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Meant to Be Immortal, Argeneau #32, by Lynsay Sands, jumps right into the action with an intriguing start when Mac Argeneau’s house bursts into flames with him inside. Despite being an immortal, it’s a colossal problem for him. After all, you can only kill immortals in two ways: setting them on fire and decapitation. CJ Cummings comes to town to conduct a special investigation, but the local police need her help investigating the arson case on Argenau’s house. Their lives intersect because of the fire, but there may be deeper forces at work drawing them together. Will they give in to the fiery attraction that ignites between them at the first meeting, or will their secrets keep them apart?

I was drawn into the novel right away by the novel’s compelling start. I couldn’t help being curious about CJ and Mac because both seemed to have secrets and pasts that neither seemed ready or willing to share. Although we are privy to at least Mac’s big secret so far, all of CJ’s remain a mystery. I love how completely into CJ Mac was from their first interaction and how he actively pursued her, but with deference and sensitivity for her boundaries. However, my interest waned when all the characters talked about other people I didn’t know. It’s definitely one of the downsides of starting a series at #32 without having read any previous other books. However, after taking a break and returning to the novel fresh, I got past that part, the suspense picked up, and the story went back to focusing on the character interactions, which is the novel’s best part. 

I love the interactions between CJ and Mac, and Mac and his family, and how smoothly they integrated Mac into their family. Sands nicely develops Mac and CJ’s relationship through humorous and sexy Readers new to the series are learning about this world along with CJ. Meant to Be Immortal’s characters are complex, fascinating, and excellently developed. Surprisingly, CJ’s backstory is interesting and quite a bit angsty. But it draws her and Mac closer, making them a perfect and balanced paring. I love CJ’s intelligence, strength, sarcasm, and no-nonsense practicality, which is tempered with a sweet side that she tries to keep buried and hidden from the world. Mac’s old-fashioned, chivalrous, sweet, sexy, and gentle—all the things CJ needs so much, even if she doesn’t realize it. Still, I feel like we don’t learn so much about Mac’s backstory—it didn’t affect my enjoyment. Perhaps, it’s included in previous books, or there isn’t much that is pivotal to the story.

A scientist specializing in hematology, Mac is convinced the fire isn’t an accident since immortals can’t be killed with holy water or silver crosses—but by decapitation or being set on fire. So, having his house burst into flames with him inside must have been intentional, right? But who would want to kill him? Seeing CJ triggers feelings that he hasn’t experienced for centuries. To keep her close, he declares that he needs a bodyguard and that she’s the one he wants for the job. CJ, a special investigator, is intrigued by how Mac escaped the fire without any burns or injuries. She’s convinced that he’s hiding something. CJ is all about her job, but she can’t deny that she’s drawn to Mac. However, when someone makes another murder attempt, putting CJ in harm’s way, Mac will do whatever it takes to keep the woman destined to be his life mate safe.

One of the things that surprised me most about the novel is how real-world-based it is and how little fantasy/paranormal activity occurs. This quality may be why I had to take some time and come back to the novel and read it as is vs. what I expected? I mention this because the mystery storyline had a bit of a procedural mystery feel, allowing CJ to shine as she took a principal role in investigating the mystery.

While it is book 32, the novel’s plot is well-contained, and Sands gives any necessary background information about the characters for readers to read it as a stand-alone. Meant to Be Immortal is a funny, sweet, steamy, slightly angsty paranormal romance with a compelling mystery subplot.
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Lyndsay Sands Argeneau series is my go to comfort read. I am not much of a paranormal reader but I have to say I really loved this series. They feel like a fun romcom.
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Lynsay Sands is still one of my favorite authors and I can't get enough of the vampires. Though Mac Argeneau  wasn't my favorite MC but I still really enjoy him and CJ Cummings together. I love how Marguerite Argeneau is matching the immortals up. I am off to read the others ASAP

Thank you Netgalley and Avon read and review this book
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I don't know how Lynsay Sands manages to keep this series fresh after 32 novels, but she does!  While it's not necessary to read the others books in this series, I do highly recommend them.  She crafts great characters that burn bright with their mates and conduct such great chemistry - this couple is no different!

