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This one was a love hate relationship. I loved the first book but this one just didn't hold up to what I was looking for.  I wanted to love the story and finish out this tale but it just didn't work out.  I loved the setting and the conclusion but overall it just didn't work out at all.
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I was excited to be able to pick up book two of the Night Spinner series by Addie Thorley.  I will admit that I had to go back to book one to get caught up on where things left off before diving in and I'm glad I did as it was a great reminder of Enebish's story and how things wrapped in that book.  

Enebish is in a tough spot with taking a stand against the Sky King and when her only allies, the shepherds, begin to doubt her, things become more difficult than they already are.  I loved how Serik was the one person who helped Enebish keep her balance and the development of their relationship was really well done. 

We also got to see how things are going for Commander Ghoa and when she is abandoned by her fellow warriors, she ends up being held captive by the Zemyan sorcerer Kartok where she learns more about his ambitions and what he is truly up to.  

As Ghoa and Enebish cross paths again, they come to realize they need to work together to save their people and themselves.  I enjoyed this book and thought Thorley did a great job with wrapping this series up.  If you're looking for a YA Fantasy to pick up, grab this series.
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The sequel to Night Spinner, Sky Breaker picks up where we left off with Enebish after she was betrayed by everyone she knew. On the run with the shepherds and hiding out as they try to find King Minoak and take back the kingdom. 

In the first book, Enebish is a disgraced warrior after she used her powers to kill innocent people during a battle. That is, until we find out she didn't kill anybody, her adoptive sister, Ghoa, did. Enebish tries to take down the Sky King and release the nation from his clutches, but is betrayed by her partner and outlaw, Temujin. Now, she has to find King Minoak, the rightful king, to bring balance back into the world. 

To start off this book, I do not like Enebish as a character. At all. I didn't like her in book 1 and I liked her even less in book 2. In book 1, she went from being this fierce warrior, a girl who took no crap, to a sniffling, cry baby. Like she just turns into a puddle at any inconvenience, and it was annoying. And she compared her current self to her old self so much it made it even more dramatic and even worse. Then you add that she becomes this paranoid, controlling person in the sequel and I had to tap out. I was not interested in listening to her anxious thoughts or constantly undermining everyone around her. If it wasn't for Serik, her best friend, I'm sure everyone would have left her by now and she would be in big trouble. 

Then we add in Ghoa's point of view, which was interesting, but she's also a character I do not like and can't relate with. Getting into her head made the book even worse, even though it did give insight on what was going on in the city. I only got 34% into the book and I didn't want to read further, at all. I've noticed my tolerance for books I don't like is going down and I'm becoming less afraid to DNF books recently, which is probably why I just couldn't find the motivation to finish this, even though I probably would have a year ago. 

Based on other reviews I've read, a lot of people have had similar issues with the characters. Enebish and Ghoa are not interesting characters to read, in my opinion. And they're not great anti-heroes in my opinion either. One is bossy, controlling, paranoid, and the other is a ruthless jerk, who is obsessed with pride and revenge. And while I am a bossy and controlling person, I also know when to trust people and hand over the reins, unlike Enebish. 

Plus, the book took a HUGE turn in the beginning that I was not expecting and I wasn't a fan. It just seemed like a convenient way to change the plot instead of going with the original storyline. I won't spoil anything, but the original villain is just tossed aside for a new villain who we kind of know a little bit about, but also not really, because they weren't the focus in the first book. And the way the original villain was disposed of was so ... not original. 

I just have a lot of issues with this book and ultimately, I couldn't bring myself to read anymore. I had to fight myself to pick up the book and continue reading, which I'm not going to force myself to do. If I'm resisting a book that much, then it's not one worth reading. 

All in all, the writing wasn't bad, it was the characters and the direction the plot was going that were my biggest issues. Maybe in the future I'll try to pick this book up again to find out what happens, but as of right now, I can't finish it.
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A great end to a great duology.

This second installment of the Night Spinner duology focused more on overcoming who you think you are versus who people tell you that you are, as well as religion. I thought they were both powerful aspects and make the story develop in ways that I didn't expect.

The religion in this world wasn't touched on as much in the first installment, but we definitely get a bigger sense and feeling for their gods and the importance of them.

I'm glad that we also got to know more about the different powers the Kalima have as well as their world as a whole.

Don't miss out on this amazing duology!
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Upon finishing Night Spinner, I had a pretty good idea of how I expected Sky Breaker to go but I was wrong on pretty much every plot point and I couldn’t be happier about it. For starters, the fierce Ghoa gets her own point-of-view which sent me swooning as soon as I saw it. She was such an interesting character in Night Spinner and I had a lot of questions for her. Adding the second point-of-view created a lot more depth to the story than if it had just been told from Enebish’s side and gave me two strong female characters to root for instead of just one. Ghoa grows a lot throughout Sky Breaker and her journey surprised me more than anything else.

