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The Vintage Baker: Vintage Desserts with a Twist!

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Fun recipes that I would try. I did notice that some recipes were from blogs I follow and were not given credit.
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I was looking forward to reading this book and although I liked it I did not find the twists to be very unusual at all. The recipes were well written and the history was interesting. 

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an advance copy of this title in exchange for an unbiased review.
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The recipes are nice and I enjoyed reading about the vintage recipes. The photos don't look profession and there are some memes between pages that makes it funny but doesn't look nice. I got a digital copy and it was a bit hard to read. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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Not at all what I expected - just a cookery book with older recipes.  I have evidently reached that golden age of being old - I knew and have made most these recipes.  Nice, perhaps for a younger person.
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As what I would consider to be an experienced baker and definitely from raw ingredients I thought this sounded an interesting collection to read. I was looking forward to the twists. Pity. Other than the ginger in, was it lemon meringue pie, the twists were few and hardly relevant - making something square where it was usually round, there's a Lord Baltimore cake to go with the Lady Baltimore cake but no details. Ratafia biscuits no longer available - what rubbish.. A lot of recipes deal with sponge cakes of various slightly different sorts - repetitive even if simply written instructions. Basically a selection of recipes gathered from the web, presumably their CakeChatter website? Two things in its favour: 1) that it does use basic ingredients but there are plenty of better books, web recipres out there and without the asides and memes. 2) the instructions are really simple. Sorry. Thanks to NetGalley and the Editors of CakeChatter for an advance copy in exchange for my honest review.
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When you have one grandmother from New Hampshire via Canada another from Louisiana and grandfather from Minnesota and another grandfather from Arkansas, you tend to get a lot of family recipes handed down from all over the country. Therefore I wasnt surprised that as I was turning the pages there were recipes from my family!  The only differences were the twists, that Cakechatter had added.

These are classic recipes that you'll use all throughout the year. Especially during the holidays, these are the recipes that you'll pull back out again and again. I love how they put a bit of History with each recipe, so that you can see how they became popular. The twist and notes are what set apart new bakers and season bakers, and new bakers will greatly appreciate them.

This is a lovely book to give as a hostess present, as a wedding gift with a basket of supplies, or for the co-ed that's moving far from home but may want to bake family recipes. I also highly recommend checking out Cakechatter's Facebook page for more recipes and ideas.
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At face value, it's an okay cookbook. Just an okay one as far as recipes and food photos go. I love the concept, but the execution could have been better. It felt a little all over the place in terms of what it was going for. Vintage recipes with a modern twist! Throw a meme in after every recipe! So modern! That bit got old pretty quickly. The recipes themselves were pretty good, but could have used another skim. There were some recipes with ingredients listed that never made an appearance in the directions. There were others where the "twist" wasn't really...twisty. It's an okay cookbook with a really neat concept behind it, but it could've used a little more work. Granted, I do understand that you're working with vintage recipes, which by nature are more pared-down than what we work with now, but I thought that was the whole point of the twist to begin with. Maybe this one just wasn't for me, but I would love to see the editors revisit this one because the inspiration behind it is really neat.
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An ebook of vintage recipes for cakes, pies, cookies, and candy. The recipes have been crowd-tested and often have comments from the testers. The book has a nice, if not unusual, assortment of recipes.
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I'm finding this one hard to connect with, the layout is awful, there's no flow at all and it's just a big mess of photos, links and text. I've never seen a book include memes on every other page. The recipes are nothing special and the big "twist" to each is just something in the recipe or about it such as, the TWIST: this is the real deal, it's German! 

I was expecting they found a way to make it modern and add something to the recipe. 

Honestly I'm really just a bit confused on this one.
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i really enjoyed this cookbook, I liked the use of vintage recipes and add a modern twist on them. I look forward to making them someday as I really enjoyed going through this book.
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I’ve been in an historical mood with food for awhile, so this book called to me.  It’s filled with lots of great recipes, but I’m wondering what it says about me that I’ve made all but four of these before I ever picked up the book.  Different versions of the recipes, but my grandmothers both lived through the depression and taught me to cook many of their recipes.  

