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The Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy

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When I read the first book of this trilogy a few years ago I remember saying that it felt like it could be the first self-help book that might actually help, and that is true for the other two books as well. So many books over complicate things, especially when it comes to art or just simply doing, but these really keep it short and to the point. It's not overanalyzing the subjects or the readers and their habits when it comes to working (or showing their work), it just states the facts in a "this is what I think you should know" manner.
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These audiobooks were fantastic! I appreciate all the important lessons Austin Kleon had to share within each of his books. These books are short and cover important reminder that should be listened to each year for a reminder. Maybe it was the app but there were multiple technically glitches transitioning from one chapter to the next. Overall, I am grateful for these books.
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Wow, I really was drawn into this and enjoyed the little sparks of wisdom Austin Kleon provided in this audio trilogy! It was particularly relevant to me, as I am an artist and art teacher who has not been finding time to make my own art nearly often enough. Listening to the audio of Kleon's three books truly inspired me to seek out work of other artists I can learn more from, create work of my own to share, and ways to stay motivated to continue creating.
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Found the narration quick moving and suited well to a mash-up of books. I enjoyed the to-the-point lessons and stories but overall, didn’t find it to be as revolutionary as I imagined.
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Having read Steal Like and Artist in the past, I was excited to get to hear this and the author's two later works in audio format. The first book is still inspiring, though in me second read it felt more bland, and the second and third books didn't really do it for me. They felt more like a haphazard jumble of advice than an inspirational work. 
Another thing that turned me off was the unnecessary gendering of random examples ('when an artist does x, he...') While the examples were split fairly evenly between 'he' and 'she', I still found it jarring, and would end up thinking the narrator was trying to bring to mind a specific person instead of a placeholder.
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I already own all three of these books in print, but I couldn't resist the audio. The printed books have a lot of visual elements that are of course absent here. But, I still found it amazing. The short sections, quotations, and conversational tone make it perfect for listening to in short bits. I say short bits because then you'll need to take the time to reflect on what Kleon has said. And, amazingly enough, the audio has made me want to go back and reread all the print books. Highly recommended!

Review copy provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy by Austin Kleon

4.5 stars! And 3 books in one so... I’ll count this as 3. 😂 Right? 

I enjoyed the first book, Steal Like an Artist before and read it every so often when I need some ideas to let the creative juices out.  So when the opportunity to listen to the author read out all 3 books, I jumped at the chance - and thankfully was granted a copy.

It’s a good listen for creative people and those who want to inject more creativity in their life. And to keep going beyond that, though I may not make art my bread and butter. But see, that’s the author’s point. Art can be made anyhow, anywhere, and usually is a hint of someone else’s work. And it’s meant to be shared.  Not hidden away in your drawer or simply thrown away. It’s full of little gems and practical tips and tidbits from  other artists that are really interesting. 

The book, rather the books in the trilogy are very visual and to me, appealing. So while this doesn’t have the same effect audio-wise, i think it’s a good comparison to the books. It’s something you can keep on your phone and return to, easily. 

Do your art, share your work and just keep going, keep doing the stuff, the art you make that feeds your soul. And if it grows or you want it to grow, here’s some helpful things to remember. 

Thank you NetGalley and Workman Audio for the copy of this audiobook. I enjoyed it a lot!
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As an artist and creative human on the internet, The Steal Like an Artist Audio Trilogy felt like it was tailored directly to me and my life.

The audiobook was a quick listen, and I enjoyed Austin Kleon's narration. Full of short, pithy tips, this trilogy aims to inspire and motivate fellow creatives to get out of their own way. The last book in the trilogy, Keep Going, was by far the most impactful for me, and I found myself pausing to write notes to revisit them later!

I will say that there is an occurrence of the inappropriate use of the term schizophrenic outside of its medical context, which will likely be offensive to some readers and, I believe, should be removed as it is not accurate and contributes to the overall tendency to misuse terms related to mental illness.  I was quite shocked to hear it, and it put me off continuing to listen for a few days.

