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A twisted tale of lies, betrayal, lost love, and revenge that keeps readers enthralled as we follow two survivors whose only goal is to find out who slaughtered their family and why. Passionate and bold, Bryne remains an auto-buy for me.
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This is the second book I have read in this series and I enjoyed the first one more. This one had a lot of twists and turns. Suspense and a lot of guessing. I expect there to be texture and word pictures so I can readily see what is happening and I missed it in this volume.
It is always interesting how folk who are born on the wrong side of the sheets are able to rise to brilliance. in this case, an abused and mistreated child is able to seek vengeance on an abusive father. The heroine is able to literally rise from the ashes, put on a new persona, and live an outrageous life.
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This is a sit on the edge of your seat end of the series book!  It’s full of deceit, mystery and a wonderful love story.  Francesca is just amazing how strong and devoted she is to her loved ones and her cause. Together her and Chandler find out who has cause all the trouble in their lives.
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Kerrigan Byrne is out here consistently writing the most fun and action packed historical romances. I never fail to have fun when I read a Kerrigan Byrne HR. As much as I love HR in its many forms, sometimes it can just be a lot of ballrooms and sitting rooms. That is not the case with Kerrigan's books - they are the high octane equivalent, and they are a delight! And to make it even better, the quality of writing is superb. Sometimes when HR romances try to do too much the writing suffers, but that is never the case with her books.

Full review to follow. I was provided with an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review by the publishers via NetGalley.
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5 stars

At the end of my review for Book 2 I wondered if the Count would get a book of his own.  Well he's in this one but if you blinked you would probably miss the reference.  This is the third/last in this series and it follows Franscesca's story.  She is not what she appears and our hero believes she's an imposter.  The story follows on from book 2 in as much as it's the continual story of the three almost 'Charlie's Angel' friends but could be read as a standalone.  Frank is tracking down the villains of a "Hellfire Cub" as is our hero in his own way.  There's lots of secrets but the romance and passion scenes are down well..  Our heroine is her own woman fiesty without being annoying, brave and skilled in combat and seduction.  Our hero is a bit of an idiot at the end but luckily there's a happy ending.  I really enjoyed this book and I will eagerly look for more books by this author. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Have you ever had a love so deep that it consumed you for years or even your entire life? What if that love was unrequited? Or perhaps they simply just didn’t know how you felt. Sometimes love makes us do kind of crazy things.

The story is multi faceted; built on deception, revenge, secrets, friendship, even some suspense and intrigue. The story has so many emotions running around it. I really feel for Francesca but yet you think just get it over with. Tell him how you feel! She did make me a bit nuts a few times!

The author takes us down a wild path. Deep into a dark and crazy world that you don’t think is possible in these times, but it makes sense. Who can you trust and is it the man you gave your heart to years ago? Will he ever forgive you for the deception?

Powerful and captivating, with an ending that you will hold your breath for, Byrne captures the intensity of passion and deep searing love perfectly.
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A pretty solid 3.5, but definitely not my favourite by Kerrigan Byrne. I have yet to read a Kerrigan Byrne book that I don't like - I know when I read something by her it's at least going to be a solid read.

There were some things in this book that really annoyed me - mainly how long it took for Chandler to discover the truth about Francesca - I really wish that happened sooner!

I found the hero and heroine very likable in this book but the whole storyline going on outside of the romance really bored me. The last half of this book I very bored and just wanted Chandler to discover the truth already! A pretty slow read compared to others that I've read by this author.
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While I did guess the "twist" at the beginning of the book, it didn't take away from my enjoyment.

There's just something special about this trilogy, and the third book was a good conclusion.
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The Devil in Her Bed brings two friends back together after tragedy and loss. The Devil of Dorset is a ghost in the shadows, able to become anyone, and one of the top spies for the crown. Childhood tragedy has set the devil on a mission of revenge and a little pretender is in his way. Francesca Cavendish has played fast and loose with her reputation to gain access to the men in power of dark cult and she will have her own revenge. An undeniable attraction, leaves the devil and the temptress crossing paths full of danger and secrets as they find their way to a HEA. Action packed and full of sin, this book is a page turning, action packed adventure of a historical romance. My voluntary, unbiased review is based upon a review copy from Netgalley.
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Really enjoyed this one!  A very unique concept that was well executed.  I would pick up other novels by Ms. Byrne.