Serik is also involved more in Sky Breaker than he was in Night Spinner and tends to be the voice of reason for Enebish while she is still reeling from the events that occurred at the end of Night Spinner. Everything would have fallen apart pretty quickly without him and he had to become the leader of this motley group of shepherds and Enebish the Destroyer.

Enebish really struggles with trusting others and paranoia for awhile so it takes some time for the En we all know and love to reemerge but once she does, there’s no standing in her way. She is willing to sacrifice all to stop the Zemyans and Sky King, even if it means accepting the help of some unlikely allies.

Because this is a duology, Sky Breaker is unsurprisingly a slower read than Night Spinner. A lot of growth and development had to happen for any kind of resolution to occur, not to mention the amount of traveling on foot. I loved the light romance throughout the book and was glad that it didn’t end up overshadowing the greater dangers that were looming.

The themes of forgiveness and redemption run strongly throughout the book and we are left with a somewhat bittersweet ending which I greatly prefer to a saccharine ending. I didn’t love Sky Breaker quite as much as Night Spinner but I still really liked it. An excellent conclusion to a phenomenal duology!

A huge thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for the e-arc  in exchange for an honest review!
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Sky Breaker is the satisfying continuation and completion of the night spinner duology.  Serik and Enebish are on the grasslands leading the Shepards in search of a displaced king.  Much of the novel centered around the Shepard's having no trust in Enebish and her night spinning ways but have total faith in Serik, who has discovered the first gods have no forsaken him as he thought they did.  Ghoa has some eye-opening experiences in this sequel, and the ending, while eluded throughout the whole novel, did not play out quite as I expected it to play out.   I have to say I enjoyed Night Spinner more than the sequel, but the two together make for quite a compelling retelling.
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This was a great conclusion to the duology!
This book has great worldbuilding and fully fleshed-out characters. It is also full of action and intrigue and will keep you hooked!
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This is the second book in the Night Spinner duology. This is a retelling of Hunchback of Notre Dame but just gender-swapped. I liked this book and it picks off right where it ended in Night Spinner. In this book, I didn't enjoy the writing as much. I felt that the pacing was off and it didn't have the same vibe as the first book. This book did have action but it just wasn't the same. I did enjoy the traveling in this book where the characters had to get to their final destination in order to get aid. The world-building was still amazing and I did enjoy the plot structure of this book. Also, this book is written in two POVs which I loved reading since we got two different perspectives of what was going on.

The characters in this book changed and weren't the same as from book one. In this book, Enebish was annoying and had little trust in her friends. She had a great development in book one but in book two it just went downhill for her. Ghoa was the other main character in this book and I enjoyed her more than Enebish. This book has some great side characters and I enjoyed their involvement in the book. Though for the antagonist, I felt was a little weak and that he was better in book one.

This book did have a good ending and it was great to see the duology end. In my opinion, I thought that book one was amazing and more enjoyable than book two. It felt a little different and didn't give the same vibe as Night Spinner. Don't let this review discourage you from reading the duology as the book was still great but just has some small problems. I still recommend reading this book to those who are fans of Hunchback of Notre Dame.
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Thank you so much to Addie Thorley and Page Street Kids for allowing me to read this wonderful conclusion ahead of time! All my opinions are my own. 🖤

Yall, this series is SO WORTH IT. I read both books back to back and absolutely fell in love with these characters. Enebish was already a favorite from the first book (The Night Spinner), but I actually fell in love with Ghoa too even halfway through this one! She absolutely redeems herself, but still stays true to her character and I find that so hard to do. Addie is a wizard with words. A fresh magic system, an enticing world of magic and even a few monsters, I would recommend this series to anyone. Just read it!
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Sky Breaker has been one of my most anticipated sequels after being captivated by Night Spinner and even with high expectations Addie Thorley delivered a brilliant book and thrilling sequel and conclusion to Enebish's story. 

A power struggle, a new Night spinner apprentice, titles stripped, love and forgiveness. Faith and hope with heartbreak and betrayal in between. The plot is perfectly paced and will keep you hooked from page one. The switching between characters lends new insight and it's a beautiful thing. 

My favourite thing about Thorley's writing is the complexity and realness of her characters. It is never clear cut and there are so many shades of grey and she never strays from even the more difficult emotional complications of trauma, love, loss and power. 

5 star read and a must read. 

Review will be live on all socials later in April.
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This was such a satisfying sequel. I really loved the first book in this series and was not disappointed by this one either. It was great seeing our characters continue to grow and the pacing felt strong as well.
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I enjoyed the first book better. It seemed to have more depth to the characters and a better pace. 

