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A Wedding in the Country

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I felt that this book was a lot different from her past books. It’s set in 1963. 

The story, had a bit of everything, friendship, romance, and so much fun. 

.Katie’s books are an enjoyable read, taking you away from the going’s on around you.
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I loved this book so much I want to know what happens next. I was so caught up in all the lives of the people in it it was brilliant. Please right a sequel Katie, I would love to hear what happened to the other girls who shared the house together!
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Another wonderful book by the lovely Katie Fforde. I loved how different it was being set in the 1960's and really enjoyed being transported back in time to London.
You follow the story of the loveable and practical Lizzie and her friends.
It was real uplifting fairytale read. It left you truly fond of the characters. It highlighted the difference between classes and how different lives were 60 years ago. I finished the book quickly enjoying the story so much and wanting to see what happened next. 
A fab read that leaves you feeling like anything is possible.
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A tale of how people from different standards live their lives, the rich titled to the normal everyday young people living in  London  brought together through learning to cook.  Great read and leaves you wanting more. Very well written and the details were spot on. I recommend this as an enjoyable read and give it 5 stars.

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What an absolutely lovely book! I’ve stayed up until 1am as I was enjoying it so much, I won’t even regret it in the morning. Katie Fforde’s books are always well written, the storylines pull you in and the characters are interesting, this book is no exception. It’s set in the 60’s, which is an era I haven’t read much about and I really enjoyed the difference in women’s roles in society and understanding more about the expectations placed upon them. Lizzie is likeable and I grew to like her more as the book progressed and we saw what she was made of, I also loved the way her friendships were written about. This was a light and lovely read, perfect for cheering you up and settling a crowded mind. 
Thank you so much to netgalley, the author and publishers for gifting me this  arc in exchange for an honest, unbiased review.
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A Wedding In The Country is told over two parts, London spring 1963, Lizzie was sent to London by her father to do a cookery course, a course which would involve Lizzie learning all those skills required for securing a well-to-do gentleman.  Initially very shy and living with her Aunt, Lizzie soon makes best friends and finds her true self.  Part two, involves life living in London after completing the course.  Life takes an unexpected turn, with its challenges.

My very first impressions I wasn't sure if it was going to be for me when I started reading, then not long into the book I really got into it.  Would definitely recommend, great read of life if the '60's.
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Katie's books are a joy to read; so warm and comforting and this one was no exception. Set in the early sixties when a lot of things were bound by the times, the book is full of friendship and love. The only downfall I felt was that it seemed to end abruptly and there was no epilogue. However, this did not spoil the story, just wish I knew a little more.
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The 19-year-old Lizzie (Elizabeth), moves from the country to London to do a cookery course so she can make a better wife. She meets couple of friends at the school and moves to live with them in a former aristocratic house in Belgravia. As diverting as London is, her prospects of going back home begin to change. 

Born and brought up in a  conservative home, the expectations of her as an only child is to get married above her status and be a good mum and wife. What is more, mum has planned and saved for her wedding si ce she had been a baby. However, Lizzie wants to have some fun first. She cuts her hair and buys a dress above her knees. 
The move to London and the move from her family changes Lizzie.  Having been sheltered and controlled all her life, she  does something atrocious and totally unacceptable in her parents' as well as the 1963 society's eyes. 

This was a light, uplifting romantic read, completed in one sitting. 

Thanks #netgalley, #katiefforde and publishers for an advanced copy of this book.
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I loved being lost in the bubble of the 60's with this book. 

Although it wasn't that long ago women still had a raw deal. What with single motherhood and sex before marriage still being frowned upon. It's crazy to think how much has changed in such a short time! 

The friendships built in this book were truly inspiring. Not just casual college friends but true ride or die friends! This group of young women did alot towards gaining their own freedoms and independence. 

The only downside was the ending, for me, it was to severe. So much of this book was the build up to a big event but in the end you don't even get to experience it? 

I enjoyed the slow burn aspect of this book. It gave you a real in-depth look at the lives involved and choices made. 

It was refreshing to read about young girls who were worried about their hair and fashion. Or who just wanted to throw a party. It was very quaint and down to earth. But kept a good pace to keep you interested.

I've not read a Katie Fforde previously but I'll definitely be interested to read more of her work going forward. 

A brilliant book if your after a light hearted, recent yet slightly historical fiction.
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Having read most if not all of Katie's books and enjoyed them I was delighted to be able to read and review this one.
This one is quite a bit different to her others as it is set in the sixties. At First I found it a little slow going but it did pick up and then I found myself thoroughly enjoying it. The story had friendships, love and a bit of romance in it and is a nice easy going read in the current times.
Thanks to netgalley and the publishers for this advance read in exchange for my honest opinions.
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I love Katie Fforde`s books so was excited to get to read her recent book, but was disappointed in it as was very slow the main character Lizzie was weak and not likeable so just couldn`t get to like the story.

The book is set in 1960, Lizzie was sent to London for a cookery course to improve her marriage prospects. .It was supposed to be a love story but the future hubby didn`t get much of a look in.

Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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I really enjoyed this book, especially the characters! A group of friends in London on their own different journeys, right up my street! 

I loved the writing style and the dialogues! There were elements which didn’t sit right on my head timeline wise but it didn’t detract too much from the enjoyment for me.

David was an excellent character, who I wished featured more prominently. 

There were a couple of bits that seemed super unrealistic... but I still really enjoyed it! A feel good book!
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I usually enjoy Katie Fforde’s  books, but this one did not appeal sadly. I was attracted by the fact that it’s based in the 1960s, in swinging London. It should have been a really lively, happening story. This was my time, I was a teenager back then, so could relate to some of the descriptions of the London scene. Even though I lived in Scotland then, I visited with family for long summer weeks in Fulham, for several years. Unfortunately the central character was such a wishy-washy sort of person, with seemingly no backbone at all. Having escaped  a claustrophobic home life with her parents in the Home Counties, and quickly broken free of her aunt Gina, Lizzie is happy to move in to a big house with two of the friends she made on her cooking course, and an older gay man, David, whose role seems to be as protector of the younger women. But much as she loves her new life and friends, she’s not there for long, being forced to abandon the bright lights by her incredibly overbearing parents, despite being 19 years old. 
The romance with Hugo seems to appear from almost nowhere, and it does not sound convincing at all. Lizzie is young, but she comes across as more childlike than simply naive. I couldn’t become  invested in her character, she is just too meek  timid, and behaves more like a downtrodden servant from a century ago.
The story line is very predictable and cliche ridden, with lots of ‘set pieces’ and way too saccharine sweet for this reader. Even a romantic novel should have a little bit of intrigue and interest. This failed to provide that for me. It also completely failed to make the most of the swinging Sixties London that it is set in. This story could have been so much more, unfortunately it completely missed the mark. 
My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my advance copy of this title.
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Lizzie has little say in her life with her mother planning that she learns to be a good wife and marry well. Sending Lizzie off to London to join Mme Wilson's cookery school gives Lizzie the opportunity to live life her own way, making new friends and finding some freedom.
The house share Lizzie joins has some great characters and I could have happily read a whole book based on their escapades!
An easy, engaging read exploring London in the 1960's and also country society's old-fashioned attitudes.
This book needs a sequel please!
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What can I say- I loved this book! This is such a good story. Set in the early 60s,Lizzie goes to London to take a cookery course, in her mother's words 'so she can find a good husband'. Lizzie makes some great friends, has a wonderful time and does meet a very lovely man. A man who is very sadly engaged to someone else!
Heartwarming and fun, this is a easy read novel that will put a smile on your face and is just so thoroughly enjoyable. Lovely characters, great story, fab setting. Just read it!!!
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I really enjoyed this book. Was a pleasure to read it & I read it quickly! Will read more by this author. Highly recommended
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A wedding in the country by Katie Fforde was a charming, easy read. A little predictable and somewhat too-good-to-be-true (is there anything Lizzie isn’t good at?) but sometimes that’s just the right escape. Don’t expect too much challenge or surprise in this light read but enjoy the step back to the not too distant past with this romantic little love story
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A Katie Fforde book is always a reason to smile and A Wedding in the Country is no exception.
Reading this in a cold February in the middle of a pandemic was exactly what I needed. It made me happy, and made me optimistic that better times are on their way. 
London in the Swinging Sxties is beautifully captured, the clothes, the hairstyles. Lizzie is in London for a course for "young ladies" to learn to cook, arrange flowers etc and meets another couple of girls with whom she shares a house. She meets a chap, but sadly he's about to get engaged to someone else - or is he? 
This story is light, it's romantic, it's summery. It's everything you could need to escape the current world for a little while. There's a suitably unpleasant character you can take an instant dislike to, a trio of great friends, a handsome hero. What's not to love? It also covers some of the issues of the day, such as  sex before marriage and homosexuality, and it covers them well and with sensitivity. 
My only complaint is that it ended too soon! What happens next, what about lovely David - does he meet someone, and Nessa and Simon? Will we meet these characters again? I hope so!
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Oh what a lovely book! I really enjoyed reading about Lizzie and her friends. Well written with believable characters, it was a breath of fresh air to read something so charming! The story flowed well and I liked Lizzie from the start. I definitely recommend this book. Thank you #netgalley
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Set in the 1960s, this is a story of finding new paths from those which you are expected to follow. This is a gentle story, which lovers of books set in the past will enjoy. It runs along at quite a pace but for me lacked depth. 

The characters are young and quite naive; as they tended to be then. Lizzie, the main character, starts to see alternatives to her Mother and Father's idea of her future life when she goes to London for a cookery course. I quite liked Lizzie's character and those of the others in the story. Although, I didn't really feel a great connection with them, so I never really felt engaged in their lives.

For me, the story was readable but not great. It almost felt rushed and slightly unrealistic in its timeline. Although the book is called A Wedding in the Country, the actual wedding was hardly mentioned, which I thought was a shame. There was plenty of potential for a very interesting reception and I would have liked more about that after all the build-up to the day.
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