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One Snowy Night by Patience Griffin is the first book in the new Sweet Home, Alaska series. If you are a fan of sweet, small town romances, you will love this book. This book has a great cast of small town characters, and even Boomer, a cute puppy!! Thank you to Netgalley and Berkley for an advance copy of this book. I am looking forward to more from this author.
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This is a clean romance, and this is the first book in the Sweet Home, Alaska series. This book is so much more then just a romance, and this is not a cute romance story. Again, I feel the cover of this book does not really sounds what the book is about. This is about Hope and Donovan needing to faces their demons of the past that they have let take over their lives. The whole small town comes together to help Hope and Donovan get over their pasts and move on. This was a great story, and this book was really well-written. I enjoyed the characters in this book. I was kindly provided an e-copy of this book by the publisher (Berkley) or author (Patience Griffin) via NetGalley, so I can give honest review about how I feel about this book. I want to send a big Thank you to them for that.
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A sweet, heartwarming romance. First in a series. If clean romances are important to readers this is one to pick up.
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One Snowy Night by Patience Griffin
Publisher: Berkley Publishing Group
Genre: Romance
Publication Date: February 23, 2021

One Snowy Night by Patience Griffin is the first book in the new Sweet Home, Alaska series. This is the first book I've read by the author and I am hooked!

The is a sweet, feel-good romance. I loved the small town setting and the beautiful story! The characters were wonderful and I loved the growth of each of them. I think Boomer, the Bernese puppy, stole the show! This was a wonderful love story about forgiveness and second chances.

I can't wait to read future books in the series!

I'm so grateful to Patience Griffin, Berkley Publishing Group, and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this ARC ebook in exchange for my honest review.
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Enjoyed reading the first book in a new series.   The story is about second chances that take place in a small town You will enjoy the unusual characters, the members of the quilting group and the most adorable puppy; Looking forward to more from this series.

I received and ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.
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I didn't finish this book as I couldn't connect with the main character, but I definitely sympathized with her issue of raising a daughter alone, who, at 16, was developing a drinking issue so common (per the story) of the kids in this small Alaska town with not much else to do. 

Hope and Donovan had a strong relationship when they were young, and then tragedy got in between them, along with life circumstances.  Years later they are back in the same town, secrets in both of them.

I feel this novel has a slow build where you need to take your time to grow with the characters and understand their actions.
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Veena’s review of One Snowy Night (Sweet Home Alaska, Book 1) by Patience Griffin
Contemporary Romance published by Berkley 23 Feb 21 

This is a sweet, feel-good, second-chance-at-love romance by a new-to-me author.  Hope and Donovan were torn apart by a fatal accident that killed her sister and his brother and life was never the same again.  Donovan moved away from the small town where he grew up, joined the Army, learned to love programming, and became a success. Hope was left behind, pregnant and alone in a small town, struggling to provide for her daughter and make ends meet.  Change is once again in the air and Donovan is back for a flying visit to close up and sell his assets in town.  How can two people stand a chance when fate, a cute ghost, signs from the grave, and an entire town all take a hand in match making?

Hope’s daughter is a rebellious teenager who’s taken a liking for alcohol. All of Hope’s lectures fall on deaf ears.  I’m sure we can all relate, since we’ve been there, determined to rebel against draconian parental authority. If things aren’t difficult already, Hope is floored with the news that Donovan is in town. She has never lived down the guilt of that long ago New Year’s Eve party when she was driving with Donovan, her sister Izzie, and his brother Beau in the back seat, slightly impaired. She lost control of the car, killing Beau and Izzie. She’s haunted by the memories, but she’s got Izzie’s spirit who visits her with sage advice from the beyond.

Donovan is back in town to sell off the inn and shop that his grandparents once owned and operated. He can’t wait to finish his business in town and get back to his life.  He makes a visit to his brother’s grave, and signs and portents suggest that it’s time for him to forgive Hope and move on with his life – but that is before he finds out that he has a teenage daughter that he knew nothing about. Of course, their daughter has no idea, having been brought up to believe that her father is dead. Not a happy situation when all is revealed.

I absolutely loved the quilting circle and the making of quilts. Clearly, Hope has used her skills to keep herself and her daughter clothed in hard times, but all the references to creating homemade quilts and the meaning and emotion that goes into them is heartwarming.

I truly enjoyed watching the relationship between Hope and Donovan strengthen and grow under the benevolent eye of Izzie, the friendly ghost, and the townspeople.  I will be looking for the author’s new stories in this series but plan to go back and read some of her stories from her earlier series.

Grade: A
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ONE SNOWY NIGHT is the first book in the Sweet Home, Alaska series, and I can’t wait for more. The writing has a richness to it and is vivid in its descriptions. The small town of Sweet Home rises to the occasion of putting on a Christmas Festival that rivals the one Donovan’s grandparents used to hold. Donovan is only back in Sweet Home to ready the lodge for sale. Will his memories and those he loves keep him there, or will he be off to Florida, where he plans to settle? The story has a wonderful flow, and the characters, while guarded, seem to lay everything on the line and let their hearts shine through.

