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The entire idea of finding your soulmate through a DNA match is such a fascinating plot line and this book did not disappoint. Jess is a single mother who has had it rough in life. As a mother myself, I could completely relate to her thought process during this plot line. 
     I enjoyed reading about her amazing support system and cute daughter. I have to say that Fizzy is my absolute favorite side character and I hope she gets her own book! Her quirky personality really helped add levity to some of the more intense points in the plot and it was very well thought out.
    The chemistry in this book was completely believable and fit perfectly within the plot line. I loved how open and honest they were about exploring their relationship without letting numbers get in the way. I loved the humor and witty comments between them especially!
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Grab this book for your next beach trip!  The Soulmate Equation is another delightful read by Christina Lauren.  You will fall in love with the characters and cheer them on throughout the entire book.

Jess Davis doesn't have time to find love as a single mother.  She is busy with life, raising her child, and working.  Her best friend, Felicity Chen, talks her into mailing in a sample of her DNA to a matchmaking company.  Surprisingly, Jess finds a match and it is the owner of the company.

This novel is a wonderful story of two people who experience all the highs and lows of a new relationship.  If you love romances and "meet cute" books, this one is for you!
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Thank you Gallery Books for the opportunity to read this ARC!
Lauren had me hooked into this book from the first line. A sweet, funny romance with lovable characters. This will definitely be a book I wouldn't hesitate to pick up again! I recommend to all readers who are enticed with quirky, even geeky romances & characters. 
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What if you could find your perfect match using DNA? That’s exactly what The Soulmate Equation explores. 
This book was so enjoyable that I had trouble putting it down. Christina Lauren take an interesting premise and build it up to so much more. The characters were so well developed and I loved how they interacted with one another. The writing was smart, funny, and emotional. 
Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the ARC.
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Christina Lauren has done it again! Such a cute and easy read! And let’s not forget the steam!! This one has the perfect amount for a lighter rom-com!! Loved the premise of the book and fell so hard for these characters!!
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I am a sucker for single parent romances, and Christina Lauren blew me away with this book. River and Jess’s relationships starts in a very unusual way, and it makes this book standout brightly. 

River was amazingly swoony. Smart, driven, slightly grumpy, made him into an instant book boyfriend. 

Christina Lauren have a gift for creating these stories with amazing family dynamics. Especially the families the characters choose as their own. Readers easily fall in love with them because they feel so real. 

The side character of Fizzy was an utter delight. She kept me laughing all the way through the book. 

I already am looking forward to the next book this author duo writes!
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I absolutely loved this sweet and charming romance about a data scientist and a single mother paired together as a result of their DNA match.

Jess has given up on dating, it’s too hard to balance her freelance job and her 7 year old daughter along with dating, so maybe she’ll try again when Juno’s in college. At the urging of her BFF and on a particularly lonely night, she decides to give GeneticAlly, a new DNA driven matchmaking company a shot. 

To her and everyone else’s surprise, she’s a near perfect match with GeneticAlly’s founder, River, a higher result than the company has ever seen for a match. She thinks River is stuck up and rude, but when the company offers to pay her for her time, she agrees to get to know River to test the theory that they are a match and help launch the company. 

She finds River is not cold after all, but shy and a bit awkward. Their chemistry is sizzling hot, and they start to realize they do have a connection, whether it’s DNA based or not. Their relationship was so cute and sweet and I loved watching it evolve from it’s frosty beginning. 

I also loved all the supporting characters, especially Jess’s daughter Juno and her best friend Fizzy. 

It was such a fun read and I felt warm and smiley while reading!
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I've been Christina Lauren fan for years, but I admit that their romances are really a hit or a miss for me. This was definitely a hit. I was a little wary of the premise (I don't love the "fake dating" storylines), but the immediate chemistry, River's boyish charm, and the best friend's insane comments make this as a classic Christina Lauren romance. I was completely invested in Jess and River's love story, and I loved the respect (and attraction of course) both characters had for each other. I am already looking forward to reading this again!
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I think for this review I might go the route of "this book is amazing. CLo is back, baby. Their last two books were a huge win for me and I can't wait for everyone to get their hands on this" and then re-read before the release date and write an actual, good review.

What you need to know: Jess is an amazing mother, friend, all around human. She has a daughter, Juno, who is adorable and who I love. Dr. River Pena is my favorite kind of male character who seems super grumpy at first but is a super soft sweetie/hottie.

The premise of GeneticAlly is super intriguing and cool but also kind of scary??? lol and I'm surprised something like that doesn't already exist honestly.

ANYWAY I loved this book so, so much. There's a lil twist I didn't see coming, too. I can't wait to re-read in the near future (after ACOSF comes out probs when I'm emotionally destroyed and need a comfort re-read) and give this book the review it deserves!

Huge thanks for Gallery Books and NetGalley for allowing me to read this eARC in exchange for my honest review!♥
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So - romance is not a genre I frequently read, but I was lured in with the fact that the protagonist works in data and statistics (hellooo fellow data analysts/engineers!) and the premise of a matching service based on your DNA. Also, following a string of heart-wrenching earlier novels, I was hoping for something more light-hearted that could even out the depressive hole I'd dug myself into.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed The Soulmate Equation much more than I initially anticipated. Sure, things are a little too perfectly set up, and the coincidences and chance encounters abound - but that's what you're here for, right? I found myself warming up to Jess, the main character, as a single mother who's doing her best to raise her daughter and make ends meet, frequently prioritizing herself last. The rest of the cast of characters are also lovable as well, including Fizzy, her romance author best friend; her grandparents; and of course, her love interest, the brilliant but moody and mysterious Dr. River Pena.

