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Thank you to publisher for allowing me early access to this title via NetGalley!

Oh. Em. Gee. I am in love. 5/5 stars right off the bat. I read this is one day, I couldn’t put it down and it was just so good!

Plus size girl, reality dating show, amazing meetcute and secretly knowing the bachelor beforehand... check check check

I absolutely loved the main character, I loved how real she was, and I loved the fact she was plus sized. I loved how they called out the fashion industry for not being all inclusive in the book, including the stigma attached to plus sized girls on reality shows, TV, fashion, everywhere. 

The main love interest was adorable and I loved him, and I loved the two of them together!! The banter, the chemistry, the secret relationship. Just yummmm loved it!! So adorable and such a good mood lifter of a book!
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I am a huge Disney fan so going into this book I REALLY wanted to like it. Unfortunately this book really missed the mark for me, by a lot. 

The premise of this book is promising, a plus size woman goes onto a bachelor-style show in the hopes of launching her business. That was the only promising thing about the book. It was EXTREMELY annoying to read how our main character was described, constantly throwing it in our faces that she’s plus sized. The book mentions pizza whenever it can because clearly that’s that only food a plus sized person eats and constantly reminding us that she’s “fat” because apparently that’s the only quality that needs to be noted. It was so bad. I don’t understand why her appearance wouldn’t just be touched upon at the beginning to set the scene like if she were standard size and then move on. I’m extremely disappointed in the author who is part of the plus sized community and her disservice to young woman everywhere. We are more than our bodies. Nothing redeeming about this book, don’t waste your time.
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Julie Murphy brings everything I love about her YA novels to the adult world. If The Shoe Fits has great characters, a vibrant world, and all the emotions that made me hug this book to my chest and swoon. No matter what she writes, Julie Murphy remains an auto-buy author for me, because she delivers every single tie.
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This book was an unexpected delight. I hadn't read this author before so I didn't quite know what to expect. I love a Fairy Tale retelling, but am not a fan of The Bachelor at all - never even watched an episode. I was, however in the mood for a light and fluffy romance and I absolutely INHALED this and couldn't put it down. Cindy was pretty great, young and fun and confident. Her Prince was pretty great too, though I have a hard time getting over a guy dating a bunch of women at the same time (hence my problem with the Bachelor show in general). What really made it for me though was the most decidedly UN-wicked stepmother and step-sisters. They were all so great and I absolutely loved their family dynamic. I really also enjoyed some of the friendships she made along the way. The balance of it was really great for me. Yeah, it was a romance, but there was just as much about friendships and all the other positive relationships in her life and I really enjoyed that - probably more than the actual romance.
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Unfortunately, this was a total miss for me. I love a good fairy tale retelling but the idea of riffing off The Bachelor has consistently left a stale taste in my mouth. For fans of One to Watch, this is for you. However, if you are plus-sized and looking for representation, proceed with caution. 

 I wish authors writing plus-size characters would focus less on “I never miss a pizza” and more on Fat Liberation ideals. This felt  as disingenuous as the show it was  portraying. 

Thank you NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Julie Murphy does it again!! I loved Dumplin’ and Puddin’ so I was really excited as to what she would do in the adult fiction world. I was very pleased with the result. Julie Murphy is a fantastic writer! I admire her ability to write witty dialogue that makes me laugh!

If the Shoe Fits is a fantastic mix of Cinderella and the Bachelor. Although I would say this is really loosely based on Cinderella.  I am not a fan of the Bachelor and don’t think I have ever watched an episode. With that said, I was able to follow the story even without being that familiar with the Bachelor. There is also the premise for a made up TV show in the book that I would totally watch if it was a real show. 

I love that Julie Murphy’s main characters are always full figured women who are just real. They aren’t looking to change and they are proud of who they are. In a world were the media tells woman that we are supposed to be a size zero, I love a strong female character who is not afraid to be a size 18 and flaunt it for the world to see. We need more characters of different sizes, race and sexual identity. And Julie Murphy manages to seamlessly tie in all those things into the story.

This is a fun story that was fast for me to read. I would definitely recommend this book to my friends and cannot wait to buy a copy when it comes out! Thank you Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for the chance to read this book!
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Omg I loved this book!!!
First, I love a fairy telling retelling. Julie Murphy made one big change to the Cinderella plot that made the story even better. In this book, there was no evil stepmom or evil stepsisters. Instead, Cindy was surrounded by a loving and supportive family which was amazing and a really positive change.

I loved the bachelor-like tv series that Cindy and Henry take part in. I felt like it showcased some of the realities behind reality tv (both good and bad). It also made a good for setting for the exploration of important topics like female friendships, body image, and grief. 

This book also had great representation. There were characters of different sizes, races, and sexualities. Besides Cindy’s size which was a major point in the story, none of the diversity was used as a plot point, it just was which was very refreshing. 