This book was given to me to read and review by NetGalley.
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I have been excited to read Francesca’s book since book one. I knew I would be rooting for her to get revenge on those who killed her family and I certainly did. I also had a pretty good assumption about who the hero would be. What I didn’t expect was to not love him or the romance. I like the romance and the tension between the two of them, but I also felt it was like they were in love with who they were years before, not as they are in the present time. Almost like a fantasy. Like what you hoped it would be like if this person who you have loved for so long loved you in return. I really felt like the hero (no names to avoid spoilers) was in Francesca’s way. She is fierce and filled will determination. Don’t get in her way. Then the hero kept stopping her or getting in her way. He was kind of extra so it made the romance not as solid as I hoped. The hero was in love with the idea of what Francesca was like years ago, but I don’t think he really loves her and accepts as she is in the present day. He was also a bit of a hypocrite and I really don’t like how he responded when her secret was revealed as if she is the only one with secrets. Don’t get me started. 

Ramsay was the total older brother and I love the support of her friends and their husbands. I love the friendship and understanding that passes between them. They have all been through so much and deserve happy endings. I’m glad I was able to enjoy this series but I still think Kerrigan Byrne’s Victorian Rebel series is more consistent with how much I enjoyed those books. 

Romance was fine but felt like it wasn’t built as two equals in a relationship but all just tension which wasn’t bad but I had hoped to fall in love with the romance. The plot was really good but it felt just a tiny bit anticlimactic. I loved Francesca and feel she deserves someone to love her entirely as she is now, not how she was years before.
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The third novel in Red Rogue series, The Devil in Her Bed, concludes the story of three unusual women, each and every one of them exquisite in her own way.
Francesca is a redhead by heart, a heroine with a tragic past and a well-kept secret. She is bold, full of life and pure determination. Like the other women in the sisterhood, she is principled, educated, and strong, and quite used to navigate the high society and life without the aid of men. She is determined not to marry, as marriage brings to woman little freedom, no control over her financials or over her choices. Her purpose is justice for the loved and departed, a revenge on a secret and powerful organization…No room for love or a true lover.
Chandler is the Devil of Dorset. He’s a spy, a shadow, a ghost. He is also a man with a purpose, and he’s own dark and stormy past, as well as his chosen career, are making him alluring and mysterious. He is used to live alone, no true attachments, no room for love either. However, he is drawn by the fascinating Francesca…
Kerrigan Byrne weaves the story in her usual way. It takes a few pages and you are immersed in the story. You can feel the chemistry between the characters, the heat is there, and the story is entertaining.
The dark and evil society is a common theme in romance (for me anyway, I love Elizabeth Hoyt' s books); here, the author makes a great job in picturing the depravation and the lack of morality of some of the upper class. 
For me, it was another great story. I was a little unhappy with the lack of atonement showed by the hero in the end, because he was kind of judgmental and obtuse at a point (like most of the men, really) and I would have make him a little more repent.
I enjoyed Francesca story, finish it in a few hours. It left me satisfied and with a renewed appetite for good romance, what more can you ask?
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This is a difficult book to rate.  On the one hand, Francesca was just plain awesome.  That girl has skills. Nothing stopped her from getting her vengeance.  She mastered almost every situation she was in and was just fun to read about. Chandler was also a great, dark, tormented hero.  The writing was poetic and moving.  But the plot...was little bizarre.  I'm still not even sure why exactly the bad guy had the estate burned down to begin with.  Its also not explained how this bad guy knew Francesca's real identity.  