I will note that I felt the pacing that went from their initial dislike of each other to mutual attraction felt very rushed and not as well developed, but I overall enjoyed the author's writing style and humor. The ending was a surprise to me as well, but a wonderful message to end the novel with. Im sure The Soulmate Equation will be much-loved by readers with its upcoming release next month!
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ADORABLE fake dating trope romance. 

River Peña has helped to create a genetic test that can match you with a perfect partner (weird,unrealistic, but surprisingly this book includes a lot of science and statistics). As his dating company is about to go public, our heroine Jess (a statistician who is self-employed) ends up matching at an unheard of number with River himself. Jess is a single mom of a brilliant little seven year old named Juno, and in her dedication to her kid she has not focused on her love life. In a PR ploy turned business opportunity for Jess, River‘s company offers to pay her $30,000 to try dating River, her genetic soulmate. A WILD set up, but I immediately fell for Jess and Juno, as well as Jess’ best friend and parent-figure grandparents. 

I also thought the romance was really magical. As someone who swears that there was literal magic in the room when I first kissed my husband, I was all about this soulmate connection and I totally bought it.

My only issue was with the “conflict” in the story. I though it was pretty weak which made the ending and resolution a little too silly for me.

All in all this was an absolute delight that I read from start to finish in one day. 

ARC graciously provided by NetGalley and the publisher.
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This book is fantastic! By far my favorite CLo book! The friendship between Jess and Fizzy was enjoyable to read along with the details of Jess being a single parent. Jess and River are a wonderfully like able  couple and the whole premise makes it an interesting read! I can’t wait to recommend it to friends!
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Thank you to NetGalley, the publisher, and the authors for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
I have read all of Christina Lauren's books and have loved them all!! I could not wait to read this book. I am enjoying it  just as much as I thought it would and once I finish i will update my review.
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The fabulous christina lauren duo has always been one of my top favorites! So when they announced the new one I was already here for it but add in nerdy science lovers, a single mom and adorable grandparents I couldn't of been more sold! Jess was such a strong character and I loved her journey with river! I swooned, sighed, laughed and cried all throughout this book and finished it in a day!
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Short Review: This book is my soulmate. I loved everything about it. 

Long Review: See short review. Okay, kidding, I'm happy to keep gushing. You know when you find a character that just hits home for you? That you feel so connected with that you want to be their IRL bestie? That's how I feel about Jess. I loved getting to know her. I've been that single Mom worrying about making ends meet, worrying about school projects, school pick ups, after school commitments, questioning if I'm doing anything right, and oh not to mention worrying about the dreaded D word.....yep, dating again. 

I loved Jess, her hilarious best friend Fizzy, and her sweet daughter Juno so so so much. I want to join their daily coffee "work" dates. Oh and let's not forget love interest, River. Swoon. However, I'm getting ahead of myself. He doesn't start off that way....where are my enemies to lovers trope fans?!! This one is for you. The chemistry is palpable and the steam is perfecto. It made me laugh and it made me swoon. Get this one on your must read list! 

A huge thank you to Gallery Books and NetGalley for the eARC.
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This was yet another win by Christina Lauren! Dr. River Pena has been involved in the creation of a new matching program that predicts different levels of romantic matches based on DNA. Single mother Jess isn't looking for love but through some circumstances starting with an Americano in a coffee shop, Jess and River have the highest match level ever. They need to decide if they like each other enough to give love a chance. With a great cast of characters,  including Juno (daughter of Jess) and Fizzy (bestie of Jess), along with some pretty fantastic grandparents,  this story was fun to read and all the things that make Christina Lauren books some of my favorite must read novels! Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.
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this was an instant love for me. The fake dating enemies to lovers really did it for me.
Rivers personality! And Jess! I loved itttt.
Also omfg I LOVED fizzy her one liners killed me. And Juno was a ball of cute. I swear I loved this book.
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This wasn’t my favorite Christian Lauren.  It was not the writing style or editing, it was all very familiar in that way. I think it was just the plot. I guess I had a problem with the idea that love can be predicted by DNA. They still showed a story about getting to know one another and the discovery of romance.  It was very chicken or the egg. Did the romance come first or did they fall In love because they knew they were meant to be? Was it natural? Was it forced? I do not care for this. It made me question too much and not feel light and happy and sweet like their other titles.  I was given an advanced reader's copy via NetGalley, thank you to them. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Overall this book was exactly what I'd hoped it would be. Interesting premise, relatable characters, a hilarious best friend that honestly deserves her own book, and plenty of romance. Definitely an enjoyable read that I'd recommend to fans of this author.

Thank you to NetGalley and Gallery Books for an advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I have read everything by Christina Lauren and The Soulmate Equation is now my absolute favorite! I devoured this book in a day! Skeptical single statistician mom, Jess, and her romance writer, best friend, Fizzy, have obsessed over a handsome, brooding man that they have nicknamed "Americano" based on his 8:24 AM daily order at the local coffee shop. One day, Jess strikes up a conversation with the man and learns that he is River Pena, PhD, a geneticist who has developed a dating profiling process utilizing members DNA to find their best love matches. Fizzy, ever the openminded romantic, is on board with signing up immediately. It takes Jess a bit longer to commit to the process, but when she does her perfect match is as unexpected and close to perfect as you can get!

This novel is well plotted and paced, made me laugh and cry, and was such fun to read. The authors do such a great job at writing supportive female friendships, well flushed out secondary characters, realistic dialogue, and chemistry between the love interests. I loved the fresh take on the dating world and that Jess is a brilliant, witty, loving character AND a single mother who is on the struggle bus with her seven year old daily - she felt relatable and I connected immediately with her world. I highly recommend this book!

Advanced copy provided courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.  

Content warning: explicit content, addiction, estranged parent
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