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Sandcastle Beach is the third book in the Matchmaker Bay series, and it was just as sweet as the first two. Maya (owner of the town theater) and Law (owner of the local bar) have been snapping at each other since the first book, and this has a classic enemies-to-lovers trope. The two also fight over funding from the town - their professional lives at odds with their personal ones. 

I thought this book was really fun! I loved Maya and Law’s snappy rapport. Overall, this is a fun series that isn’t too steamy - the perfect beach reads for summer. I’d read them in order if I were you - each book builds on the other.  (Can you tell I still have a long time until summer? All I want to do is read on the beach!)

Thanks to @NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for my ARC!
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I love Maya and Benjamin "Law" . They love to bicker, roll their eyes at each other, and all the fun things "enemies" do.

Maya runs the local community theater and she's good at it, but she's also on the brink of financial problems that could close the theater.  

Benjamin had run his family's bar for a long time but he's thinking of expanding and opening up a restaurant. 

If you have read this series, you know the older generation- the matchmakers will get involved in their lives. They come up with a grant that will go to one winner and Maya and Benjamin both want it. So begins a war of sorts.

I love the old people. They are so good at their matchmaking and you just know how it's going to end. I love the "when will they?!" thoughts you get while reading and when you get there..... There is some heat that's also very sweet.
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Once again, Jenny Holiday has managed to create a fun and distracting world for me to fall into. I am a fan of Ms. Holiday’s work and can honestly say she is one of my go to’s for a fun, easy, beach or cozy cold day read. This read did not disappoint, and I was so happy to realize it was part of another series – so I have two others to dive back into.

If you love small town romance, Jenny Holiday reads, and enemies to lovers romcoms… or any combination of the three – I definitely recommend checking this one out asap! This was actually the third book in the Matchmaker Bay series, but it can definitely be read as a standalone as well (one of the things I love about her romcom series reads). I haven’t read books 1 or 2 yet, but I had no problem following along. I really enjoyed the banter between Ben and Maya and the book of course had fun side characters too. Looking for a fun rainy spring day read? Or a great beach vacation one? Pick up a copy – you won’t regret it! 😊

Thank you to NetGalley and Forever Publishing for the opportunity to read a copy of this early in exchange for an honest review.
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I was actually really looking forward to this book as Maya and Law have been secondary characters in the first two books and I just knew their romance would be spicy with the whole enemies to lovers thing. The wait was definitely worth it because this was my favorite in the series thus far.

Besides catching up with the couples from the first two books and the meddling matchmakers you get a deeper look at both Maya and Law and what really happened between them in the past to make them so cranky towards each other. Bickering between soon to be lovers is always fun for me and these two had great banter, they definitely made me laugh. I loved getting to see more of Maya’s theater work as well, she’s a passionate character and her enthusiasm was adorable. The epilogue was super satisfying as it ties up some loose ends with all the characters, especially since I think this is the last book in the series.
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I love this series, small town and all the characters! This one felt a little flat for me- I couldn't want for Law and Maya but it just felt like it was the same thing over and over and a little one sided for enemies to lovers. We got a bit of interracial relationships and race/gender issues. There was also no real steam or action until super late, so compared to the other it was low steam. 

Can't wait to come back to this town soon! 

3 stars
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As a professional stage manager, this book hit near and dear to my heart. I grew up in community theatre and it shaped who I have become as a person and in my career. Maya loves the community theatre she has built from the ground up more than anything, and she will stop at nothing to save it. She is the strength I want to see in all female characters; she doesn't wait for a man to swoop in and solve all her problems. Law also owns a business in town, and he values it's place in the community as much as Maya does. This is definitely a slow burn romance, but it is well worth the wait in anticipation of the will they, won't they figure it out dynamic. I haven't read the first two books in the series, but I had no trouble picking up the story, and am excited to go back and see some familiar characters in the earlier novels.
My only complaint is that Maya constantly wears her costumes out of the theatre and to the bar! There is no theatre practitioner that would do that! Especially not as the owner of a cash-strapped community theatre...I spent so much time worrying that she was going to ruin a particularly important costume piece with a spilled drink!!
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Oh, I love an unrequited love/enemies-to-lovers! These two and their suppressed FEELINGS were chef's kiss. I was waiting for their story, and Jenny delivered.
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Another Jenny Holiday book means another day of nothing but reading!

I loved this book and the story of Maya and Ben. This sweet contemporary romance will make you continue to fall in love with Matchmaker Bay and its eclectic cast of characters. 

