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When I scrolled through the READ NOW section of Netgalley I found He Said Always by Ruth Cardello. 
The cover got my attention and when I read the blurb I HAD to get it! Ha! 
And now that I finished it I'm the happiest person in the world! This book was the perfect distraction I needed! 
He Said Always is the wooooooonderful love story of Teagan and Gian! 
I loved their chemistry right from the start!! Awwww! They got me goose bumps EVERYWHERE! I LOVED how they treated each other! 
I also loved all the characters in this book! And I wanted to be part of this big awesome family!!
Of course I fell in love with Teagan because she's such a special, intelligent and strong woman! 
Aaaand then there's GIAN! OH MY GOODNESS! I wouldn't be able to resist this haaaandsome Italian! Who would want that, right?! LOL 
SO I LOVED this book because of the wonderful chemistry between the main characters and their development through the book. It was nothing too dramatic and I liked that a lot! 
A lot of sexy banter and romantic moments and seeeexy times! 
I really really really ENJOYED this book!! 
Thank you so much Ruth Cardello, Montlake and Netgalley for this ARC. 

♡ This is my honest review. All words are my own. ♡
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If you're a fan of this author, the Corisi family, and their additional lineage, you will likely love this new series and follow right along with the new family connections in this story.

In this book, Gian makes a bet with his niece and sets off on a quest to find additional family members. That quest leads them to a print shop. There, Gian meets Teagan, the shop owner (not the relative).

The relationship between Gian and Teagan happens at the speed of light. While I thought the first encounter had tons of potential and there were definite sparks, it quickly catapulted into talks of forever. And I found myself struggling at times. There was an undeniable physical attraction (and tons of heat in this story), but I wanted more time for that emotional connection to develop between them. Especially since Teagan had a hard time being honest with Gian about her secret AI project.

Technically, this book can be read as a standalone. But it is important to note that it is linked to the Corisi Billionaires series and others, so it's easy to get lost (and overwhelmed) with the interconnected storylines and the massive cast of secondary characters.

/I received an advanced edition of this book via NetGalley. This did not affect my opinion of the book or content of my review./
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This is another spin-off of previous series by Ms. Cardello and I must say, if it's been awhile since you read the other series as it's been for me, you may become a bit confused and overwhelmed by all the characters.   Teagan and Gian have chemistry in spades but there were so many side stories and so many secondary characters that I kind of lost the "romance" I was looking for in the storyline.  It was a good read, but not an incredible read for me.  Just my opinion so don't let it keep you from giving it a shot because I've enjoyed Ms. Cardello's writing in the past.  I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC for NetGalley.
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I was disappointed, I was expecting so much more. It left me wanting more but not in the good way. It was still fine, a quick and easy read.
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Teagan and Gian have such a fabulous love story!

I loved this book so much!  It starts off strong, with Teagan utilizing her software (reminiscent of "The Machine" from Person of Interest) to put a snooping Judy in her place, right after sending Gian packing because of his all-too-apparent interest in her best friend, Riley.  Teagan is quick to suspect but Gian isn't put off by her defensiveness so much as he's intrigued by everything about her.  

Gian is trying to get to the truth about possible half-siblings for Dominic, which ends up being much bigger than he suspected.  I loved how his heartwarming and frank relationship with his father gave him the confidence and direction to approach Dominic in a way that smoothed over all the potential landmines.  

This story picks up about eight years after the previous series that focused on Gian's three older brothers.  Having read those will inform and add depth to this story, but are not entirely necessary as this book does stand well on its own.  As much as it's about the multi-layered extended Corisi family, it truly is a romance at heart.  Gian and Teagan have a very intense, very complex journey to their HEA and I loved every bit of it.  

If you've read any of the author's earlier works about the Corisi family, you don't want to miss this one.  I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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I really liked the story and the characters, I couldn't put it down, so I had to read it in one sitting.
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Excellent story.  I've missed a couple of the books in this series and will go back and get them.  I love Gian and  Teagan's story.  She was working by herself on a secret AI project and he was beyond smart but hadn't decided what he wanted to work on - well, he did work on sex toys, but knew his family wouldn't understand.   We got to visit Dominic again and his brothers.  They all have such a good relationship.  Gian taught Teagon little tricks to having a better relationship with her family also.  The characters in these stories are so real and it make you want to be parrt of their lives.  Again, excellent story and I recommend
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I've been dying for Gian's story since meeting him in the Corisis Billionaires series and I can officially say his book was well worth the wait. He and Teagan made a great couple and I loved the added intrigue of learning what Teagan was working on. There were also some more secrets from the Corisi family coming out that kept the book really interesting and had me captivated.

