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Imagine going out for your morning run, and a mutated imp attacks you. So, you have to fight it off while making sure it doesn’t kill the guy attempting to hit on you but is now screaming from fear. Well, that is Morgan’s life. She cannot ignore the fight and her love of knives, but she wants to live a boring existence.

Tandem created the app Huntr for people to sign up to and get alerts and requests to fight the imps that are more frequently appearing in Fairhaven. Through the app, the more ratings you get, the more hunts come your way. The way to get ratings is from the people you save, so while you are fighting for your and their lives, better do it with flair and theatrics for that rating. Of course, Mitch signs up and eventually teams up with Morgan, who, as someone who grew up in the Brush, has the experience and knowledge on what they are fighting. This new side job becomes more than it appears, and the group ends up going to the Brush and other domes on a secret mission.

That is what makes this sci-fi comedy podcast the perfect story to transfer to a graphic novel. I loved the part where the three guys at trivia night get turned into a very opinionated mutated creature called the beard. The way those three characters looked instantly reminded me of Justin, Travis, and Griffin McElroy from The Adventure Zone, another favorite podcast, which had me laughing more. I really hope this becomes a graphic novel series!
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I enjoyed this book far more than I thought I would! People in the story either live in protected bubbles or in the wilds surrounding them. Inside the bubbles there are constant jokes about memes, 90s pop culture, gig culture, and apps...but honestly they were more funny than tacky & I laughed out loud at several points! Meanwhile, there are monsters that live in the wilds and sometimes they sneak inside and there are apps to encourage people to kill them. However, there are schemes going on underneath these monster attacks that lead to more trouble for the characters in this book!
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Loved this graphic novel and loved the podcast, too! Such a fun story... I want a season two and another GN please!
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I loved this book! If you haven't had a chance to listen to the wildly hilarious podcast, do so now and then pick up this perfect companion book. Funny, quirky, and imaginative, Bubble is the perfect summer read. 
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for the opportunity to read and review this title. All opinions and mistakes are my own.
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I'd never heard of the original podcast for this graphic novel but I really enjoyed it even without that background! I really liked the characters and their relationships, and the artwork is great! I think this will be a really popular title!
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A really fun graphic novel about a society of people living in biodomes on a hostile alien planet. Morgan and other residents of Fairhaven have to deal with the occasional alien encounter when the planet's animal life sneaks into the bubble, but good news, now there's an app for that. Huntr brings people like Morgan, with the Brush-born skills to fight off alien Imps, to the rescue with the perfect gig-economy solution. But Morgan's connections to the world outside the bubble and her suspicion of the corporation who "rescued" and raised her inside the bubble begin to mix in unexpected and concerning ways. Now she's teaming up with her BFF, her ex and a nerd with magical powers to take on the corporation running Fairhaven and save the populace from all sorts of nefarious plans-- if they aren't subsumed into book club or eaten by zombie-infected humans first. 

Even without having listened to the podcast this graphic novel is based on, I didn't have any trouble following the story and falling in love with the setting and characters. It seems like a really great adaptation that can stand on its own. It's a fun, adventurous sci-fi graphic novel with a definite PG-13 rating.
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I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I really liked the warm color palette. I thought it was really funny and I enjoyed the action immensely. At the same time I can understand how not everyone would be a fan of the dialog. The “quippiness” of it can definitely sap the tension out of situations that are supposed to be dramatic. I found it amusing, but it’s probably not for everyone. I’m a little confused about how solid the barrier is between Brush and Fairhaven. It’s unclear if moving from one area to another is as easy as moving to a different town or complicated like seeking asylum in a different country. There is a literal metallic barrier separating both sides but both groups react to outsiders with the mildest of interest leaving me very confused.
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“You’ve totally ruined your chances for a quiet, tidy life you know.” “Ehh, fuck it.”

BUBBLE is a sharply funny and satirical graphic novel about the gig economy and our contemporary society under capitalism, set on a wild and yet unsettlingly familiar alien planet.

