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THE GIFT OF HOPE is an easy to read, very much enjoyable book that looks at another way of life but yet parallels everyday life for many. There is loss, new beginnings, family feuds that were fueled by past grievances and romance in their world just as in the English world.

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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I am a fan of Amish stories, and THE GIFT OF HOPE, the first book in the UNEXPECTED GIFTS series, did not disappoint. The story is magical, well-described, with a wholesome romance and believable characters you want to root for. I loved this book!

Hope and Aaron’s families have a history, and the families avoid each other despite living in a small Amish community in Indiana, where they attend the same church. Neither Hope nor Aaron knows the reasons why their fathers dislike each other, only that they’re supposed to stay apart.

There’s an attraction between Hope and Aaron, though each thinks it’s one-sided and has unknowingly hurt the other. When Hope needs Aaron’s help with a wedding gift, little do they know the lies, truths, and feelings that will unfold.

The familial relationships are solid, the emotions strong, and the camaraderie between the leads as they work in Aaron’s family’s shop together are just magical. The author does a tremendous job of describing the land and the community while also showcasing the individual characters. The feelings in this book are so strong, and the Amish words and Bible passages sprinkled throughout add a wholesomeness that enriches the story. There’s an excerpt of the next book in the series, THE GIFT OF JOY, and it whet my appetite for more. I love the cover which drew me in and made me smile.

Ms. McKanagh is a new-to-me author. I look forward to reading more of her books!

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I enjoyed this sweet story. Hope and Aaron are compelling characters, and I cared about how they would overcome their obstacles. I enjoyed reading about their family members and community, too. This is a good book to read when you want to read about close families and neighbors and love.
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Wow, this book while not my normal read, was great. Even the different way it's written, didn't affect me reading it. Such a great story with amazing selfless characters. But still having their own problems but coming together as a community to help and be there.
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I have to admit that Amish romances aren't the first thing that I reach for. Actually, to be completely honest, I've never read one before. But, when one of my favourite authors wrote one, I had to check it out. The Gift of Hope tells Aaron and Hope's story. Their families have been at odds for years, although neither of them knows why. Hope needs Aaron's help to make her sister a gift for her coming wedding, in return, she agrees to take his place in the family shop. The only problem is that her father will never agree to such a thing. it doesn't help that Hope overheard Aaron saying something a little less than complimentary about her a year ago. Even so, the more time they spend together, the more drawn to one another they are.
This is a very sweet romance. Both Aaron and Hope are lovely characters and very well suited. I couldn't help but get swept along with their growing romance. They had a few obstacles to overcome, but they managed to deal with them all and find their way together.
I'm not sure that this is a genre that I'll be seeking out in future, but I'll certainly be seeking out any future books by Kristen McKanagh. Especially the next book in this series, I can't wait.
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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