I do think the ending was a little rushed and I was hoping for some more scenes of Gian while on his new professional path, but overall I loved his character and his story. I can't wait to see what the next book will have in store for us.
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I am a big fan of the author and I have loved all her different series. This is a new series but its very connected to her other series so I don't really think it stands alone. 

It starts with the Legacy Collection which introduces Dom in Maid for a Billionaire. Then he marries and has kids and  he and his daughter Judy join the Corisi Billionaires series and now we get a book for Gian in the first book in the Corisi Lost Heirs series.  Gian is Dom's newly discovered brother and he and Judy go on a quest to find more Corisi family members. That brings them to Teagan who is best friends with Kal and Riley, the lost heirs.

This is a romance between Teagan who feels that Riley is her sister from another mother and she is very afraid of what this will do to her best friend. On the other hand her and Gian fall hard for each other. They have to manuever this very complicated relationship and the family ties that connect them all.

I highly enjoyed the story and cannot wait to read more about Kal and Riley.
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I loved this. I love that this series is still going with the next generation and still split over multiple authors and absolutely nothing is lost. 

Gian has a particularly complicated past, enough to send anyone off the rails, however he is very much grounded. I loved his interactions with Dominic; once his dad once again gave him food for thought. Seeing Judy all grown was nice, and her and Gian are more like siblings that uncle and niece. 
Teagan was a great strong female character, made strong by Gians love and unwavering support. She accepts him fully just as he is even when he feels he has to hide his true self from others. I loved that, especially as he didn’t even realise that at the start, he just kept spilling his deepest darkest secrets to her. Their sexual attraction was off the charts and his desire to chart orgasms to enhance sexual pleasure was certainly a nice unexpected twist.
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I thought Teagan's character was interesting with the work she was doing on countering facial recognition technology. The world the story is built in is also complex since it comes from a number of other stories. I found the first person past tense writing distracting. It doesn't usually bother me, but with all the background information, this tense made it constantly feel like the characters (its dual POV) were trying to get me to keep up with this backstory rather than just have the plot flow.
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I've always enjoyed Ms. Cordello's books and I've followed this series since it began, so I was glad to see Gian's  story and the AI angle in a romance genre book was a first for me.Teagan and Gian happen to meet through a series of circumstances not entirely of their making but speared on by a bet.I felt the connection between them immediately and reveled in their getting to know each other.We get to see into the soul of the main characters , experiencing their real ,raw emotions that others around them are not privy to.We see the protectiveness for the people they love and enjoy glimpses into the capabilities of the futuristic artificial intelligence being developed.We see trust being relearned and put into action, we see fidelity demonstrated in friendships, we feel the heartache when life-altering secrets are revealed and we see misconceptions and fears put to bed.This book takes you through a gamut of emotions without the heaviness associated with said sentiments.Pacing was on  target and the dialogue engaging and mysterious.The ending was satisfying and left the door open for introduction to more of the Corisi family.
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Gian Romano and his niece, Judy Corisis, wonder if her father could possibly have any other Corisis Family members out there in the world, and the two make a bet to see who can locate them first. They independently learn of the Ragsdale Twins, Riley and Kal, and each is directed to Riley’s job at a printing shop owned by her best friend Teagan Becket, who turns out to be as interesting as the discovery of these new Corisis. 

Gian and Teagan are immediately attracted to each other. A mistaken reaction to Riley from Gian is misinterpreted by Teagan so that gives Gian some difficulty in getting to know her. Once that obstacle has been tackled, Gian has to explain to Teagan his reason for visiting her shop and hope she doesn’t send him packing.

To Teagan, the Ragsdales are more than just her friends, they are her family and she will do whatever it takes to protect them. Even from the infamous Dominic Corisis. Once the twins learn of their new family their reactions vary. Riley is interested in getting to know the Corisis, but Kal would prefer not to. I’m curious as to how their stories will go.

