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The Deeds of the Deceitful

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A welcoming cozy mystery, the sixth in a series, and even though I hadn't read the previous books in the series I felt right at home. 

A full cast of colorful characters, and engaging plot with fantastic pacing, this book had me wondering why I hadn't discovered this series sooner. This book caught my eye because I'm a fan of Tina Radcliffe and cozy mysteries are right up my alley so I thought I'd give it a try, and I'm sure glad I did. There is a lot going on with the various characters, and even though there are a lot of them, they and each of their plots are distinct and memorable. 

I loved how each of the Bible study members brings something fresh to the table, as they work together to solve the mysteries. So many of the characters are well built and all of the side characters really pop, I can't wait to read more in this series and read more books by Ellery Adams!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I absolutely loved this latest in Ellery Adams' Hope Street Church Mysteries.  Jumping into the story is like a lovely visit with old and dear friends.  I enjoyed all aspects - the mystery, the friendships and the touch of 'new' romance. It was perfectly edited and I learned more about the characters.  I highly recommend the entire series for a delightful reading experience.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley.  The opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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This is the sixth book in the Hope Street Church Mysteries series written by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe but it's the first one I've read. The plot was well thought-out and it flowed nicely. The diverse bunch of characters came across as very genuine and were pleasingly rounded and I liked the way the Bible study group worked together as they helped investigate the crime. The characters felt like old friends I was meeting up with for a get-together. The story was easy to follow as the mystery was individual to this particular instalment, but like me, you may wish to get stuck into the rest of the series at some point! I don't read all that many Christian-themed cozies but I highly recommend Deeds of the Deceitful.

I received a complimentary copy of this novel at my request from Beyond the Page Publishing via NetGalley. This review is my own unbiased opinion.
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This murder mystery was very clean and straightforward. With the suspect list being so small, there were only a few plot twists in the story. If you want a non gruesome, simple mystery, this is your book. 
The beginning of the book was a bit slow moving, I wanted the author to get to the murder. A few less details and mundane scenes would have been better. Over this is a book that I would recommend for a teen reader.
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Deeds of the Deceitful is the sixth book in the Hope Street Church Mysteries by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe. To be honest, I didn't realize the book was part of a series when I started reading it. While there were references that made it more evident that this wasn't the first case the Bible study had found themselves involved in, it didn't affect my ability to understand and enjoy the story--- though I imagine I might have had an easier time keeping some of the characters straight. Either way, this can certainly be read as a standalone. 

In this book, Cooper and her Bible study are invited to stay in a new inn prior to it's launch. What should have been a fun getaway turns to a disaster when one of the co-owners is murdered... and those close to the group find themselves on the suspect list. They make it their mission to clear the names of the innocent and discover who the murderer truly is. 

With a great blend of mystery, romance and sweet treats, it was everything that I personally enjoy in a good cozy mystery. As a fan of both cozy mysteries and Christian fiction, I definitely enjoyed the faith aspects in this story as well. This may have been the first in the series I'd read, but I am certain it will not be the last. This is one definitely worth reading. 

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley for consideration. All thoughts are my own.
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I really wanted to like this book as I usually love Ellery Adams and have read most of the antiques series however this book just didnt do it for me. 

The plot was very obvious and it felt a bit forced. The characters were such characatures and the authors went s  it over board on classic murder mystery tropes I found it a bit distracting. I dont like to not finish books especially as an arc so I did power through but unfortunately I won't be recommending.
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Virginia is beautiful in Virginia - at least until Loretta Atwood dies in an automobile accident and the Austin Deveraux painting is found missing from the place on the wall of the Atwood Inn on which it was hanging. It gets worse - almost everyone has a motive and an opportunity to commit the crime.

Cooper Lee’s Sunday Morning Bible Study from Hope Street Church was invited to a complimentary weekend at the newly renovated Atwood Inn - a small group just large enough to give the inn a soft launch two weeks before the grand opening. With a staff of six, the number of suspects was small; but was growing. It would include Cooper’s mother who supplied pastries for the weekend festivities. The Bible Study was looking at Proverbs with a focus on the seven deadly sins (“Lust, gluttony, greed, sloth, wrath, envy, and pride, …”) - all possible motives for Loretta’s murder.