One of the things I like about this book are the notes from others who have made the recipes.  Tweaks they have made, how ti turned out, etc.  Always nice to have notes and feedback from others.  I’m looking forward to trying out the recipes I haven’t made yet.  I may even try some tweaks to the others, but Grammy and Grandma’s versions are home runs too.
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The recipes in this sounded absolutely delicious, and I liked the twists thrown in. I also appreciated the comments by other folk, which included some tips and suggestions. I think I would have liked more comments like that one as opposed to comments that just talked about how delicious everything was. I think if you prepared these recipes, you'd be quite ready for a baking competition.

I also totally could have gone without the memes thrown in. Minion memes have no place in a cookbook, and they made it feel lower quality.
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Again, I'm astounded that this publisher continues to make money off of these "books" and that people rate them highly. It's a person/group who lifts recipes and their photos from people's blogs and websites, puts them in a small collection, and then sells them as ebooks. As far as I can tell, they get no permission from any of the people they steal the recipes and photos from and they offer them no share of the royalties. It's 30 recipes from the internet, that other people designed (in some cases, reworked from vintage recipes), photographed and posted to their own sites. Why is this legal (or moral)? I'm pretty sure it isn't, but perhaps the people she steals from aren't aware they're in her collections. This time she took the time to "thank" them in the end with a list of all the websites she copied them from, but there's still no sign that these people actually gave permission or know that their recipes are collected here.

I'm pretty sure there's nobody over the age of 12 who doesn't know at this point that you can't legally use people's photographs in your own books or websites without permission, right? Recipes are more iffy since you can slightly change them and you can't really copyright recipes, but still.... I just don't get why nobody else has issues with this series.

Again, the author(s?) give no indication that the money supports any cause or legitimate site, or that they have legally acquired these recipes and photographs. Again, they're interspersed with random memes and quote boxes lifted off the internet (still watermarked).

This isn't a book or a series I can recommend.

I read a digital ARC of this book for review.
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Thank you NetGalley, and the  Editors of CakeChatter for the book The Vintage Baker Vintage Desserts with a Twist. This is my personal review.

I love cook books and this was a fun one to have to check out the what  twist in the dessert recipes was going to be in them. The photos made the recipes all look delicious! 
I am not much of a baker but a few of these recipes will make my baking skills a bit better.
The Apple Brown Betty and Arline Polinsky's Cream-Cheese Pound cake look amazing and easy to make.  My family will be very pleased.
My pie crust I make never turns out and I am excited to try the Vodka Pie Crust to see if I can succeed in making a crust.
This is another great addition to my cookbook collection.
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I collect cookbooks.  I started this hobby almost 50 years ago so now I look for unusual cookbooks and prefer those that include the background and history of a recipe.  A plus is the recipes should fit into my lifestyle and cooking abilities.  I'm an experienced cook and baker whose audience includes all ages and appetites.  This book fits all of those requirements, which is not usual.

Most cooks who have been catering to their families for generations learn quickly to follow a recipe pretty closely the first time, then adapt it to fit individual tastes.  I'm happy to say that many of these, I did not have to adapt in any way.  Everyone who volunteered to be my tasting crew loved them as written.  The recipes range through all skill levels, easy to follow instructions and pantry ingredients that most established kitchens have onhand.  There were a few exceptions, but not many.  The "stories" of the recipes were equally entertaining and educating.  I'm thinking the three granddaughters I am teaching to cook need a copy of this book for their own shelves.
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The Vintage Baker is such a fun cookbook! The recipes make me feel like I'm reading old family or community cookbooks and there are a lot of recipes in this cookbook that I intend to make again. Each recipe contains a picture to help you gauge your final result. The recipes are also credited and give you a little background about where it was found or how it was created. What I really loved were the very easy to understand and step-by-step directions, including notes and links to external articles and reminders! This is definitely a great book to add to your shelf and pull out over and over again!

5/5 Stars!