Overall, this is a great reminder to creatives everywhere that the best tool they have is their own creativity and hard work.  I would definitely recommend this to other creative people in my life!
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Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me the opportunity to listen to this audiobook. Austin Kleon's book Steal Like and Artist has been on my to read list for quite some time. I enjoy hearing people's thoughts on creativity and it was cool to discover the author had written two other books that I would have the chance to hear here.

Although I am sure the audiobook experience was different from the book with Austin's illustrations (which I plan to seek out), I loved how Austin quoted so many creative souls to share his points and process. His use of his reading life in his creative process was cool to see in such a concrete and useful way. Beyond that there were a ton of great ideas that I enjoyed thinking about and hope to apply to my own creative work. This is the perfect audiobook for the daily commute or to listen to while running errands, and it's one I will likely return to when I need to reset or reflect on what I hope accomplish or just plain dream up.
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This is an audio trilogy that consists of three separate audiobooks: Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going. I liked this audiobook a lot. The author Austin Kleon shares useful tips on how to be creative, how to find an audience for your work, and how to stay creative. I would recommend it to all types of artists and creatives.

Thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to listen to this! All opinions are my own.
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This was a very motivating and interesting collection of artistic advice.  It has me wanting to create the space to be creative again.  Although it was broken up into bite size chapters and aphorisms, it was a bit overwhelming.  I wonder if combining all three books into one audio book was the best strategy from a usability standpoint.  Still, there was a lot of good advice here to steal.
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I’ve been a fan of Austin’s art, perspective and generosity with his process for a few years now. These audiobooks (read by author) are just as encouraging and friendly as his online presence. Hopeful and encouraging, even for those who don’t make art.

Free ARC from publisher via NetGalley, but the opinions are my own.
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Austin Kleon is known for three smart books about being an artist: Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going. Now, all three of them are together in one audio book narrated by the author. If you or anyone you know is wanting to make art, make more art, make better art, or have more fun doing it, then these books are filled with helpful lists to inspire you and keep you on track. 

Steal Like an Artist is up first, so that you can learn to make art by stealing from the artists who inspire you. You can use your hands and your hobbies, take al the different parts of you and put them together to help you find your voice. And as you learn to do good work and share it with the world, you find others who are like-minded (or at least like-spirited, curious and kind). Steal Like an Artist offers a roadmap to help you find your art and your voice while keeping your life in balance. 

Show Your Work is about getting your work done and putting it out there. It’s about taking one small step every day until your progress is a complete project. Kleon talks about making quality work and then sharing it with the world. Whether you share what you know through teaching, by sharing it on the internet, by writing, or drawing, or taking photos, or by cooking or crafting or any way that you can, Kleon emphasizes how sharing your creative efforts can open up doors to new ideas, new friends, and new opportunities. And he gives you a whole new perspective on selling out. 

And in Keep Going, he talks about finding ways to keep yourself inspired, no matter how hard it gets. He compares being an artist with being in the movie Groundhog Day, that every day starts to feel the same. You have to find ways to keep moving forward. You have to find your own happiness and pay attention to the right things. Make gifts for others, change your mind, tidy up (unless you need the inspiration that comes from making a mess), and go for a walk. 

Austin Kleon writes the books he needs. When he needed to solidify what it takes to live a creative life, he started writing it down. When he was trying to figure out how to get discovered and what success means to him, he wrote it down. When he needed inspiration to keep plodding along, he wrote it down. And then he did the thing he encourages other authors to do—he shares his wisdom with others. 

If you’re already a fan of his and know his books for their spirited designs, then you may be put off by the idea of an audio book. But with this audio book, you get the words in the voice of the author himself. There is a special value in hearing Kleon himself read his work that can’t be found in the printed books. To get the full experience of his wisdom and whimsy, I’d recommend getting both the audio and the print (or ebook) versions of these books. 

If you know a young artist, or a struggling artist, this audio book might be the perfect gift to help them get started, or to find their groove again. Or maybe you want more creativity in your own life. It’s great for that too. This audio trilogy is a great way to add some more heart to your life and to share it with others. Read these, share these, and be creative every day. 

