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Maybe We Will is the first in a new series by Melissa Foster. I've only read a few of this authors books before so although this has characters which I think appear in other books it can be read as a stand alone and is well written so I wasn't confused as to who was who. I really liked the concept of this book. A family death uncovers hidden family secrets. I really liked this element of the story. The romance aspect of it was a bit too insta love for me which I'm not a fan of. It got off off ground early and was very sickly sweet for me. I did like the side story with our main couple around the business and the bucket list I just found it all a bit drawn out. It hasnt put me off reading the next one and I'm looking forward to returning to Silver Harbour
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I can always rely on Melissa Foster to write a fun, sexy, and emotional romance.  This is a start to a new series.
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Unfortunately I did not read the previous books and I think it did make this one a little less exciting and well rounded . 

Maybe We Will is about two (way too good to be true) people who find love on a special island. Both have a bit of a past filled with loss, dire circumstances and have come out as amazing people. Both fell so deep and so fast that it felt almost a little unbelievable and the “complication” was expected but also a bit of a nothing. 

I think if you have read the others, you will love going back into the world but it doesn’t function as well as a stand-alone.
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This was my first book by Melissa Foster and I guarantee it won’t be my last. I enjoyed this book so much!  I enjoyed reading about the people on Silver Island. They seemed so real. I adored the story between Aiden and Abby, I enjoyed how one of the main characters was a chef (something I love to read about) and I thought their chance meeting was the perfect set up for a summer read. I can’t wait to read the next book!
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If you've read Melissa Foster's books, you know she is a very prolific author with close to a hundred books under her belt. Not surprisingly, she is a master of creating sweet and sassy, loveable protagonists, large groups of friends and extended families, and lots of hot and steamy scenes (if you're looking for a clean romance, you're not going to find it here). Maybe We Will  is Book1 in her new series of books set on Silver Island, but there are numerous characters from Melissa Foster's previous series making their appearance as a neighbour, a childhood friend or a business associate.
Abby de Messiere and her sister Deidra come back home to take care of their house and their family Bistrot after their mother Ava passed away. Ava had a life-long secret - she had a baby when she was seventeen and was forced to give her away for an adoption. So Abby and Deidra discover they have a new sister Cait. Abby also meets a gorgeous vacationer Aiden and their romance proceeds  at a breakneck speed. 
Aiden  has given up his private life to take care of his younger sister after their parents died in a car accident. Abby saw how damaging losing the man you depend on can be  and  drew her own conclusions. She will always be independent and rely on her own efforts to make her way in the world. They are both decent, family-oriented people. 
Yes, a large proportion of the book is devoted to hot and steamy scenes (the protagonists get together very early in the book). Their lovemaking and their relationship feel very comfortable and mature- these two people are essentially happy with who they are and where they are at in their life, they are not shy or bashful, they both value stability and honesty. Aiden's love declarations and things he may seem too perfect  and  too much too soon, but if you are a fan of love at first sight and giving it all to woo your One and Only, you'll find it all romantic and swoonworthy.
My biggest niggle with the book is that it seemed too long. We get introduced to Abby's friends and get updates on what is happening with other couples' lives. Great, if you've been following Melissa Foster's books and are on a lookout for some familiar faces...If this is a standalone for you, treat it as your first big family get together with brand new in-laws.
I'm really interested in Cait's story (Abby and Deidra's newly found sister) and I bet there is a good man somewhere there who will break the barriers our workaholic Deidra has built to protect her heart! Looking forward to reading their books.
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Just a sweet book. I truly love the characters and their relationship  
Thanks to Netgalley for this arc
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A really great story about taking the time to experience life and finding out what lies beyond work and discovering your dreams.tragedy brings them an understanding of each other and in time love.
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Wowza !!! Wow, wow, wow what a wild and beautiful ride to the HEA!!! Abby and Aiden both have a very long road to walk in Oder to get to their happy ending. Family hurts. Family truths. What will they take away from each in order to heal. Grab your favorite drink and get comfortable. You will not put this one down until the last page.
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I love Melissa Foster and adore seeing characters from prior books pop up. 

Aiden is such a swoonworthy guy and love how he treats Abby. Enjoyed the entire book! Cannot wait to read about Cait next! 

