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Auntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna

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Auntie Poldi is at it again in this 4th installment of the series that will be published later this month. Somehow I missed a book in there and never heard of the third one, but it’s the same shtick, different murder. Poldi is a fun character; I envision Lucille Ball in Sophia Loren’s body, but this one didn’t hold a candle to the first story, and it was just a light and engaging read. I paired it with a delicious bottle of red wine from Etna and it made for a relaxing read. A good pick when you need something light in between heavy reads.
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Auntie Poldi and the Lost Madonna is the fourth entry in what I find to be a rather quirky series. There is a lot happening in this one with exorcism, a dead nun and an extraordinarily attractive priest. Then, of course, there is Poldi, actually not Italian but Bavarian. Readers of the series know that she is very busy in Sicily though.

Fans of Poldi will welcome this book with its humor and action. It is not for everyone though in my opinion. Those wanting a very traditional mystery may be disappointed.

Many thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this title. All opinions are my own.
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Another outrageous story with Auntie Poldi and her unnamed nephew.  This series is getting wackier and wackier - i.e., more and more fun.
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Poldi is a German woman who has moved to Sicily to live out her life.  She is very enamored of policemen, and usually dresses a little funny.  She can be very funny.  The story begins with a priest  exorcising a woman.  The priest calls her Rosaria and she speaks in Latin and claims to be Poldi.  Poldi is about to go to Rome with Montana.  She ends up going by herself in a plane.  She is terrified of flying, and there are a pair of twin men seated beside her.  One of them has a picture of the Black Madonna on the back of his phone.  

When she arrives in Rome, she sneaks into the Vatican.   She runs into the Pope, and is jailed by the Vatican police.   She is a suspect since a Nun has jumped from the roof after the exorcism.  Later Montana arrives.  They find out that the dead Nun Poldi had dreamed about had something to do with the Black Madonna, supposedly from statues of a Black Virgin with a baby in her arms from early Christianity.  Poldi and Montana see the twins from the plane who escape in a van with boxes from Russo in Sicily, as they follow the van. 

When Montana and Poldi return home, they continue to look into the case of the nun and the Black Madonna.  Someone is also putting graffiti on Poldi's house.  Poldi also has talks with Death, who is sometimes writing up the cases of death.  Poldi becomes a suspect again when she goes to visit a former acquaintance and finds her dead.  As the book nears the end, Poldi and Montanna are kidnapped from their bed by the twins, her in bunny pjs, and him naked.  They go up Mt. Etna, and meet a surprise relative Poldi thought was long dead, as well as solving some mysteries.

This is a fun book with zany characters and a lot of excitement.
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Auntie Poldie, elderly supersleuth, has been around for a while. This is the fourth in the Auntie Poldi series. Having not read the previous three I had a bit of difficulty with the story line and sorting out all the other characters and their lives and how they tied into this mystery.  This time she is searching for the Black Madonna. When Poldi is faced with a new mystery to solve, she calls on many of these people. Some are a help, some are a hindrance. Poldi is always in love with someone or several someones, all at the same time. Everyone rocks along with each other. This story was set in Italy, and Poldi spends some time at the Vatican, even getting close to the Pope. 

A pleasant read, fun, light, and not particularly memorable. Sometimes we need these books in our lives.
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3 stars!!

As a fourth installment in the Auntie Poldi series, this book was an okay read. The mystery was lost on me as I haven't followed this series in the past. I had only read the first novel in this series, so at times I could not figure out who the other characters were and what there significance was. All I know is that they had major parts to play in this book, and sometimes they were overshadowing the mystery itself. The story was difficult to follow as well. 

It was because of Auntie Poldi, our main character, that I wanted to keep reading. She's a fun character to read about! I think I need to catch up on reading the previous books in this series. Looking forward to reading the next Installment!

Many thanks to the publisher for providing me a review copy via Netgalley. All opinions are my own.
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This is the fourth in the Auntie Poldi series, and that led to issues for me in trying to engage in the story. There was a great deal of backstory, and many recurring characters—Poldi’s family, friends, and multiple romantic relationships, both past and present. All of this plays a major part in the narrative and I found myself lost at times trying to follow it all. Auntie Poldi, with her unconventional style, is a fun character. Unfortunately, the mystery was often overshadowed by the character and her antics. All in all, an okay read.

