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Grumpy/Sunshine trope when a "bad" boy meets a "good" girl. Light hearted and fun romance, a fast paced read.  The characters are likeable and relatable. Entertaining though a little predictable
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The Quick Cut: A boy with a bad boy past and a girl who always does the right thing feel a connection they can't deny. 

A Real Review:
 Thank you to Inkyard Press for providing the ARC for an honest review.   

 Sometimes you feel a pull towards someone you never expected. Chemistry can be finicky and many times unpredictable. For Guillermo and Regan, the chemistry was definitely unexpected. 

 Guillermo is starting over doing time for his third offense. He's in a new town and looking to start all over again, this time on a new path. That new path takes him to a community center where he meets good girl Regan. Regan is buckling under the weight of expectations from others. Can these two find their way out of their troubles? Or will being together lead to more? 

 This is a cute story that I wanted to enjoy more than I did. It has all the elements there to be amazing but just doesn't quite reach it's potential. The opposites attract concept isn't new but the way these two continue to struggle together with their problems makes it interesting. Having the chapters narrated by both Guillermo and Regan definitely increased the storytelling. 

 Unfortunately, this book also came with many issues as well. It's over 400 pages and feels like it. So much material that felt bulky where all I wanted to do was skim to get through it. In addition, I kept wanting to see more of the character's internal struggles. What ended up on the page felt a bit on the surface and left me wanting more.

 A book with good intentions that doesn't reach it's height. 

My rating: 3 out of 5
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Typical story of a good girl who falls for a bad boy, who turns out to be a good person.  I really enjoyed this book even though the storyline was fairly predictable.
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Such a cute story! The bad guy meets nice girl combo is always a favorite. One character is rebellious and one is your typical A student, They are put together to help each other out and begin to grow fond of each other, Very relatable  for young adults for sure. I enjoyed how this book showed both sides of the story as opposed to one perspective. We really got a good feel for what each character was dealing with and it didn't just paint Guillermo as a bad kid because of his past. I enjoyed getting to hear his thoughts and see through his eyes as well. This is different than most books I have read with this type of story line, as the 'bad' character is always made to be so mysterious they usually don't touch on their past until well into the book, but this one was a nice change. I think that so many aspects of the story are relatable to young teens. The way that this story describes the characters thoughts and feelings and also the things that the characters go through with their parents is so relatable. 

This story has a lot of potential to be great but the writing could've been a little stronger. I can tell that this author has a lot of potential and I cannot wait to read more from them in the future.
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That was so cute! What an adorable couple I loved reading from both of their povs. It was a bit a cheesy near the end but still cute <3
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Guillermo and Regan are total opposites. Guillermo is starting fresh in a new school and promises not to engage in any reckless behavior. Regan has always followed the rules, but she isn’t sure that where she is and what she is doing is right for her. Together, they might learn a little something from each other.

This book was fun, cute, and easy to read. I enjoyed being able to want better for both main characters actively. The book is character-driven rather than plot-driven, which I liked - especially because I liked the characters. Overall, the book was an enjoyable read that emphasizes the possibility for change and has a sweet romance!
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A good girl and a bad boy!  The perfect combination. The book started off a little slow, but picked up.  It is a rom com, but it is not as 'fluffy' as some of the other books on the market.  It is very character driven and is written from more than one point of view.   Regan the perfect daughter, never makes a mistake and always follows the dependable.  Guillermo on the other hand is the 'bad boy'.  He is looking for a fresh start and looking to make positive choices with his life.  Regan knows she should stay away, but how could she?  Good for fans of romantic comedy!  Enjoyed this book!
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**Review will be posted on my blog on 6/28/21**

**3.5 STARS**

I Liked:
*Guillermo is the “bad boy”. I really liked watching Guillermo grow and do his best to turn his life around after what happened in his past. I grew up with male cousins with bad tempers who got into lots of fights at school and out of school. There were a few times I thought Guillermo was going to fall into his bad habits but he really came out inspiring others, which is really nice to see.

*Regan is the “good girl”, who listens to her parents, has the mostly popular athlete at school as her boyfriend but she’s basically pleasing everyone else. It takes Guillermo’s friendship to help her realize the things others want for her, isn’t what she wants for herself. It was cool to see her grow from that and stand up for what she wants in the end.

*Malika is an awesome best friend to Regan. I like how she was straight up with her about Troy and she said one thing in the book that I was thinking myself, where she told Regan she didn’t need a guy to be happy. True. As for Guillermo and his friendships, it was a goal his therapist gave him and I think he really did well befriending different types of people like Avery who was awkward and shy, Jenaya who had a bad reputation and Rav, the soccer player. It was a big turn around from the kinds of friends he had in the past.

*I liked seeing Regan and Guillermo’s relationships with their parents. Regan’s parents are more supportive but she really had to speak up for herself. Guillermo’s parents are wary of him but eventually they see he is really trying to do the right thing.

*Regan and Guillermo have chemistry and like Regan says, he asks for permission and what SHE wants. I can see why Regan falls for him!