Mac is a clever scientist who is setting up his basement laboratory when someone decides to burn his house down, with him in it.  Thankfully he survives and sets out across town to mind control everyone before his survival creates questions.

CJ is in town to investigate the local police but finds herself playing detective in this small town as she determines what happen to Mac's house.  She's whip smart and stands up for herself, which I love in a female character.

When Mac discovers that she's his life mate - someone he can't mind control, he stays close and works to win her over.  Through their bickering and laugh out loud moments, the chemistry was bright with these two.  This is definitely a book I'll be reading over and over!

My opinion is my own and freely given.
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Lynsay Sands brings the latest Argeneau romance which is not one to miss!  I have read several books in this series but the good thing is even if you haven’t read any other Argeneau books, you can easily start with “Meant to Be Immortal.” 

As with all the books in this series the characters are multidimensional and the plot is intriguing—you are hooked from beginning to end! 

If you enjoy sexy paranormal stories—jump into this series!!

4 Stars ⭐️ | 4 Flames 🔥
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I loved, loved, loved this book. I've read all the books in this series and this one did not disappoint at all. The pace of the book moves in a way that you will not get bored. I laughed put loud several times while reading this book and could not put it down.
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I've been with this series since the very beginning and I love allllll the stories of everyone. I'm hoping that there is still more to come!
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A Lynsay Sand's book never fails to provide a great experience. They are always well-written, entertaining, and just a delight to read. This is book 32 and I am anxiously waiting for book 33. Sure the plots are a little out there (the vampire origin is a little strange) but they are consistent. She keeps her facts straight from book to book. If you are looking for long series that you will want to binge (not just finished what you start). This whole series is for you,
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I don’t think I’ve read far enough into this series yet to jump ahead to this book. I will come back after I read more of Lynsay Sandw backlist and early titles in this series. DNF for now.
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This was my first Argeneau book, and I wasn't sure what to expect jumping into a series with so many books before that I hadn't yet read that came before. However, Lynsay Sands is an amazing writer and does a great job of not having you feel like you are missing information. I was able to figure things out very quickly and follow along just fine!

Mac is an immortal, but can be killed by fire. He meets his life mate, CJ, when his house bursts into flames and she is brought in to help investigate the fire. They have a connection and chemistry but CJ, due to past experience, is fighting the attraction and a relationship and Mac has to be resourceful to find a way to knock down the walls she puts up.

I very much enjoyed this paranormal, romantic suspense story and kept turning pages to find out what would happen next. Definitely plan to go back and read from the beginning!
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I can honestly say that I have never laughed so much reading one of Sands’ novels but, Meant to Be Immortal was beyond hilarious.  I have been a huge fan of this series for almost a decade since reading my first story, which actually happened to be the 4th or 5th, but I quickly went back and caught up on the greatness and I haven’t looked back since.  While these stories always carry a sense of gravity and importance as there is danger, traumas, and life-altering love, there are many simple moments of laughter and little jokes that make the story even more beautiful.  This newest installment kicks off with a blaze (sorry couldn’t resist the pun) when Mac Argeneau finds himself trapped in his brand new basement with the house above him in a full blaze and he knows there is very little chance he will survive. When by some miracle he makes it out, he has some serious work to do to get himself healing, but he never imagined getting out of the fire would only be the beginning of his troubles.  CJ Cummings is in the small town on an investigation of the local cops, but when she is asked to assist with the investigation she gives in graceful when she learns someone perished in the fire.  Arriving on scene, she soon finds herself wrapped in a strange investigation and guarding the sexy body of Mac who in fact did not perish and was barely injured in the fire.  As they spend time together, avoiding attempts on his life and her again and again, Mac and CJ find it harder and harder to resist the attraction between them.  And when some friends join the party life only gets more and more complicated.  Can CJ accept this sexy and intriguing immortal as her lifemate and become his everything or will she walk away and leave him with a broken heart?  Mac was the kind of character that I would classify as the absent minded professor, a little bit socially inept, but brilliant in all other ways.  When faced with his lifemate, it becomes obvious that he needs some help in convincing her that he is the man for her, but the help comes in way too many unwanted and unlikely ways.  HE is sweet, sexy, and loving to be sure, but I imagine had he just been himself from the beginning CJ would have fallen much sooner.  CJ was very determined to keep her heart guarded from Mac and to just get her job done and get home, but the more she was around the nutty professor and his friends the more she came to like and want him.  She was strong, sassy, street smart, and witty in the perfect complement to Mac.  Together their passion was explosive to be sure, but the laughter they shared and the silly moments made it their love story all the more interesting to me.  I am  dying to find out who finds love next in this group of immortals and get to know their lifemate.  Sands magick never fails to succeed.
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Meant to Be Immortal (Argeneau #32). By Lynsay Sands. 2021. Avon (ARC eBook).

