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A gripping, dark psychological thriller Bridget witnesses a child being abducted from her train window but noone else sees. At times an emotional read, Bridget is suffering with post natal depression, the feelings of being an exhausted new mum very relatable. With noone believing her she starts her own investigation. I really didn't know who to trust, or what was going on. I had to keep turning the pages to find out. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Avon books for an ARC in exchange for an honest review
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Exhausted new mother Bridget is on her way home from work late one night on the train when she sees something shocking; a little girl being grabbed off the platform of a station her train is speeding through and thrown into a white van. Nobody else sees it, though, and since Bridget is suffering from post-natal depression and on a strong medication with possible hallucinatory side effects, it soon becomes apparent that the police don’t quite believe her.

Which doesn’t explain the white van which starts following Bridget around. Or the incredible detail she can recall, right down to the logo of the rose on the little girl’s blazer pocket. A specialist in data analysis, Bridget starts doing what she does best; investigate the data. All the data on children who vanished without trace, over the last twenty years, with particular focus on those missing from railway stations. One case, twenty years old, strikes a strange chord, and when Bridget finds herself in the small Northern town a little girl called Frances vanished from, something starts stirring in her memory. Something impossible.

The twist here is actually telegraphed really early, even though it’s not explicitly spelled out, but the reader has to wait for Bridget to discover it and to uncover all the details about why. There are still some threads left open - why therapist Gillian was so loyal to Bridget’s mother didn’t really add up for me, and what about all that data Bridget analysed? Because she really did find a pattern, one which makes me wonder if there might be a second book here where Bridget helps the police find more missing children. I’d love to read it, if so. Bridget’s past would provide a major impetus for her to get involved in such cases and she has the skillset to do it.

It’s unusual to read a character with mental illness, depicted with clear and unflinching detail, as the heroine rather than the villain in a mystery thriller. PND is very real and can be crippling, and although it’s eventually revealed that Bridget’s issues are both deeper and at least partially induced by external forces, her struggles as a working mother to a young baby (with dietary issues, no less) and her desperate desire to do the right thing by her daughter are painful to read. This is gut-wrenching in parts, I think especially to anyone who has children and has felt that crippling fear they’re failing as a parent, and the contrast between that and the shocking emotional betrayals of the eventual villain are extreme.

I honestly couldn’t put this down once I’d got into it, which didn’t take long at all; I was hooked by the end of the first chapter. Five stars for a terrific read and I’ll definitely be looking for more books from this author.
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First let’s talk about Grace. What a “real” character she is. She just had a baby 7 months ago. She is suffering from postpartum. She is the breadwinner while her husband is a stay at home dad and her commute is killing her, she is tired, her mom is kind driving her nuts with all the ways Grace isn’t doing things right for the baby and, as a mom, I completely got it. Guilt for working and guilt if she didn’t work. Happy her hubby can stay home and also jealous. 

Then she sees a young girl get kidnapped on a platform on the way home. But no one else saw it. Why not? Do the police even believe her? Can she trust her own tired brain? 

And then the nightmares start. WOW! What a story is told through her nightmares and through her thoughts. 

I wanted to read the book and then needed to stop at times to process what was going on with Grace. 

This is a really good story. It keeps you wanting to read one more page and then another. There is so much going on and yet none of it is overwhelming. Really recommend anyone who enjoys suspenseful reads and wants to keep your mind guessing. 

I received a complimentary copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to the publisher, Bryony Pearce and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book for my honest opinion.

In this story we meet Bridget, who I loved to read about, she is a mother to her daughter and married.  She is on the train when she sees what appears to be a young girl being kidnapped. She alerts the relevant people but it seems like there is no evidence to suggest the kidnapping takes place. Bridget starts investigating the kidnapping and lots of questions are asked.  

I found this book very intriguing but also quite upsetting to read at times.  I read this book quicker than I what I thought as it pulled me in and kept me captivated until the end.  I will be reading other books by Bryony Pearce as I loved her style of writing.

The many twists and turns in this novel really does make for a great read.
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Enjoyable read! Kept my interest the whole way through! Though I have to admit I figured out the plot twist fairly early on.... still I enjoyed reading and I grew to love bridget and graces characters and needed to know what happened in the end....