- “Bubble” towns, corporate-owned, that protect residents from the wilds in the Brush
- Badass lead who is a former Brush Baby with the requisite killing prowess needed for survival
- Hot pansexual bestie who’s a chemicals expert
- Himbo & boy nerd side kicks
- An app, similar to Lyft or Task Rabbit, where you hire killers to get ride of Imps (dangerous beasts) from the Brush
- Everyone’s an entrepreneur in this economy
- Marketing yourself as a baseline for success
- Talking while fighting
- Epic fight scenes
- Book club wine gals turned vengeful zombie hive mind
- Overly opinionated podcast guys turned bearded hipster beast
- Millennial F E E L I N G S

This novel is delightfully weird and hilarious; I laughed out loud throughout as the authors skewer aspects of modern work life and common characters of the internet age. The art is fantastic; I especially loved the alien beauty of the Brush. The characters are endearing (Annie!!) and there were some heartfelt moments between friends and family members. Some of the humor felt a bit bro-y, which isn’t my thing, and I feel like some of the themes got a bit crossed, but overall this really worked for me. Thanks to First Second and Fierce Reads for the review copy!
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Everything in this graphic novel appealed to me (adapted from a humour podcast). The writing is Buffy meets Sorkin meets Portlandia, the gig economy is soul eating, the characters are more than their cliches, and the giant corporate commodifying rulers are real. A fantastic sci-fi satire that hits all of my emotional buttons.

**Thank you to the authors, publisher, and Netgalley for providing me with a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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More for new adults and older, Bubble is a sci-fi graphic novel that's an hilarious look at the "gig economy". The City of Fairhaven is a city under a giant dome - okay, encased in a bubble - and kept safe from the Brush, an alien wilderness where Imps and Mad Max-type bands of humans roam. Morgan is a woman with a pretty relaxing job; she hangs out with her friend, Annie, and they have a side hustle bleeding Imps to transform into drugs. But one Imp manages to track its friend down at their apartment and attacks a delivery guy, giving him a mutant power called "the sting" at the same time that Morgan's company launches an app for Imp extermination called Huntr. Morgan's boss proceeds to send her into the Brush to complete a mission for Huntr,  where Morgan, Annie, and Mitch the Delivery Guy will come up against monsters that will make you laugh out loud, like the mainsplaining Living Beard, a thrill-seeking Huntr couple that's not quite what they appear to be, and a side-clutching, laugh out loud Book Club. Hilarious!
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I'm sure I liked this book for reasons beyond being a Millenial. I chuckled, I sighed, I rolled my eyes, I was on the edge of my seat with this graphic novel. This was a fun read!

Podcasts are typically not my thing but I'm going to have to go check out the podcast that this title is based off. 

I will certainly be purchasing this book for my library.
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The Bubble is a safe oasis in the middle of an alien wilderness.  I love that the first reaction we have is a guy bugging her while she is trying to run.  She has her ear buds in and is jogging, but he insists that she talk to him.  I absolutely love her reaction that the buds don't come out, it is a design flaw.  It is just the beginning to how witty this book is.  The writing is exciting and flows well.  The art is great.  The expressions on everyone is great.  The monsters are fun and just the right amount of creepy.  The flow of the story is perfect.  It doesn't move so fast you get overwhelmed and lost, but not one minute of the story is boring.  The colors are fun.  When they are in the Bubble everything looks familiar.  When they are outside the Bubble things are just different enough that it really sells the concept of alien world.  It will definitely be on my reread list.

Creative Team:
Created by Jordan Morris
Written by Jordan Morris and Sarah Morgan
Adapted by Tony Cliff, Jordan Morris, and Sarah Morgan
Color by Natalie Riess
Published by First Second
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Not sure how I missed the original podcast story, but I’m glad I caught this graphic novel adaptation! While I’m not the target audience for this book, I enjoyed the characters and their relationships with each other, the pacing was great, and the artwork is fantastic! I expect this book to make big waves.
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As someone who was not initially familiar with the podcast this graphic novel was based on, I must say this dos not convince me to be a potential listener. The story is average at best, it does not keep the attention of the reader with its d&d adventure feel, not its vague mystery elements. I'm pretty sure this kind of story has its audience, I can see why it is somewhat popular, I'm just not in its target demographic no matter how much I wanted to be.

the art and coloring of this graphic novel is is beautiful. The overall warm and vibrant colour palette works surprisingly well with its pseudo dystopic "post apocalyptic" urban society setting. The line quality within the illustrations gives the story a dynamic feel, very in tune with the tone of the story overall. Great choices in terms of the artistic side.

