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I received an eARC in exchange for an honest review. 

I’ve really been craving a good thriller recently and this book DELIVERED. It really kept me enthralled and guessing until the very end. There were so many times when I thought I knew who the bad guy was, only to be wrong. 

My main issue with the reveal was there wasn’t enough build up to the person it was. Everything about how they were connected was dumped on after they were revealed and it seemed a bit random because they weren’t involved in the story before that happened. I would have liked a bit more clues dropped earlier on in the story, personally. 

Overall, it was a great twisty story and I really enjoyed it!
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3-4 stars.  While this wasn’t my very favorite book, I must admit I found the story to be very unique, even though it was unrealistic (this is what I disliked), but also very much realistic in certain aspects!  I did find it to be well written, with some intense parts, which definitely thrilled, chilled, shocked, and even made me slightly dizzy from the twisty turns!  I would definitely recommend, wake ally to those that don’t mind it being the type you have to suspend disbelief with!  

Will make sure to buzz around and use low Amazon reviewer number!
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14 Ways to Die is a paced thriller that was told through great, easy to follow storytelling that had me hooked until the very satisfying ending. It will be on the list of summer book recommendations for my students.
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I'm a big fan of A Good Girl's Guide to Murder and One of Us is Lying, so I thought this book would be perfect for me. However I found myself putting it down a bunch and coming back to it. I just couldn't get into the story no matter how much I wanted to like it.
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The book ended up being completely surprising. I loved the cover and title, but when I began reading, I was a little bored. It took me some time to get into it, but once the book hooked me, it did not disappoint. 
Jess's mother was murdered when she was 7. The murder turned out to be the first of a serial killer that Jess's dad coined the Magpie Man. Jess's whole life changed after that day. Her dad basically exists, and she's obsessed on figuring out who killed her mom. 

Jess gets the idea to audition for a YouTube reality series that broadcasts everything you do for an entire day. This is completely out of her comfort zone, but this is her plan for catching the serial killer. She wants to use the show to get his attention. Call him out. Taunt him. And that's exactly what appears to be happening. A brick flies through her window. Printout outs from her mom's murder appear in her book bag. She receives threatening texts and online messages. Life gets extremely scary for Jess, but she's determined to find who killed her mom. 

Once the filming begins, the action picks up, and you definitely want to know how Jess will handle everything. Relationships with her friends. Relationship with her dad. Not being murdered herself. This is the point I couldn't put the book down, and then ending was completely unpredictable.
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I'm really liking how books are incorporating the use of social media lately, it makes for such a gripping and fascinating read! This book included! Being YA, it was a quick easy read for me but I enjoyed it immensely! Great writing, great story and twists & turns that I loved! Great ending as well, kept me glued! Thank you so much!
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This book was good, but not great. I loved that the mystery kept me guessing and it had a satisfying conclusion, but other elements of the plot just seemed rushed or not fully fleshed out. For me it was trying too hard to be the next Good Girl's Guide to Murder or One of Us is Lying. And on a slightly more nit-picky note, the book was clearly supposed to be set in the UK, but there were so many Americanisms in it that I'm not sure why the publishers just didn't go all the way with the edits and just change the setting to be the US.
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Book Review for 14 Ways to Die by Vincent Ralph
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The ending of that one was NOT expected though I spoiled it for myself a little by reading ahead. The writing was a bit confusing at times but I caught on quickly. Really loved this one and was thrilled to see that in the Q&Aon the back, the author mentioned he loved books by Holly Black and Karen M McManus. I'll definitely be reading more from him!
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I received this book from NetGalley and the publisher. 

It’s no surprise a new murder mystery ended up on my to-read list, and one that was compared to “A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder”? Even better. That book made it to my top ten in 2020, so it made me eager to pick up “14 Ways to Die”. 

That said, “14 Ways to Die” was so tonally different than that which it was compared to. Grief permeates the pages, both in Jess’ voice and her actions. She is grieving the mother she lost and never got to know, and she’s mourning the relationship she would have had with both her mother and father had her mother not been murdered. 

I really was excited by the reality show plot, as well. It was really, really unique, especially in the setting of a murder mystery. That said, I wish we knew more about the other characters who were chosen for it! I know they weren’t /too/ important to the plot, but I still have questions!

I also wanted to know more about Ross and Hanna, and Jess’ childhood friendships. 

That said, I did enjoy this book. I felt myself ache with Jess, and I would be eager to read any new release by Ralph. 

(3.25 stars/5 stars)
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Ten years ago, Jess’s mother was the first victim of the Magpie Man, a serial killer who has now stalked the streets for ten years, claiming another twelve victims.  Now seventeen, Jess is determined to do everything she can to figure out the killer’s identity, even if it means risking her own life.  In order to bring increased attention to the case, Jess tries out for a Youtube show highlighting teens with interesting stories.  As Jess streams her daily life and talks about her mother’s case, her fans are not the only ones watching.  Will Jess accidentally bring herself and her loved ones into the Magpie Man’s crosshairs?