A copy of the audiobook was provided by Workman Audio through NetGalley, with many thanks.
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Having had the pleasure of hearing Austin Kleon speak in person, I can say that listening to his audiobooks are the next best thing.

Steal Like an Artist, Show Your Work, and Keep Going are all essential reads (or in this case listens) for anyone creative...and I'd argue that is all of us (whether you've realized how creative you are or not). Whether you're in the flow or feeling stuck, Kleon has a wealth of bite-size and easily-digestible pieces of wisdom that we can all benefit from.

Stealing Like an Artist is all about creative curation of ideas and concepts, then remixing them to make them your own. This concept has a much broader application than just visual art, so I encourage you to think about the variety of applications you might be able to find for this advice. Kleon also talks about starting before you're ready, which is a concept I wish I'd come to much earlier in life. If you wait until you feel ready you'll never start anything, so you have to fake it till you make it and figure out the bits you need to along the way.

Show Your Work is about embracing being an amateur. There is freedom in it, and if you wait until you're a master it will be too late, or you'll never start at all. It also talks about embracing (and sharing) the process. That's where the real joy is, and it is messy, and how you will find your voice, discover what you love, and ultimately help you along your journey. Show Your Work isn't all philosophy though, it also has practical advice on building up a library of work, finding a good domain name etc.

Keep Going really wraps up this trio of books nicely by talking about how to keep being creative through the good times and the bad. It's full of wisdom and advice to help even the most seasoned artist or creative. Find your muses, know what pulls you out of a rut, surround yourself with beauty, and most importantly learn how to say no to things.
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I love hearing authors read their own books. His voice is pleasant and the audio was great.

This was my first time through any of the books in this series and they were great. There is a  lot of great inspiration in them and they really make you realize how connected we all really are. Not what I was expecting but it was a pleasant surprise.
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Interesting audio read by the author himself.
At first I had a copy that wasn't working correctly for all the chapters but before I could do anything I received a new download that was working.
The book gives advice to creatives, not all points are new to me. But you can benefit from hearing them again and see them in another light.

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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5 stars to the audiobook.
I had the e-books but I didn't need them as I thought I would.
This audiobook was made a little differently from the printed copies so, we the readers can get the full experience and benefit from the visual ideas without seeing them. This audiobook can work separately without the printed copies, very smart.
I liked the ideas, though, to me, they were a given. To me, they felt more motivational than educational.
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I really enjoyed this. I have a hardcopy of one of these books the I purchased years ago and I really enjoyed being able to listen to the rest of the series on audiobook. They are very encouraging for any artist or creative.
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I received a copy of this audiobook from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I experienced multiple technical issues with the audiobook, where several chapters were unplayable. I was sent another copy, but there were still several unplayable chapters. I reported this and was told to wait for further instructions, but never heard back. Therefore, I was unable to listen to Chapter 2 in Steal Like An Artist, and everything from Chapter 5 onwards in Keep Going. Therefore, this review is based on an incomplete reading of the trilogy.

Overall, I really enjoyed this compilation of the three books. I think they did a great job of transforming what are very visual books into an audio version. The author offers some great, practical advice to many relatable struggles in creativity. I thought the author made interesting points about the metrics of creativity, and I appreciated the balanced approach to advocating getting offline, alongside acknowledging the benefits of using online methods to share your work.

I didn't like the little inserts of Christianity in the book, including a quote from the pastor of a megachurch. As a non-Christian, I felt that this alienated me from the core message of the section, and I don't feel that the religious elements added value to the book itself.

In summary, I think this trilogy is definitely worth a listen. I'm disappointed about the technical issues, but I got to listen to most of the chapters, so I feel confident recommending this audiobook.
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This is the kind of book you back to over and over again. What's interesting is his points are ground-breaking necessarily. (I mean, he is advocating "stealing like an artist" so I think it's obvious he is aware of this fact!!) But the WAY that he communicates them is flat out eye opening and inspiring. It's the kind of book that sets the book for pure creativity. Like, if I had time, I would read parts of this before every writing session!
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