As a consumer the biggest impression I got was the one from the artist, I'd like to explore some of their other works. However, I don't think I'll do the same for the writing team.
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A really fun romp and a cool design to replicate the podcast. I was a huge fan of Bubble as a podcast, and have always been bummed that it never had a second season. It is exciting to see it morph into this new format. 

The story is a great concept, a colony of humans living in an alien world with a protective bubble over their Uber-hipster city. When Aline monsters sneak into the bubble there are gig-economy hunters (or “Huntrs”) that can be called through an app to take them out. This idea was slightly before it’s time when it cane out several years ago, in that the gig-economy and toxic online pretentiousness have gone up, both in amount and intensity. Gig jobs being the only thing available for young people has gone from a joke to a growing occupational problem, and although this is a tongue-in-cheek look at those issues, I think it does draw some good attention to that. 

The art is quite good. I’m not a big animae person but this does seem to be done with a cool amount of manga-influenced look. The design of panels with monsters or mutation are particularly excellent, and the more day-to-day images of the city do a great job creating a shorthand for the culture. 

The writing captures the essence of the underlying bit, the pretentiousness, cynicism, and world-weariness that unfortunately has become an adaptive life skill for so many young adults. At the same time the characters don’t take themselves too seriously. I was glad to see the inclusion of gags like the hunters having to worry about pleasing customers for 5-star reviews, or hiding from a monster because a nearby party-air-horn was just too fun to resist pushing. 

There are also several little Easter eggs for fans of Maximum Fun podcasts. Some of the voice talents, like the McElroy Brothers, were well represented by the art in a way that will make you chuckle if you’re a fan. 

The other humor is strong, but the one weakness of the book is that I’m not sure how funny you’ll find it if you haven’t listened to the podcast. And if you have listened to the podcast then there isn’t really anything new in the story here. They do one visual gag that you wouldn’t be able to do in an audio format, and I would have liked to see more of that, or maybe a few things that only appear in the book and not the podcast. 

So they may have given themselves a little disadvantage with both audiences (those who are already fans of the podcast and those who haven’t heard it). The main reason to get this (to me) is if you’ve enjoyed the podcast and want to see it in animated detail, which is more than enough reason for me to get it and recommend it. Whether I’d buy a physical copy (I reviewed it digitally) for my comics & graphic novel collection, I’m not sure. I may, but there’s be other books I’d want to get ahold of first. But I definitely recommend getting at least a digital copy if you liked the show, if you think the premise sounds fun, or even if you are a Max Fun fan or patron.

4 solid stars. Funny, awesome art, and good writing. And it’s as fun as a comedy-adventure with this premise promises to be, which is what I loved about the podcast. Overall I’d say Bubble was a perfect podcast and a good graphic novel. I hope this takes off and there is a sequel, in either format. I’ll read the next one if there is one. 

Big thanks to the publisher and to NetGalley for allowing me to review an advanced copy.
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Thank you to Netgalley and Fiercereads for an arc of this graphic novel!

Based on the humor podcast, Bubble is about a dangerous world and the "bubble" communities that people live in, as well as the corporate Huntr app for monster hunters!

This was delightfully weird in the best possible way. There were some parts that I was completely cracking up about! It's so funny and unexpected. I really enjoyed the characters and how they interacted with each other! I liked the way the plot went and how everything turned out! I really enjoyed this quick read and am excited for the series to continue!

The one issue I had with this is that the only queer character is pansexual, and she is very promiscuous, which is a stereotype of pansexual people.

Pub date: June 13, 2021

 Content Warnings
Moderate: Drug use, Gun violence, and Violence
Minor: Sexual content
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I really did enjoy this book. I love the designs, the characters, and the plot. Graphic novels are really entertaining to me, and this just drew me in more.
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This was so fun!  I came into the book without any prior knowledge of the audio serial it is based on so I had no idea what to expect and was so pleasantly surprised.  The characters are wonderfully original and pretty hilarious.  The plot is one I haven't seen in any variation before, and the art is beautiful and detailed.  Overall a joy to read!
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Such a fun read! Really takes you on a ride that is enjoyable, funny, action-packed, and even emotional at times. Takes the podcast to a whole new level. I can't wait to see what happens next!
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I loved, loved this graphic novel!! I loved how everyone is chill and excepting and patient. I found this graphic novel to be hilarious as well. I plan on adding this to the library’s collection. :)
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