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Play the Rules

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Was a good overall read. It has uplifting moments but can also be hard to read at points because it can be hard to find true connection to the author.
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I hesitate to comment on titles negatively and do so with a heavy heart.  There are so many positive, trite, sound bite phrases in this short book by a privileged person it's hard to be negative.  However, the reality is that this book offers little insight, too many cliches, and an almost caricatured view of the "real" world from somewhere up in the clouds of first class seats and spas that it grates.  Pass on this and go for something that might actually help you navigate life.
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A great book, with more wise words than I have read for a long time. I found it magical, uplifting and an antidote to fear, and I do recommend it. Albert Einstein is quoted a lot, maybe I just remembered the quotes he made more. Also very wise. But Winston Churchill and Ghandi and even Sylvester Stallone feature in the quotes, and plenty of others. A very positive book, covering many areas eg on success involving failure, and the courage to keep going. Things will never be perfect, either, and much more.  An inspirational book. I would give it more stars, but I am limited to five.
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