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What's up West Michigan is doing a segment on Sassamanash Farm. The filming goes off without a hitch until the diva host Betsy DeJong  ends up dead. Monica immediately goes into investigating mode even though it's gotten her into trouble in the past. As she digs into Betsy's past she realizes the woman wasn't well liked and held a few deep secrets. Betsy's  fiance, Bob Cider becomes the main suspect but since he's running for senator a murder on his resume wouldn't look too grand .. When Dan Polsky,  former boyfriend of Betsy's is arrested  for the murder Monica is certain he isn't guilty. Yet proving that is harder than it seems. Monica suddenly finds herself face to face with the real killer and they aren't in the mood to play games or leave behind anyone who can identify them. Will this be her final case or will help arrive in time.??.
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It's great to be back in Cranberry Cove and a return to Monica's brothers cranberry farm. The local television station decides to travel to the farm to show the viewers the farm itself and different parts of the harvest. The anchor is bossy and rude towards her co-workers, but she is attractive and engaged to a US Senate candidate. But her hopes of hosting DC parties end when she is found dead on the grounds of the farm. Monica wonders if there is a random killer or if only she were targeted. She is determined to find the answers..

I've read most of the prior books in the series and this can easily be read as a standalone. I really enjoyed the author's synopsis of the series during the first chapter. It's much easier for me to concentrate as opposed to looking back and forth for snippets of prior events. The town is so quaint, just as I imagine it to be with all of its small shops and of course, Monica's husbands bookstore. The characters dialogue flows easily and the mystery plot provides good red herrings.

Thanks to NetGalley and Beyond the Page for a copy of this book. My review is voluntary.

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Berried Motives by Peg Cochran is  the sixth in the Cranberry Cove Mysteries. It can be read as a standalone. 
It's harvest time for the farm and a local tv station has filmed  a segment at the farm and bakery. Monica, being her observant self, picked up some red flags when it comes to the reporter, Betsy. When Betsy is found dead on the farm, Monica feels the need to get involved and starts asking questions. Is that a mistake for her or will she be next?
There are just enough plot twists and suspects. The characters are likeable and relatable. The setting is very inviting and I found myself wanting to visit. There is humor mixed through out. There is also a new addition to Monica's family. I really enjoy the fact that Monica is married. There are recipes included.
I was given an ARC be Beyond the Page Publishing and NetGalley for an honest review.
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I found this series on a whim and started in the middle and went back and got caught up. I really enjoy it. I usually gravitate towards cozy mysteries centered around books and cooking and although this series does have baking and recipes it is really about a farm. I have learned so much regarding cranberries. I have started thinking about different ways to incorporate them into savory dishes outside of Thanksgiving time.

I am excited for the next book as I can't wait to see how Monica runs with her new path in life. I love the addition of Hercules, the dog. He is a joy and adds the right amount of fun.

You can start this series with any book and be just fine. The author does a great job in giving enough background on each character.

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher, Beyond the Page Publishing, through NetGalley. All opinions expressed in the above review are entirely my own.
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Love the Cranberry mysteries series!   This is the second one I have read!   They are great for light-hearted reading and entertainment.  Monica and her brother, Jeff, own a cranberry farm and Monica also runs a bakery using the cranberries.  Monica also somehow manages to become involved in the town's mysteries and becomes somewhat of an amateur sleuth.  

In this story, Betsy is the local news anchor who who is engaged to an aspiring wealthy older politician, Bob Visser who come to find out is also involved in money laundering.  Betsy is found murdered and the suspect list continues to grow throughout the book.  Her sister, Heidi, and she have never gotten along and Heidi has also become close to Betsy's fiancee it seems.   Also when Betsy was in high school, she had to go out of town for awhile and no one seems to know why.   The reason comes to light through Monica's investigation and then the suspect list continues to grow.  Todd is the news anchor who takes over when Betsy is murdered and his actions also are somewhat questionable on the days preceding Betsy's murder.   The list of suspects keep you guessing on who actually murdered Betsy until one suspect begins to stand out more than the others & is finally caught.  

