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Seasoned spy Alec is sent to bring his childhood friend, the woman he's always yearned for, home after she runs away to Italy. Their road trip takes them from a small village to Venice, and eventually back to England.

I loved this debut so very much. The cover doesn't yell 1897 to me but this is one of my fav historical time periods to read romances in right now. I loved seeing this former friends snipe at each other and be oh so horny once Alec picks Lottie up in the small Italian town she's hiding out in, and him charming everyone and making them believe they are honeymooners to protect her reputation.

This was extremely horny and sexy. I wasn't quite sold on the Uncle who forced them apart when they were young, and who Alex felt indebted to enough to give up Lottie based on his secret shame (or them forgiving him at the end), but overall this was such a fun read.

Thank you to the publisher for the ARC.

CW: parental death (in the past, lingering grief issues), death of a family member (on page), fighting, sexual assault (heroine is forcibly kissed and it is implied the man will be back to rape her), imprisonment of heroine, threat of forced marriage/rape.
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The first thing that drew me to this book is the fact that it's set in Italy. Any book set in Italy is going to set my heart to happy dancing, especially when written by an author who, through her words, immerses you in this unique, richly atmospheric setting. The scenes in Venice, in particular, are very authentic, especially at night when the back alleys and canals of this city by the sea can take on a mysterious, slightly sinister tone. She brought it all to life and put me right back in that country that speaks to my soul. 

I also enjoy a friends-to-lovers trope and this one, with a reunion/second chance plot added in, was right up my alley. Both Lottie and Alec are well-developed characters who pulled me into their stories. I was in Lottie's corner the whole way, cheering her on in her bid for independence from her controlling uncle. I loved her intelligence, her wit, her determination, and her hard-won self confidence. Alec, on the other hand, had to work for my approval, as well as Lottie's. I understood his reasons for the decisions he made years earlier, the ones that broke Lottie's heart, but I wasn't going to forgive him too easily. I enjoyed his evolution, hurt for him when certain details of his early life were revealed, ached at his yearning for Lottie and celebrated when he finally realized what was most important in his life. 

Secondary characters, as well as Alec's occupation, add a bit of suspense and action to the story that devolves into danger for Lottie. There's a twist near the end that took me by surprise as well as a mea culpa and forgiveness that seemed a bit too easy considering the pain and heartache the person's actions had caused. I would have liked to have seen that facet expanded a bit but it's a small quibble in the overall scheme of things. 

I enjoyed my first Emily Sullivan novel and am looking forward to seeing what this debut author brings readers next. I hope it will be more action, adventure, and romance in continental Europe. Another book set in Italy would be just fine with me. 

