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4.5-5 Stars!! If you want to write a book, you really should read this book first! It’s got a lot of helpful tips that will help anyone looking at writing a book, especially nonfiction and memoirs! The author gives tips for more than just writing, also publishing and marketing your book. I highly recommend this to any aspiring writers! You will NOT be sorry you read this book!
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The process of moving from the idea to the written book is really daunting. Many books have been written on the subject, good and bad. This book delivers well-described advice on the craft of writing, publishing, and marketing. 
This book practical directions on weaving a story together and making it into a narrative are surely good, at the level of the best on the market. Definitely a book that needs to be on the shelf of the novice author.
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Get the Word Out: Write Books that Make a Difference
by Anne Janzer

There’s something inviting about the introduction of Get the Word Out where Janzer writes: “Many of us live on the cusp of doing something meaningful, without ever taking action. We wait or deflect responsibility, assuming that someone more expert than us will speak up. You’re reading this book because you don’t want to wait any longer.”

That’s it then. This book is about empowering those people to tell the powerful, necessary stories already within them. The key, Janzer says, is tapping into your sense of purpose and embracing what she calls “servant authorship,” meaning that an author truly commits to serving the needs of the reader. This “sense of purpose gives you a guidepost for making difficult decisions, like what to include and what to leave out.”

Unlike some writing how-to books, she addresses the idea of how to build a community and work with publishers. That’s a welcome change from so many other books.

I’m also a fan of books that have a simple, clear format to them, and this one does, with four distinct parts—The Difference You Make, Make Your Plan, Get the Words Out, and Spread the Word. The text, too, has a lot of subheaders and bulleted lists to help guide readers through the concrete advice, tips, and anecdotes.

Ultimately, it’s an accessible book that might be just what you need to move you ahead on your own story journey.

4 out of 5 coffee cups
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Get the Word Out is an excellent resource for emerging writers who are on the fence about starting their books. With Janzer's encouragement, she lists common untruths writers often tell themselves as they battle with resistance. For writers who love reading about the craft and for those who prefer to feel uplifted about the arduous process of writing books, this is a useful addition to their personal library.
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A very encouraging and comprehensive book offering guidance and strategies on how to think through the process of writing a book. The many challenges of writers, from writing to publishing, are discussed and many guiding principles and reflections can help mold your process to write more consistently. It covered big picture thinking as well as down on-the-ground wisdom for aspiring writers.
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I’ve read one other book by Janzer and see her name pop up in any article or space about writing. This book, while not all long, gets her tenets on writing down concisely but still in a relatable and easy to  utilize way.  I enjoy the reflections she points out about her career in marketing and making that mindset and those tactics work for writers.
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Everyone has a story that is worth telling. Anne Janzer created "Get The Word Out" to inspire future writers to tell their stories.
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This is a brilliant handbook for anyone who writes.  Though mainly focused on nonfiction writers it is nevertheless full of applicable advice ranging from what topic to choose, how to publish, to refining your drafts.  At the end of each section is a summary, in point form, of what to practice. This is a reference book which will be used again and again as it contains many excellent tips. I not only enjoyed reading it but also found the advice generous, loved the multitude of examples from other writers, and would highly recommend it.
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