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I don't actually eat a Keto diet, but I am low carb. I find that a lot of the same principles apply and thought this might provide some helpful tips and boy, does it! The word "practical" isn't all that sexy, but that is exactly what this is. There are tips from meal planning and meal prep, to shopping and budgeting. How to deal with cravings, how to eat out, and how to optimize your weight loss. I've tried Keto and it isn't for me, but as a low-carb aficionado and someone who thinks I already know a lot about this lifestyle {I have a low-carb cooking blog with 50K+ followers who are always asking for advice}, Keto Diet Hacks was still a treasure trove of information. I appreciated the concise, simply way it breaks everything down and walked away with some great ideas. Highly recommend.
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This was a super quick read and great refresher. I loved all of the easy recipes in this book! I have already made a few and they do not disappoint!
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Starting keto can be confusing and intimidating. There is so much information out there, a lot of which is contradictory, and so many people trying to make money off of diet plans and stuff like that.

Here are 200 excellent tips that make it really easy and straightforward to start and keep going. 

I will absolutely be buying a hard copy of this for reference. It was clear, pleasant to look at, offers so many different options that it's almost impossible to be missing any information, and is thorough without being overwhelming.

A must-read for anyone starting or considering the keto lifestyle.

I received a copy of this book for free from NetGalley and Adams Media in exchange for an honest, voluntary review.
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Who doesn't want 200 keto hacks while feverishly trying to diet?
What is it now, two weeks beyond all those grand New Year's resolutions? Dieting getting hard? Valentine's Day chocolates look scrumptious?
Author Lindsey Boyers, CHNC understands how difficult staying on a diet can be, so she's collected some ideas that might help struggling dieters relax just a little about screwing up their diet plan by eating the wrong kind of chocolate. 
Did you know that some chocolate is actually keto-friendly?
Keto Diet Hacks: 200 Shortcuts to Make The Keto Diet Fit Your Lifestyle, released Dec. 20, 2020, has some unusual ways to help keto dieters stay on track.
Boyers believes that dieters who hold to strict diets that are too limited to flexibility have a much greater chance of falling back into bad dieting habits, so she's developed 200 tips to help you out.
I personally couldn't stomach some of these tips, but I'm not a keto dieter either. I subscribe to every diet plan out there, as long as it’s the one that works for my body. But for those of you who do subscribe to the Keto plan, these tips might help you out.
Organized logically from how to equip your kitchen and cupboards to shopping for the right groceries, Boyers covers situations like what to do when carb or sugar cravings strike. She has suggestions for ordering at fast-food restaurants, as well as sit down establishments where diners can get full meals and order adult beverages.
Boyers says that consuming coffee laden with butter is a keto-friendly idea. Putting butter in coffee to defeat cravings is not something I ever dreamed about doing. And considering my cholesterol level, I won't ever be doing that, or several other of these fat-filled ideas. 
But, who knows. Maybe for others, it's good.
Boyers says bringing your own dressing and dessert to occasions where non-keto options are the norm will ultimately help shave off extra pounds.
I would absolutely never do this after watching my mother-in-law pull dressing, cookies, baggies, napkins, glass cleaner, and anything else she could fit in that massive purse of hers that held everything on earth - including a healthy layer of extra sticks and dirt that crept in there while sitting on the car's floor.
No thank you.
But, for those who were not formerly traumatized like me, those might be interesting ways to defeat the enemy of body fat.
Additionally, Boyers suggests picking perishable grocery store items from the back, investing in a freezer and vacuum sealer, preparing egg cups and riced vegetable cups ahead of time, and freezing them for easy preparation later.
Keto Diet Hacks:  200 Shortcuts to Make The Keto Diet Fit Your Lifestyle might be a good Valentine's Day present for your favorite dieting valentine.
But be prepared, reader. It could send the wrong message.
You might want to back that up with some chocolate - the right kind.
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Keto Diet Hacks breaks down tips and tricks for the Keto diet in an organized, pleasant format. These tips aren't anything new, but are good reminders of how to make the diet easy to follow. For the most part, one can read the hack titles without having to read the accompanying text. I did screenshot several recipes and tips that I wanted to remember. Nice little guide to have to make life easy.
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The guidelines and information is well researched and easily understandable. A great resource to have a healthy meal for any time of the day for a healthy life living in keto.
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So many helpful tips and tricks for those looking to start or restart the keto diet. Many of which are not specific to this diet but will work well for any diet.
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This is the perfect Keto beginner book and works to build a great foundation for anyone interested in giving the keto lifestyle a go. There's lots of helpful tips to get you started and most importantly it's easy to read (or even flip to a certain section if you want help with just one area).
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This book is probably great for a beginner to the keto diet/lifestyle. More anyone who might know a bit more, however, this is extremely basic. I did appreciate the coffee orders for major coffee chains!!
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As someone who has been doing keto for three months to lower my sugar levels I found this book would be great for absolute beginners.  I am in my mid 40's and already know how to budget for food, and meal prep, etc. The majority of the "hacks", I am guessing, for people who don't have any common sense or are quite young.  I found the book to be good but not great.
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I’ve been wanting to try Keto for awhile now, but it just seems overwhelming.  This book is great to have as it offers a lot of useful information, I definitely enjoy the breakdown of what to have in your pantry, how to grocery shop, what ingredients to look for, etc.  Thank you to Adams Media, the author, and NetGalley for a gifted copy.  This is my honest review.
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Keto Diet Hacks is a tutorial and tips guide for adjusting the ketogenic diet to readers' lifestyle rather than compromising lifestyle to become keto compliant. Released 15th Dec 2020 by Simon & Schuster on their Adams Media imprint, it's 224 pages and available in paperback, audio, and ebook formats.