This faith-based (including scripture quotations) cozy mystery was a perfect read for a COVID-19 weekend. Now if I can sneak in one of the three recipes included as an appendix. Even though it is the sixth book in a series featuring the Bible Study group and the first that I had read, it easily became a stand-alone read. I expect that reading others in the series would flush out the characters, but no holes were felt as I made my way through this book. A book is easily worth the five-stars I am giving it.
This review is based on a free electronic copy provided by the publisher for the purpose of creating this review. The opinions expressed are my own.
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It's always a pleasure to return to the Hope Street Church series and visit with Cooper and her friends. When a relaxing weekend turns into a murder situation, the group works hard to find to find the person responsibile.

 I've enjoyed watching the relationships grow with time.  This is a well-written, easy to read book.  I liked the mystery and it kept me reading until the end.
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The Deeds of the Deceitful (Hope Street Church Mysteries #6) by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe
Publisher: Beyond the Page Publishing
Genre: Christian | Mystery & Thrillers
Release Date: November 10, 2020

The Deeds of the Deceitful is the sixth book in the Hope Street Church Mysteries by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe and is the first I've read in the series & by the authors.

I found the pace to be a little slow to get started, but overall it was an interesting story. I really enjoyed the mystery and the suspense behind it.

I'm so grateful to Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe, Beyond the Page Publishing, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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Deeds of the Deceitful is a Christian cozy story of a Bible group text goes to visit a historical inn where all of a sudden there's a murder and the Bible group decides to see if they can figure out who did this! This is a series and the 6th one but it's my first read from this author and also this series but will go back and read the others. I hate reading a book in a series and haven't read the others,but it caught me up enough where I wasn't lost in the story! Follow the clues and help solve this murder mystery bottom of all people "Bible Class"! Met the members of this class as I did, if it's your first time reading like mine you will really enjoy the adventures they have not only being Christians but solving crimes!! Received from Net Gallery!!
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I am so happy this series has been continued. There is something comforting every time I read the series.

Cooper is such a sweet character. She makes me think that there are still good people out there not ready to make one over on someone. I am so happy about the direction her life has taken. I think she is on the right path with her love life.

This is a clean read (except for murder but no grisly scenes) that you will not want to put down. I found myself devouring it in less than 24 hours because I couldn't wait to get back to my friends in the Sunrise Bible Study Group.

Yummy recipes are included and just in time for the holidays!

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. Beyond the Page Publishing, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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This is one of those books where the characters just seem like comfortable old friends you're always glad to hang out with. The pacing of the plot was just right. I enjoyed the mystery and wasn't able to guess who did it early on. The Deeds of the Deceitful is sixth in the series, but the first that I have read. It very much can stand on its own. Having said that, I enjoyed the writing and the characters so much that I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series. I’m hooked. If you enjoy a relaxed, well-thought out cozy mystery with believable characters, you’ll be hooked too.
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Motives Abound....
The sixth in the Hope Street Church mysteries featuring the Sunrise Bible Study group. Cooper and the group are invited to an historic inn, a murder takes place and motives abound.  Enjoyable cosy with a touch of romance and recipes.
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The Deeds of the Deceitful by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe is book six in the Hope Street Church Mysteries. This was the first one I have read but was able to be current from the start
Cooper is getting over her broken engagement and has been asked by a co worker to be her maid of honor. She is lost as what she needs to do. In steps her sister taking over as the wedding planner. In the mean time she and her bible study group have been asked to be guests at a soft opening of a recently renovated inn. Unfortunately, there is not only a robbery but also, a murder. When Cooper's mother is named as a suspect, the bible group starts their own investigation.
This enjoyable, easy to read Cozy has suspects, plot twists, likable characters, humor, a possible romance, and a wedding. Everything for a perfect Cozy.
I was given an ARC by Beyond The Page Publishers and NetGalley for an honest review.
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Christian-fiction, amateur-sleuth, southern-mystery, family-dynamics, friendship, murder, recipes, romantic, art-theft, women-sleuths****

If you like a good Bible centered Southern mystery full of friendship and romance in a historic setting, you'll love this one. This is the first I've read in the series, but that really didn't matter to my enjoyment of the read. Good plot and even better characters!
I requested and received a free ebook copy from Beyond the Page Publishing via NetGalley. Thank you!
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This was a really fun read!  I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  I thought the Christian element to it might be off-putting, but found the Sunrise Bible Study to be a good, cohesive group.