Hope and Donovan were childhood friends who dated until a fateful night when her sister and his brother died in a car accident. Seventeen years have passed, and Donovan’s in for a surprise when he returns to town. Hope’s daughter, Ella, has a lot of issues, though she and her mom have a good relationship, mostly. Unfortunately, she and some of her friends are headed down the wrong path. AA and alcoholism are woven throughout the story nicely without being preachy.

The story is filled with heartwarming moments as well as emotional challenges, and the Christmas holiday pulls everyone and everything together. I love when characters can look past the heartbreak to what is good and healing. Several secondary characters stand out. The owner of the Hungry Bear, a combination grocery store and diner, has a heart of gold (and has feelings about the future, which always, eventually, come true). The quilters in town are also a feel-good addition.

The characters are well drawn, and the plot is filled with secrets and surprises. I thoroughly enjoyed the happily ever after. There’s an excerpt of the next book in the series, ONCE UPON A CABIN, which only whet my appetite for more. And I truly love the cover for ONE SNOWY NIGHT.

Ms. Griffin is a new-to-me author, and I look forward to reading more of her books and not just those in this series.
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I was in the mood for a low angst, feel good romance, and One Snowy Night by Patience Griffin, hit the spot. Small-town charm, cute puppies and second chances. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and see why you need to add it to your bookshelf.

This is the first book in the Sweet Home, Alaska series. The story takes us to the quaint town of Sweet Home. Population 573.

Griffin introduces us to Holly, a single mom who gave up college to raise her young daughter. She has worked at the local market since she was a teen. She carries the weight of a terrible tragedy. One that left her estranged from her mother and drove the only boy she ever loved away. Now he is returning home.

If you love women’s fiction, puppies and small communities, you are going to love this tale. I thought I’d be angry at Holly, but Griffin made me respect her. Her life hasn’t been easy, but she has done the best she could, on her own with her chin held high. She also works hard to improve the lives of others in her community.

I love meddlesome town folks and stories with all the feels. I laughed, felt the characters’ pain and held my breath, hoping for a happily ever after. Griffin shared a wonderful story about these characters, but she also called attention to some issues these struggling towns face from addiction to economic depression.

I loved Sweet Home, Alaska and want to book a cabin. Oh, and I officially want to cuddle Boomer, the Bernese puppy. If you’re looking for a sweet romance with family, townfolk and lots of feels you’ll want to grab One Snowy Night.
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A very well written and entertaining romance.  Great plot and character dynamics.  I recommend this book.  I received an advance ebook from the publisher and Netgalley.  This is my unbiased review.
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Hope had a rough time of it when she was abandoned by her boyfriend after a tragic accident killed her sister and his brother, and she finds out she’s pregnant. Her mother turned on her as well, but thankfully Hope was buoyed by friends and the community. I don’t think a few sips of alcohol made her at fault at all, especially when the details of the accident were described. Yet, somehow Donovan blamed her even though she had to drive because he was inebriated. Yeah, Donovan’s blame didn’t sit well with me, but he was young and hurting. He was a sweetheart to Hope, and most of the conflict stemmed from his continual determination to fix up the Lodge and then move on. Of course, this being a romance I knew it would work out somehow.

Second chance romance is one of my favorite tropes, especially when the wronged party is vindicated. Hope didn’t rub it in Donovan’s face either, partly because she felt responsible and partly because she was just a good person. I adored her! I loved their journey back to each other. Their attraction was irrepressible even with the history between them. I enjoyed seeing Donovan get to know and love his daughter, as well.

Loved the small-town Alaskan setting! The winter festivities: hot chocolate, holiday decorating, and hunting for a Christmas tree were beautifully described and lovely!

The teaser for Once Upon a Cabin, the second in the Sweet, Home Alaska series, sounds like fun. City girl roughing it in the wilds of Alaska to keep her inheritance. With the help of a hunky Alaskan native, of course. Count me in!
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One Snowy Night launches another new series of contemporary romances for Griffin, this one set in a small, rural town in Alaska. Once again, she's created a compelling story, dealing with difficult, real-life issues, and filled with intriguing characters, deep emotion, and a hard won, happy ending. You'll want plenty of tissues for this one. 

You all know how much I enjoy a second-chance story. One Snowy Night is filled with second chances, and not only for Donovan and Hope. The fall-out from the past tragedy at the core of their relationship touched many lives within Sweet Home. When Donovan returns, he incites hope not only for his own personal relationships but for the entire community. Bringing that hope to fruition, however, will only be successful with forgiveness, acceptance, and the people of Sweet Home once again opening their hearts to one another with love, especially Donovan. Griffin skillfully weaves all the threads of the story together to create a promising future that doesn't erase the pain of the past but, rather, embraces the memories of the lives lived, and lessons learned along the way.