Random Notes:
*Triggers: family pressures, violence

*Story was slow in some parts especially with the Troy/Regan/Guillermo triangle.
Troy is a star athlete and on the outside, he and Regan have the perfect relationship. But in their relationship it definitely isn’t perfect. I wasn’t invested in their relationship from just the way he treats her from the beginning and wished they would just break up since we know Guillermo is who she wants. But their relationship drama drags on, I get that Regan wasn’t someone who stood up for herself though…until Troy messes up. It isn’t an easy thing to break up sometimes, especially when families are invested in the relationship too!

Final Thoughts:
The main message I got from this story is that people can change and that’s a great message. I love that Guillermo really had a lot of ground to make up for his mistakes, but he does it for his family and for himself. On the other side, Regan finally figures out what she wants because someone (Guillermo) finally asks her what she wants. That’s important too – as parents, we want the best for our child and even want to lay the path out for them but we have to listen to what they want also. And lastly, the message of consent is so relevant as well. I think this is a story many young adults can learn from!
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Arc provided by netgalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review
W0w. For a book that started off really slow, I actually need up enjoying it so much more than I thought I would, What I dislike about a lot of romances is that they are plot rather than character-driven, and that is not the case in this book. 
This book follows Guillermo, who has just gotten out of juvie and is on probation, determined not to waste his fresh start, and Regan who is the perfect daughter, student, and girlfriend but all the pressure that ends leaves Regan feeling lost ad wanting more. The book chronicles their relationship together and what I love about this book is first, the emphasis on consent and respect in relationships, two, the fact they both feel the need to grow and develop before starting a relationship, and three, the theme of second chances. 
So yes, while it was slow at first, this book really picked up and turned into a wonderful romance with great character development and an ending leaving the reader with hope.
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Another great romance where the good girl falls for the "bad" boy. This time it is bit more complicated when your probation supervisor at the community center you have been court ordered to work in happens to be your crush's mother. Regan has the perfect life and the perfect high school quarterback boyfriend on the outside. Guillermo is a boy trying to start over in a new town and a new school. When the two meet, Regan realizes that the perfect guy may be the one who is actually a little broken. I really liked this story for it's look into family relationships and how people can turn their life around. I think that it will give a vote of confidence to those who find themselves in similar situations and how things can be different. Thank you to the author, publisher and NetGalley for a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Regan is the perfect daughter, perfect student, perfect girlfriend. Her life is set out for her. But what if it isn't what she wants?
Guillermo is on probation and determined to not waste his fresh start.
Regan teaches Guillermo that he's not a monster, and Guillermo teaches Regan to stand up for herself and take her life back.
The odds are against them, but they're determined to take their lives back.

This is an own voices story and I appreciated everything about it. I liked the characters, the writing, and the story. I was rooting for Guillermo to realize his worth and for Regan to take her life back. It was a cute story that made me happy.

It was a typical high school romance and I had a fun time reading it,
3.5 rounded up
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Loved, loved this book about Guillermo (Memo) trying to win his family’s trust after being in detention and is now on probation. As he make friends, Memo realizes forgiveness won’t be easy. He meets Regan while working on probation, but there’s a problem with that. Regan also has a serious boyfriend who is starting to cause problems. As  Memo deals with some issues as he tries to win everyone’s respect, he sees that he needs to learn from the past, grow from it and be stronger.
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arc provided by netgalley for an honest review

The Right Side of Reckless is your classic good girl and bad boy romance with several twists. After one big mistake, Guillermo is put on parole and his family has to move to start fresh while Guillermo works on his community service. Meanwhile Regan is the sweet friend and sister who is always there to help, girlfriend of the star football player and…her mother is Guillermo’s advisor. 

We have two characters that seem like polar opposites but also relate in so many ways but along with Regan having a boyfriend, her mother constantly reminds Guillermo that her daughter is off limits and with Guillermo’s history he agrees with her reminders and works on himself.

What I really loved is how they both have their own friend groups and operate lives that do not revolve around one another. Guillermo is working on himself while making new friendships and acts as a mentor for many of them, including Regan’s younger brother. Meanwhile Regan is working on her own self discovery and releasing herself both from peer pressure (especially from her shitty boyfriend) and from her parents’ high expectations. 

Grandison wrote Regan’s boyfriend as the seemingly perfect guy who really did not care about her but has strong ties to her family so while it felt hideous by how long their relationship has lasted, it felt very realistic. While this book was overall very fluffy, it did deal with lots of topics that teenagers struggle with and I thought it was a beautiful combination. 

I would recommend this to lovers of romance, girl next-door trope, good girl x bad boy trope, and found family trope.
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Everything Whitney D Grandison writes, I wanna read. She turns a YA love story into a book I cannot put down. The Right Side of Reckless is exactly that. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ The story follows Guillermo, a boy just released from Juvi who is trying to put his life back together and Regan, a girl who is living a life that others created for her. Will Regan learn to speak up for herself and will Guillermo be able to do the right thing and learn from his past mistakes? 
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This was a mostly fun read with some John Hughes vibes! (Yay!!)