Thank you to the publisher,  Beyond the Page and NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book.  I would highly recommend this book and the series for some enjoyable light-hearted reading material.   This is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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Another delightful visit to the cranberry farm. Cranberry chocolate chip cookies would make a great alternative to pumpkin pie or additional dessert. Interesting murder with multiple suspects. Several back stories, too. New addition to the family adds charm and fun.
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Princess Fuzzypants here:  When and up and coming newscaster is murdered after doing a piece on the Cranberry Farm, Monica feels obliged to investigate herself.  She discovers the woman has managed to step on multiple toes on her climb up the ladder so there is no lack of potential suspects.  This woman has numerous skeletons in her closet.  Everyone from her fiancé to her sister to the people with whom she worked at the station has a gripe with her but are any of them serious enough to commit murder.

When someone close to Monica and Jeff is arrested, Monica is convinced the police have the wrong person.  All the way along, even when she was being intrusive and asking questions, Monica always informed Detective Stevens.  It is something that resonates.  But it seems, towards the end of the book, when she should have reached out, she ignores the warning signs and of course, puts herself in mortal danger.  It is something that detracts from the book when a heretofore intelligent heroine, stops being aware.  It does lead to an exciting bit of suspense so I shall forgive her lapse.

Four paws and two purrs.
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Berried Motives is the sixth book in the Cranberry Cove series and the first I've read . It can be read as a stand alone though.
I must say I've never read a book about cranberry harvesting before but I am glad that I have.
Berried Motives takes place in Michigan where the weather is perfect for growing cranberries and the cranberry farm is in full harvest mode right now.
Monica bakes a variety of baked goods with these cranberries for the local businesses to sell and it keeps her happy and very busy.
To pump up business they have the local news crew come out and do a piece on the cranberry bog.
Lo and behold when the show’s ruthless star is found dead on their farm this is not the type of exposure the farm is looking for.
Cozy fans and foodies alike will love this mystery in Cranberry Cove.
Berried Motives also has tasty recipes included.

Pub Date 17 Nov 2020
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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"Berried Motives" is the 6th installment in the Cranberry Cove cozy mystery series. Newlywed Monica Albertson runs the bakery on her brother's cranberry farm on the shores of Lake Michigan. The local news is doing a story on the farm and the bakery, so Monica is taking part in the filming. The local news host doing the story is murdered just outside the farm, and it turns out the star had quite a few enemies - from her coworkers to her exes to her own sister.

When one of her brother's crew members is arrested for the murder, Monica decides to find the real killer because she knows the police got the wrong person.

This book has the characters I've grown to enjoy, but I do wish more of it took place in the downtown shopping area. I love the scenes in the bookstore and the candy shop's eccentric owners. However, there is a huge development in Monica's personal life, and there's a new pet dog that I already love.

3.5 stars
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This series never disappoints and it's always engrossing and entertaining.
I was happy to catch up with the quirky and fleshed out characters and the solid mystery kept me guessing.
Can't wait to read the next installment.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC, all opinions are mine
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Love this series and author. I'm always craving cranberries when I read this series. If you haven't this series yet. I highly recommend it
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This is the sixth book in the series. I have not read any of the previous books, but for me, I did not feel like I was missing anything. I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The characters were fully developed and felt like I was reading about friends. The story line was smooth. There were several characters that could have committed the crime so it kept you guessing.  I  want to go back and read the first books to get to know more about these characters. It will be fun to see how their stories develop in upcoming books. There are a couple of recipes at the end. That is an extra bonus.
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Berried Motives by Peg Cochran is a cozy mystery taking place in a small town in Michigan where Monica Albertson runs a bakery and farm store in support of her half-brother, Jeff's, cranberry farm, which is finally turning a profit. Lauren, Jeff's fiancée, has taken over marketing for the enterprise and has hired a photographer to take photos for their Instagram account and has arranged for a TV interview to visit and feature them on a magazine show called What's Up West Michigan. Betsy DeJong was the interviewer and had not come dress for a cranberry farm and was flirting heavily with Jeff, which seemed to upset Lauren. Things ended up going well. That is until Betsy ended up dead along side the road to the farm. 