I loved the new additions to the cast, and how the stories of the characters are interwoven. This would be a perfect TV series! If you haven’t gotten to read any of these books, nows the time! Trust me, you’ll love them!
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I received an ARC of this novel from Grand Central Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for my review.  I am a big fan of Jenny Holiday novels.  They always have great small-town characters and the plots are a bit predictable-but who cares!  Sandcastle Beach is the latest in the Mermaid Series and I have read all the books.  Just like old shoes, it is enjoyable to run into the same characters again when you read a series.  This time the main characters are the prickly Maya Mehta, the director of the local summer stock theater program and her favorite enemy, Benjamin "Law" Lawson, who runs the local bar that has been in the family for generations.  Both Law and Maya need money and find themselves competing against each other to get a local grant that would give both of their businesses the boost that they need.  In typical enemies-to-friends novels the best part is watching the main characters figure out how they actually feel about each other!  I really liked this novel, but compared to the rest in this series, this one felt like it ran out of steam a bit for me, but still worth the read!
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Sandcastle Beach is an entertaining and well written romance.  Very fun plot with good character dynamics.  I recommend this book.
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Sancastle Beach is a delightful wrap up (I think?) to the matchmaker bay series. We finally get to see all the tension and snark between Maya and Law that has been simmering for three books come to a boil (Cooking jokes 100% intended). Literally my ONLY complaint has nothing to do with the writing, it is that this book was published in the new comfort size MMP and it does not match with the rest of the series.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Forever for a copy of Sandcastle Beach for a copy in exchange for my honest review.

We're back in Moonflower Bay for the final book in the Matchmaker Bay trilogy.  This novel follows "enemies" Maya Mehta, the owner of the local community theater, and Benjamin "Law" Lawson, the owner of the local bar.  The community theater and bar are right next to each other leading Maya and Law to come to verbal blows in the past about things such as parking.  Maya is at her wit's end with repairs to the theater starting to cost her everything she owns looking at the possibility of shuttering the doors to her dream.  Law's family has owned the bar for three generations.  He is looking at expanding his business into a separate restaurant but is afraid of taking the risk and what it may mean to his family's business if he has to risk it as capital for a location for the restaurant.  When a local grant is offered to a business, Law and Maya are pitted against each other looking for a way to help their individual dreams.  As with many romances, this enemies-to-lovers romance will show although the two may think their good by themselves they are better off together not only in love but also in business.

I love Jenny Holiday and this series so much.  It has been a great reprieve from the lives we are living in the pandemic.  It took longer for love to finally bloom between Maya and Law which was irritating at times.  I figured out the ending but that doesn't mean it wasn't touching when it occurred.  I still need to read Mermaid Inn, the first novel in the series, but I didn't enjoy this one quite a much as Paradise Cove.  Even saying that I know I'll be rereading Sandcastle Beach and the rest of this series over and over again.  As a reader I fell in love with the characters and the location.  I wish Moonflower Bay was a real place because I'd be booking a ticket as soon as I can travel again, thanks global pandemic.

Not to be forgotten, Sandcastle Beach also offers a novella by Jenny Holiday, Once Upon a Bride.  Once Upon a Bride is the introduction to her previously published Bridesmaids Behaving Badly series. Who doesn't love a bonus story.  I can't wait to dive into Jenny Holiday's backlist and read whatever she comes up with next.  She has quickly become an auto-buy author.
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Sandcastle Beach was a fun and charming enemies-to-lovers romance. I adored Maya and Law's bantering, stare downs, and secret football screenings. I loved seeing their "dislike" for each other change throughout the story and I saw real growth in their relationship. The romance was a slow burn and the sexual tension building between those two was fire! 
Overall, I enjoyed the story and how everything came together in the end for these characters. 
If you're interested in a small-town romantic read, check out Sandcastle Beach! It's the third and final installment in the Matchmaker Bay series but it can be read as a standalone. 


*Complimentary copy for review provided by Forever Romance. All opinions expressed here are honest and entirely my own.
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Sandcastle Beach was the perfect ending to this series. I loved catching up with all the characters. And really enjoyed Maya and Law together. This book just swept me away when I needed it!
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Reading this book made me so happy. It was fun spending time with Law and Maya as they fussed with each other and antagonized each other because "Everyone needs hobbies." I loved this enemies-to-lovers story without the angst, but with all the heat. 

When Sandlecastle Beach began with the meddling matchmakers, just one of the town's charming trademarks, I knew that I was going to be in for a real treat. Just as in the other books of this series, I looked forward to their antics. There were several the town's elders brought Maya and Law together, but it was the Dunk Tank Debacle (as I call it) that was my favorite. When Pearl says, "Oh shoot," . . . "I think I double-scheduled this shift," I cackled with glee.  😄 

And I LOVED that Maya kept track of the See Benjamin's Chest Days. 

Law and Maya didn't always need the matchmaking meddlers. They did quite well all on their own.  ❤ And to quote Maya "Hooboy" oh how the tension made it all that more exciting. 

There is so much joy and laughter in this book that I wouldn't have objected to another hundred pages. I loved catching up with Eve and Sawyer and Jake and Nora and spending moments in the Pink Room of the Mermaid Inn. 