Thabk you to netgalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this book!
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It was a slow thriller with lots of domestic filler. It was predictable, but I liked the anticipation of wondering when the main character is going to find out. I thought there was too much of the baby’s day to day life for me. I liked how it was uncertain at times whether it was reality or a dream, Even though it was predictable, some elements of the ending were still surprising. It was overall enjoyable and I would give it 3.5 stars.
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I felt kinda meh about this one.  Not really connected with the story, even though I did read the whole thing.  I would read further books by the author.  This one to me is bland.

2/5 Stars
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On her way home from work, Bridgit sees a young girl being dragged from a train platform and believes she has been kidnapped. The police investigate and have their doubts. Brigit’s wellbeing is then brought further into question as she fixates on other child-kidnappings and is being stalked by a man in a white van. Another mystery suspense story with a flawed female protagonist that seems the basis of so much domestic noir these days. Bryony Pearce has written a nicely tense, nuanced saga with plenty of twists and turns - a three-star rating.  With thanks to NetGalley and the author for a preview copy for review purposes. All opinions expressed herein are freely given and totally my own.
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Bridget, a wife and mother suffering from postnatal depression, witnesses a little girl being kidnapped while riding the train home. But, no one else on the train sees it. She tells the police, but she doesn't think they believe her. She starts her own search for the missing girl which leads her into her own downward spiral. 

This book was riveting! The story captured me from the start and kept a tight hold on me until the very end. I felt like I was spiraling right along with Bridget. This one kept me up late into the night to read "just one more chapter."  And it was all I could think about until I could pick it up again to continue reading. All the characters were relatable. I could feel, Bridget's frustration with the police and her family's disregard to the urgency of finding this missing girl. Which created an urgency in me to finish this book. Some mystery/thrillers fall flat in the middle or the end, but this one held a steady pace until it skyrocketed. You won't see the twists coming. If you love psychological thrillers than this one is a must read!
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I will start by saying that I figured out fairly early on what was going to happen, however despite my suspicions being correct it didn’t spoil it for me.

I found the whole story to be dark and intense. Bridget is on anti-depressants and many times throughout I was questioning whether the things that were happening to her were actually true or just a figment of her imagination. I felt so confused with some events but I think this really helped get into the mind of Bridget because if I was confused then I could only imagine just how Bridget felt.

The first part of the book follows Bridget as she takes it upon herself to figure out who kidnapped this girl which at times were a little slow but added to the intensity of it all. No one believes her and it was frustrating at times to see her be put down by her husband and her own mother.

As mentioned, I had already figured out the ending, but the final third of the book when everything begins to come together were still my absolute favourite parts despite knowing what was coming. They were sinister and gave me a ‘Misery’ vibe. Everything suddenly felt very claustrophobic and it felt like I was reading a scene from a horror film – very intense indeed, that’s all I’m saying!

Overall I think this is a brilliant thriller and if you’re new to the genre then I would definitely recommend giving this a read.
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OMG i loved this book.  The story had me gripped from the very beginning and I raced to the ending.  Although I figured out quite early in the story an element of what was happening the ending still blows you away.
Bridget is a new mum who has returned to work from her maternity leave.  She's working long hours.  Her Husband Tom is now staying home to care for baby Grace who she hardly see's.  To top it all she's recovering from post natal depression and on medication.
On a journey home one night she witnesses a girl being snatched from a station.  However, no one else on the train saw anything.  No one believes her and the police dismiss her as a time waster.  However, somewhere out there a family is missing their daughter.  
Bridget goes about finding the truth leading to  dangerous consequences.  By finding out who this girl is will she put herself and her daughter at risk.
Many thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC
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This was a deep read.   A very relatable read.  A. very heart felt read.  I was spinning from page one.  A woman that is a mother... a true mother at that has a heart for her children and others that may seem lost or hurt. Bridget is suffering from the effects of postpartum depression.  She witnesses a kidnapping from a moving commuter train, but no one believes her.  This just made the ride even harder to read as I could feel her anxiety.  