*ARC received for fair and unbiased review
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A ROGUE TO REMEMBER is witty, sensual, and captivating.  I very much enjoyed my first book by author Emily Sullivan.
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This is a beautifully written story. I will say it's a friend's to lover, enemies to lover and second chance type of story. We meet Lottie, a young beautiful woman tired and bored of her life when her uncle decides that is timer for her to get married. She must choose her husband by the end of the season or her uncle will do it for her. Under this pressure, she escapes to Italy and creates a commotion. Her old best friend, Alec must look for her and bring her home in one piece. But Lottie does not want to deal with Alec, he left her when they were young to be part of "The crown". The adventure begins on their trip back to home. Will she forgive her friend and accept her feelings towards him?
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ℝ𝕖𝕧𝕚𝕖𝕨 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan
When he left her, without a word and signed up to work for the "Crown", going from mission to mission across the world Lottie did what she had to and started her first season with a flourish. But, after 5 years of interminable seasons she decides to create a scandal big enough to frighten all possible suitors away. Alec hasn't seen her since that faithful day, but now her dying uncle sends him to find her and bring her back home. Will childhood sweethearts find their way back to each other, after all this time, all the lies and all that was left unsaid?
This book was incredibly beautiful, I absolutely loved their mutual pinning. They had this magical combination of the sizzling passion and banter of enemies to lovers, but also the natural intimacy and pinning of friends to lovers. My ovaries were actually dying every single time Alec brushed circles on Lottie's wrist. There was so many beautiful moments in this book! I don't know if this is a trope, but there was this particular scene that my heart just exploded for; when they're taking a bath, one after the other, while the other remains in the room, just listening to them bathing, and seeing the erotic shadow of their loved one behind a paravent (space divider). This book is filled with wonderful moments just like this one, building on the intimacy and the mutual pining. I strongly recommend this book it was sincerely an incredible experience and I loved it with all my heart.
Thank you Netgalley, Read Forever Pub., and Emily Sullivan for the advanced reader’s copy! As always all thoughts and opinions are honest and my own.
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This story started so well.
The heroine is about 24 years old, she has eluded her companion and plans on  living and painting for a year in a small village in Italy. She feels that she has escaped a forced marriage since she has always been in love with her Uncle's ward. Then she is told she has a visitor. And it is him. He has come to return her to her Uncle with her reputation intact. She doesn't care about her reputation, she just wants her spinster freedom. He convinces her to return because her Uncle is dying. They agree to travel as a psuedo married couple.  This was such a great introduction to the story. You could feel their level of passion and devotion to each and I couldn't wait to finish the story.
But then, the story just putted along to the end. There were too many chances that they didn't take that they should of. Some of the story just didn't add to the overall story in anyway. The conclusion was satisfying, but should have happened sooner. 
The overall read was smooth, but a little slow. I loved the descriptive settings, but the heroine kept being told she was beautiful and she kept denying it as if she just wanted the notice. The hero needed to just take control of the situation and tell her he loved her. The story portrays him as a strong, super spy, and his indecisiveness did not seem in line with his character. I recommend reading, but only giving 4 stars.
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A Rogue to Remember is your classic second chance, friends to lovers romance. It is beautifully written and the characters truly come to life. Lottie Carlisle is tired of the same thing every day, her life is a bore and so her uncle makes her pick a husband by the end of the season or he will do it for her. She decides to run back to Italy and makes a huge scandal. Her childhood friend and neighbor tracks her  down to bring her home, as her uncle is passing away. She hates him, and fights but soon their old feeling come back to life on their journey home. But will will she be able to forgive him and let them have their happily ever after? I really enjoyed this book and Emily Sullivan is a fantastic author!
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This book was absolutely gorgeous!! The prose, the love story, the setting...all of it dazzled. I was totally swept away from the very first page. While I'm a total sucker for a childhood friends, second chance love story, this one felt special...the emotional intensity, the sensuality, the intrigue. It was perfection. I will definitely look forward to another Emily Sullivan book.
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This is a second-chance, friends-to-lovers romance set mostly in Italy. The hero is both a scholar and a spy who has loved the heroine since they were children. I was not sure that I liked the hero when the book started, but he won me over as I read the novel. The setting was compelling, and the spy/adventure elements in the second half of the book added suspense that I was not expecting. 

I recommend this book if you are looking for some variety in your historical romance. It was fun, and I cannot wait to see what the author writes next. 

I received an advanced readers copy of this book from the publisher and Net Galley in return for a fair review
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I picked up A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan after learning that Mazey loved it. I've been in the mood for historical romances lately and it didn't much convincing to pick up this book. It's got spies, a childhood friends-to-lovers romance, and an Italian road trip of sorts! Emily Sullivan's debut was a fun reading experience that I found myself devouring.

Tired of London society and her uncle Alfred's constant pressure on her to marry, Lottie fakes a scandal and runs away to the Italian countryside where no one will recognize her. She wants to be left alone to live her life as a spinster on her own terms. Too bad (or is it really?) for her, her childhood friend, Alex, who is now a professor and agent of the crown, shows up on her doorstep with news that he is here to take her back to England where her uncle is passing away. 

Lottie is angry at Alex but their journey back home is reviving all of her feelings for him and it's fantastic! Plus, Alex is the pining kind of hero so I pretty much ate this romance up! I liked both of these characters, but it was the romance and chemistry between Lottie and Alex that kept me glued to the pages. They both have had feelings for each other for the longest time that they thought were unrequited and they are just waiting to spill over. I realized after reading this book how much I love the angst of a romance where two people are clearly made for each other, but they think their feelings are unrequited and it takes the romantic journey for them to realize it - oof! All the chest aches! When the two stubborn knuckleheads finally do give in to the sizzling sexual tension and years of emotions between them, it's sensual, steamy, and will have your toes curling. They have their fair share of obstacles in this book, including some danger and intrigue, that only added to my enjoyment of A Rogue to Remember.

I thought Emily Sullivan did a good job with the characterizations in A Rogue to Remember. I enjoyed both of the main characters individually and I also thought she did a good job at getting me intrigued by some of the side characters - hullo, Rafe! Both Lottie and Alex have interesting backstories. I was especially invested in Alex's past and there are quite a few secrets surrounding his family revealed about him. I also found his dual profession as an archaeologist and spy to be interesting for a historical romance. The man definitely had issues with his self-worth that he has to work on throughout the book, but most of all I just liked how genuine he appeared to be. Sure, he was an idiot when it came to Lottie, but a lovable one! Lottie, herself, was fantastic. She has a good head on her shoulders and went after what she wanted. All in all, I enjoyed this cast and I hope we get to see Alex and Lottie as side characters in future books of the series.