I have kept trying to get into the Argeneau series. I’ve read or listened to several of the beginning books, some in the middle and some of the most current and they just have never engaged me. The series’ premise for vampires and their mates is unique, but Macon and CJ unfortunately just didn’t bring to the table anything substantial enough to keep me coming back to this series.
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Meant to Be Immortal is the 32nd book in the Argeneau series.  Yes, read that again - thirty second installment in a single series.  Fortunately, you don't need to read the first thirty one books to enjoy this one.  It probably helps from a world-building standpoint if you do read them all first, but really you don't need to do so.

As Mac Argeneau is moving into his new house and arranging his basement laboratory, someone decides to burn down the property with Mac still inside.  CJ Cummings is in town on a special investigation for a Canadian agency that investigates other police.  While being stymied in her own investigation, she is pulled into Mac's case a bit against her will.  As she helps out, she not only tries to find out what happened, but ends up guarding Mac at the same time.  Mac discovers immediately that they are life mates and does all he can to make sure they stay together in order to get to know each other.  

The mystery of the fire, the investigation that brought CJ to town, and all of Mac's antics to keep the two of them together will keep you in stitches!

Thank you to Avon, Harper Collins, and Netgalley for sending me this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
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Another great entry in the Argeneau series.  It is always so much fun to connect again with characters from other books in the series.  This book was a little predictable in that you could tell who was going to be the bad guy in this one.  Both characters were well written and I enjoyed the book as a whole.
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Another fun, sexy read from Lynsay Sands. I enjoyed the story and thought the characters were witty and endearing. This is one of my favorite vampire series and I always enjoy delving back into the Argeneau world.
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Meant to be Immortal by Lynsay Sands

I’ve been reading this series since I  was a freshman in high school and sometimes the many storylines blend together. So many characters, so many plot lines, so many family connections. It can be a lot. 

But this return to the world of the Argeneau family made me happy. I love how there wasn’t the instant need to turn the mortal, as there are in so many other books. Due to that, you really got to see the characters interact with each other outside of bumping uglies constantly - instead of feeling like it is out of their control or that they had no choice. I also believed this made the characters stronger. 

However, I didn’t like how he seemed incapable of doing anything on his own. He can’t get her to like him, he can’t take care of himself, he can’t figure out how to stick by her side, and he couldn’t figure out ways to win her over without the help of the others. Several times, while reading, I thought ‘where is the depth?’ and ‘is he just a pretty face? Why would she even want to be with him?’ I was waiting for him to take the reins but there were so many other characters moving in to take care of things for him that he never got the chance. 

So, while I really enjoyed the book, I thought that the romance part could be stronger. If you’ve read this series, you’ll know that the stories heavily rely on life mate sex, chemistry, and danger. And on all counts, this book lacked the usual ‘oomph that her books normally do. The danger felt flippant and at one point, and this won’t ruin it, I thought ‘why doesn’t he just control him!’