Thank you to NetGalley and for providing me with an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you to NetGalley for an ARC of The Vintage Baker: Vintage Desserts with a Twist!

This was a great read, especially when you're looking for something lighthearted and amusing to read in a cookbook. I may be biased since I love desserts but I love this book.

First, nearly all the recipes made me want to go into the kitchen and bake (and my friends know I'm not a baker, I'm an eater).

Second, I love the quotes and funny anecdotes or vintage food posters at the end of each recipe. The testimonials and feedback from real bakers who made successful dishes from the recipes were also a great addition to each recipe.

Third, the retro pink cover and illustration adds a whimsical touch to this book of old school recipes with a modern twist.

I think a lot of bakers (and dessert lovers) will enjoy The Vintage Baker as much as I did.
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Date reviewed/posted: November 7, 2020

When life for the entire universe and planet turns on its end and like everyone else you "have nothing to do" while your place of work is once again closed and you are continuing to be in #COVID19 #socialisolation as the #secondwave is upon us,  superspeed readers like me can read 300+ pages/hour, so yes, I have read the book … and many more today.

I requested and received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley, the publisher and the author in exchange for an honest review.  

From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸.

The anthology (collection) of recipes included in this book were designed to achieve three goals: One: they had to be made from scratch. Two: they had to be made with all-natural ingredients and three: they had to have a “twist” making them a little different from popular vintage dessert recipes that you may have tried. It was “our desire to “kick them up a notch” so to speak and offer variety to our readers.

As an added bonus, we have included the author’s notes about their recipe, when applicable, and comments from Dough-Punchers™, or folks who have made these recipes with success. We have also included a little history in some cases that we found fascinating; we hope you do, too. Nutritional information is included when available. And, as with all our books, we have edited the recipes so that they’re easier to follow and we have developed a different format, which we think is more conducive to your baking success—with the probability of fewer errors.

When researching this anthology, we looked for vintage desserts that were classic, but intriguing and a little off the beaten path. Some are fairly easy to make (although some are complex). It’s easy to find recipes online for lemon meringue pie, for example, but not with the added “twist” of ginger. Our Black Forest Cake comes from the recipe of a German clockmaker. But no matter how classic the dessert, the ones that we have included will whet your taste buds and excite your sense of adventure. They are special!

As far as time? Some of these desserts can be made in a jiffy, while others may take significantly longer. But they are all made-from-scratch and feature natural ingredients (no margarine, for example).

We hope that you enjoy making these unique, vintage desserts with a “twist”!

My mom gave me this book when it came out in September and I have been baking from it for two months now. (I am almost done the holiday baking and a lot came from this book!)  The recipes are fun to delve into and are well written and understandable by cooks of all levels....and I love the surprise twist.

What I love about the book is that it uses whole ingredients instead of pre-prepared and packaged foods. I do draw the line at making my own cheese, and canning tomatoes but the more "ingredients" you use the better.  My one nephew says that I never have any food in my house, only ingredients --- that is why I cook so much. I also refuse to eat or cook with "chick'n" and its 88 ingredients vs. 🐔chicken🐔 having one!)

A great book for food lovers, history lovers and foodies alike!

As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I simply adore emojis (outside of their incessant use by "🙏-ed Social Influencer Millennials/#BachelorNation survivors/Tik-Tok and YouTube  Millionaires/snowflakes etc. " on Instagram and Twitter... Get a real job, people!) so let's give it 🥧🧁🍪🍩🎂
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Such an amazing book! I really like the idea behind it, with all the extra information about the era and the tips they give. I'm not a very experienced baker, but I really appreciated the way the recipes were explained. It seemed easy to follow even for a beginner. I translated the lemon pie recipe for my mother, as she was looking for a traditional American recipe. She is a professional baker, and she was very impressed with it. I also liked the little jokes at the end of the recipes, which made the whole reading experience very fun and relaxing. I had bookmarked a few of the cookies to make later, although I will have to convert the measurements to metric. That might be my only suggestion for later installments, to include both measurements, as that way, readers from Europe would have an easier time following the instructions.
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