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This was a clean small town romance that took place over a month’s time. I loved how Eric and Holly got to be alone together at the beginning and end of their workdays. Most of their conversations happened during the time at the office. It was easy to see how they fell for each other as fast as they did. They were put into situations that showed what kind of person they were based on how it was handled. There were a lot of heartwarming moments and while I wanted a little more witty banter there was good character growth. I liked getting both POV without it being repetitive.

Thank you @entangledpublishing and @netgalley for the gifted copy.

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Claiming the Doctor’s Heart is the first book in the Clover Creek series by Sean D. Young. It’s a beautiful clean romance with a southern small town setting that will warm your heart and make you want to embrace this loving community as if it were your own.

When his father took ill, Dr. Eric Bradley came back to Clover Creek temporarily to help with his practice. Like a fish out of water, he feels completely out of his element stepping into this new role as small town doctor. Since his field is in research, not being familiar with the nuisances of everyday patients, his bedside manner seems as if it needs a bit of refining.

Lucky for him, the key to his success was right in front of him, Holly Ransom. She is such a sweet lady who works hard and is determined to be the best she can be to help him make things better. Not only does she work at the office but helps her parents with their bakery that is currently having hard times. With all that on her plate, she still keeps a smile on her face and is quickly becoming someone that he can depend on and rely on.

When an unexpected visit puts a time limit on his trip, he is forced to decide whether to give up the chance to fulfill his dreams or take a chance on a love and continue what his family created?

Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It’s always refreshing when you come across small town romance books that are clean and you really can embrace the characters. I loved the familial influence of the book. Every family has their own ups and downs but it’s their love and support of one another that supports its foundation. The build of the relationship between Eric and Holly was so sweet and charming. I enjoyed the authenticity of their friendship blossoming into what it became. It made their hea all the sweeter.

This was such a wonderful start to the series that I’m looking forward to what’s to come. The second book in the series is called Secrets from the Heart. From what I see, this can be read as a standalone but I recommend starting with the first so you can enjoy the series.

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I enjoy small town romances and the characters that fill them. It’s like visiting old friends when a new story comes out. CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is Eric and Holly’s story. Holly is keeping a big secret from Eric and as they get to know each other on a more personal level beyond just being acquaintances , they both have reasons for trying to keep things on a friendly basis only. Holly’s family has owned The Sweet Spot for many years but due to repairs to their shop, they had to move their bakery to her parent’s house. Holly has always had to deal with the label of being the daughter of an alcoholic and never thinking she was good enough for Eric and his family. His Dad sees beyond that and hires Holly as the receptionist at his medical practice.

In CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART I really loved Holly and Eric’s story. My smile was so big at the ending, just sitting there on my couch, that anyone who had seen me would have thought I was crazy. Thank you Sean D. Young! I love stories that make me respond that way! I’ll admit that I was a little frustrated at the beginning when Holly kept so much inside. I thought, “Oh, no. Is this gonna be one of those books where we are kept in suspense all the way through wondering when the other shoe was going to fall?”

Every aspect of CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is fully developed in a manner that you can easily picture. Sean D. Young has written this story with such sensitivity and heart that you can’t help but love this medical romance. The situations felt very real because the medical descriptions were perfect. Even though I have no idea if they were correct, they sure seemed right. Will Holly and Eric be able to come to terms with their past?

Can a friendship turn into something more? Can they trust each other enough to let friendship be something more? I appreciated the way they both have to work through issues to arrive in a place they can admit their love and find their happily ever after. The ending was a bit quick but satisfying, and I left it with a smile. What you’re going to LOVE about this story is that Holly and Eric build a friendship. It’s a wonderful, classic romance. Once I started reading, I couldn’t stop. Sean D. Young’s writing held me captive from the very first page until the last page. I can’t wait to read more of her stories.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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I really enjoyed this introduction into this world and I just couldn’t get enough of it. I just so thoroughly enjoyed meeting these new characters and getting to go on their journey. I will most definitely be reading more wonderful books from this author.

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Rating 5/5
Plot 5/5
Spice 1/5
Character Development 5/5

[I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book]

“Claiming the Doctor’s Heart” is the first book in the Clover Creek Series by Sean D. Young. This book tells the story of Dr. Eric Bradley and Holly Ransom.

Dr. Bradley left his hometown in Clover Creek, Tennessee to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. Dr. Bradley’s father was the town doctor, however, when he is hospitalized after facing a stroke, Dr. Bradley returns home and fills in for his father.

After working in a big city lab, Dr. Bradley must adapt to working in a small town hospital and actually engage in conversations with his patients. Holly Ransom is a receptionist that helps things run smoothly at the hospital.

The more time Dr. Bradley and Holly work together, the more he falls for her, however, he has thirty days to return to Atlanta or he’ll lose the opportunity he has worked his life for. Dr. Bradley has to decide whether to leave his family legacy and the woman he’s falling for behind or miss out on a significant opportunity.