If you enjoy historical romances, I would give A Rogue to Remember a chance! Emily Sullivan has got a new fan and reader in me and I simply cannot wait to read more from this series!
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Thank you to Netgalley and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the ARC. 

🌟🌟🌟 3/5 stars 

I have been loving all of the historical romance novels the past few months and when I saw the synopsis for this one, I had to have it. A Rogue to Remember tells the story of Lottie Carlisle, who has fled from London after becoming tired of the boring, shallow life of a socialite. Her uncle has also decided to give her an ultimatum- accept a proposal by the end of the season or he will choose her husband. Her plan to run away and cause a scandal no one can ignore is upended when her uncle sends Alec, Lottie’s childhood sweetheart, to track her down. Alec is now a spy and hasn’t spoken to Lottie for five years. As they make their journey home, Lottie and Alec realize their feelings never went away. 

Not only do we have a second chance romance, but also a love to hate to love romance. AND he is a spy. All things I love in a book. A Rogue to Remember was an enjoyable historical romance with an Italian setting. I did wish the pacing wasn’t as slow in the first part of the book. I liked the love story, but wasn’t as invested in it as I have been with other historical romances. However, Lottie was a great main character and the spy element was fun. It seems to be first in a series, so I look forward to the next installment. 

ARC was provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Two things I love in one book: regency romance and a strong female protagonist and this one hit the mark! This is a swoony friends-to-lovers, second chance romance. Throw in undercover spying, a road trip, the Italian countryside, and a “one bed” scenario and you’ve got A Rogue to Remember. I recommend it to all historical romance fans. I’m looking forward to the next book in the series!
Special thanks to Netgally and Forever (Grand Central Publishing) for the ARC.
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Totally believe the hype around this debut! 
The writing is flawless. I flew through the pages. 
Lottie is so much like Lady Danbury from the Bridgerton tv show. I absolutely loved her!
The romance is *chef's kiss*
I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this romance. I anxiously await this author's next release.
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Since watching Bridgerton, I’ve been talking about wanting to read more regency romance books & this week I finally got around to doing that! 

A Rogue to Remember by Emily Sullivan which I had the pleasure of reading an advanced e-galley of reminded me so much of my love of Bridgerton. This book told the tale of Alec and Lottie, a couple who grew up together as children when they were left orphaned and therefore in the care of Lottie’s Uncle Alfred. Due to circumstances beyond them.. namely the then horrid Uncle Alfred they were forced to separate before they could ever speak of their feelings for each other. But years later when Lottie runs away, fed up with society and their treatment and of women... who is sent to find her? None other than Alec! After years of despair on both ends, these two are finally able to bring their feelings to life and though fate again try’s to separate them, their love triumphs in the end. 

If you love Bridgerton, this is a serious must read!
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Solid writing in a promising debut with a fresh new voice! I'm looking forward to more from this author.
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This debut was beautiful and I am now a huge fan of Emily Sullivan! 

Lottie and Alec grew up together, unfortunate circumstances brought them both under the care of Lottie's uncle. They became best friends while also developing more feelings as they grew up. 

When Lottie comes of age her uncle pressures her to Marty right away and sends Alec away. She devises a plot to ruin her so she won't have to marry and leaves England for Italy. 

Alec tracks her down after a while to tell her she must come home, that her uncle is dying. She agrees but only if she can see Italy with him before they go. 

They end up taking a road trip through Italy while both falling more in love with each other than before, but also thinking it's unrequited on the other side. 

This was an absolute delight. I loved the slow growth of their relationship and if ever a hero was completely gone for the heroine it is Alec for Lottie. 

A road trip romance, there's only one bed, a spy for the crown, and a severe case of mutual pining. I loved this. 

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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A solid debut historical!

This book was quite a romp! I love that it is unique in the sense that we spend a lot of time in Italy. That isn't the most common setting for a historical, and it felt fresh as I read it. 

Lottie and Alec truly were a lot of fun to read about, and I enjoyed my time rooting for them to figure out they need each other. 

Cannot wait to see what else is to come in this series!
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Thanks to @readforeverpub & Netgalley for the complimentary ARC. All opinions provided my own.'s glowing review of Emily Sullivan’s A Rogue to Remember made me request it right away & let me tell you that I did not regret it. This stunning debut is so emotionally rich, the setting is sumptuous, the way it kept me on a knife’s edge until it finally tumbled into a HEA was divine.

It’s lovely.