Now onto the romance. I loved Cindy and Henry. Their relationship felt real and believable. I love how much both characters grew throughout the story while embracing who they truly are.

Overall I adored this book and would highly recommend! Thank you NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for the ARC.
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A fairytale reimagined for modern times crossed with “The Bachelor” reality show! It was so lighthearted and fun, and the characters kept you wanting more. It’s important for readers to see themselves reflected in their reading, especially for the curvy teen girls who are feeling overlooked, and this book nails it. Another Murphy masterpiece!
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I loved this fun take on Cinderella! Cindy is an endearing and entertaining heroine. Her love story with Henry feels genuine. I love that she is a plus size main character who finds love, instead of being relegated to the sidelines as a supporting character.
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The first book in a new series from Julie Murphy.
Cindy is a creative soul who has experienced great loss early in life—having lost both parents by the time she’s in college.

I am not a fan of using a term like “grumpy spinster” to describe oneself. In the context, it was used in a derogatory way which is entirely unnecessary. There’s no reason to make it seem like being single makes someone less than those who are not single. Later, a 32 year old character seems to suggest that at her ADVANCED age, going on this reality show is her last chance for love, marriage, and children.

Overall, very reminiscent of One to Watch.
The love interest remained a flat character throughout the book, as did many of the secondary characters. I kept waiting for development that never came.
I did enjoy this book and would love to read a companion book when one is published.
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5 stars

Cindy’s dad dies when she is a senior in high school and she when she heads off to NYC to Parsons to be a fashion designer, she starts a new life. However, grief hits her during her senior year and she barely makes it to graduation. She goes back to LA to live with her stepmom and nanny her triplet siblings. 

Things begin to look up when she bumps into Prince Charming at the airport and they get to know each other on the 5 hour flight. The chemistry is on fire. After landing they go their separate ways, but pleasantly bumps into him when she surprisingly joins the cast of her stepmom's hit reality show, Before Midnight.

This was the perfect light-read for me. I think it is a great chick-read, and one you can recommend for those readers who love a retelling of a classic fairy-tale, or loves watching reality tv! .I was concerned about another “Cinderella” story, because the evil step-mom and sisters still make me uncomfortable even in my 30s! However, Julie changed the plot to make them likeable, even admirable. 

Thank you for the ARC netgalley and Disney-Hyperion!
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Cinderella has always been one of my favorite fairy tales, but what Julie Murphy did with Cindy was just perfect.  Cindy's story was romantic, kismet, real, heartbreaking at times but most of all it was beautiful.

A chance meeting on a flight and then again on a reality tv show, what are the odds or could it just be fate. Henry and Cindy seem to belong together they get all the feels you should feel when you belong with someone. Their interactions were great and entertaining. I was rooting for Cindy from the very beginning. I laughed with her, swooned with her, cried with her. Everything just felt so real.

I loved the fashion story line, the romance tv competition story, the talk about all the fabulous shoes. This was like all of my favorite movies mashed up into one beautiful story that just gave you everything you could ever ask for.

I can't begin to give enough praise for everything about this book, I loved ever second of it until the very last word. If the shoe fits is a fabulous book to dig into. Enjoy it, love it. Relish in all the feels, you will not be disappointed.
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If The Shoe Fits is an absolute master piece.
I have read dating show books before, I have read books with a plus size lead before, I’ve even read a book about a dating show with a plus size lead before, but If The Show Fits does something different: gives us a lead that believes in herself, truly loves herself, and is surrounded by people who support her.
In this is a modern day Cinderella retelling, rather than staying perfectly true to the beats of the original, Murphy makes this story a true modern day fantasy from start to finish. Cindy’s step mother and step sisters all trying their best to make her part of the family and show their love. She has a best friend who reinforces how talented and deserving Cindy is. Her knowledge and belief in herself are the only fairy godmother she needs to achieve all her dreams.
This is the first time I have seen a plus side lead who is never self conscious, she does not self doubt, and when something in the world doesn’t fit her, her first reaction is to blame the creator of the object for not making things for normal people.
Besides my absolute gushing about Cindy, this is a romance, with ups and down, and charismatic love interest. The dating show set up keeps you guessing what is going to happen and what is real, and just when you finally think you figured it out, you’re wrong.

HUGE thank you to Disney-Hyperion for providing my with an ARC. This was an absolute honour and a joy to read
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Brillant Brillant! This book was sooooo cute! I loved it! Literally my favorite book I have read in a long time. Looking at the title you would think it is a Cinderella spin but it actually is not. This book has some similaritiesfrom the movie Cinderella but they are not exactly the same. I was pleasantly surprised with how this book turned out. I would definitely recommend this book to someone as I would give this book a 10/10. In rom-coms the main characters are always picture perfect which is unrealistic, so the fact that the author made the main character an overweight girl that isnt perfect allowed the book to be relatable to more readers. I also liked how it reminded be of the tv show the bachelor and it was interesting to read about how the author had her own spin on the tv show. Very relatable to todays social society.
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I binge-read this in a DAY! It has all of the wit, charm, and happy endings you would hope for from a Cinderella retelling.

