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Great read. nerds for the win. Nothing too traumatic at the end but still very emotional. I breezed through this book, I inhaled it. But I usually do with Christina Lauren books. Great characters and the relationship between everyone.
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Christina Lauren is back! 👏🏼👏🏼 The Soulmate Equation was a unique plot, which is something that has bothered me with their last couple of books. But I LOVED this book and I’m happy to say the writing duo is back in my good graces! 

Taking a cue from the current DNA craze, the newest from the dynamic duo focuses on a DNA matchmaking company. GeneticAlly is a new company that claims to find your soulmate through DNA. Single mom Jessica is a numbers girl who thinks this is all hogwash and who bristles when she is near the founder, River. But these two are matched with a sky high compatibility and the company looks to capitalize. 

This was witty, charming, and oh-so-fun! The characters are lovely and their chemistry off the charts. I loved the supporting characters and desperately want a spin off with Jessica’s best friend Fizzy, whose snark and personality shone in this book. The writing was excellent, and I’m struck again at how this writing duo writes so seamlessly together. Overall, a fun and heartwarming rom-com that I loved! My thanks to @gallerybooks for the advance reader in exchange for my honest review.
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OK I will be the first to admit that I'm not generally a huge Christina Lauren fan. For whatever reason, I read all their books. I think it's because so many of my friends and the people I follow read them and hype them up and I don't want to be left out. I also enjoy a good lighthearted book every now and then and even though they often have me rolling my eyes, sometimes Christina Lauren books just are the palate cleanser I need.

I have to say The Soulmate Equation is my favorite Christina Lauren book to date! It's fun and refreshing and even though much of it feels a bit unrealistic, I really enjoyed it!

Jess is a single mother who rarely makes time for herself, much less dating. She lives with her 7-year-old daughter in an apartment right next to her grandparents, works as a freelance statistician, and spends her free time with her romance novelist best friend Fizzy. When Jess and Fizzy randomly meet the founder of a genetics-based dating application, Jess reluctantly agrees to try it. And it turns out, she's basically a PERFECT match with the founder... Who she just happens to not be able to stand. But when the company offers her money to "get to know" him (it will be huge for their company to show such an awesome match for their founder), she agrees. 

The book is fairly predictable, though I had a pretty sure idea of how things would unfold and they happened a bit differently. It definitely gets hot and steamy at times, though it felt more believable to me than the romance in some of their other novels. A few things that happened near the end left me a bit confused, but not enough to ruin the book for me. I really liked Jess as a character.

Overall, The Soulmate Equation is fun, very engaging and readable, and one of Christina Lauren's best to date!
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Single mom and professional number cruncher Jess is understandably skeptical when her bubbly best friend introduces her to GeneticAlly, a matchmaking app that uses the human genome to pair up potential partners. But her skepticism reaches dizzying heights when she hears that she has an almost-perfect match — and with one of the company's founders, no less! Half-convinced it's a publicity ploy, but desperate enough to give it a try, Jess agrees to try dating Dr. River Pena. I mean, there's no denying they have physical chemistry...

While I didn't really buy the whole concept of a gene-mapping, I do have to say that I loved having a single mom as the main character of a romance novel. And, yeah, she has baggage from her past, but none of it has to do with her kid or her ex. This was fun and fluffy; a great vacation/beach read, but nothing to write home about.
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As a fan of enemies to lovers, I knew I had to get my hands on this book. Plus it's Christina Lauren. YEP sign me up! I was not disappointed. 

River has invented a DNA based dating service, so cool! The book allowed me to let my inner math geek out with talks of stats and p values. But don't fret, you don't need to be a math nerd like me to enjoy the book.

Jess has had some not so positive run ins with River, but lo and behold... Wait for it...their DNA says they are a nearly perfect match. In typical enemies to lovers, hilarity ensues.

I loved Jess' character. She was so well developed and likeable and her BFF was amazing. I want a BFF like that.

There's been debate amongst my book friends on the steam level. I rate this very low steam. A couple spicy scenes, but they are so short, you'll blink and they're over. I am good with or without steam, so I think the mildness of it opens it up to a larger audience.

