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An Internet in Your Head

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Professional account on the discoveries and hypotheses in the modern-day neuroscientific research with a brief "for dummies" account on the history and nature of modern Internet technology. The text doesn't use too technical language, it is easy to read even for a total newbie. I particularly enjoyed the nice illustrations, some explanatory, some historical. There are also a few additional pearls in the endnotes. One thing that I would ask the author is the difference between the Internet as a non-autonomous phenomenon (without users Internet is dead) and the brain, which is autonomous. Brain, from a certain point of life, doesn't need any people for inserting data or maintaining it (if we consider the rest of the body as an integral part of the brain) and still, it works. Internet doesn't.
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An Internet In Your Head is a wonderful book that gave many good insights on the internet and its relationship to the meat in our head, would recommend everyone to give this a shot.
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