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such a funny story. I loved all the characters in in. Jenny knows how to set up a great setting and story line. i didn't want to put it down.
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3.5 stars with one major caveat.

Maya and Law have been enemies as long as anyone can remember. But though she refuses to order pizza at his bar, she sneaks pieces from friends' orders, and he keeps a riesling in stock that he only serves to her. Her theater is struggling, and she may have to shut it down. She pins all her hope into an ex-boy-band member starring in Much Ado About Nothing at her theater. Law is expanding his bar to include a restaurant. They both apply for a grant that the town is offering to a local business, so they are in direct competition with each other. Meanwhile, there is a thaw between them as Maya discovers that Law has access to English Premier Football channel in his apartment, where she gets more and more comfortable. 

The town's meddling older crowd gets involved, though Maya and Law seem blissfully unaware, paralleling Benedick and Beatrice in Much Ado About Nothing. They start secretly meeting for trysts.

The book was really a 4-star for me up till the end. I adore Jenny Holiday, I find her books very readable and comforting (though I did dnf the last Moonflower Bay book because of some issues that made me unhappy, I assume other readers love the thing that made me not want to read it). But I have to say I got big mad at this book after the 90% mark, and honestly I was happily moving into 4+star rating then plummeted to just wishing I hadn't read the book.

SPOILERS AHEAD: The ex-boy band star, Holden, is a shallow moron but he is making the play happen- his dance moves, his singing, his very existence because Maya has directed the play to relate to bullying and teen issues. He quits because he has an audition in LA for the last weekend of performances, which happens to be the Saturday when a critic from the Globe and Mail is coming to review the play. Maya wants to just cancel, she does not have an understudy for Benedick. But Law says don't cancel, I'll fix it. I expected him to lure Holden back but no. Law himself shows up at the last minute for the play on Saturday night in costume as Benedick, having learned his lines, and subs in for Holden. The whole town is in on it. Then they whisk Maya away to be the Mermaid Queen. Of course the review from the Globe and Mail is overwhelmingly positive! They pulled it off! 

I just........ Maya is the director of the play and the owner of the theater. If a man showed up and surprised me at a big presentation I was making where the reputation of my business was at stake, I would be livid. It's disrespectful. I just wish writers would not have men surprise women at work for the grand gesture, it almost always undermines the woman and makes me angry. No woman wants to be surprised at work, in a work situation (like, send flowers, ok, but don't get involved in my work!). So I was left with a bad taste in my mouth and I am hesitant to recommend the book.
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Third ARC review of the day, folks! And yet another one of my fav sub genres, beach reads. You know, the type of book where you’re either enjoying a day on the beach or beside a lake, it’s that type. This one was rather enjoyable. It kept my interest and was definitely an easy beach read. Only thing I’d say is that it was a little bit on the too drawn out side of a slow burn type of romance for my taste. I like for them there’s romance, for it to happen in a timely manner. I would rate this a solid 4.5/5 stars on the good reads scale. It’s solid. Easy to get into. And I would definitely recommend it for this upcoming spring or summer break. With that said, happy reading folks.-Caroline
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I really love this series from Jenny Holiday. I had been intrigued with the interactions of Maya & Law in the first two books & I love how their relationship developed. Their banter was amazing. They supported each other so well & their slow burn to romance was great. I also really love the small town of Moonflower Bay & all it's quirky residents.
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A fun, sweet read with lots of heart... and matchmaking schemes!

First of all, I am absolutely enamored with the series with its quirky characters and mermaid-themed town. Which is super cute and right up my alley!  I love that everyone is in everyone else's business. I love how everyone pulls together to help each other out and I LOVE how much love and care the people of Moonflower Bay have for each other! 

Maya and Law have a long history of being enemies. Their crazy arguments and chemistry-filled vitriol have been the comic relief of the past two books, but now we get to delve deep into the heart of the anger/hurt that continues to fuel the flames of discord between them.

I absolutely loved their story. Maya is strong, smart, fun, entrepreneurial and tenacious. I greatly admired and adored her! Law is super sweet, caring, considerate, hunky and secretly in love with Maya. I love them together.... and fortunately, so do the matchmaking elders in Moonflower Bay, nicknamed Matchmaker Bay for that very reason! 

The secondary characters are an amazing part of the story. I love seeing previous couples living their happily ever after and supporting Maya and Law as they deal with their struggles and understand their feelings for each other. 

Sandcastle Beach is my new favorite book of the series! It was a blessing to read and gave me so much joy! I highly recommend this and every book in the Matchmaker Bay series!
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Maya Mehta and Benjamin Law have been adversaries since an incident that happened when Maya was a teenager.  Maya owns the community theater in town, which is in a financial bind.  Ben owns a bar and wants to expand.  The town has decided to offer a grant.  Both need it to help with their businesses.  What ensues is a lot banter and getting to know each other in a different light.  The townsfolk also do everyone in their power playing matchmaker with these two.  I’ve enjoyed all three books in this series.  This can be read as standalone but you will want to go back and read the other two in the series.  Thank you to NetGalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the E-ARC.  This is my own opinion.
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I just love this series, and I've been really anticipating Maya and Law's entry. It did not disappoint! This is probably my favorite of the Matchmaker Bay series. It might be partly because of the build-up - Maya and Law have been sniping at each other and sparking sexual tension since the first book - but I think it's even more than that. This story felt very whole to me, in a way I'm not sure I can really put my finger on. Both characters were given good, realistic character development, and the evolution of their relationship seemed really natural. I was surprised at how well the business storylines folded into the plot (Maya is on the verge of losing the small town theater that she runs, and Law is nervous about potentially expanding beyond his bar, which has been passed down from his grandfather to his father to him). A substantive and satisfying romance from Jenny Holiday!
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This book was the perfect escape. It was lovely and fun. It was my first book by this author and I will definitely be on the look out for more!!
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I really loved this one! It was adorable but not too adorable, if you know what I mean ;)

Maya and Law (short for Benjamin Lawson) have been feuding for as long as they can remember. Whether it's arguing over parking spaces, forcing Law to blare Spice Girls in his bar, or forcing Maya to be the town parade's Mermaid Queen against her will, the two are always at odds. But when they start spending more time together, the line between love and hate (and lust) grow very thin...

Enemies-to-lovers is my favorite trope and I'm always down for one done well. This story had such a fun, playful take on "enemies" that involved more annoyance than hate, and the spark of romantic interest flaming into something more was a beautiful slow burn that I enjoyed immensely. The characters had fantastic chemistry and the author handled the intimacy well. Jenny Holiday has become one of my must-read authors!

This book is third in the Matchmaker Bay series, but can definitely be read as a stand-alone!

Thank you to Forever and NetGalley for my eARC of this book!

5 stars - 9/10
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The third installment in Jenny Holiday's Mermaid Series was a sweet ending to these books!  I really enjoyed this series, and I was excited to read Maya and Law's story.  This was the perfect enemies to lovers book set in a beautiful, picturesque small town!  I  usually love small town romances, and this didn't disappoint!  I recommend this book and the whole series if you like sweet, small town romances with lots of steamy romance!
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