Christina Lauren is an auto read for me since the Unhoneymooners. I can't wait for the next one!
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A fun rom com with a enemies to lovers trope, sprinkled with soulmates and a dating app. Jess and River agree to fake date after matching with an unheard of 98%. The app in which they are found to be compatible is one River has researched and developed. Of course you have your typical budding relationship and the ups and downs of getting to know each other. Fizzy, Jess’s best friend is a hoot and will give you a chuckle or two. Juno, Jess’s daughter is a precocious child and the driving force of her mother’s life. CL book for me started off grabbing my interest but about 3/4 through I felt it begin to lag. The scientific data was a bit hard to follow and I  lost interest for a bit. This was not one of my favorite books of this writing duo. Overall a cute premise and I did like the characters which in their own ways keep the book entertaining. Thank you #NetGalley #TheSoulmateEquation for the ARC all opinions are my own.
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Jess and her exuberant best friend Fizzy work remotely together at a local coffee shop every day. Everyday at 8:24, a grumpy man walks in and orders an Americano. After learning that this man, River, is launching a new dating services that claims to make matches based on DNA, romance-author Fizzy drags Jess in to learn more. Jess has a struggling business and a 7-year-old daughter so she believes that dating is impractical for her, but Fizzy is intrigued. 

First off, Fizzy is THE BEST. The absolute best. I want to read a whole story about her. Second, River. 😍 I love a man of mystery, and River is very reserved and mysterious. He appears aloof but is actually very focused and a bit shy. I fell in love with all of River’s soft shy smiles and Jess’s quick sarcasm. 

All-in-all, this story felt a bit insta-lovey for me, especially as an enemies-to-lovers plot. I know it’s kind of in the concept, being matched on a DNA level, but it felt rushed and forced to me. Maybe lacking a bit in chemistry. This book didn’t quite hit as strongly as a lot of CL books but was still a great read.
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Christina Lauren does it again! I loved the single mom trope and its not one we see very often! Especially when you throw in some crazy science, statistics and lots of tension. Jess has constantly been disappointed;  so much so, that she learned the hard way to never rely on anyone. Except her best friend Fizzy. Let's be real, we all need a Fizzy in our life. Hello--- GeneticAlly, figure out how to replicate us all a Fizzy. If you can't tell I'm rooting for a spin-off. 

Jess is forced to co-exist in a contractual relationship with River the GeneticAlly co-founder after they score an astonishing "Diamond" compatibility rating. Jess has some serious trust issues and she can't seem to find a way past her road blocks to allow River in, even as he continues to show that he might be worth it. River also has a hard time letting someone in when this business has been his only relationship in years. The science and data-driven matchmaking was fun and exciting and drew me right in. Both MC were frustrating at times due to the barriers they continued to allow inside their relationship but I'm sure that was fully intended. The frustration made the breaking of the walls that much sweeter in the end. CLo is one of my ultimate favorite romance authors and I will always recommend every book they have ever written.
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I loved loved loved this book. It's my third Christina Lauren book to date, and I've loved them all.

On a whim, Jess, a statistics whiz, joins a new dating app that matches up couples based on their DNA--like a cross between Match and 23 and Me. She doesn't expect much from it, but ends up matching 98% with one of the founders of the company... a guy she can't stand.

This was such a quick and fun read. It touches on some heavy topics, but overall I really enjoyed it. The character development and pacing were both great--I never felt bored when reading it. Highly recommend!
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this book took me back to why i love these two authors so much. the writing is intelligent and clever. What i love most about these authors is that the females in their books are always strong independent smart women. I could not put this book down. This story is sweet and cute. This has been added to my list of books i will recommend to everyone.
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This is the most delightful book I’ve read in at least 6 months, and certainly one of the top 3 Christina Lauren books. It was light, perfectly paced, and of course, romantic and comedic! I can think of a better beach read for summer 2021, and already can’t wait to see what they write next. I’ll forever be a fan.

Special thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for the eARC in exchange for my honest review!
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Christina didn't disappoint with her newest book! This is a Light, fun and charming read! A solid 4⭐️
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I feel that Christina Lauren's newest novel, The Soulmate Equation, has to be my favorite so far. This story was really a story about learning to open and trusting that others are around to provide support and help when you need it the most. It was rewarding to see both Jess and River learn to trust and be vulnerable with each other. I enjoyed the fake dating, turning into real feelings trope and the side characters such as Fizzy and Juno were such a delight to read. The Soulmate Equation was such a charming and fun book to read, and this is perfect for anyone who enjoy a smart, strong heroine and a sweet, brooding hero. It was so easy to love all the characters in this novel, and the romance was so swoon-worthy and sweet.
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Christina Lauren just get better and better at collaborating and writing together! Loved the premise of this book, the hate to love trope, and the nerdy STEM heroes!
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I really enjoyed this book. It was light and fun, but it also took on an underlying message about standing up for yourself in a relationship. Sometimes it's about communicating what your needs are and not being afraid to ask for those things and I thought the authors did a wonderful job with that in this book. I loved the characters and although I felt like you could sense the direction of the plot from the beginning, I still found myself intrigued and wanting to read more. I felt that through all of the side plots I really got to know the characters, although I wish I would have felt more connected to River's character. His was the only one that felt lacking to me. Overall, a fun read that I would recommend!
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This book was adorable. I really enjoyed the concept and the characters. I've never read an adult romance where the main character was a single parent and I thought that was a refreshing change of pace for me. Juno is so much fun and I hope my daughter is just as fun and creative as she is. 

