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Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything

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4 out of 5 stars - If you ask me, I'll tell you to read it

Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for this advanced copy.

I listened to the book, and for the most part I really enjoyed it.
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Having lived through the last year, I think it’s safe to say that most of us understand what it’s like to be going through life and end up broad-sided by a massive change that we just didn’t see coming. In the audio edition of Kristin Bair’s Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything, one woman faces her life-altering experience with fear and rage...

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I simply adored this book and the quirkiness if Agatha. Who wouldn’t go absolutely crazy finding your husband and the local dog walker getting up to trouble in your shed. Perfect for fans of Finlay Donovan is Killing It and Elinor Oliphant is Completely Fine. Thank you advanced reader copy of this book.
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I couldn’t stop listening to this one! It was super cute and really good. I loved the main character which I usually don’t  so that’s a huge positive. I would definitely listen to this one again
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Such a quirky little book, and I liked it! Agatha Arch reminds me of the author from the movie Nim's Island, just fidgety and afraid of everything. This book follows Agatha as she observes the world around her and somewhat feels like an outsider due to all of her fears. Really great read! Thank you to NetGalley and Dreamscape Media for a copy of this book for an honest review.
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Agatha Arch...what a character! She’s super quirky, afraid of everything, and Bear Grylls number one fan. I really enjoyed seeing her character grow and evolve through the hard hand life dealt her. She navigates through something serious, but it didn’t feel heavy and sad. In fact, I often found myself chuckling while reading. Overall, I really enjoyed the story!
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This book started out pretty well. I could easily empathize with Agatha's anger and hurt over her husband and the dog walker. Her reaction was a bit over the top, but I think it's something a lot of us would like to do if we found ourselves in a similar situation. So I did like her at first, and I could even understand her flipping out for a bit after - flipping out and being judgmental about the husband and his side piece. But - oh, yes, there's a but - this woman didn't seem to like anyone. She was judgmental of pretty much everyone she came in contact with. I don't know, maybe that was the point, maybe the not so cute names for people was part of her mental instability, maybe she's just not a good person. Whatever it was, she got on my last nerve. Soneela Nankani did a good job with the audio, but I don't think anyone could've saved this story for me. In the end, Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything had a good narrator, a really good narrator (which is the only reason for the extra star), and a terrible main character. The odd thing is I usually like a snarky character. Sarcastic wit is on of my favorite things about many books, just not this one. For whatever reason. this one just couldn't pull it off.
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When Agatha Arch finds her husband and the neighborhood dog walker in her shed, she goes a bit crazy. She doesn’t have a lot of friends - just a “shrinky dink” and the Facebook Moms group. While she’s afraid of everything, Agatha still dons her spy pants to go spy on her husband and his new girlfriend. She also spends a good bit of time worrying about a young woman who panhandles on the busiest street in town.

I have mixed feelings about this book - it is one of those stories where nothing much happens. It was fine. I didn’t really like Agatha, and I understand her quirkiness was supposed to illustrate her anxiety, but she just seemed unlikable. The audiobook was a quick listen, and the narrator did a great job.

Thanks to @NetGalley and Alcove Press for my ARC!
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I love Agatha.  She's snarky, over the top, crosses the line a few too many times, and has quite obviously lost her mind, but I want to be friends with her (if she'd let me) and I couldn't help but like her.  I laughed out loud, shook my head in disbelief, and found myself looking forward to my next listening session because the audiobook narrator was wonderful.
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Agatha Arch is well not just afraid of everything but is also overtly critical of every single person alive. This book started out really funny and her actions following her husband's cheating and her inner monologue was well quite quirky and funny but then once we get to know the real Agatha she was nothing but mean and annoying. Fear is a personal thing and everyone deals with it in a different way and that should be respected but i don't think that gives a pass for mean behaviour. Calling everyone names from the therapist to the homeless women did leave a bad taste. Initially my heart went out to her when none of her friends or family were there for her when her family fell apart but as the story went on, my feelings also diminished. ALso the stalking and stuff was not justified in anyway in the book. I mean i didnt get the purpose of it . Her love for her boys and the last few pages where she pulls herself up was the only redeeming quality of the book. I was so excited for this but it definitely didnt work for me the way i hoped it to.
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Agatha Arch was a very interesting character to say in the least. At the beginning I felt bad for her and was hoping she would redeem herself after everything she had been through. Agatha is the light and comedy in this story and you really will laugh out loud. I loved her character development and the scenarios the author put her through. The given elements really brought this character and story to life!
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My first DNF of 2021.

Agatha Arch Is Afraid of Everything has the odd line that is funny and parts of the story arch are interesting, but the rest is so unrelatable and odd, that it I couldn't carry on.
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This is a review of the audiobook of this novel.

Agatha Arch is afraid of a lot of things, there are too many to list. 

The book  starts with Agatha catching her husband having sex with the  dog walker in their shed. . She chases the dog walker away and finds a hatchet and goes to work destroying the shed while she cries and screams expletives. The neighbors are left aghast at the destruction of the shed and the mess that she continues to leave her yard in.

Agatha then spends a good time spying  on her husband and Willow, the dog walker which at first is humorous but then becomes tedious.