This is a bare bones, information dense, accessible, and *useful* book of tips and tricks to make the keto lifestyle more relevant for most of us who struggle to maintain ketosis in our daily lives. The table of contents is specific, easy to understand and descriptive enough to make information easy to find (there's also a comprehensive index). The first chapter covers meal planning and prep, including shopping and pantry lists, tips for writing a weekly planning calendar, meal prep and shopping on the same day, and lots more. The second chapter includes a number of good tips/hacks to make shopping easier, more effective, and budget friendly. The third chapter was particularly good for me and included a lot of hints to make dining out less catastrophic (ALWAYS my downfall - always). Chapter four covers socializing and drinking situations. The following chapters provide readers with good solid tips on everything from dealing with hunger, maximizing macro-nutrients, curbing carb cravings (another huge problem for me), keto weight loss and management, lifestyle tips, and troubleshooting. 

The included tips and information are formatted in one to two page short entries and are written in very easy to understand language. They are numbered sequentially (1-200), and I couldn't personally think of a question or problem I've had with my own keto journey which wasn't touched on in these 200 tips. 

There is no photography included, but I didn't find it problematic. There are also no recipes included - that's not within the scope of the book.

This would make a good gift for a keto adherent friend, for library acquisitions, or for oneself. Four stars.

Disclosure: I received an ARC at no cost from the author/publisher for review purposes
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I've heard about the keto diet but did not really know all the details. I thought it was mostly fatty foods and meets but this gave me some new ideas. Thank you
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Freezing avocados is a great idea.
Learn some grabbling perishable food from the fridge behaviors from the grocery store stocker. Keep your soon to be used items upfront, so you get to them before they wilt.
Making mayonnaise in a mason jar sounds like a fun activity for kids.

Funny that 1oz of cheese is related to the size of a 9v battery and 1 serving of nuts should be the size of a golfball.
Keto-friendly protein powder is a smart idea.

Fathead Dough.

A good collection of tips for any diet. Especially the mindufl eating, intermittent fasting, hydration, mindset change.

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This is definitely for newbies to Keto. It's full of a lot of valuable information that makes the delve into the Keto lifestyle easier. I wish I had found it when I was starting. Very detailed. I don't think it's for anyone already into Keto dieting as it is mostly full of things you have learned along the way. But it's an excellent, comprehensive guide for those interested in, or just beginning.
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I am considering the Keto Diet, and preparing for the new year. Keto Diet Hacks by Lindsay Boyers was helpful. Some of the hacks I was already aware of from researching the diet online. However, there were quite a few hacks that were new to me. There are helpful strategies for in home food prep, and dining out (which will come in handy once COVID is under control and restaurants reopen).I also like the ability to have all of this information in one convenient place (on my Kindle). 

If you are new to the Keto Diet, or researching the possibility of starting this diet, I feel that Lindsay Boyers' book would be very helpful.
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I enjoyed reading all the tips and I'll definitely do most of them. I'm new to the keto diet but I found this book very helpful for everyone. I received a free digital copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review
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If you’re new to keto and need some help getting started, this book is for you. If you’ve been around the Keto block and have it down, then this book is not for you. 

Filled with tips and tricks to help you get started, stay on track, and push through plateaus and some side effects, this is a great read for newbies. Having done KetoDiet successfully fortis month stretches, these are tips I’ve figured out already. They’d have been golden if I had found them on my first keto excursion.  

With the new year, now you resolution out the window already, grab the book and start right now. You won’t regret it!
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The book covers a great deal about Keto, and it would make a good introduction to someone new to the diet/lifestyle, but the structure was a bit odd. Instead of giving an overview of the Keto principles right off the bat, it starts out with things you need in your kitchen, while the most fundamental things aren't mentioned until half-way through. This wasn't an issue for me, since it's not my first rodeo, and in my case it worked well as a re-introduction and motivational book to start it up again. There was some information new to me despite my having done much research over the years, so this was definitely worth my time, and it makes for a good reference book to keep around - I took notes, and will be putting them to good use! It would have been very helpful to me when I first started out, and would've saved me a lot of time and worries - it covers such things as deficiencies and hair loss, which often go unmentioned. However, this won't convert anyone who isn't already convinced that Keto is the right choice for them.

Thank you to the publisher for the advance copy in exchange for an honest review!
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A lot of good information in an easy-to-read format. Some of it is basic but quite a few of the tips are things the typical keto dieter may not have considered. It's worth a ready for anyone considering keto.
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