Pub Date 5.4.21
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This book took you through a lot of emotions! What can I say other then Melissa Foster never lets me down with her books! I think all her books are awesome and this one was no exception! 
Love this beautiful book!
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Maybe We Will is the first book in the Silver Harbor series by Melissa Foster and I for one am totally here for it! If you have read Call Her Mine or This Is Love, then you would have met Aiden Aldridge, the business partner, and friend of Ben Dalton, he has been banished by his friends and his sister before he gets burned up, so he arrives on Silver Island and has already found a business he would like to buy, but then everything changes. 
After losing her Mom for the second time, only this time to cancer, unlike the first which was to the bottle shortly after her father died; Abby de Messiéres is back on Silver island with her sister to handle the estate of her late mother. But Abby and Deirdra have a bigger surprise in suddenly meeting a half-sister they knew nothing about, but Abby is not going to let the bad memories keep her back and just tries to remember the good times before her Dad died, when he Mom was happy and the bistro was thriving, and Abby wants to get the bistro back to that time.  
But a chance meeting between Aiden and Abby on the deck behind the bistro quickly changes from strangers to friends and then to more, but a misunderstanding could destroy everything. 
Melissa Foster knocks it out of the park again with this book, I mean this book is a fantastic start to a new series and already has me hooked! I love the way she started this book with a character that most of us would be familiar with, on an island we have been introduced to and then introduced new characters from there. I love everything thing about this book and I cannot wait for the next book in the series.
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Aiden and Abby's story had me giddy and smiling with every page turn. These two were the perfect picture of a storybook romance that had me swooning the entire time.

Aiden Aldridge has been forced into a vacation by his sister, who thinks he works WAY too much. So while trying to heed the advice of his sister he runs into a beauty that takes his breath away while having breakfast along the beach in front of a closed bistro that he has secretly put a bid on, even though he's not supposed to be working. The beauty just so happens to the owner of the bistro and as he gets to know her and finds out the story behind the oceanfront restaurant, deciding to help Abby to follow her dreams, talking her into declining the offer she was given (which she doesn't know about).

Aiden thrown himself into helping Abby and even though he's working, he's doing it for someone else and decides that's a big enough loophole to keep his sister satisfied.
When Aiden started hanging out with Abby he made himself clear that he wasn't looking for forever and that he would be leaving. Abby agreed that she wanted to see where their friendship would go but she knew he wouldn't be staying forever. But as the days pass, Aiden's warning starts to turn to want instead.

The connection between Abby and Aiden is full of awe and magnetism. These two just had me smiling the entire time. They were so perfect for each other. And as their time together started to dwindle, I was left wondering if he was going to stay or go. I couldn't turn the pages fast enough to see how their story would end. But at the same time, I wanted to savor every minute with these two because I loved them so much together.

I'm so excited for the Silver Island series and can't wait to see more from this group!
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~~~ I received a copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review ~~~

This is the first book by Melissa Foster that I have read.  To be honest, I did not love it, but it was ok.  It's a good summer, light read, maybe for vacation.  It is the story of Aiden and Abby who meet on Silver Island at Abby's family's bistro that she's inherited.  This is a story of sisterhood, family secrets (and drama), trust, and romance.  Some of the characters are a little over the top and annoying- for example the amount of times Aiden calls Abby "babes."  Also, though this doesn't bother me, it may some readers, this is a quite "steamy" romance.  Overall, decent book, I'm not sure I'd read the next in the Silver Harbor series, but maybe if I came across it.
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Aiden has a good, tho not necessarily trouble-free, life. He took over as parent to his sister at a very young age and has spent all of his time raising her & running his business. His big heart and sharp mind has served them well over the years but, now that she's happily settled into a relationship, she wants him to take some time off and learn to relax. Unfortunately that's not easy for him ... until he meets Abby, who's zest for life instantly captivates him.

Abby is in town to settle her mother's affairs, and maybe find herself. What she didn't expect is the gorgeous guy having breakfast on the beach one morning. They soon find themselves getting to know one another, working on her family's restaurant, and just letting go & having fun.