This was a really good read but if it is too close to home delay it until you are healed.

Thank you NetGalley as well as the author Bryony Pearce and the publisher.
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I read The Girl on the Platform by Bryony Pearce in one sitting on a rainy afternoon. I am rating this 3.5 stars (marking as 4).. There was good potential for this to be 5 stars as the idea was great. This psychological thriller had a great beginning and an intense well-done ending. In my opinion, the middle of the book needs lots of work. There was too much repetition for me:the meds, sickness…....A good editor would help. I did figure out the big twist almost at the beginning. I think Pearce has a lot of potential. My thanks to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for an ARC of this book. The opinions in this review are my own.
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A compelling story about Bridget a working Mum who endured a daily commute while her husband stayed home to look after their baby. She is worn down and tired. One fateful day she witnesses the kidnapping of a child. The story intensifies as this apparent crime is not reported by anyone other than Bridget. As nobody seems to believe her she is forced to face demons from her past. The outcome is totally unexpected.
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I received a free copy from the publisher.. This is my honest review.

As a fan of psychological thrillers, I find it increasingly difficult to find a new book that grabs me with twists that satisfy,. This is a well-written novel, and the twists and turns were intriguing and interesting. I enjoyed this book and will be recommending it to others.
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This is a gripping psychological thriller. 
On the train going home after a long day at work, Bridget sees a young girl being kidnapped and bundled into a van. She calls the Police but when they look into it, there are no reports about the missing girl. 
No one believes her, not the Police or her husband, and no one else on the train saw the kidnapping so Bridget feels very frustrated. She’s worrying so much about the little girl that she soon becomes obsessed.
This is a bit of a slow burner but as the story develops there’s some real shocks in store. 
A great psychological thriller that I really enjoyed. 
Thanks to Avon Books UK and NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book.
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I made a video review of this book 🌻 

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Well this book hit the ground running and never let up until the end. It had me spinning about chasing my tail as I tried to figure out what was going on. Who was good, who was bad, who to believe... and all these questions served up around a twisty turny plot that kept me on my toes throughout.
So... Bridget is on her way home, on a crowded train. She is a new mum and sleep is evasive so she is nodding off and on as the train travels. She wakes at a small station only to see a young girl being snatched from the platform by two men and bundled into a van. She looks round to see if anyone else saw it but to no avail. How could no one else have seen it? She raises the alarm and the police get involved, but she isn't really convinced they believe her. She can not name the station, no one else saw anything, no young girls have been reported missing. But she knows what she saw and it becomes an obsession, so much that it takes over her life, but little does she think what the repercussions will be to her own life...
Oh my, this is an intense read that basically held me captive throughout my time reading it. Oh how I felt for Bridget and what she was going / put herself through. I was also quite impressed with some of the things she did and how she did them to try and get to the truth.. and what a truth.. but shhh. I did have a bit of an inkling but it wasn't until the final reveal that the whole, shocking truth of what really happened hit me... and breathe...
It's brutal and shocking and, well darned right emotional. And all kinds of wonderful. If this doesn't end up in my top 5 books of the year.. well...
My thanks go to the Publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
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It reads as a mix of The Girl on the Train and Sharp Objects, and was frustrating at first -- either Bridget is yet another example of the unhinged and unreliable female protagonist, or she's being seriously gaslighted. But it was so worth it. 

Synopsis: Bridget, a new working mom, is dozing on a commuter train home when she sees a young girl abducted from a train station. But no one else sees the kidnapping and no one has reported a child missing. Bridget is certain of what she saw, even if no one believes her. 

This started off feeling somewhat redundant to common thriller tropes, but OH MAN the ENDING. Once I got about halfway in, I flew through the of the book, finishing it in two days. The ending was so exciting, and disturbing, and actually ended up being surprisingly touching. I completely loved the ending and how everything came together. 

If you enjoy thrillers, this is worth the read! Thanks to #netgalley and #avonbooks for an early copy of this.
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I loved this book, a tense thriller, it was just my cup of tea and every page kept me wanting to read more. It kept me guessing right to the end, just brilliant.
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