One of the oddest things, and I’m not sure if it’s just me, that comes to mind is if there’s a ghostwriter for this series now. 

It’s 34 books in. Maybe she’s bored? Maybe she’s ready to move on? I mean, I know this series is a cash cow but 34 books is a LOT. And while she’s been working on her highlander books (unrelated), I do often wonder if these last few books have been “phoned in”. I also feel the same way about “Mile High With A Vampire” (the next book in the series), but you’ll hear more about that when I write its review.

That being said, I’m glad that I have this novel. I’ll continue to read the series until it ends, and I still would love to meet the author one day. She’s inspired me as a writer ever since I was a teeny weeny baby author. I’ve daydreamed about being a paranormal romance writer and while these last few books have missed the mark, I still look up to her. 

Good Readdance,
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The latest in the Argeneau series, Meant to be Immortal, is a fun ride of hidden identity, mystery, and family hysterics.

Lynsay Sands manages to keep this series fresh and funny. Sands drops us into one ongoing  investigation and gives us a new one with a flaming Immortal. I have to hand it to Mac for his quick thinking and his ability to be patient while hoping to be saved. Holy sugar, I do not think I could have done it. 

The chemistry between CJ and Mac is fun and hot. Her attempt at aloofness is the best part of the story...well until Mac’s family shows up to help him “win” the girl. 

Sands fills the story with lots of action and mystery. There are fun characters thrown in and some crazy situations that CJ ends up being put in because everyone is keeping secrets. Some of the funniest parts of the book is what CJ tries to do to stay away from Mac and the characters who are all “hell no” but for their own reasons.

Sands manages to also add in a serious issue which is not addressed in 99.9% of romance novels. I do not want to give anything away, but the sensitivity in which Sands addresses this issue is astute and emotional. I love that Sands added this important topic into this story.

Meant to be Immortal has it all: romance, humor, action, mystery, and includes a real-life issue that doesn’t drown the story. I loved it.

I received an ARC of this book and I am writing a review without prejudice and voluntarily.
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OK, at this point (book #32) you know what you're getting yourself into.  There's no excuse for not expecting a wonderfully quirky fated mate installment.  This one was cute, sweet, and exactly what I expected.

Mac is one of the many Argeneau's out there, this one having been a lab employee in the mega-empire that is the family business.  After moving in, he is soon set on fire (or his house is), which puts him in a bit of a bad spot with his new small town locals.  He's got to mind control everybody, which is how he discovers his life mate.  

CJ is in town to investigate a report of police misconduct and is somehow dragged onto the scene of a house fire in lieu of any detectives being around in the precinct to handle it.  She meets Mac and they are drawn to one another, even without being saddled as acting for his protection.  With only one place to stay in town, they are also forced to share a place overnight.  While this is obviously a fated mates scenario, the unique elements of each character made it interesting for me.  There's no shocking revelations or insane twists, but this series is always enjoyable.
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There is something oh, so addictive about the Argeneau series by Lynsay Sands. It’s one I’ve been reading for years and after reading this 32nd — yes, 32nd — installment, my fingers are itching for a full series re-read. When Mac Argeneau is trapped in his burning house, it should be his worst day ever. And it is — until his meets the woman helping to investigate the blaze and he can’t read her . . . meaning he’s just met his life mate.

After taking a break from reading these books for a couple of years, it was incredibly fun to dive back and in and check in with the Argeneaus. This series is simple, easy fun—a bloody good time, to be honest. Even if you haven't read the others, you can dive in here, or anywhere that appeals, as this series is written to interconnect but doesn't overwhelm readers with backstory.

Mac and CJ (you'll never guess what that stands for!) are fun together—lots of push/pull—and CJ is a nice, strong heroine. Definitely one to devour when you have time to relax!
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