This is the first I've read in the series.  I really enjoyed reading about Cooper and her group and how they had a history of solving mysteries.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Beyond the Page Publishing.  This was an enjoyable read and I plan to read further into this series, as well as the ones I've missed!
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A Christian whodunnit that revolves around an adult Bible study group whose members have a taste for adventure and are studying the book of Proverbs. This is a cheerful and interesting read, set in a leafy middle class town in Virginia. The plot is simple and the author does a good job in rolling out the story in a natural and easy to follow way. None of the characters are painted in great detail and the plot emerges quite quickly. 
This is not an overtly Christian novel, but more of a civilised murder mystery story with some Scripture quotations dotted around. It's a genteel read and the author uses no course or blasphemous language and doesn't resort to debauched storylines.
The book is also very food focused. The cooking, baking and eating all help very much to soften the morbid theme.
This may not be a white knuckle read that glues your eyes to your screen for hours on end, but it is a subtle way of reminding the reader of Proverbs 3v5-6.
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Thank you NetGalley for this ARC of The Deeds of the Deceitful by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe.  This book is the sixth in the Hope Street Church mystery series.  It is able to be enjoyed as a standalone, but the beauty of a good cozy series is knowing the characters and their backstories, so I wish had read the previous books.  
Cooper Lee and her bible study group are in the wrong place at the wrong time.  They team up to make sense of the mystery and do so in a believable way.  Nobody puts themself in harm's way to satisfy their curiosity and that helps to keep this story light and realistic.  
This is a short, clean mystery with a little romance and some good recipes.  
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I thoroughly enjoyed this cozy mystery story! I didn't read the previous books in the series so you can read this book as a standalone. I don't read many cozy mysteries but this one was great! I enjoyed the characters very much and the story held my interest very well. I couldn't put it down! The lead character is Cooper Lee and she is part of a bible study group at Hope Street Church. They are invited to stay at a newly renovated historic inn and gives their opinions. While there, a murder occurs a the group decides they are going to solve the case - along with the detective, of course!!! It was supposed to be Cooper's wedding weekend but that was called off so she's dealing with all that emotion, until she starts getting to know the inn's chef, Jon Eason. They were such fun. I LOVED all the characters in this story! Cooper's parents and grandma were such fun and so was her sister! Jon was great too. I highly recommend this fun story
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The Deeds of the Deceitful by Ellery Adams and Tina Radcliffe is the sixth A Hope Street Church Mystery.  It can be read as a standalone if you are new to the series or have missed a tale or two.  I have enjoyed following the series and getting to know Cooper Lee, the Lee family, and the members of the Sunrise Bible Study.  I thought the story was well-written with steady pacing and developed characters. I like that there is a diverse cast of characters in a wide range of ages.  Cooper Lee is our protagonist whose engagement recently dissolved.   The story begins in June in Virginia close to the day Cooper was to have wed.  She is thirty-five years old and is beginning to wonder if the right man is out there for her.  It is especially hard with Angela Farmer and her boss, Mr. Farmer deciding to renew their vows on their anniversary.  Angela makes Cooper part of the bridal party and Cooper’s sister Ashley becomes the wedding planner.  The wedding planning and the event itself add humor to the story.  Cooper Lee is a kind soul who will go the extra mile for family and friends.  Ashley’s friend, Mindy Atwood has spent her inheritance restoring the historical Atwood Inn.  Cooper Lee and her friends of the Sunrise Bible Study get to spend the weekend at the inn for the soft launch.  It is the getaway Cooper needs.  Unfortunately, Loretta ends dead under suspicious circumstances and Cooper’s mother is at the top of the suspect list along with Mindy Atwood.  Cooper is not about to let her mother linger as a person of interest and her friends are quick to offer their assistance.  The mystery was a fun one to solve.  I had an inkling as to the identity of the guilty party early in the case, but I had no idea as to why.  I could not wait to see if I was right.  There are several good suspects along with a red herring and helpful clues.  This was my favorite mystery of the series.  Cooper Lee meets a new fellow at the inn and there is definitely chemistry between them.  I hope we get to see more of the charming Chef Eason in future books because he seems to be a good match for Cooper Lee.  The ending was a delight. There are recipes for some of Maggie Lee’s baked goods at the end. The Deeds of the Deceitful is an entertaining cozy mystery with a handsome historic inn, a snobbish stepmother, a crafty killer, a purloined painting, wedding renewal woes, and delectable delights.
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