The Right Side of Reckless is a dual first-person POV centered around good girl Reagan London and in-the-process-of-reforming "bad boy" Guillermo Lozano. Reagan is stuck in her life and Guillermo is trying to dig himself out of the probations hole he dug himself into. I liked both of the leads for the most part, especially since the two leads aren't the typical bad boy/good girl. Guillermo has done a few things in his past, but he genuinely wants to become a better person and leave the bad stuff in his past. "Good girl," Reagan London isn't a straight A student. 

The relationship between the two leads starts out as an almost-friendship/Guillermo trying to stay away from Reagan (as he kind of is going through a NO GIRLS phase as part of his path to reformation). Part of the reason for this is Troy, Reagan's boyfriend, who I wanted gone by the end of chapter two. And it ended up working for the plot and being a good read, which was surprising as I was expecting something a little different (more enemies to lovers) than what ended up happening.

All in all, it's the characters that really shine in this novel. The side characters have won me over (and I'm hoping a few pop up as main characters in books of their own). The unlikely lunch time friendship between Guillermo, Avery (Reagan's introverted younger brother), and Jenaya (the tough school pariah) quickly became one of my favorite parts. (Here's hoping that Jenaya and Avery get their own books). 

Overall, I really liked this novel, and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for Whitney D. Grandison's next novels. The Right Side of Reckless was a sweet romance that acknowledged the darkness that some teens struggle with, but it didn't let the darkness take over the story. There was enough room for hope and romance, and I really enjoyed reading this gem!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Inkyard Press for an eARC of The Right Side of Wrong! I really appreciated it!
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Bad boy meets descent girl who never does anything wrong! Polar opposites premise, enemies to friends and friends to lovers theme plus boiling, tempting chemistry! Sign me in! This promising formulation always widens my smile and warms my ice cold blood who are getting tougher each day after binge reading mind bending thrillers! I need urgent romance cure to brighten my pitch black mood! 

Firstly the most important thing for me at romance readings are characters and second one is chemistry. Thankfully this book passed two of my likable romance necessities tests! 

I loved our hero! If I  would give grades for only Guillermo, I could give five stars : my feelings for him can be defined as love at first chapter! 

He is on parole, serving for community service because he made wrong choices, suffering from mistakes he’s made and I have to emphasize with him: he is doing his best to learn from them to a better man and build a new life for himself! He’s truly trying it! So you need to appreciate his efforts as you read his POV and inner fights with his demons! He’s too irresistible and sweet to get angry at! 

  Regan was more like a people pleaser and insecure, playing by the rules, never crosses the lines! 

  I loved to witness how the characters improve themselves by discovering their hidden capabilities and learning to listen to their hearts! 

  Only thing that bothered me and made me lower my points was Troy and Regan’s way too much long relationship. From the beginning we want to see Guillermo and Reagan together and there was unnecessary angst and irritating love triangle theme which pissed me off. I wanted to scream at Reagan : “are you blind? You’re not gonna be happy with this guy. It’s so obvious he’s not your end game! “  Her indecisiveness bothered me a lot but eventually she found the right way, didn’t she? 

 So I’m rounding up 3.5 stars to 4 Bad boys, whatcha want gonna do When sheriff John Brown come for you stars! 

 I absolutely liked this book more than the author’s previous work! It’s descent, solid recommendation for the feel good, soft-sweet-swoon, enemies to lovers theme lovers! 

Special thanks to NetGalley and Inkyard Press for sharing this digital reviewer copy with me in exchange my honest opinions.
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As soon as I saw this on Netgalley, I knew I would love it. I was praying I'd get accepted, and thankfully, I did! I was in the mood for a fluffy romance, so this was everything I was looking for!

After making a final mistake, Guillermo is put on parole, and set to community service. Never having made a mistake, Regan is his exact opposite. Sometimes though, opposites attract, and sparks fly. Despite people determined to keep them apart, Guillermo and Regan are willing to play a bit recklessly to have their chance.

When I was going into this, I knew it was going to be a bad boy x good girl romance. There's nothing wrong with that, I love that trope. What I hadn't expected, was how different this would read when compared to similar romances. Most "bad boys" drink, smoke, or even kill. Guillermo on the other hand, had just made a few mistakes. I loved the fresh take, and I loved Guillermo!

If I had to choose one thing to rave about regarding The Right Side of Reckless, it would be the character development. This was on point!! Guillermo started out the book questioning himself and questioning his relationships. By the end of it, he has worked to change, and started on a better path. I loved how respectful he was, it was refreshing.

Regan on the other hand, started out the book insecure and willing to bend to other's expectations. By the end, she had found herself, and was confident. I loved her, and I loved watching her sort out her relationships.

My one complaint about this would be the amount of time it took for Regan to decide to break up with Troy. By the midway point, I was somewhat tired of him. It wasn't a major complaint, but it did hold the book back a little.

And, I respect Grandison so much for straying away from having her characters cheat. I've read so many romances in which the characters cheat because their partner just "isn't right for them" or they don't want to break it to them. It was so nice to read characters who respected each other, who waited for the current relationships to be broken off before they started exploring what could be.

This was my first book by Whitney Grandison, but it's definitely not my last! I loved the emphasis on family, and how she shows that people can change, that a single mistake doesn't define you. This was an adorable romance, and definitely something I see myself rereading!
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