As in true life there is an online mom’s group which she chats with constantly and feels judged by how she deals with the situation.  It is irritatingly true the way they poke into her business.

I received this audiobook from the publisher through NetGalley.
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I was given a free copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review.  Agatha caught her husband and their dog walker in a sensitive position in their back shed.  Agatha kicks the husband out and has to relearn life without him.  She faces her fears and makes a lot of quirky friends along the way.  A fun part of this book are the message boards and text messages that are used to reveal the story.  MULTIPLE laugh out load parts of this book.  Highly recommend.
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Oof. This reminded me of a slightly better version of Holly Banks Full of Angst, which I also hated. While I guess it's not 100% out of the question that this is how an anxious woman would act if she caught her husband cheating and her entire life was turned upside down, I just don't buy it. All of it was just...ugh, and really missed the mark.

Anyway, thanks to NetGalley for the complimentary audio version of this novel in exchange for this very honest review. I appreciate the opportunity!
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I enjoyed this audio book, it was a lot of fun and I laughed out loud quite often! However, I found it a bit long, and in places I did just want to move it along. I think, however, that anyone wanting some fun and escape in an audio book would really enjoy this.
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** 2.5- 3 Stars **

Agatha Arch finds her husband in the backyard shed getting it on with the local dog walker. She is a very quirky writer who for the most parts keeps to herself. But she's also super anxious and annoyingly afraid of everything. With the help of her therapist, Agatha tries to overcome her fears and come out of her shell. She begins spying on her husband. This is definitely not a heavy read in the least bit. Agatha is quirky with plenty of comedic relief throughout. 

I saw a lot of similarities of Agatha to "Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine" but Agatha is more anxious and upbeat of a read than that. Some of the repetitive sentences throughout the read annoyed me in the audio version but I think I wouldn't have minded that while reading. The narrator had good cadence and tone, I did enjoy her reading. 

Overall, what seems like a very harsh deep read, is actually comedic and lighthearted. Nice change of pace from what I usually read, but also couldn't relate to the characters and never got "hooked" into this. 

Special Thanks to NetGalley and Alcove Press for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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**I received an advanced listener's copy of this audiobook from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

Yeah, I cant. DNF @ 26%

Agatha is unhinged. The start of her story is kind of interesting in that she pummels her shed with a hatchet as a reaction to finding her husband railing the local dog walker in it. Unfortunately, she's the definition of "psycho ex" and it's so jarring listening to her rambling, ranting thoughts. She also decided she's going to write a thriller book even though she's horrified of just about everything and she stalks the local Facebook mom group. If you're into some wacko, domestic, spiteful (but light?) chick-lit, this might be for you.
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Agatha Arch's perfect suburban life shatters to pieces when she finds her husband screwing the neighborhood dog walker in their shed. Agatha Arch is afraid of everything, but her husband has always been there to calm her fears, but now that he has moved in with that dog walker Agatha is left to face her fears alone. She passes the days that her boys are with their dad by procrastinating her new novel and giving reality checks to the drama queens in her local Mom's Group on FB. But will she be able to stop being afraid and start living her life?

I am just going to say it.  Agatha Arch is a bit of a bitch. I listened to this book and found myself losing patience with the nastiness that she unleashed on her Mom's FB Group. In the online groups, I belong to, Agatha Arch would be considered a "troll."  I get it, deep down she uses her nastiness to cover up for her fears. But as she found out, everybody has fears. She is not alone in her anxieties and a little kindness can go a long way. Agatha Arch goes through transformative growth, for sure, but it wasn't early enough to make me like her more. That is how much I disliked her nastiness. - CLICK HERE FOR SPOILERS. 

Bottom Line - There are a lot of reviews and readers out there who found Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything to be really funny. I was not one of those who found it funny. I finished the book because I was curious about her redemption, but it did not redeem my opinion of her.  What did you think?

Agatha Arch is Afraid of Everything by Kristin Bair
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Publication Date: 11/10/2020
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Thank you to NetGalley for the audiobook in exchange for an honest review.
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Suburban New England Moms. A world of their own. From the Facebook Moms Group to the local gossip. Agatha Arch's life is thrown for a loop when she discovers her husband messing around with the local dog walker in their backyard shed. Agatha immediately loses it and hacks the shed apart with a hatchet. Agatha's life is suddenly changed and she finds herself needing to face her fears and she has A LOT of fears. For example, she is afraid of beans (beans!) after watching Silence of the Lambs. Agatha pretty much rubs the entire town the wrong way. She tries to work through her issues with her therapist, who she refers to as Shrinky Dink. She is continually causing drama on the local Moms Facebook Group. AND during all of this she is supposed to be writing a new novel.

This was a fun read and although Agatha is extremely anxious AND expresses it in a completely different way than I ever would, you can't help but root for her. I cringed at her behavior and choices a lot of the time, but through the course of the book, she learns to "come into her own". The Facebook Moms stuff was relatable. Those groups have plenty of drama! This is a good pick for fans of Where'd You Go, Bernadette and Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine.

The audiobook was engaging and fun to listen to!   Thank you to the publisher for the audiobook!
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