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Claiming The Doctor's Heart is a small-town romance set in Clover Creek, Tennessee.  It has all the feels of small-town living; there is no hiding a secret, a group of people who think they hold the moral code, core businesses with long-standing legacies, and a family at the center of ridicule. 

When the town's only doctor falls ill, it is his son,
Dr. Eric Bradley called to fill in while he recovers.  It is the infiltration of his comfort zone that sets off hosts of bad decisions.  The first blow was Holly Ransom, his father's very competent receptionist.  To keep the practice running in a custom his father had, he had to accept he didn't have all the answers.  Holly as his ally was the best decision, and that his life wouldn't be the same before he met her.

Holly Ransom has been ridicule her entire childhood, endured the shame of her family's business mishaps, and father labeled the town drunk.  The Sweet Spot is Clover Creek's bakery and is Holly's legacy.  Its future is hanging in the balance with an insurance claim ruled in their favor.

Holly and Eric are just as different as they are alike.  Time is running out for both of them but, Eric has to decide on which road he will take to find his true happiness; will it be the path of least resistance-going back to Atlanta and continue his dreams of researching the next cure, or will he let love and legacy take the wheel?  Will Holly finally be able to stand up to the town's perception of her and her family and rebuild the legacy of her grandmother's tea cakes?

If you enjoy a sweet small-town romance with engaging characters, I recommend Claiming the Doctor's Heart for your reading pleasure.
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A sweet small town romance. Holly and Eric are of opposing personalities. She is sweet and always sees things in a positive light and he is the black and white no nonsense type. The more time they spend together her light infiltrates his life. The story showcases the goodness of living in a small town and the love and caring of a family. Epic and Holly get their happy ending by believing in something bigger than themselves.
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Claiming the Doctors Heart by Sean D Young a four-star read that will warm your heart. This is number one in the Clover Creek series and I am excited to see what will happen in number two, I haven’t read this author previously, but I will be checking them out as I enjoyed the writing. This was a great story, and great writing, but it just dropped in a couple of places, I would have loved to give it five-stars, but there were a couple of moment, my attention wandered so badly I forgot what I was reading. Holly and Eric will tell you their story and they tell it well, Clover Creek sounds lovely, and if I found myself there, I would surely be making something up to see the doc.
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Thank you Netgalley and Entangled for access to this arc. 

I hate it when I get almost to the end of a book and just can't finish it. The reason here is the way everyone crushes Eric's dreams and plans. The man couldn't have told people more that he didn't want to move back to a small town and take over a family medical practice yet no one would listen to him. Did his parents not give a damn about what he wanted? Nope, it didn't seem like it. Did Holly not listen to what he told her about wanting to follow *his* dream and work in medical research and that he was contacting realtors to sell the practice? Nope, it didn't seem like it. Yes, he should have spoken with his father about selling the practice but I got so frustrated with how everyone dismissed what Eric wanted to do. When Eric confronts his mother about how his father was never there for him when Eric was growing up, his mother basically blows it off then refuses to hear Eric stating - yet again - how he doesn't intend to stay there or take over since it's his parent's dream and not his. Eric deserves a lot more consideration for his wishes and plans than he ever gets from the people in Clover. DNF
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Loved this book!!! Great sweet clean read about a doctor finding out where he really belongs. 
Holly the hometown girl never left their small hometown. Eric left got his medical license and Works researching cures in the big city never thought he'd find a way to mix what he loved doing and also help the people of Clover Valley.
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Claiming the Doctor's Heart is the latest romance novel by Sean D. Young.
Taking place in the small, Tennessee  town of Clover Creek, Claiming the Doctor's Heart is a story that connects the past with the present. Clover Creek native, and aspiring baker, Holly Ransom, is a receptionist at Bradley Medical, ran by Dr. Daniel Bradley. Holly meets her boss' son, Dr. Eric Bradley, due to a health scare involving his father. Like his dad, Eric became a doctor, but took off to the big city of Atlanta to practice instead of help run his father's clinic.
Eric's mind and goal is to help out at Bradley Medical until his dad recovers from a stroke. On his first day, he encounters Holly and sparks are low key there.
While Holly and Eric dance around their mutual attraction to each other, the town is abuzz with the reputations between Holly and Eric's families that people refuse to let go. This will only work if Holly and Eric overcome their insecurities.
I like that Holly is a leading lady who, while vulnerable, is strong in other areas. Eric is stubborn and in some cases, one-sided when it comes to personal and professional growth. It's definitely an opposites attract story but without the bright lights, big city background.
Claiming the Doctor's Heart, is slow and easygoing, with some humorous moments sprinkled in.
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Claiming the Doctor's Heart by Sean D Young

This book was unique in the aspect the hero and heroine were both fighting the effect the changes in their lives were having on them. Holly loves her small-town life and is fighting tooth and nail to get her and her family's reputation back on track.  Dr. Eric Bradley is only back in Clover Creek, Tennessee because of his father's health, he can't want to get back to the big city of Atlanta.   Secrets, uncertainty,  jealousy, and distrust added to the tone of the story, showing no matter how successful or unsuccessful one is in life the things that happen to you as a child carry over into adulthood.  Eric's growth was astonishing because at the beginning of the story I wanted to strangle him.

Another page-turner by Sean D. Young.  Thank you, NetGalley for affording me the opportunity to read and give an honest review.

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Eric is reluctantly in town to help out with his father's medical practice, after a stroke leaves his fater in hosptial.
Holly works at the medical practice and she soon becomes the person he turns to for help.
Holly has her own struggles, with her families bakery and the way she is treated in the town.  The more time he spends with Holly the more he falls for her, so what will happen when it is time for him to leave town?
I did find the ending a bit rushed.
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Claiming the Doctor's Heart is a heartwarming and gentle small town romance. That's full of family feels and likable characters, and with a storyline that was extremely satisfying to read not to mention well-paced I was easily engaged throughout.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this story!  You have the good son/doctor who left his small town to get from under his Dad and pursue his own career path in medicine, only to have to return home!  His return is due to his Dad’s illness and him having to step in to help his Dad’s medical center carry on with taking care of his patients!  Well, let’s just say Eric is definitely not Dr “B” and their ways are completely opposite!!  There is a lot for Eric to learn and Holly is just the person to try and guide him, along with him having to find his true self!  This book was very entertaining and I definitely recommend it!!  Kudos, Sean!!  💜
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A sweet small town romance . Two very beautiful people finding love .
I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley.
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