We've visited Monica before and watched her get involved with other murders and murderers. This is nothing new. This time it's really personal as Chief Stevens has arrested one of the farm's workers and things seem really odd with Betsy DeJong's life. Her much older fiancé is running for the Senate, on tip of running a couple of car dealerships. Busy man, who didn't seem all that upset at the loss of his fiancé, unless the cameras were running. Melinda, the Instagram photographer, was doing a fabulous job, but seemed stressed. Andy something was going on between Jeff and Lauren. Progress on Greg's (Monica's husband) bookstore renovation were going well, and Monica stopped by her primary source for information, the twin ladies who ran the candy story, regularly. This is a very busy cozy, as it should be, with lots of characters and subplots. Monica is a terrific baker and cook and a pretty good sleuth. This is an entertaining series. I recommend it. 

I was invited to read Berried Motives was Netgalley. All opinions and interpretations contained herein are solely my own. #netgalley #berriedmotives
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Berried Motives is the sixth book in the Cranberry Cove Mystery series by Peg Cochran.

The harvesting of the cranberry crop at Sassamanash Farm is in full swing.  Monica is busy baking scones for their store when her future sister-in-law, Lauren, enters the kitchen.  She informs Monica that the local television station will soon arrive to record a segment for their What’s Up West Michigan broadcast. Betsy Dejong heads for the cranberry bog to record the cranberries’ harvesting and then head to Monica’s store to record her retail area. Monica, much relieved that her spot is over, returns to the kitchen to resume her baking.  Her brother Jeff comes bursting into the kitchen, informing Monica that he just found Betsy’s body near their drive.  The police will soon zero in on Dan, one of Jeff’s workers who argued earlier with Betsy, as the prime suspect.  But, Monica does not believe he is capable of murder and will begin investigating to clear his name.

Monica will soon find no shortage of suspects to check out.  They include Betsy’s fiance, whose first wife died under suspicious circumstances, Jasmine, the photographer, the producer of the segment, and even Betsy’s sister will come under scrutiny.   

I found the book well-written and plotted, with an exciting cast of believable, engaging, and well-developed characters.  This book has a beautiful new addition, Hercule, an endearing dog that has adopted Monica and Greg.

There are also delicious-sounding recipes included with the book.

I’m looking very much looking forward to the next book in this exciting series.
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I enjoyed this book but not as much as some others in the series.  It had fun characters that felt like meeting up with old friends.  The mystery was good.  I felt Monica was going too far when she looked in someone’s bag.  Curiosity is one thing but that is an invasion of privacy that just can’t be excused away.   There were also come continuity issues.

Thanks to Negalley and the publishers for a free copy of the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This is Cranberry Cover Mystery release #6.  I have enjoyed the entire series and was thrilled to receive this for review. Thank you to the publisher and to Net Galley for the opportunity. My review opinions are my own,  The author has created a charming series about life on a cranberry farm that is fun and interesting to read. I love finding out more about farming with cranberries and how Monica and her Brother  manage the family farm. 

Monica has increased sales at their farm store with her popular  berry products and received exposure for a TV show to come and film.  The star of the show a popular host, is found murdered by the farm. Monica must step up as sleuth to save the farm's reputation and solve this complicated sleuth .  She soon finds out the victim was a ruthless sort who had many enemies. As local secrets are reveled. during her investigation she finds clues that may affect the entire town. 