A Favorite Quote:
"So is this a 'friends with benefits'thing? Nora made the air quotes with her fingers."Because I think it's well established by now that those don't work in this town."

If you asked me which couple from Matchmaker Bay is my favorite? I couldn't answer and you can't make me choose. They're all my favorites! This series will be my go-to recommendation when friends are looking for a fun and entertaining summer read - at the beach, by the pool, or just a cozy stay-cation.

I loved it.
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This book was one of my most anticipated for this year & I wasn’t disappointed at all!! I loved every single page!! I had been waiting *impatiently* for Law & Maya’s story! These two are seriously meant to be!! Maya is our fiery heroine who is all about theater life. Her family owns the flower shop in town. Ben Lawson aka Law owns a bar and makes amaze pizza. These two love nothing more than to vex one another...but there’s tension and steamy hiding behind this. Law has actually been attracted to Maya since they first met several years previous but he’s ignore it. Well these two finally show us that opposites to indeed attract no matter the slight age gap! I also loved that they are forced to work together in hopes to save the theater for Maya!! Everything about this story was everything I had been waiting for!! And the epilogue was equally as wonderful!! I will be anxiously waiting to see what’s next from this author!!
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Maya has been having a hard time with her community theater that's been loosing rather then bringing in the money and has a short time left before she has to consider closing down. Thankfully there is a new business grant going on so she's got her eye on it, unfortunately so does her on and off again enemy Law.  Law is looking to expand his business by getting a restaurant while also running his family business but doesn't have the fund so will do what he can to get that grant. 

I love the whole enemy to friends bit anytime I hear it I instantly gravitate toward it and this book was no different. Plus that cover is super cute so it was also a perk. I loved Maya and Laws relationship they both bantered and pushed each others buttons but when it came down to it they were there for eachother when needed. Whether its a person to talk to or any kind of instant, it wasn't like that at first but I loved watching it form and seeing them get their own HEA. This was such a fun contemporary romance to read and I really enjoyed it.
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I love a good enemies to lovers romance. Especially when one or both of the mc's are oblivious to the fact that they are basically already in love with the other. 

The banter between Law and Maya was fun. I understand that there was history for Maya and why she was not-so-nice to Law from the beginning but it was interesting how Law just sort of accepted their feud and went with it without understanding why they were supposed to dislike each other. 

As expected when you read a small-town romance, there was some interference from the locals but it didn't feel like overkill. Some of my favorite scenes were of Law with his friends who gave him a hard time about his feelings for Maya, more specifically that he didn't realize he HAD feelings for Maya. 

Overall, this was just a really fun, sweet romance and I highly recommend it! 

Note: Somehow I missed out on reading the second book in this series but after getting a glimpse of Nora and Jake's relationship, I will definitely be going back to read it!! 

*I received an ARC from the publisher for voluntary review
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This is the third installment of the series.  An enemies to lovers comedic romp. It all takes place in their small community where everyone knows everything about everybody. Nosiness, prying and sticking their noses into what is clearly not their business is the favorite pastime of pretty much every citizen. They call themselves well intentioned.  Hah! Sometimes sweet and endearing, but others not so much. My issues were with the two main characters.  Ben was a seemingly good guy with a kind heart, smart and a good sense of self and humor, but I just couldn’t understand his desire for Maya.  He constantly did nice things for her and got zero respect in return.  Maya, in my opinion wasn’t terribly likable, believable as potential love interest or endearing enough for Ben to take the many years of meanness she has thrown his way.   Ben and Maya have been at each others throat since a high school.  They love nothing more than torturing each other.  For Ben it is fun.  For Maya, it is all in take him down meanness.  They are adults and she not only cannot let go, but is at times selfish and contemptible in her behavior. Teenagers do selfish mean silly and sometimes hurtful things.  Sometimes intentionally and others, oops because they are teenagers.  As we age and mature we learn to move forward and let go of childhood and childish hurts and slights. That Maya is old enough to have let it go and yet she carries on with anger and rage that illustrates that though she is an adult age wise, she is an immature child and not terribly likable. The I finished the book and it is it had a lovely HEA, but to me it was totally unrealistic as I still couldn’t figure out why Ben stick around for her.  I will absolutely continue with this series and the author (one of my favorite authors) as the writing was lovely and maybe it just hit me wrong.  Please read and support this amazing author and decide for yourself.
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Jenny Holiday has been solidified as one of my favorite contemporary romance authors! This series is so much fun. I love the way she writes cozy small town romances that also have plenty of heat. The buildup to this one was great, with previous books offering glimpses of these characters and starting up their enemies-to-lovers story. It was fun to see it all come together and catch up with the couples from the other books. This series is like a Hallmark movie plus more snarky humor and sexy times. Big fan!
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