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Sweet and spice read. Definitely one to pick up if you like a bit of fun with your love story. The story is well done and flows at a good pace.
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It was okay. I mean Sparrow and Grands i adored, i actually wish we had seen more of them. The Grandmother kind of fell away, i know it was about Ethan and Harper but still. I did not enjoy their relationship, it was too fast for my liking and their chemistry was meh. The bump in the road was too quickly resolved and heartbreak quickly over.
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this was a fun and steamy romance novel. i really liked it and it's super sexy and cool and i loved it so much. thanks a bunch netgizzle.
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I really loved the characters and how the relationships developed.  As a special education teacher I thought the representation of autism was pretty good.  This was an easy read and enjoyable
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Harper Dallas had been caring for her little sister with autism since Sparrow was nine. Working as a digital marketing associate,  she is desperate when her company closes.  She tells a little white life on her resume,  because after all she's been doing her manager's job for years. There's instant attraction between her and her new boss Ethan, but there's an office policy against dating coworkers.  But after a business trip to Vegas gets a little steamy,  they decide to keep their relationship a secret at home.  But what will Ethan do when he finds out it's all based on a lie.?
This workplace sounds awesome!  Laid back with casual attire only (seriously,  the boss goes barefoot), a beanbag meeting room, and foosball tournaments. I would lie to work there too! I liked the close relationship between Harper and Sparrow and how she'll do anything to get her sister the care she needs. And Ethan is really great with her once he knows. We should all have hot bosses like this lol! 
Thank you to Brisa Starr and BooksGoSocial for the opportunity to read this book. I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The views and opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.
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This is the first book in a three part series, and in this book we meet the first Young brother Ethan. 
I have to admit, when I first realised that this was an office romance, I felt slightly dubious as to how the story would carry through, however I was pleasantly surprised. 
The authors writing style was wonderful and imaginative. Brisa creates a cast of wonderful characters that draw you in straight away. 
Harpers character was incredible. She is a strong, admirable woman who has taken on the full responsibility of her younger sister Sparrow willingly, after realising that their mother was far from capable of giving her a safe, happy home. Between juggling this and her job, she is barely keeping her head above water.
And then we meet Ethan. He is such a lovable character, and I found him all the more endearing that he was a genuinely nice man. Not the typical, hard hearted male lead that you often find in these stories. 
The romance was fabulous, and I truly look forward to reading the rest of this series.
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Let me just start off by saying I LOVED this book.  I will immediately be reading the rest of the Young Brothers series as I can't wait to see what happens with Benjamin and Gavin.  My only problem with this book is I started reading it late at night while on vacation.  By 3 AM, I was still reading the book and I had about 1.5 hours to go.  I forced myself to go to bed, but I finished the book by noon the next day.  It's that good.

This is the story of Harper & Ethan.  Harper has lost her job as a marketing associate after her company went under.  She applies for a marketing director job at Ethan's company and she is called in for an interview.  She misrepresented her job on her resume since she basically did her old boss' job for him.  So she's sure she got the interview because she indicated she had marketing manager experience - which she technically had the experience, just not the job title.

Ethan has issues with commitments after his ex fiancee cheated on him with three different men.  Therefore, he cannot tolerate a lie of any type.  When he finds out that Harper lied on her resume, will he be able to forgive her and let their relationship continue to blossom?  or will this be enough for him to call it quits?

I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.  The opinions stated above are mine without biases.
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This was a quick steamy read using the forbidden office romance trope.  While I liked Harper and her realistic life trials, I was disappointed that Ethan had to be the uber rich boss.  I think he could have just been a boss without the uber rich aspect, and it would have appealed more to me.  Other than brand name dropping, his lifestyle wasn’t the flashy uber rich nature.  
I also got a little bogged down with the minutia of life tasks such as getting ready in the morning from applying makeup from the lipstick, to the eyeliner and the mascara to going to the toilet.  I didn’t think that much detail added to the story.
This was an ok read for me.
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Fake It is the first book in the Young Brothers series and was a great start for the series.  I loved the Young brothers, especially Ethan.  He was so sincere and always wanting to help others.  Harper had been hurt and disappointed with her parents, but she took her responsibility to take care of her younger sister very seriously.  She had to find a good secure job so she could provide her sister with the therapies she needed.  I didn’t like that she lied about her last job position on her resume and kept it a secret for so long.  She wanted to tell Ethan the truth, but fear held her back.  Eventually, Ethan found out the truth but would he let her lie ruin their relationship?  Or could he understand why she had to lie in order to get an interview?
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Great book, loved the characters relationships with each other, also dealing with autism i feel has been very well portrayed in this story, read it in one go, very enjoyable
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I enjoyed Fake It, the first book in the Young Brothers series.  Both Ethan and Harper were a little bit quirky, but it worked in the overall context of the book, and I loved the steam and intensity between them.  The side characters added a lot to this book - his brothers, her assistant Andrew, her grandmother and her autistic teenage sister was adorable.  Overall a great book.  Brisa Starr is fast becoming a favorite author of mine!
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I really liked this one, it was the right book at the right time. Super fun and flirty, and a quick read.
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This was exactly what I needed after a long day at work. Would highly recommend for a light read during this troubled time.
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A quick read, I did finish this within about a day or so. There were a few items that took me out of the story that I didn’t enjoy, but overall this gave me what I wanted: an employee / boss forbidden romance novel. If you are not a fan of open door romance novels, this is not the book for you.