I loved the plot of this book and I was intrigued from the very first page! I love small-town romances and the relationship between Dr. Eric Bradley and Holly Ransom was the cutest. I enjoyed seeing Dr. Eric Bradley return home and I loved reading about his growth throughout the book and his mindset while making such an important decision. This was my first time reading Young’s work and I can’t wait to read “Secrets from the Heart”!

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This one was okay, but a little too sweet for my taste. This is more Hallmark movie, but I like a little more spice to my books. The story between Eric and Holly was sweet, but I felt like I already knew where this story was going. If you're looking for a sweet, non angsty read, then this one is for you. Although this one wasn't a favorite of mine, I would be willing to give this author another read.
I voluntarily reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book.

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Eric is a doctor and left his small town of Clover Creek for the big city living in Atlanta only to have to return when his father suffered a stroke, and he is now managing his father’s practice. Holly works at her family bakery that is struggling along with being the receptionist at Eric's father’s practice at Bradley Medical and she keeps things together for Eric. The more time that Holly and Eric spend together their feelings become known for the other. Eric likes the big city and Holly loves the small-town living.
Can these come to a happy median, will Eric choose the big city life or the small-town life, can Holly continue to work at her family bakery and struggle no more with the bakery or will the two settle in small living?

This is a great read, waiting patiently for book 2 in this series. Pick up your today and I’m sure you will enjoy “Claiming the Doctor” just as much as I did.

I received an ARC via NetGalley via Entangled Bliss, and I’m leaving my review voluntarily.

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I'd recommend this to anyone that loves inspiring small town books. This one features a doctor office workplace romance between a big city doctor and a small town office manager/baker.

This features a grumpy male lead who hates small town life and a charming female lead who puts people first no matter what.

I received an advanced copy of this book through NetGalley and this is my honest review.

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This was a clean book. We meet Holly who is in a town who has judged her based on who her father was. She has struggled her whole life based on the unfair stigma, luckily for her the doctor she works for never cared and gave her a job when she needed and she has her bakery business on the side. While the doctor gets sick, his son comes to take over the business but has plans to sell the business but does not tell the staff this, he falls in love with Holly whom he has known for years but never truly knew her. He also sees the town differently than before and starts having a relationship with his dad than before since before he felt that his dad had sacrificed him for his job. Cute story.

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Claiming the Doctor's Heart by Sean D Young is a sweet book about family, change and obligation with a love story as an added bonus. When Dr. Eric Bradley returns home to help with his father’s practice, he is only back in Clover Creek until his father is well enough to resume his life’s work. Without discussing his ideas with his father or mother, Eric is also contemplating selling the practice, after all his life’s work is in Atlanta. He doesn’t see the practice as a legacy but a liability. As Eric, becomes acclimated to the sedate life of a doctor in this small town, he must adjust his thinking and his attitude in working with patients. Assisting him in the office is Holly, a young woman he knew in high school. She keeps the office running smoothly and soon Eric can’t keep his eyes off her. Even as he is falling more and more in love with Holly every day, Eric realizes that their paths are diverging. He needs to return to his life of research in the big city while she wants to stay in Clover Creek and help with her family bakery. I really enjoyed this gentle, low-key story. I did think that Eric is rather selfish in his approach to handling his family’s dilemmas. I am glad that he was able to see the bigger picture before he derailed his life. He had awesome support from Holly and his family.
I voluntarily read a copy of this book from Netgalley and this review is of my honest opinion.

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This is a super fun read. I really enjoyed this one!

Many thanks to the author, the publisher, and Netgalley for my ARC. All opinions are my own.

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Claiming the Doctor's Heart is a warm and inviting romance novel about a small town girl and the doctor who has come back from the big city. The characters are likeable and adorable together, their romance seems genuine and believable, and it had some very nice moments. I was annoyed with how everyone treated her the entire time but it had a happy ending and all worked out. A quick read.

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This was a sweet story that takes place in a small town. Holly planned to never leave the place she grew up and Eric (Dr. Bradley) couldn't wait to leave and can't wait to get back to the big city after he takes care of business for his father (also Dr. Bradley).

Eric's dad has had a stroke and he is the town's doctor. Eric has come home to help out at the medical center taking care of his dad's patients. His plan is to get in, upgrade the office, sell it and get back to Atlanta and he only has 30 days to take care of it all.

Holly is the receptionist at the clinic and was a high school classmate of Eric's. She knew him to be kind but now he is all business. When he begins to loosen up a little and let himself become more invested in the patients and the workers, Holly can't help but be attracted to the handsome doctor.

Eric also begins to notice Holly and admire her beauty and strengths. Is it possible for him to get what he wants and still get the girl? When Eric discovers what matters most, he might be willing to stay and might not see that as being the HUGE sacrifice he once thought it would be.

There is a happy ending and the story was a sweet, clean romance.

I received an arc copy of this book and I willingly offer my honest review.

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Holly has been struggling with life for a while, unable to move forward with plans of reopening her family business. While the bakery is placed on hold Holly has been forced into a position for work that she never wanted to be in. Emotions are all of the place and what quickly started as anger transforms into love.