I'm a sucker for enemies to lovers tropes and this one did not disappoint. I thought their "meet not so cute" was great and Jess really portrayed her annoyance with River. It was fun to see how their relationship evolved throughout the story and he was so sweet. They both navigated all the limelight well and stayed focused on each other.

The side characters were fun and really lightened up the story. Her best friend Fizzy cracked me up so much. Who wouldn't want a romance writer friend who isn't afraid to tell you that when you need some to go get some! She was definitely the voice of reason that helped push Jess to be more open to her situation and to River. It was a great friendship. 

Jess's family, other than her mother, was so supportive and I enjoyed the love her grandparents had for each other. I think it's important to show healthy relationships to balance out the bad ones. I thought that adding the negative relationship Jess had with her mother felt realistic and lent to Jess's hesitation with letting people in. 

This was the perfect adult romance for me right now. I am so glad I had the opportunity to read and review it. I definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an adult romance that is light and fluffy but also touches on the important things in life.
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GIVE ME MORE BOOKS LIKE THIS ONE and maybe add way more open door moments LOL.

I could not put this down and loveeedddd this book.

Enemy to lovers being match by DNA!!

Such a fun concept!
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The Soulmate Equation 


I expect nothing less from Christina Lauren than this cheesy, endearing romcom! 

Jess Davis is a dedicated single mom who has given up on love ever since breaking up with her daughter Juno’s father years ago.  She is hardly one to wear her heart on her sleeve or take time for herself.  

Jess and her best friend, Fizzy, frequent a local coffee shop where a sultry regular they refer to as “Americano” constantly annoys Jess with his poor attitude.  Unbeknownst to them, the coffee shop regular is the founder of a startup dating service.  GeneticAlly is a new DNA-based match-making service invented by the dark and mysterious Dr. River Pena.   The company matches couples at different levels, with Diamond matches being the highest level match; a soulmate.  

When Jess finally steps out of her comfort zone, and agrees to provide her DNA to GeneticAlly in the hopes of finding her person, she’s shocked by her first match.  This connection not only gives her the opportunity to get to know her potential soulmate and provide a father figure for Juno, but also has financial benefits.
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Can genetics play a role in finding your soulmate? Jess is a single mom with little interest in the dating 
world. River has started a company that uses DNA to help make connections. Their worlds collide when 
River, the grumpy hot guy from the coffee house Jess often works from, invites her and her friend to stop by his office and ”donate” saliva for potential matching. He is rude and very business focused, but when the technology shows the potential of a high probability connection between them, he has to explore it. What happens if the technology is wrong, and they have nothing in common? Will that jeopardize his company going public? What if Jess has no desire to explore a relationship with River? You will have to read to find all this out and more!

My Thoughts: 
A fun rom com with a twist on a dating app. A perfect beach read – that is funny, romantic with adorable characters that I easily connected with.
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These two were so adorable! Halfway through this fun story, I kept saying to myself, “I never want it to end, I never want it to end!” The sexual tension rocked! 
This book will probably always be one of my favorite Rom-coms. The side characters were some of the best I’ve ever read. Fizzy! Did I mention how much I love her? And I become hot in the face just thinking the things I think about River. He was yummy and beautiful inside and out. But Fizzy had me laughing every single time she opened her mouth. You have to read this book. 
These authors write the best summer reads! So if you’re wondering what to take on your vacation, this is the book! Just saying and your welcome. 
Things I loved: 
	•	The kissing 
	•	River 
	•	River 
	•	River 
Thanks Gallery Books via Netgalley. 
My favorite quote from Fizzy, 
“My vagina just unfurled like a flower”.
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