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Island Book: The Infinite Land

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I haven't read the first book, and while I got the gist of what happened by reading some of the longer reviews on Goodreads, that wasn't the optimal way to do things. I enjoyed this book enough that I really want to read the first, and I do feel I would've enjoyed this one more had I read the books in order. So if you're looking at reviews to see if you can jump in here, I'd say you can, but I don't recommend it. 
The books are listed as middle grade, but to me the folk legend/fable vibe of the story works for any age (okay, maybe not babies or toddlers, let's say if you are able to read it, it's for your age). There's a slightly surreal element here that reminds of Adventure Time, when the story is about the history of Ooo, if you feel me. I'm not saying the Island story is like Adventure time, just they share a vibe. I'm not sure if this is set in another world's or our world's distant future, but it feels like things were once very different- this world seems to be just islands, but the characters go in search of a fabled lost continent, the Infinite Land. Some don't want the continent found, because it will bring a time of conquering, and yeah, that can lead to some bad stuff. The story is pacey, things happen regularly, mixed with quieter moments at fairly equal intervals, with a sense of mystery being slowly revealed. The ending is a cliffhanger, but it was a good place to have a cliffhanger, so I'm cool with it. The art is really gorgeous, with fairly easy to follow action and a good blend of tighter shots and grand, sweeping views, and the coloring was *chef's kiss* fabulous, really helping to set the different moods and scenes. The tone of surreality might not appeal to everyone, but I really enjoyed it. 

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I’m one of the rare few who haven’t yet read the first book in the trilogy, but (having enjoyed this second volume) I’ll be hunting down a copy of book one and starting from the beginning. The story is great, but I enjoyed the craft of this book more than anything. The Infinite Land is filled with character designs and evocative character names, a rich and accessible palette with excellent use of accents and sumptuous line work, satisfying pacing, scenic environments, effective transitions, and lovely compositions, which work together to create a dazzling spectacle. I haven’t even read book one but I’m ready for book three!
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This book is fine. It is similar to the first Island Book in a lot of ways - but more boring. I found myself struggling to get through what should have been a fast book. While I love Sola and wanted to know more of their story, I had a hard time following along here. The illustrations and colors are pleasing, and this earned it an extra star.
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