There were a few laugh-out-loud moments as I read and I truly loved that the stepmom and stepsister weren't awful like in typical Cinderella stories.

There were a few mild swear words, implied sex, and a character who goes by "they" instead of "him" which had me incredibly confused for a while.

Thanks to Netgalley and Disney-Hyperion for the ARC to read in exchange for an honest review.
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As a true tomboy at heart, my love is a comfy pair of sneakers.  High fashion brands are lost on me! But a good fairytale makes me swoon every time. This is a modern retelling of the classic Cinderella story. When Cindy graduates from fashion school,  she is left floundering without a job and a bad case of artist's block after her father's tragic death. She returns home to California to be nanny for her stepmother's triplets. But plans change when there's a last minute opportunity to be on the reality show,  Before Midnight.  She doesn't believe in these dating shows but believes it's a chance to get exposure for her own clothing and shoe designs. The only problem: the suitor is a meet-cute that she met on the plane and was instantly attracted to.  Can she handle knowing her love interest has 24 other women on the side?
The whole setting of this book is just cute.  I've never really liked reality shows,  but the behind the scenes look in this book was fun and interesting.  I loved that the main character was plus size handling the difficult world of fashion. 
I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. The views and opinions expressed in this review are completely my own and given voluntarily.
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A Cinderella story set in New York and California ! I loved this lighthearted tale and cannot wait to read the next books in the series. Body image is explored in this book in a very body positive way and for that alone I give it 5 stars.
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*Thanks to NetGalley and Disney Publishing Worldwide for sharing this ARC with me in exchange for an honest review.*

This is a modern retelling of Cinderella. Cindy is a recent school of design grad who is spending the summer babysitting for her stepmother while she woks on her job prospects. She is asked to be a contestant on a reality dating show. Cindy is a plus sized girl who fears she might feel out of place but does it anyway. Instead of being out of place she becomes an internet favorite. I don't want to spoil such a feel good story so I will let you discover the rest. The loveable main characters and the body positivity in this story made this a solid 5 stars for me.
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There's one word to describe this book and it's FUN!!!

This was such a cute retelling of Cinderella and I completely binged it in a day or two. If you want a fun light-hearted read that you can finish in a day, this is it baybee!

If the Shoe Fits is about Cindy, a plus-size fashion graduate who somehow finds herself cast onto her stepmother's dating reality TV show where she must catch the eye of the suitor. But wouldn't you know? Our girl Cindy has *gasp* already met the suitor before and there's definitely a crackling connection there!

I was curious on what direction this retelling would take, but I'm oh so glad that the author decided to forgo the "Evil Stepmom" and "Evil Stepsisters" plot of the original story because the family bonds between Cindy and her stepmom and stepsisters really added to my enjoyment of the book!

The ending however left a little to be desired in terms of Cindy and Henry's relationship, but I still had a lovely time reading this story. Overall, I'd recommend!
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If the Shoe Fits features Cindy, a fashion design student and lover of shoes, who leaves New York after graduation to work as a nanny for her stepmother in California.  A few days after her arrival, Cindy joins her stepmother's reality romance show (basically, The Bachelor)  in hopes of gaining some notoriety and possibly even a job designing shoes. She expects criticism as the only plus-sized woman on the show, but instead, American falls for her--and so does the ‘bachelor’, who she met on the flight from New York to LA. . As the two fall for each other behind the scenes, Cindy struggles to figure out what she wants and what's real.

At first, I was hesitant about this story and wasn’t sure how I would feel because I am not a fan of shows like The Bachelor and I had just recently finished reading, One to Watch which had so many of the same themes.  At first, I was very salty about the whole thing, rolling my eyes and making comparisons between the two books but as the story went on, I felt there was more depth (comparatively speaking) to this book than One to Watch (a lot less fat jokes, too, which was refreshing). 

 Cindy was a very likeable main character.  She acknowledged that she was plus-sized but never felt she had to apologize for that.  Her grief for the loss of her parents felt genuine and the author explored the subject of grief with a wise but gentle hand.  I loved all the Cinderella references.  They were subtle but they were there! I especially appreciated the names of the triplets!  The cultural references were fun and I had to laugh out loud at their version of the Peleton commercial.   I felt the cast of characters was diverse and inclusive.  The pacing was fantastic.  Somehow I was able to finish the book in roughly 24 hours. 

If the Shoe Fits is a fun, fluffy, fast-paced read.  While I think that’s something we can all enjoy these days, I think this book is especially good for those who are into clean, contemporary, rom-com reads.
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