Vincent Ralph’s 14 Ways to Die is a well-written, quick-read thriller with the unique twist of having a Youtube show be the focus of the plot.  This fresh approach to storytelling makes the novel perfect for teens or anyone who enjoys the genre.  While it does deal with some heavier themes that can’t be revealed without potential spoilers, these are handled well and are logical outcomes of the plot.  Vincent Ralph is a welcome addition to the young adult thriller world.  Recommended for fans of Caleb Roehrig and Karen McManus.
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One for sorrow, two for joy....
At the age of 7, all of the joy was wiped out of Jessica’s life when her mother was the first victim of the Magpie Man. 
Now, ten years later, Jessica has the opportunity to seek justice for her mother, and the Magpie Man’s other victims, in the form of a new reality TV/social media craze ‘The Eye’.  But will Jessica’s appearance be a help or a hindrance to the justice she seeks...?
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I’m a sucker for a good teen mystery/thriller; and this one didn’t disappoint! I was totally hooked and flew through it it. This one kept me hanging on until the end. Definitely worth the read!
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This book ended up really surprising me! I had some difficulty getting into it at first, but once I did, it hooked me, and I didn’t see the end coming at all. Jess is a strong female character who realistically makes mistakes along the way, but she doesn’t give up her search for the Magpie Man, the serial killer who murdered her mother. Perfect for fans of mysteries such as A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder.
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Really enjoyed this one, would definitely recommend it to fans of mystery. It did seem a little unrealistic, but so is a teen catching a serial killer.
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There are some things that 14 Ways to Die does very, very right and other things that it misses the mark on. I really loved the premise for this book because I feel like social media and vlogging are great assets to thriller and mystery stories. Some of my favourite delves into the genre have prominently featured those themes and used them as effective story telling devices…which is perhaps my biggest disappointment finishing this book.

The show that Jess is going to participate in is really well set up. We have Jess, who is the child of a woman murdered by an infamous serial killer and four other characters with huge secrets. Each character will get to be live for one day a week and slowly reveal information about themselves. You’re introduced to these four like they matter as they explain their hooks. There’s mystery shrouding one member in particular…and then they basically never matter again. Jess doesn’t really watch their shows or befriend them. They’re quickly written out of the story it almost feels a little ridiculous that they bothered to include them at all. The premise of the book feels like it adds up to nothing.

The pacing is a stronger point. At about four hundred pages that book have over a hundred chapters. This means most of the chapters are quick and easy reads. The book moves quickly from event to event which works heavily in it’s favour managing to keep readers on their toes. I was able to read the book in just a couple of sittings and was entirely engrossed. Ralph did an excellent job of making the scenes exciting.

However, I did feel like the ultimate reveal was anticlimactic. We were given many false starts, some that did ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS things for innocent people to do. I know thrillers and mysteries have to have red herrings but some of these went way too far and it’s to the point where almost every clue isn’t real and there is almost no way to identify the actually murderer before the big reveal. A satisfying mystery should give readers a chance to work it out at the very least.

Ralph’s depiction of grief throughout the story was quite powerful, especially through Jess’s dad. I wish we had focused more on that instead of on the show (which ended up not mattering much) or on some of the other plot threads that seem to amount to nothing. I really loved seeing Jess’s interactions with her father and how the shared loss and grief had shaped their relationship. I also loved seeing the different families who had lost someone in the same way and that’s another aspect of the book I wanted more off.

This is an excellent thriller, and although Jess’s actions throughout the book are dangerous and questionable I believed her as a character. She was desperate to find out what happened to her mother, and though EVERY adult in her life desperately needed to step up, I felt immersed in the story even if the ending didn’t leave me satisfied. For a debut thriller it’s quite strong, but there needed to be more foreshadowing and the premise needed better payoff.
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SO GOOD. The reality-tv angle of this book is a little different, but it is an addictive thriller with great drama. I love when I can't see it coming who the killer is- and this book KILLED IT! I had to keep reading at the end because I felt the anxiety of the character! Will definitely recommend to teens looking for a creepy, graphic thriller.
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I thought this book was alright. I finished it because I wanted to know whodunnit but I didn’t connect to any of the characters and the plot felt fuzzy at times. It was difficult to keep track of the story and I was a little confused in some parts. I do enjoy mystery but it was by far not the best one I’ve read.
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Lovers of Karen McManus Holly Jackson, and E. Lockhart will love this book. Twists and turns with a main character you are footing for. The Magpie Man was making me a little nervous and I had to put it down before bed to keep him from creeping into my nightmares. Great read!
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My problem with this isn't the book, it's me. I'm learning that I am not a thriller reader. Everything about them irritates me. I'm super disappointed that it took an ARC for me to realize this, but thrillers are not my thing.

My main problem with them is that the characters always make terrible decisions. They never think logically. If they hear a weird noise outside, they go investigate, unarmed and unprepared. If they suspect someone, they break into their house, alone and without alerting anyone. This book was no exception. Jess was constantly endangering herself, and her impulsiveness made me angry.

This book did do a great job of keeping the reveal from being obvious. I suspected so many different people, but I was never right. The final reveal was creepy, and took me completely by surprise.

I also loved the concept behind this! The idea of people streaming their lives in a competition for the most views was super interesting, and I really wish it would've played a larger part.

Although this wasn't my type of book, I would still recommend it. I'm just not a thriller reader, which is what this book taught me.

Thanks to Vincent Ralph and Netgalley for providing a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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