 when things were just beginning to change. Lizzie has been sent to London to do a cookery course, yet another prerequisite to make her the best wife. She soon becomes friends with some of the girls on her course including Vanessa Lennnox-Stanley who is rich and ends up sharing a house with two other girls Alexander and Meg and a gay man called David. It is very much a sign of the times that under no circumstances is this allowed and when Lizzie’s parents make an unexpected visit to the house, David must be passed off as the chauffeur.

Quite by chance, Lizzie meets Vanessa’s brother Hugo and it is love at first sight for her. However, Hugo is engaged to the vapid but extremely rich and connected Electra. On a visit to the Lennox-Stanley mansion, Lizzie is so upset by the pending announcement of the engagement that she tries to escape in a boat, ends up nearly drowning but is rescued by Hugo. One thing leads to another and they make love. Lizzie then finds herself pregnant, the worst possible thing that could happen to her.

I will not talk about the rest of the story in order not to reveal everything but although I found this book enjoyable it was almost too predictable and the ending was abrupt making me wonder whether there was another book to be written about Lizzie.

What was most interesting for me was realising how different things were in the sixties especially for young women and how times and opinions have changed in many ways for the better.  

Elite Book Group received a copy of the book to review
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This story is set against the backdrop of London in the early 60s. Lizzie is being the dutiful daughter by attending cookery school. Her mother is hoping she will make someone a good wife and soon, but Lizzie has other ideas and is making the most of being let loose in London.

Although I knew exactly where this book was going, I enjoyed the journey getting there. Lizzie and her flatmates certainly kept me entertained.

I give this book 3 1/2 stars.
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Fun, jolly hockey-sticks romance. This is a light-hearted novel with an age-old story bound to keep readers flicking through the pages. The characters could have been developed a bit more, a lot of the speech and actions felt cliche and occasionally unrealistic. Despite being set in the 60s, there wasn't a lot of 2nd wave feminism to be seen!
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A lovely story that flows well from start to finish. Very enjoyable and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. Definitely recommended to those readers who enjoy reading this type of book.
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Lovely easy to read book. Liked the characters and enjoyed the way the story as told. Would recommend
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