Book two was all about En's distrust, though it made sense. I relate En in this book to Harry yelling "Draco Draco Draco" in HBP. I did feel sympathetic toward her though. She felt like a real person, even while I was annoyed with her. 

Ghoa had her mystical turnaround, which felt forced and false to me. I think it would have made more sense for Serik to be the one that saved the Gods after he harbored ill feelings for them for so long. Ghoa was so cold hearted throughout book one injuring En, framing her, almost killing Orbai.. it's hard to picture a sudden change of heart, even after being betrayed. I feel like her killing the Kalima who betrayed her and taking over would make more sense. That, or turning En over to them and then taking over to gain favor. Why should she care now when she's already done irreparable damage? It wasn't loneliness, for sure. 

I would have loved to have more on Ziva and her country. I hate that she and Serik gained these powers only to lose them so quickly.
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I was so excited when I received this book! Night Spinner totally made the top 3 for my list of favorite books released in 2020. I have been savoring and saving this book like a starving person would a bread ration for the end of the day because every time I dip my toe into this marvelous world weaved together by wonderous sentences I end up inhaling as much as I can get my hands on in the time that I have.


Enebish and Serik are now leading a ragtag pack of grumpy shepherds. Serik is keeping them from freezing to death as well as playing as leader along with Enebish, who is struggling at it more than he is, sure everyone is talking behind her back and hating her. Sad thing is she's not completely wrong.
Enebish is my kind of girl. At first, I was a little put off because she seemed equally whiny and paranoid at the start. But as soon as she’s back on the road with Temujin in tow, I felt the familiar En emerge. Ghoa, however, seems to have been caught in a forced midlife…crisis when her warriors abandon her resulting in her capture and torture by Kartok, a conniving Zemyan sorcerer. 

But everyone is thrown together, including some new friends, as they scramble to save the gods from a mad plot to overthrow their hold on the world. 

So what did I think?

Well, I will admit I didn’t like this one quite as much as I did the first one. Don’t get me wrong, it was REALLY good, but it just didn’t shine quite as brightly as the first book, if you know what I mean. Everything gets tied up in this neat little bow at the end and while sacrifices were definitely made, none of them were these huge, massive things that made me, as the reader, want to throw the book across to display my distress at the choices made. Mind you I have only actually thrown one book across the room in my life, and it wasn’t from getting my feelings tugged in the right direction. There was no book hugging this round. Lol

All in all though, Sky Breaker is a pretty good conclusion to the Night Spinner Duology. It has some strong messages in it in regards to forgiveness, redemption, trust, perseverance, peace and understanding.
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After reading the first book last year, I knew I needed to get my hands on the second book! I loved the characters, especially Enebish and Serik.

Enebish is struggling a lot more in this one than the last book. A lot of damage was done to her trust from those who were close to her and in any situation like that, it’s easy to distance yourself from others. You don’t want to be hurt again and that is understandable. Been there, done that! It is easy to feel for her and connect with her again just like in book one. Enebish’s flaws are definitely on full display and cause rifts among those she is trying to help as well as with Serik.

Even though there is a lot of inner strife that she is dealing with, she still remains a strong character that will do anything to make things right again. Although, she can be quite stubborn about it.

As in the previous book, there is a bit of love interest between her and Serik. I thought the relationship would have more buildup but it remains a smaller plot point much like in the first book. There are a few scenes between them but most of their interaction is Serik being the voice of reason.

A few minor characters from book one are back but there are also many new faces. It was enjoyable to get to know the new cast and see how they would fit into the plot.

There is a bit of a difference between this book and the first and that is the dual point-of-view this time around. Ghoa was introduced in book one and had a lot to do with Enebish. I wasn’t sure at first how I would like this point-of-view since she wasn’t very nice before. Just like Enebish, she is fighting her own battles. She does get a redemption arc which I am not always a fan of, but it was done well and I didn’t dislike it. I am still not a huge fan of her but it was good to see her side of things and it does show that people can change.

Although the beginning of the book was a bit on the slower side, there are still many plot twists and action in the rest of the book to keep you going back for more. The plot wasn’t like anything I expected. There is a lot more about the magic system and religion as well as tying in important topics from our own world such as freedom and justice for everyone.

Overall, this was a really good conclusion for the duology. I will be sad to see these characters go but will be looking forward to any books this author writes in the future.
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Stirring prose and smart characterization fill out this stunning, heartfelt conclusion to Enebish’s story. I loved it!!
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I could not wait to read the second book of this series and it did not disappoint! It was full of action and intrigue where I could not put the book down. The plot line was very interesting and I will be purchasing this book for my library.
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