While I enjoyed most of this novel, there were a few things that either bothered me or were not my style. First of all, feet were talked about a lot in this novel. I am not a fan of feet – I don’t want to touch or see people’s feet and I don’t typically care for my feet to be touched. Harper was constantly noting that Ethan was walking around barefoot. Or she was picking things up with her toes, or he was kissing her feet. It was honestly something that made me cringe and I didn’t enjoy. However, this is purely a personal preference. If you like or don’t mind feet, this likely wouldn’t bother you.

There were a few stylistic writing items that I didn’t care for within this novel as well. The author’s use of “bahahahahaha” seemed ill placed. While this works if you’re including texting or any sort of electronic communication with novels, having this as a hearty laugh within a novel took me out of the story and I don’t think it worked well.

When reading additional reviews, a few individuals noted that there was some over description in the novel for the simplest of tasks. Unfortunately, I do have to agree with this. It was unnecessary and didn’t add anything to the plot. That aside there’s one additional scene I didn’t care for and felt that it lacked consent from Harper.

It may sound like I’m nit picking, but this isn’t by any means a bad book. These few items aside, I did enjoy the novel. It is a fast-paced, steamy romance novel that gives the reader exactly what they’re looking for: a way to escape into the world of Harper and Ethan. There’s the appropriate amount of will they won’t they, additional plot drama and watching their relationship progress that it made the majority of flaws worth the read.

Thank you to NetGalley for the e-copy of this novel in exchange for an honest review!
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Fake It was a super quick romance read that I got though in almost one sitting. Harper and Ethan were a cute couple that I was actively rooting for and I’m sure you will too.

Harper is smart, sweet and I love how dedicated she is to taking care of her family. Ethan is fun and sexy, but quick to get angry with Harper when things don’t go the way he wants, which rubbed me the wrong way at times.

Their relationship is * h o t *; I loved that it was a forbidden office romance which just added to the burning chemistry between them.

I’m looking forward to reading about Ethan’s brothers in the next two books in this series!

Overall, this was a good quick read that left me in a good mood, so I think it achieved what it was going for.
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I loved this book. It has some great characters and can’t wait to find out about the other brothers. I liked the writing style and the way the story all flowed together. 
I can’t wait to read the rest of the series. 
Thank you for my ARC
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Being unemployed and meeting up to responsibilies aren't easy. In this case a lie leads to a good job which in turn leads to an office romance. The truth finds a way to surface and proves that coming clean is always best.

Harper makes an impression at the interview for a job she desperately needs. Her performance is very impressive, but she gets involved with Ethan, her boss. Not always a good idea. The more they get involved, the more enamoured they become. There is an office policy against employees being romantically involved. What happens when Harper's lie comes to light? Will Ethan understand and forgive? The thing is that he is far from being perfect. He's been lying too.

Harper's dedication to her sister is commendable. Ethan is a good boss and with the help of his two brothers, they succeed in their endeavours. Some of the contents aren't convincing and the romance moves quickly. It's easy to read and achieves the desired outcome.

I received an eARC from Netgalley and the views expressed are my personal opinion.
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It’s a story about an office romance.. I liked it 
He has his reservations about his trust in women and she doesn’t want to get involved with someone because of her situation at home.
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Thank you netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review. 
I liked this romantic comedy specifically because it features a strong, realistic female protagonist. Harper knows she needs a high paying job to secure the future of her sister and grandmother.  She takes on a lot of responsibility and this leads her to lie on her resume. What she didn't count in is her instant attraction and connection with her boss, Ethan. He puts her at ease with his carefree manner and passion for marketing.  I liked that he respects her work ethics and follows her sound advice. Their chemistry was slow burn and sweetly genuine but it lacked fire. Ethan's inner dialogue sounded unrealistic and clichéd. Just not enough there for me to love the novel but enough for me to be entertained.
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Loved this book!
Literally could not put it down.
Read it in one sitting.
Would definitely recommend!
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