This was a quick read and I enjoyed it. The characters were all likable, the dialogue was good, and the pace was good. The only issue I have, I felt like not enough focus was actually on Gian and Teagan; it was their story, but I don’t think I got enough of “them”. More Gian and Teagan would have made this a four-star read. The storyline seemed to be heavy on Dominic at times and his relationships with Gian’s family. There are a lot of references to other couples from past books which I know gives more of Dominic’s story, but I think it may also give more insight on Gian. I’ve read most of them, but I think I may have missed a few. I wouldn’t suggest reading this as a standalone. To get the full effect of the Romano’s and the Corisis’ connections I would suggest reading the previous books.
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A new series involving the Corisi family who have appeared in other books by Ruth Cardello. 
Whilst the books can be read as standalone it helps to have read the others and know the characters. 
An easy to read romance with good storylines and well developed new characters. I liked the development of the relationship between Teagan and Gian. He is the perfect hero. 
3.5 stars
Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review.
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This is book one in The Post Corisis Series and it is Gian and Teagan's story and omg what a amazing start to this new series. Teagan is a force to be reckoned with in the IT world but she hid behind her work and no one except her best friend knew what she did as she did it behind the scenes as she was all for protecting things and people that we hope read to us and she absolutely loved what she did and her Print Shop was the perfect front. When Gian walked in to the Print Shop he couldn't believe his reaction and instant attraction to the woman behind the counter and he wanted to see her again but things don't always go as planned as he has a reason to be there and that was to find more of Dominic Corisis relations. When Gian discovered that there were more people related to them all the families are put to the test and some are happy and some are not but what will happen to Gian and Teagan as they are right in the middle of everything and with the chemistry between them being so strong will it be enough for them or will it divide them in there loyalty to others and what will happen when she reveals her secret to Gian. Omg what a lot of twist and turns and the characters and storyline pulled you in right from the first page and I couldn't put this book down and it was so addictive. Ruth Cardello is an amazing author and writer and I have read nearly everyone of her books and she certainly knows how to keep her reader's attention. I definitely recommend you read this book and others by her you will definitely not be disappointed.
I Voluntarily Reviewed an Arc Copy of this Amazing Book.
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Found the characters irritating and the story line repetitive. Couldn't make myself sit down to read any more

could not finish 

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4 stars

He Said Always by Ruth Cardello is a good read.

The storyline is well written, I found it entertaining and held my interest from start to end.
Gian and Teagan are likable, passionate character's that I enjoyed getting to know and I was happy they were able to find their happily ever after.

Overall, He Said Always is a solid start to The Lost Corisis series, looking forward to reading more.

*Thank you to the publisher via Netgalley for the advance copy.*
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A bet with his niece to find more Corisis lands Gian at Teagans shop, and he is instantly enamored. 
I loved Gian and Teagan together, they are a perfect fit for each other. And the chemistry between them is off the charts hot. 
I have enjoyed the previous books in the series and this is a perfect addition.
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He Said Always by Ruth Cardello a four-star read that will hopefully lead to more. This is number one in the Lost Corsis series and hopefully the rest of the series will have a better start. This was a great second half of the novel, but it was let down by the first few chapters, it took me so long to get into, so if you struggle at first, do not let it put you off. Keep going as it gets very good. If you have read the other series by this author then this is a must read, but if you haven’t it may be worth checking them out first.
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Well, talk about disappointment. I loved how it started–with Teagan’s secret project and the reasons behind it, and Gian’s very special interest–but those elements quickly became no more than excuses for unnecessary conflicts–between Teagan and Gian, and between Gian and his family. The rest is just sunshine and rainbows. I think I lost a tooth from all the sugar.

Not familiar with the author’s work, I was overwhelmed by all the side characters and side stories from other books–the family tree looks complicated. As a new reader, it felt like a sampler menu to make me read her other books, while Gian and Teagan’s romance took a back seat.

A romance that I had the hardest time to see. Though their first meeting was cute and sexy, I couldn’t see anything beyond attraction, and yet, according to the characters, they instantly become the love of each other’s life. They barely speak, they have almost no contact outside the bedroom, but they talk marriage and kids after a few days. I didn’t buy it.

All in all, I felt like I was shown what the book could be just before hiding it back behind family stuff that I didn’t care about. It was one of those books that only regular reader of the author can really enjoy.


- Series: The lost Corisis #1 (can be read as a standalone, but linked to two other series by the same author)
- Hashtags: #billionaire romance #instalove #geek #italian family
- Triggers: mention of past domestic abuse and possible assassination
- Main couple: Teagan Becket & Gian Romano
- Hotness: 4/5
- Romance: 2/5
- + Teagan and Gian’s peculiar interests and hobbies were quite original and interesting
- – I saw the spark, but I didn’t get how it became love and devotion
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