I loved this next in series. The sleuth is very well crafted and kept ,me guessing to conclusion. I highly recommend this next release in this popular series.
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I received this ARC via Netgalley and Beyond The Page Publishing, in return for an honest review. While the sixth book in this series, it is readable as a standalone.  This is a traditional cozy.  The cranberry farm, owned by Monica’s stepbrother, is featured in a local news feature.  A member of the news team dies at the farm and Monica decides to solve the crime.  Meanwhile, her husband is renovating the upper floor of his bookstore to expand Monica’s baking business into a café.  While the story is good and there are several interwoven plot threads, certain things in the story didn’t appeal to me.  
  Here are my four peeves about this book.  First, there is no rationale until ¾ way through the book for her to sleuth.  Even then, her stepbrother asks her to investigate after a casual acquaintance is arrested.  Until then, she’s just being a busybody and a snoop.  Second, if I’d written the publisher prior to this close to publication, I’d have begged them to remove all references to Monica and her hair.  This sounds trivial but this woman is a commercial baker.  In every scene in/around the baking room, she’s brushing hair behind her ears, or running her hands through her hair or blowing her bangs out of her face – yuck!!!!  Where is her hair net or scarf or other way of containing her hair? While the included recipes sound wonderful, that is not good imagery for a commercial food preparer in any industry.  Third is one of two plot issues.  Her car is vandalized, and the detective gives her a ride home.  Suddenly, she has her car back and her husband never said a word; did she tell him?  How did she get it back?   Finally, the big ‘confront the killer’ scene leads to her being unconscious for a period of time.  However, she is never seen by a medical professional, even though she has a health issue.  Why would this not happen?  These really disrupted my enjoyment of the story.
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This is the first book I have read in the Cranberry Cove series. It was good enough I read half of it in one sitting but I just cannot like the main character. I cannot really explain why other than since we are not given a full description of her other than her curly hair and her low self-esteem, I kind of picture her as frumpy or dowdy and full of self-loathing as opposed to the usual smart and feisty heroines of other cozies. I like to read books where I would be friends with the main character and I don't think I would like this character much. 

Monica works as a baker on her brother's cranberry farm. When a local TV show decides to do a promo of the farm on their morning show, Monica is anything but thrilled about being on TV (cue self-doubt). When the anchorwoman is found murdered, Monica cannot help herself and starts investigating. Can she find out whodunit before they do her in? 

I thought the writing in this book was lacking. There were some random details thrown in that I thought were unnecessary, like mentioning throwing away trash or the obsessive checking of her cat's food and water bowls. I felt like the dialogue was lacking, there was just no spark. I am giving the book four stars because I wanted to finish it to find out the killer but I am not sure if based on this book I would go for the rest of the series right away. I bet if you're already a fan of this series though, this won't disappoint. I sure hope you like cranberries because there are a lot of them in this book and I have never wanted a cranberry scone so bad in my life!
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Monica is hard at work in the kitchen making cranberry goodies. She is excited that a local tv station will be doing a story at the cranberry bogs. Later that day the news anchor is found dead off the road near the bogs. Who killed Betsy?  Her fiancé, her sister, the wannabe anchor or someone else?

I enjoyed this story and the characters. I will say it’s a good thing Monica has an assistant or her business would not be able to stay open! I do look forward to the next book.
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4.5 stars

This is the sixth book in the Cranberry Cove series by Peg Cochran. 

Wow. This was a real page turner! I loved the whole experience of this. The TV personality who ends up dead and then the search to find out who did her in was quite fascinating. Loved the mystery part and the characterization was spot on! Even the secondary characters seemed to shine.

This series has really grabbed my attention  in the past so I was happy to see a new mystery ready to dig into. Such a fun read and it shows how a cozy mystery should be dealt with. The red herrings were all placed well and the killer was hard to figure out which is what made it super fun!

Definitely a series I will continue with!

If you want to read a good cozy mystery, definitely check this one out. You won’t be disappointed.

I received this as an ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) in return for an honest review. I thank NetGalley, the publisher and the author for allowing me to read this title.
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