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Orange Blossom-Love Blooms by Dalia Dupris was a okay write. I wanted to love the book and it took me a while to read it because it just wasn't cohesively put together for me. There was too much back into the past in the .middle of real life situations that made this book hard for me to follow. I think the build up to Elaine and David could have been better but it was okay. 

The author's storyline could have been better if there was less internal thought and working in the present.  This is my most humble honest review.
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Strong-willed Elaine Hart is determined to save Hartland Ranch, her family's California orange groves. After the recent ending of a turbulent relationship, she vows to keep her professional and personal life separate, even though she's attracted to the man who holds her family's fate in the palm of his hands.

Serious-minded banker, David Cole, has two goals- collecting on the delinquent ranch account and resisting his attraction to the unpredictable and beautiful Elaine Cole.

When a series of circumstances brings them together, they must decide if they will continue to suppress their emotions or succumb to passion and take a chance on a forever love.- Goodreads

This book had an extremely strong foundation but it did fall flat and a lot of it was due to how fast the story moved. 
You are introduced to characters, some are developed a little bit but others are fillers to move the plot along. This fine but the characters that you would think is important aren't important and that tripped me up. 

I liked the romance between David and Elaine but it moved too fast and there wasn't a strong build up to make me believe that it was real. The whole farming, trying to save the ranch is almost forgotten because the author is moving the story as fast as she can with tragedy and drama. The book should have been longer. It should have been developed more. 

I wanted to know more about David and Elaine as opposed to the snap shot that was given. 

As I mentioned the book has strong foundations but I wish it was longer.
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