Which brings me to Chandler's reaction when he found out the truth.  I understand being shocked and angry about being misled, but he had like a dozen identities himself and had kept a lot of things from Francesca.  Then he just changes his mind after a talk with Ramsay after two months have gone by.  It took him two months to finally realize that he loved her even though she was Pippa. After everything that Pippa had gone through and achieved, she deserved better than that. Part of me whished she gave him a harder time at the end. 

Overall this book was enjoyable and great conclusion to this trilogy. I liked seeing the other Red Rogues and their men (I LOVE Ramsay!) and it would've been nice to see them all together at the end interacting instead of just Francesca's telling of their presence.  In the end, I decided to round up to 4*, because this book did make me feel a range of emotions, and because Pippa/Francesca deserved it.
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In these uncertain times there are few things you can count on - and escaping into delightfully lusty world of Kerrigan Byrne's historical romance is one of them!
"[He] peered past the art and artifice she’d tucked around herself, through the skin and sinew of her, to the cold and lonely darkness beneath."
Wonderfully atmospheric and high drama, Kerrigan Byrne's books echo the sweeping historical romance sagas produced by the genre's greatest authors of the past. Her heroines are strong women, who lust, seek revenge, support each other and ultimately get their way. Everything that happens is high stakes, emotions run high and its delightful to come along for the ride and bear witness to these characters falling for each other.  Lovely luxurious fantasy to sink into.
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Having not read the previous books in this series, the beginning of this story was a jaw-dropping shock factor, way a jolt. The intensity and suspense maintained and I love that Pippa is a strong character, smart and determined. When the plot comes full circle into a true romance interest, feel like all deceit and secrets made them both untrustworthy, regardless of their agendas and career obligation, it put a damper on the thrill for me. I really liked Pippa and the ending was heartwarming.
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I received a free copy from netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
This is the third and final book in this series.  This book can be enjoyed as a stand alone but there are definitely elements that the pervious books help to explain better.
For the most part I liked this book but I feel like the previous 2 were better. And the overarching villain could have been better.
Francesca is determined to get vengeance for the murder of her entire family and everyone else in her household including the boy she loved.  She has dedicated to getting revenge and will do everything she needs to get justice.
Chandler works for the secret service and is going to destroy the evil that has entered all levels of the government to the very top.
I liked Francesca as she was strong, independent, and smart. Chandler was okay but he did irritate me with his desire for a damsel in distress as if a strong woman is something bad. I feel like Francesca deserved better.
I love this author and can't come for whatever comes next.
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The Devil of Dorset, hmmmm….

I've always been drawn to historical romance. I think the propriety of the times makes liaisons steamier, even when it's just a kiss! LOL

This is my first time reading a novel by this author and I really enjoyed it. Suspense, wonderful characters, emotions, good and bad. Smiling, cringing, swooning. I enjoyed it all, and I'm definitely checking out the other books in this series, and other works by this author.

I received an advanced reader copy, and this is my honest and voluntary review.
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I could not put this book down until I reached the conclusion. Francesca and Chandler were fabulous characters and I could not wait to see how their story ended. Both haunted by the past and on a mission for vengeance. The only thing standing in the way of true love for either of them is themselves. Readers will be overjoyed with this book.
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THE DEVIL IN HER BED is the first book I’ve read by author Kerrigan Byrne, but it certainly won’t be the last. 

I will not restate the plot, because I don’t want to inadvertently give away any spoilers. Let me just say that the mystery overarching the entire book was well-thought-out with plenty of twists and turns. I could not put this book down. Beyond the mystery, I adored the chemistry between the Devil of Dorset and Francesca. 

This is the third and final installment in Byrne’s Devil You Know series. It was easy to read this as a standalone, although there were just enough details about the other two women’s stories to make me seek those out next.
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I expected historical, what I never expected late Victorian, dark romantic suspense! This is a ride from the start--it's not every romance that opens with murder. Conflict from the outset, and it's easy enough to follow the occasional callback to earlier books in the series even if you haven't read them. Secret societies! Ritualistic orgies! Women in pants and secret identities! A dark romance with a side of adventure.
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