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Breaking the Miracle Barrier

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A statement that caught my attention was one that was so true but not usually put this way. That the enemy likes to stir us to distraction with the clamoring noises around us.  When we are desperately seeking instructions for breakthrough, noise steers our souls away from hearing God's voice.  In the enemy's hands it is an undesired, interfering, disturbing sound.  It almost always demands out attention.  Well said!

This book is filled with wisdom, both supernatural and physical.  I liked that she added experiences of how she overcame some of those challenges. Some things that we could use too!

I especially identified with the noise she explained as distracting noise of the past. It is like a broken record replaying every failure that replays over and over in our minds.  Ugh.  Ugly but true.  The sound of Now was even more interesting

No book by this author would be complete without timely scripture references and this book has them.  
  I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is a anither great book from Jennifer LeClaire.   In this book she explains in detail the types of breakthroughs and what you should and need to know and do to receive your breakthroughs, no matter what area a breakthrough is needed.  You will gain indepth insight into the types of breakthroughs and scriptures relating to them.  Information is very enlightening.
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So many different sounds and I'll keep using them for the breakthroughs I'm believing for. In one of the chapters there was a message mentioned at a website but it was too complicated to get to.
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Breaking the Miracle Barrier
Releasing God's Power for Breakthrough
by Jennifer LeClaire
Chosen Books
Pub Date 02 Feb 2021

I am reviewing a copy of Breaking the  Miracle Barrier through Chosen Books and Netgalley:

In Breaking the Miracle Barrie, Jennifer LeClaire reminds us that the sound of now, is the sound of faith, but not just any faith, it Is the sound of now is the sound of a faith that breaks the miracle barrier.  A sound that shows itself when we come to the end of ourselves and all our striving, it’s the sound that emanates from our soul when we realize no amount of work, no amount of money, nothing but God’s love can bring the breakthrough. 

This book points out too the importance of silence, as well as of sound.  We are reminded that I face sound can save lives, warning us of dangers.  

We are reminded too that God saves our tears in a battle.   As well as that one of the mysteries of God is how he moves in and out of time.

If you are looking for a book that holds the surprising key to obtaining a breakthrough, I would recommend Breaking the Miracle Barrier.

Five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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