One Snowy Night is a character-driven story and I enjoyed the relationships formed among those characters. Hope and Donovan are at the center, of course, but equally important is the tumultuous relationship between Hope and her daughter, Ella as well as Ella's evolving relationship with Donovan, and the personal challenges threatening Ella's future. There's much mending to be done here. There's also a secondary romance brewing, a surrogate familial relationship between Hope and a local business owner, and the multi-generational bonds of friendship among the girls and women in the Sweet Home Sisterhood of the Quilt. I love these women who come together to support, mentor, and celebrate one another through good times and bad.   

There are several intriguing characters introduced in this book who I'm excited to get to know better. I don't know how many books Griffin has planned for Sweet Home, Alaska but if she writes it, I'll be buying it.
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One Snowy Night is the first in a new series from Patience Griffin and it is a story of forgiveness and second chances. One snowy night 17 years ago, two family’s lives changed irrevocably with a car accident which left two children dead. It tore a young couple apart and left Hope McKnight alone and pregnant. Present day, Hope and her daughter Ella are struggling to make ends meet when she hears disturbing news that Donovan Stone is returning to Sweet Home, Alaska, to settle his grandparents’ properties. Will he be in town long enough to learn her secret? All Hope knows is that she’s never stopped loving him and hopes he’ll forgive her one day.

Patience Griffin has jam-packed a whole lot of good stuff in this first story and it was a very enjoyable read. She has brought together a small town with quirky well-meaning characters, a puppy, and a couple that need a chance to heal in order to move on with their lives. It was a plot driven story and it flowed nicely with moments of humor, introspection and heartache. Both main characters had major issues to face and slowly came to acceptance that they both had to move on from the past in order to have a better future. The storyline was well written and I loved how the whole town pitched in to see that the Hope and Donovan found their happiness once again.

One Snowy Night is a great kickoff to the Sweet Home, Alaska series and it has all the elements of a good contemporary romance story. The author was even able to incorporate her love for quilting into the story which I’m totally grateful for. I love romances that highlight not only a renewed love relationship between a couple, but of family and friends. It was quite an endearing story.
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Hope is a single mom in Alaska, trying to make ends meet, and deal with her 16 year old daughter's abuse of alcohol. When out of the blue Donovan returns, the father of the girl, who he never knew existed. Started out slow, and the girl coming home drunk was hard to read, but glad I stuck with it, as the book improves as it heads for its HEA. Would recommend.
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I thought this was a lovely gentle romance novel where the interesting bits were not in the sex (as there wasn’t any other than 2 kisses), but the interesting bits were found in the character progression and the tackling of the usual non-romance topics like underage drinking, alcoholism, drunk driving causing death, grief and financial insecurity. Honestly, this may be one of my favorite romance-non-romance books I’ve read in a long time. Bravo Ms Griffin!
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A sweet winter romance, that I didn't think I would enjoy because this author has been hit or miss with me in the past but I loved this one.
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A lovely novel of second chances and forgiveness.  Hope had had sone wine when she dr0ve- and the crash killed her little sister Izzie and Donovan's brother Beau.  Donovan left Sweet Home telling Hope he never wanted to see her again.  She stayed to raise his daughter Ella- the daughter he doesn't know he has.  Now, 17 years later, he's back after serving in the Marines and establishing himself as a computer whiz.  Hope and the town are both struggling.  Ella's got issues and is drinking.  What does it mean to have Donovan back?  Fans of the genre know these two find a way to each other (this is a clean romance) but Griffin makes the trope feel fresh.  I'm a sucker for stories set in Alaska and quilt fans will also find this fun.  Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC.  A good read that made me smile.
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While excited by the description of this novel, I ended up not finishing it. The writing style did not appeal to me, and the Christian plot line put me off personally, as this is not my preference.
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This book is a sweet, squeaky clean romance and is faith positive (although it isn't promoted as Christian).  Hope McKnight is a single mom of a 17 year old living in the small town of Sweet Home, Alaska.  She is struggling to make ends meet and daughter Ella has issues of her own.  Donovan Stone left Sweet Home after a car accident  killed his brother Beau and Hope's sister.  Hope was driving and he has blamed her ever since.  He returns to fix up his grandparents lodge to sell.  And to his surprise he learns he has a daughter he never knew about.  

The main characters were great but I wished they had talked to each other more.  There is a lot of inner dialogue that isn't shared with each other.  For example, they never really talk about the main thing that drove them apart.  Ella is decent as the moody teen (I'm not fond of teens in romances).  And Boomer, the Bernese dog, steals his scenes.  There is a lot of manipulation by a friend and either spiritual or paranormal help, getting the MC's to their HEA.  The forgiveness and healing is very sweet and the benefits extend beyond the main family.  Quilters will also especially enjoy this book.

Having an unknown child from a past love was a common trope when I read romances decades ago but I haven't read another similar storyline in ages.  Thank you to NetGalley and Berkley Publishing Group for an ARC ebook in exchange for an honest review.
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This is the first book I have read by this author. I did not know going in that it would be a sweet/clean, Christian romance. These are not my cup of tea.

The writing itself was good. The storyline was good. I felt a lot could have been better if the MC spoke about what they had gone through in their lives. There was a lot of inner dialogue about feelings and decisions but no words. This made the story feel not "real".
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