Maybe We Will is definitely for those readers that appreciate a slow burn. There's not a lot of drama or angst, just a chance to sit back and enjoy two people falling in love. And while she definitely knows how to turn on the heat, Foster also knows how to deliver charming characters and enjoyable stories. Her newest is no different

(While all of Foster's books can technically be read on their own, I think that you'll enjoy them more when you are familiar with the side characters and their backgrounds.)
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To be honest, this book was missing the smoothness to execute an amazing plot properly. Because it became dull, annoying and predictable. The writing style was okay I guess? Dunno. I don't usually prefer third person writing style in my books. But I don't hate it either. Overall, it was somehow disappointing.
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What a wonderful first story in the Silver Harbor series, I love small town romance and this is one of those you want to stick around and watch as each character finds the true love. Loved the banter between Abby (runner girl) and Aiden (chair guy) and all the cute names they came up with for each other. Abby comes home to take care of her mothers things after she passes and discover so much more. Aiden's forced vacation is just what he needs to slow down and have a little fun and Abby shows his everything he is missing out on. Looking forward to next story in this new series.
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Maybe We Will is the first book in the Silver Harbor series, and it was a wonderful book to start it off with. The author has a unique way of weaving characters between series so you never know which characters you will get to see again when reading one of her books and from what I understand the main characters (Abby and Aiden) were seen in a previous series. The book was paced perfectly, easy to read, and I was caught up in the story from the beginning.
Aiden Aldridge was a workaholic and never took time off for fun. His sister wanted him to relax and sent him to Silver Island with a “Let Loose List.” The list includes fun things for him to do while on vacation, but he has no desire to relax and take time off from work. At least, he not until he met Abby de Messieres.
Abby is a chef, and she returns to Silver Island when her mother died to settle her affairs. She has good memories of the family restaurant and wants to reopen it. The restaurant had been neglected over the years, but she had big dreams to revamp it.
This was a heart-warming story of sisterhood, family, friendship, compassion, and romance. I fell in love with the small town of Silver Island and all the charming characters. Abby was so sincere, full of sunshine, and always tried to see the good in a situation. She wanted to create happy memories for others just like her father did. Aiden wanted to help Abby with the restaurant, but he did not want to tell Abby how bad things really were and how much money it would require. He tried not to take over the project, but it was hard for him because he wanted her dreams to come true. I really enjoyed this book and look forward to the future books in the series.
I received an ARC and am voluntarily leaving a review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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This is a super fun read. I really enjoyed this one!

Many thanks to the author, the publisher, and Netgalley for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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Melissa Foster’s Maybe We Will is swoon-worthy contemporary romance at its best!

Chef Abby de Messiéres needs to return to Silver Island to get her late mother’s affairs in order. Abby thinks that she will inherit her mother’s bistro and her childhood home, alongside her sister. However, Abby is in for a shocking surprise when she realizes that her mother’s will will not be as straightforward as she initially thought. It transpires that her mother had been keeping a very big secret from the rest of the family: another daughter nobody ever knew about! And as if Abby’s jaw wasn’t already on the floor, she arrives in Silver Island and finds the most gorgeous man she has ever clapped eyes on camped out on the patio of her mother’s house!

To call Aiden Aldridge a workaholic would be a gross understatement. Aiden’s life completely revolves around his job, so when he is sent to Silver Island for a vacation for a whole week he isn’t exactly best pleased. However, things start looking up when he crosses paths with beautiful chef Abby. Aiden had come on vacation with a ‘Let Loose’ list to help him relax and unwind and forget about all the challenges and stresses of the office. Will Abby be able to help him tackle all the items on his list? Their sizzling attraction is certainly doing its utmost to push the two of them together time and time again…

Red-hot kisses quickly give way to a passion that simply cannot be denied, but with Aiden not being completely honest with Abby, does their love stand any chance of surviving? Or will Aiden’s secrets end up costing him the love of a lifetime?

Contemporary romance fans are going to lap up Melissa Foster’s Maybe We Will. A terrific writer who writes with plenty of humor, intensity, sensuality and emotion, Melissa Foster knows what readers want from contemporary romance and has delivered a sweet, sassy, spicy and scintillating tale with a fabulous heroine, a gorgeous hero and a delightful cast of supporting characters set in an idyllic and picturesque small town.

An exquisite romance perfect for curling up with, Melissa Foster’s Maybe We Will is a delight from beginning to end.
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4 star

I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, secrets, pain, and heartbreak.

This is Abby and Aiden’s story. Abby and her sister are back in town to see to there later mother’s affairs. What they find is secrets. They have a half sister they never knew about. Getting to know her and figuring out everything is going to take time. While that is going on Abby is falling for Aiden but he was sent to Silver Island for a vacation what happens when that is over? Can they try for a future when they were on such different paths before meeting? But will secrets end up ruining what they were building?

I recommend this book.
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