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Cici's Journal: Lost and Found

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This is a diary journal, graphic novel that though it is written for middle grade readers, is very detailed, and very thoughtful, as although this is the second book in the series, it is possible o read this as a stand alone, just realizing that there are some clues that you would have read in the first book that might be missed.

Cici doesn't remember her father well.  He died when she was quite young. But she thinks everything is fine, and there is nothing to worry about.  She and her friends like to solve mysteries, and each section of this this book, which is divided into three main chapters, there is a mystery to be solved. 

Very detailed, very real characters, we go through each mystery that brings us closer to solving the story behind Cici and her mother. And along the way, they help other people come together, and discover things that they thought were missing.

Not a light story, by any means, very detailed, but interesting to read and help Cici solve the problems that are presented to her.

<em>Thanks to Netgalley for making this book avalaible for an honest review. </em>
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Three lovely detective stories set during Cici's first year of middle school, as she struggles a little to stay close to her best friends despite being in different clubs and classes. 

Not having read the first book, I have to admit I was a little confused at times, but overall I thought these were enjoyable stories, with heartwarming messages. The characters are well introduced and the relationship between the three best friends feels genuine.
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I absolutely adore Cici's Journal! The two illustration styles are beautiful and the writing is superb. The story is poignant and so important. It teaches so many important lessons about humanity and relationships of all kinds. I can't even describe how much I loved the ending with all of the main characters looking at the stars. I laughed and cried along with the characters, and I think everyone who reads it will too.
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This series is so sweet, colorful and emotional. The plot is simple yet complex and with several layers of social interaction and different topics like friendship, loss, family, community, sense of wonder... A great option for young readers that enjoy adventure books and investigation stories.
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Very sweet, gentle read. Great for middle grade readers who want something nice and accessible. Simple, but not condescending and appreciate the extras scattered through the book like recipes and pieces of music.
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I had to go back and read the first Cici book to follow along, so it's not exactly a "you can pick this one up and read it out of order" series. I personally enjoyed the story and found Cici to be refreshingly bold and daring - but I can see where some parents may not like her attitude. However, it's a good read and keeps you turning the pages.
The art is GREAT, and very detailed. At first I assumed it was going to be along the veins of Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dork Diaries, but it is definitely a graphic novel with a heavy story element.
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Loved this graphic novel. Book one got me back into graphic novels and was amazing, book two definitely did not disappoint!
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Part Graphic Novel Part Journal 
These are the last 3 entries in Cici’s investigations. The illustrations are colorfully drawn, and Cici’s entries are creatively handwritten and look like a young girl’s drawings. Each entry is an investigation that when solved ,connects them all to Cici’s past and her relationship with her mom. 
Entries from the 1st 3, are mentioned, but don’t hinder the flow of this volume. Can’t wait to read the first set.
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I received an advanced digital copy of this via NetGalley.
The story is told through a mix of diary entries and graphic novel, which works really well. It follows Cici in her investigations to solve the mystery of some secret parcels, which in turn lead her to some secrets about her own past.  There then follows a turn of events that enable Cici to find out more about her past and what happened to her father and her discovery that her memory is not as reliable as she thinks it is. It also portrays the changing relationship between Cici and her mother.
Through Cici’s friendships and relationships with her family, especially her mother, we see her grow and learn about herself.
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I absolutely love Cici.  I devoured the first book in a short time and hoped for a second so when it came available on Netgalley, I pressed request quickly.
Cici is now 12 and we learn more about her with each passing mystery she involves herself within.  We also learn more about her family and her friends.  Familiar characters return in each of the three stories within this book, Lena and Erica, Mrs Ronsin, Mrs Flores and some new faces are introduced.
The book begins with Cici helping a local girl, a bookbinder, solve a scavenger hunt left by her father.  This starts to get Cici thinking and feeling different things about her own past and family.  In the second mystery, Mrs Flores sends Cici and her mom on a trip that proves to break their relationship and causes more trust issues to appear.
Knowing they need to work together to repair this, a new notebook is started with an investigation into Cici’s past and her emotions.  A clever way for mom and daughter to ask those hard questions and to understand the other’s perspective.

All of these stories are heartfelt, emotive and enthralling.  Cici is a true detective at heart and tends to get overexcited when a mystery presents itself.  When the mystery involves her own emotions, it is harder to express herself.  Fans of Cici will not be disappointed with this new release.

Beautifully told and illustrated, this will be added to my own personal bookshelves as well as those as school.
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A beautifully illustrated continuation of Cici's story, following her on her adventures, spending time with friends and family, and finally solving her own mystery,
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