Definatley think I need to pick up the past three books and maybe give this a re read
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Love this series, and this book did not disappoint.  Auntie Poldi is as clever, funny and adventurous as ever.  A truly laugh out loud cozy mystery with enjoyable characters and entertaining plot.  Hooked me from page one and I couldn't' put it down.  
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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Everone should have an Auntie Poldi in their family! A laugh out loud who done it.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  Thanks #netgalley for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.
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If this one title is any indication, the Auntie Poldi series are a rollicking, funny, laugh out loud, very welcome addition to the mystery shelf. Auntie Poldi is a 60-year-old Bavarian woman living in Italy. She drinks (a lot), she loves (a lot), she hates to fly (a lot), and she finds herself in seemingly inescapable scrapes from which she extricates herself and those she loves with panache and moxie. The book starts with an exorcism, proceeds through sitar music, smoothies, menacing twin hoodlums, a lovesick nephew, and Poldi swearing off booze and sex while she tries to solve a mystery for the pope. Yes, the pope is a character in this book and I think the real pope wold enjoy this fictional version of himself. There is a hint of paranormal in the books, and really, that was the one thing I didn't really care for, but Giordano did make Death a funny cast member whose relationship with Poldi is grudgingly respectful, on both sides. I won't even bother trying to summarize this book, but if you are looking for a funny, well-written book for your staycation (or if you're brave enough to take a real vacation somewhere while a pandemic engulfs the world), Auntie Poldi and her nephew are great companions to take with you
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Fourth in series and at 61 Auntie Poldi is still going strong, both with her love life and in tracking down the bad guys. 

As irreverent and hilarious as ever, this adventure has her breaking into the Vatican and meeting and taking on a case for the pope himself. 😂 There are murders, a secret sinister society, a missing religious relic, break ups, sexy times, visits from the Grim Reaper, and a very big surprise twist. 

As wonderful as always. 

Much thanks to #NetGalley and #MarinerBooks for providing me the early ARC. The opinions are strictly my own.
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I love Auntie Poldi, as much for her character as the beautiful sunny settings. But the last book didn't quite work. This one is more on track even if the plot wanders and drifts a bit, it's still Poldi, as vivid as ever, and the Sicily scenery, food and wine, as well as the characters are as wonderful as ever however there are still places that are irritatingly unbelievable such as Death showing up to talk to Poldi.

Strange dealings are afoot in the Apostolic Palace—a nun leapt to her death shortly after participating in a seemingly routine exorcism. But when a priest clad in Gammarelli and a Vatican commissario with an almost unholy level of sex appeal turn up at her door, Poldi is shocked to hear that she’s a suspect in their case. Poldi discovers that the case hinges on a lost Madonna statue, stolen years ago from the pope himself. Can Poldi find the lost statue? We are off to the usual Poldi

Hopefully next time, the series will be more like the fist two. It is so appealing that she let being 60 stand in her way of adventure and romance.  Hopefully the next book will include more about her marriage to Montana.

I received a complimentary copy and this is my honest, unsolicited review.
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Wonderful story development, rich characters, and a plot that hooks you and never lets you go. I love it when I can immerse myself within a book and just forget about real life for awhile and “become” a part of the story. This book totally delivered!
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The older she gets, the wilder and more adventurous Auntie Poldi becomes. She’s not afraid to look death in the face, take on priests, the Pope, and even disguise herself as a nun to achieve justice for the victim. You go, Auntie!
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This looked like a good book but when I was approved, it was not available in Kindle. I may see if my library gets this in but the review copy us useless without a Kindle format.
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Love aunt poldi everyone has one of her type in their family. The story has great detail and very entertaining. The story had mystery and intrigue in within the series it keeps you looking forward to what will come of aunt poldi in the future. Maybe in the author takes  to story to different location like coming to the USA
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This was the fourth installment of the Auntie Poldi series and was a lively read. Since there is quite a bit of backstory that is mentioned, I would urge readers to begin with the first book.  I enjoyed the way that the story was laid out and that the characters were charmingly Sicilian.  As a frequent visitor to the Catania area, I found them realistic - with the exception of Aunt Poldi, but then she is not Sicilian.  (Having spent some years in Bavaria, I'm not sure that she's realistically Bavarian either. Poldi is a force unto herself.)  I read an early copy of the book, and felt that it needed a good deal of editing - but most likely, the author and his team will work that out.  (On another note, if you like Sicilian mysteries that are not necessarily light, try the Montalbano series.)  I thank Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book.
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Really want to read this book.

Unable to download to Kindle.
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If this changes and I CAN read the book, I
will update.

Thank you for your consideration.
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Not really my style I enjoyed it nonetheless. I’d suggest it to others, though I probably won’t seek out the series. Witty, enjoyable read like a cozy mystery book should read.
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New to me author and series, at first it wasn't my cup of tea but I gave it some time and the protagonist grew on me.  By the end, I was sad to see the novel end and will be on the lookout for others.
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