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This is the first mythology based romance I’ve read and it was really cute! I was a bit curious as to how Cupid was going to act, but with his best friend by his side, he can endure his punishment. Cupid was thrust out of Mount Olympus because he had pulled a prank that upset his family members. He is forced to live out his punishment while in Earth. And what would be Cupid’s worst punishment? Well of course being struck with his own arrows of love. So he must figure out what to do and how to figure it out as to get back to Mount O as soon as possible…..but he is really enjoying spending more time with his best friend whom he thought had been dead for over two thousand years. So will he return to Mount O or stay on Earth? I better keep reading because I still don’t know that answer haha

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I think I got abs after reading this. No joke, I laughed so much. Somehow this book managed to be both hilarious and sad and honestly, kudos to the author because that's no easy feat. A good book I'd recommend to all mythology lovers. 4 stars

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I’m someone who loves a Greek myth retelling, but this lacked substance. It has the potential to be amazing but ended up being a bit too raunchy and felt like sexcapades more than anything.

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A quick review for this one!

Cupid is sent to Earth after a fun little mishap and the God of Love does a little love searching. While I gave this one a 2.5 stars, I will say that I enjoyed seeing a lot of things in this book.

I enjoyed the depiction of love exploration, both sexually and otherwise, and that we have a different take on a romantic storyline here. Without giving too much away, Cupid's love may or may not be for the long haul. And he may or may not have to help her find her true love.

Frankly, due to the above point, it's a big reason why my rating was so low. I devour mythological retellings and imaginings and I had fun with that aspect of this one, too. But, at the end of the day, I find it hard to enjoy books that focus on romance and there's no real connection there because it almost makes me feel like I wasted my time.

But there is more to this series, so if you had fun with this first installment, more questions and issues have a chance of being resolved later on down the line.

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This was a delightful take on Greek Mythology. I thoroughly enjoyed this fun tale.
Many thanks to Isotopia Publishing and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Comedic romance novel following the escapades of the Greek god, Cupid. After one too many practical jokes with his magic arrows, Cupid is cast down from Mt. Olympus to a small town in Indiana. At first, his situation doesn't feel like a punishment; he's been given a sexy new human body, and is basically irresistible to all, women and men. He also is reunited with his best friend Pan, who he thought was dead for the past two thousand years. Before long, his true torment is revealed. He falls deep into his first love, with a woman named Mia, only to discover that though she might be his soulmate, he isn't hers. In order to complete his punishment and ascend back up to the realm of the gods, he will have to put aside his own pleasure, to find Mia's true love and connect them.

This novel is funny, sweet, and very sexy. Greek mythology is always wild and entertaining. Though the sex scenes are a bit much for my taste, they are very well written. Hot! Cupid's friendship (maybe more?) with Pan is a nice element. I loved Mia and her boys, and Cupid's interactions with them were sweet. I'm curious to see where the story goes in the rest of the series. What more trouble can Cupid get into? And how many times must his heart break before he gets his happily ever after?

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I found this book through booktok and thought I would give it a go while on vacation. I found the characters to be playful and easy to like. You understood that they were naïve in their own ways and were growing through these experiences. I liked how they were written too. The text was easy to follow, without coming off as bad writing, and the dream-like nature of it being mythology helped with that. That being said, I didn't care for the romantic aspect much. Cupid is on a long journey by way of the plot to find his love and doesn't understand the impact of his actions much. I found myself disinterested in his adventure when I realized it wasn't serving his purpose? I won't be continuing on with the series, but I'm sure for romance readers it's an easy pick. Great writing and characters regardless!

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This book just wasn't for me or in my genres that I normally read. Thank you for the ARC and best of luck!

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A rom-com romp through mythology, full of fun and spice. This book is hard to pin into a single genre in the very best way. It's fantasy, it's romance, it's comedy. It takes you on a wild adventure with Cupid as he experiences love, sex, and heartbreak. If you want to read about the lighter side of the gods, this book (and the entire Cupid's Fall series) is for you.

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An entertaining spin of Cupid's story. Cupid as a human....his punishment for playing with the wrong delightful, and might I add, just a little HOT? I chose Beth C Greenberg's First Quiver when the mystery/thrillers I've been reading started to drag. It must have fate, or the gods, that sent me such a delightful read. Cupid falls for a human but must find her a human love match, breaking his heart along the way. Original story line and a definitely entertaining read for me.

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3* This is a nice book, but I didn't know it was the first of a serie, so while it might be read as a standalone it doesn't really end. I think as I didn't know this made me wish for a whole different development and led me to disappointment.

I did like the mythological background, the plot idea was not entirily too original as there's a bunch of movies with gods fallen to hearth, but it was nicely done.
While the story is pleasant, I have to say the part that really caught me and I wished was further developed, was the relationship between Pan and Cupid, and while Q quest was still funny and nice, I just didn't felt so engaged with it...

Thanks NetGalley and Isotopia Publishing for providing this book as an Arc in exchange of an honest review.

