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Tracy Clark-Flory was raised by feminist parents in a world obsessed with sex. Professionally, she's a journalist who writes about sex, leading her to attend many unusual events and interview interesting people. Personally, her own experience with sex and sexuality is complicated in different ways. In this memoir, Clark-Flory traces her own sexual journey alongside her career, as well as the feminist theory and pop culture moments that shaped the way she looks at sex.

Written with humor, honesty, and a lot of heart, this memoir is a wonderfully endearing journey. Clark-Flory understands that the personal is political, interweaving feminist and sex theory with her own experiences seamlessly. Want Me beautifully shows the power of vulnerability.
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I enjoyed this one a lot! I am excited to see what she writes next. This topic is one I enjoy and the cover made it stick out from the rest!
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Although I picked up "Want Me" under the guise it would be more scientific than memoir, I thoroughly enjoyed this book and I bookmarked the heck out of my virtual copy to look up several of Tracy's references to other sex writers and researchers.

While I was mostly taken by the content and style of Tracy's writing, some sections of this book felt a little heavy on vocab lessons and may deter some less-advanced readers from powering through. 

Ultimately I found Tracy's frankness very relatable to the heterosexual millennial woman experience (or at least my experience dating men as a millennial woman) and I hope many young women find their way to this book and Tracy's other writing as well.
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This book was just fascinating. Tracy writes like talking to an old friend, maybe because we’re close in age, but also maybe because she is honest in a way that  would make most of us pretend we’ve never had similar thoughts or desires. I read this book in a day and now I want to read her articles. Thank you, Net Galley, for the advanced copy to read and review this book.
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