Set largely in 1897 Italy, ARTR tells the second chance story of Lottie Carlisle & Alec Gresham, who both grew up with Lottie’s political mastermind uncle as guardian. Very close as children, they had one magical night where it seemed their relationship would become romantic & then Alec left abruptly without word.

Five years later, Alec, an agent of the crown, has come to Italy to bring the wealthy Lottie back to England before she succeeds in deliberately ruining herself. On their journey home they must wrestle with the weight of their past, shared & not, &, among other things, Alec must decide if he’s willing to take what Lottie would offer.

I’m so excited about Emily Sullivan’s talent, about these characters she’s written & how beautifully she writes their journey. On top of the aforementioned emotional mastery on display here, this book offers stellar sex scenes including one in front of a mirror 🥵 & I think that’s all I need to say about that.

I did think that one aspect of the plot could have been a little tighter but wow, what a book!

5 ⭐️. A Rogue to Remember is available on 03/09/21.
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This book took a bit for me to get into it. It did remind me of a Lenora Bell book For the Duke's Eyes Only. 
Lottie is in Italy, determined to ruin her sterling reputation on purpose. 
Alec hasn't seen Lottie in five years, when he was refused by Lottie's uncle and his guardian. So, off he went spying and kissing pretty girls. 

They are both suffering a severe case of poor communication skills and unrequited love for the other. 
Ah. What tangled webs we weave. 
On their journey back to England (Alec was sent to retrieve her for her uncle) they have a lot of feelings to sort out, and a healthy does of attraction to deal with. 

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One strong-willed heroine, a soft-bellied spymaster, and several heaping spoonfuls of pining are the core ingredients of this alluring historical romance debut. 

Thank you to Forever, the publisher, for an ARC via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. 


Lottie Carlisle has had enough of her hollow life among London’s elite. Season after season she’s rejected proposals from suitors in hopes of a love match. Now, she’s pretty sure it’s a fruitless hope, and so is her commanding Uncle Alfred, who delivers an ultimatum: she must marry by the end of next season. To escape this fate, Lottie fabricates a scandal that will ruin her and slips away to the Italian countryside. 

Who does the proud and well-connected Uncle Alfred select to bring Lottie home safely? Alec Gresham: his former ward, his current spymaster colleague, and most importantly, Lottie’s childhood best friend. Five years ago, Alec had every intention of courting Lottie. But Uncle Alfred didn’t approve, declaring Lottie could do better on the marriage market. Alec agreed and left without a word. But that doesn’t mean he forgot her. In fact, he’s the only one who knows Lottie well enough to uncover her hideout. How romantic right? 

Well, sparks do fly at their reunion… but not in a particularly good way. Lottie is furious at Alec. After all, could she have meant anything to him at all if he never even wrote? Plus, Alec brings frustrating news: Lottie’s bloody reputation is still intact, Uncle Alfred is terminably ill, and Lottie is expected to return home… with Alec. 

Could their journey to her family estate give these two long-lost friends a second chance? The answer is a resounding yes. 


Plenty of romance tropes are employed to bring these two lovebirds together. Not only do they have to pretend to be husband and wife to avoid suspicion while traveling, they also have to share a room... and even a bed! As Lottie is thrust into Alec's dangerous world of espionage, the stakes get higher (and sexier). 

Their shared history and palpable chemistry draw them closer even as lies and secrets threaten to tear them apart. Trust is the secret ingredient they were both missing all along. 

I’m happy to give this debut novel from Emily Sullivan three and a half stars. It is a romance first and foremost—as it should be—so naturally, the espionage takes a backseat. Lottie and Alec are vibrant characters. I believed their love and their feelings even when some of the finer plot points made me raise an eyebrow. Were there moments the story could have been tighter? Sure. Sullivan's writing talent will only grow in her books to come. 

This book is just so FUN. I always appreciate when an author delivers on humor. Sullivan also writes some steamy scenes, aided by Lottie's adventurous spirit in the bedroom. Hello, mirror sex! 


If you’re a fan of second chance and friends to lover romances, then you need to pick this up! 

I would recommend this novel to anyone who enjoys historical romance (this story takes place in 1897). This is a fun, easy read with plenty of moments that’ll make you smile ear to ear. If you liked “On the Way to the Wedding” or “It’s In His Kiss” from Julia Quinn’s famous Bridgerton series, then I think you’d like this book, too. Will I read book 2 in Sullivan’s League of Scoundrels series? Absolutely. 

Content Warnings: Mentions of parental death (off page), unwanted advances (not by hero), grief, sick relative, mentions of alcoholism (off page), mentions of infidelity (off page)
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