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I love a Greek mythology retelling so when I saw this book on NetGalley I was super excited to give it a go. The concept of the story was great and has a lot of potential to become a really great series. Even just throughout this book, I felt like the author really began to grow and find her style. I felt like the plot was missing something though, there was no real hook which made parts of the book feel inconsequential to me.

The first time that I felt like I had to keep reading the book was when I got to the very last chapter.

Overall it was an enjoyable book, not one that I would personally read again but if this is your genre then a series I think you will fall in love with.

Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC, the thought and in opinions written above are my own and are freely given

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Perfect blend of funny and warm n fuzzy romance based on Greek mythology with a modern day twist. This was an exciting, fun and quick read. Also, there is many steamy and spicy scenes that was pleasantly unexpected, but was second to the plot of the story for me.

Truly enjoyed reading about Cupid and Pan. Seeing them reunited earth side and how Pan introduces Cupid to modern day life. The Author did a great job of blending mythology with the human drama that no other book I’ve read has put together quite like Beth did.

I’m actually very excited to read more from Beth in this series.

Thanks to the publishers and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for my voluntary and honest opinion.

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I really tried to like this book, especially since the mythology aspect drew me in.
However, it fell flat, didn't feel engaging, and the story felt dragged.
Unfortunately, I couldn't finish it and wasn't really compelled to do it.

Thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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I will read anything if it’s mythology related!! This book sounded quite different from other mythology themed books that I’ve read. I’m glad I decided to give this book a shot because I loved it! Thank you to NetGalley for giving me this ARC!

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First Quiver, the first book in the Cupid's Fall Series by Beth C. Greenberg, offers a fun and engaging take on the Greek gods in a modern setting. The book follows Cupid, who has been banished from the heavens after taking his love game too far, and is now living in present-day Tarra, Indiana, with his long-lost best friend Pan.

The story is a delightful blend of Greek mythology and modern romance, with an interesting twist. Cupid is not the powerful god we expect him to be, but rather a mortal who has to navigate the complexities of modern dating while trying to fix Love itself. The gods are not always on his side, and his quest is complicated by his own heart and the forces conspiring against him.

Greenberg's writing is witty and engaging, with a playful tone that fits perfectly with the story's light-hearted nature. The characters are well-developed and relatable, and the romance is steamy and satisfying. The book's pacing is also well-done, with plenty of action and plot twists to keep the reader engaged throughout.

One of the book's strengths is its ability to seamlessly blend mythology and modernity. The author uses her knowledge of Greek mythology to create a unique world that feels both familiar and new. The gods are not simply caricatures of their mythological counterparts, but rather complex characters with their own motivations and flaws.

Overall, First Quiver is an enjoyable and well-crafted read that will appeal to fans of romance, mythology, and fantasy. It sets the stage for an exciting series that promises to deliver even more fun and adventure. I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a lighthearted and entertaining read.

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Rating: 4/5
I received an eARC for my honest opinion.

Maybe playing that trick on the gods wasn’t Cupid's best moments, he has been thrown to the wolves. Now on earth having to learn how to handle his punishment just right, so he might be able to go back to Mount Olympus but the more and more time he spends down here, he is starting to like it and who knows what will happen.

This was my first cupid book and the first time reading this author and I really enjoyed it. I thought the plot and the characters were done well. I found this book to be humorous, steamy at times, at some points heartbreaking but overall, a fun great read. I enjoyed the fast-paced, every page had something to look forward to and the plot did not at any point disappoint or lag. I found that going on the journey with Q (aka Cupid) and getting to watch him learn how to navigate the modern world from: playing video games to learn how to drive, to eating & drinking new foods, and of course his love life in the sheets; was what really made this book great. This author knows how to connect the readers to her characters, I felt as if I knew Cupid and his best friend from Mount Olympus who he believed was dead. Pan is there to help the fallen gods to adapt to the modern world and to work through their punishments so they can go back, but with Cupid being the one who comes down this time Pan finds himself not wanting him to leave but at the same time there to support and help his friend. You will get to see this beautiful friendship in the book, and you can see at times the chemistry between those two is a little hot but due to Cupid’s punishment they both know that nothing can happen.

I loved that Q’s punishment on earth is to fall in love with women but to find out that they do not love him the same way but here is there to help them find true love.

From all the friendships, passion, great humor, some heartbreak, but overall great retelling of the Greek gods in a modern time. I can’t wait to read book 2 because of that cliffhanger in book 1, I do have to say you will get a little sneak peak of book 2 in book 1 and hopefully you will be like me and hurry to download book 2.

I want to thank NetGalley and Isotopia publishing for the opportunity to review this book.

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I really enjoy God's and Mythology so this book was right up my alley with a twist of humor and real life. It gave Hallmark special vibes, the story was well written and I enjoyed the pace.

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Not at all what I expected. But had a good time nonetheless.

Thank you to Isotopia Publishing, Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), Members' Titles, and NetGalley for providing an eARC for a honest review.

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Greek gods meets modern love, what could be better?

Many thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for the advanced copy of the book.

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