Eric, a big city doctor who is ready to shrug off his dads family practice and get gone. Watching his dad regain his health has taught Eric what it means to be a small town doctor. Reaching out and making some waves throughout the office, brought him a lot of anger from many directions and eventually love.

Claiming the Doctor’s Heart was a very enjoyable read, a page turner with characters and a plot line that could easily be any small town story. The emotions ran on anger, happiness, and love, all carried to realistic expectations. I enjoyed watching Eric and Holly find trust and loyalty within each other, building a good foundation to start a relationship on. I would have liked to see a bit more of the building to the romance side, it seemed like they were upset but then quickly spoke very romantic lines to each other. This is a very clean romance novel, and a quick read that I would recommend to anyone to read.

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This was the absolute perfect, small town romance that I didn't know I needed. I felt like I knew Eric and Holley and were rooting for them at every step of the way. This is the first in the series of novels called Clover Creek which is super exciting. As a person who loves both second chance and workplace romances, this has both for me.

I just do not want to spoil anything because there is a "mystery" at the heart of the book. I loved all the characters in the book. But I absolutely hated how Eric just didn't lead with his heart and over thought everything. But in the end, we got the HEA that we wanted.

NOTE: This review was done via NETGALLEY arc but all reviews are mine.

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Claiming the Doctor’s Heart was set in the small town of Clover Creek which had that small-town charm where there was always some gossip, and everyone knew everybody. Holly Ransom’s family had owned the bakery, The Sweet Spot for many years but due to needed repairs to their shop, they had to move their location to her parent’s house. She grew up with the stigma of being the daughter of an alcoholic and the people of Clover Creek looked down on her family. She loved to bake, and her dream was to make wedding cakes. Dr. Bradley had overlooked the town gossip and hired her as the receptionist at the Bradley Medical office. Dr. Eric Bradley had always felt pressured by his parents to become a family physician and take over the legacy of his family’s medical clinic, but Eric was more interested in research and had a career in Atlanta. His dreams for research were about to come true when his father had a stroke. Eric returns home to Clover Creek to help cover for his father expecting to be there for a week or two. He didn’t realize how hard it would be to fill in for his father and was glad Holly was there to help. He struggled with the responsibilities and the pressure from his parents, but he had a life away from his childhood hometown and was being offered the opportunity of a lifetime. Falling in love with Holly and leaving her behind to pursue his career was difficult for him but he had to decide what was more important to him, love or his career. This was a sweet romance that was fast-paced and easily read in one sitting. The storyline was fully developed, and the main characters had many obstacles to overcome to have their happy ever after. It was wonderful to see Eric come to enjoy the Clover Creek residents and life in a small town.

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I enjoyed this engaging story that featured Eric and Holley. The characters are well-developed,. Eric’ character was questionable at the beginning of the story, but I loved his his growth as the story progressed. The storyline flowed flawlessly. Kudos to author Sean D Young for her insightful look at the effect of change and how people handle it. Great page-turner. I recommend this story for your reading pleasure!

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This was an amazing book! I enjoyed the characters and the storyline. The couple made my heart sing.

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I featured Claiming the Doctor’s Heart by Sean D. Young as book of the day on all my social media platforms and included it in a monthly roundup of new releases on my blog.

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Reviewer: Shirley Fleming/Rating B+

In the small town of Clover Creek, Dr. Eric Bradley returns home to run his father’s medical clinic after his father suffers a stroke. Eric is not used to practicing in a small town; therefore, he feels like a fish out of water. He doesn’t understand that he needs to be more personable with the patients. Lucky for him, he has Holly Ransom to help him along the way. Working together in his father’s clinic draws them closer and before long love is in the air. The only problem is that Eric plans to leave Clover Creek in one month and he wants to take Holly with him. Holly refuses to leave her hometown and everything she knows. Therefore, Eric has to decide to either lose the love of his life or a career he worked hard to achieve.

Eric left his small town to pursue his dream in the big city of Atlanta. He finds himself at a crossroad when he returns to Clover Creek. He can’t decide where he wants to be. His indecisiveness weighs on him and almost cost him a bright future. Holly is a sweet young woman and she always has a sunny disposition no matter what goes on in her personal life. Near and dear to her heart is reopening her family’s bakery. She refuses to give up on continuing her grandmother’s legacy.

CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is a story of a small-town romance. The story is well-written and the characters reflect the small-town mentality. I love the idea of a town where everyone knows each other. Families are what is most important and it shows in the citizens' interactions. When one of them hurt, they all hurt. Although, your patience can sometimes be worn down by gossip as it is in this story. The pacing is moderate and the story has a great plot. The communication between Eric and Holly is loving but I would like to have seen more tangible evidence of their love and attraction to each other. However, certain scenes do point in that direction. Nevertheless, the author has written a story depicting love, family, and the responsibilities that entail.

CLAIMING THE DOCTOR’S HEART is the first story in the Clover Creek Series. I enjoyed reading it. And I look forward to seeing what else is going on in this seemingly quiet town. Sometimes the best love stories can be found there. I can’t wait to see the mystery revealed between Holly’s mother and her two friends. Keep reading to see what this author has in store for other unsuspecting characters of Clover Creek.

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