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Just like the first book in this series, The Devil and the Heiress leaves no detail unexplored. Harper St. George puts us in a world that is very far away and yet so very relevant; while no one I know has to be married off to create a presence in society, I do find that some of the issues that Violet and Christian must can be seen in the world today. The pressures of family and societal expectations and how your own needs and desires have to sometimes be pushed aside to meet those expectations, is something I know many people struggle with. 

These Crenshaw siblings are a delight, even if their parents are total a-holes. I love their fiery and independent spirits and their willingness to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Their romantic counterparts are equally interesting and delightfully flawed, stubborn, and swoony. Violet and Christian continue with those traits--their journey to their HEA made more interesting by the literal journey-- and I'm eager to see what happens next (with the hope that their parents finally get their comeuppance!).
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Oh my goodness, I adored this book! Violet and Christian were perfection. I highly recommend this for any romance reader, not just historical fans!
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Violet Crenshaw’s American parents want her to get married. She doesn’t like the husband they’ve chosen for her, so she decides to flee London so she can work on her manuscript at an artist’s retreat. Just as Violet is ready to flee, she’s stopped by Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh. He offers to give her a ride out of the city, so she can run away from her family. Violet doesn’t know that Christian asked Violet’s father if he could marry her, but he was turned down. Christian hopes that he can convince Violet that they should get married on their long trip north. However, an accident throws them together in an unexpected way. Violet has to try to keep herself from falling for the devilish Christian while he tries to charm her into marriage.

This was such a fun sequel to The Heiress Gets a Duke. That book followed Violet’s older sister August who wasn’t in this story that much because she was traveling back to America at the end of that book.

There was a lot of steamy romance in this book. I loved Violet and I could relate to her desire to be a writer. She had to struggle with rejection, but she kept pursuing her dream.

The romance for the next book in the series was introduced throughout the book. It will follow Violet’s brother, who made a couple of appearances in this story. I can’t wait to read that one.

The Devil and the Heiress is a fun historical romance!

Thank you Berkley for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Thanks to Berkley for my arc of this title!

The Devil and the Heiress is the second book in the Gilded Age Heiresses series.  Although part of a series I do think that the book easily stands alone.

This book centers around Violet Crenshaw whose parents want to marry off to English gentlemen in order to secure mineral rights.  Violet flees after the man shows himself to be far from a gentleman and instead decided to travel with Christian Halston, Earl of Leigh, and a known rake.  And so the fun begins.

My thoughts:

- This book has some really smart characters in it that are fun to watch interact.
- I love the independent nature of the Crenshaw siblings and their love for one another.
- The Crenshaw parents are probably a product of their time but they really are cringeworthy.  How parents that raised such independent minded women end up being so self serving is one aspect of these books that have seemed discordant to me.

If you are a fan of historical fiction, I think this is a good book.
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The youngest of the Crenshaw sisters, Violet, believes she is free to chose who she marries since her sister snagged a Duke. She soon learns she is wrong when her parents arranger her marriage to the weasely Lord Ware. Lord Leigh (Christian) steps in to throw out the idea that she runs away and he is there to help her. Little does he know that he requires an heiress to restore his old Scottish home and he has his sights set on her.
A road trip
A female writer
Rogue with a reputation
Hopes and dreams
Passion and love
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 100% recommend for all lovers of hist rom. I will read anything St George puts out. This series is so good!
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Violet Crenshaw is determined to be the master of her own fate. She wants to marry for love, publish her writing, and live happily ever after. Christian, the Lord Leigh, also affectionately referred to as Lord Lucifer (by Violet, of course) has wanted Miss Crenshaw since the moment he first laid eyes on her. When Violet’s family promises her hand in marriage to Lord Ware, a man both Violet and Christian despise, they each begin plotting. Violet plots her escape from London, and Christian plots to make Violet his own wife.

When their paths cross in the midst of executing their plans, both suddenly realize that maybe all the way they envisioned their futures could be different, and better, than both could have imagined.

I loved this one way more than I loved August and Rothschild’s love story. This whole book was just beautifully written. There were some spicy scenes, to be sure, but the sweet moments are what really made this enjoyable for me. (I know, who am I, preferring the soft, quiet moments over the smut?) Violet was strong, capable, and independent. All she wanted for her life was the ability to make her own choices. Christian had a reputation as a rogue, a womanizer, but his relationship with Violet allowed him to show his true kindhearted nature to the world.

There was also an extra POV thrown in here for a few chapters, and I’m excited to read their story next. If you love historical romance, such as A Rogue of One’s Own by Evie Dunmore, you’ll love this!
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Omg I couldn’t put this book down. I was so in love with Lord Leigh and Violet it’s not even funny. Their passion for each other leaped off the page. The build up tot heir first time together was so electrifying. These two were made to love each other
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Wow... this book was just so unexpected. I think that the cover of the book looks a little deceitful because you almost expect a prim and proper heiress with Violet, but then you are given so much more. She is fun, she is stubborn, and she wants more than anything to be free and I love her for it. I think Christian is edgy, and at times a little morally grey, but together its a delicious and devious novel.. I loved Max and Helena and I cant wait for it to be their turn as I thought they were fun characters. I will say there were a few decisions that the characters made that had me a little questioning, but I also think that is normal in a book. Overall I thought this was a fun read, and I will be getting it for my personal collection.
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This is an incredibly delicious and super sizzling read!  I couldn't let go once I began as it not only held my interest but was supremely entertaining as well.  Though it is Book 2 in the Series, it can be read as a stand along and thoroughly enjoyed in that manner.  The characters are delightful with their banter and whip-smart dialogue.  If you want "heat" as we head toward Fall and Winter months, look no further! Definitely recommend!
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Searching for a sizzling summer read? Look no further than The Devil and the Heiress, the second historical romance novel about the American Crenshaw siblings. Set during the Gilded Age, this book makes use of the fact that many English lords were “cash poor, land rich” during this time. Many an American heiress found herself married off to a duke or other titled gentleman, far from home and often unhappy. 

As with many young American socialites during this period, Violet already fancies herself in love with an American man but is forced to relinquish him. Her father has already married off her older sister to a titled Englishman in a deal to improve his business interests. Now, he looks to repeat his success with Violet. His daughter disagrees with his choice of suitor, so the nineteen-year-old has decided to run away, but her choice of accomplice could ruin her reputation. It’s hard to tell Christian’s motives – does he care for her or what she offers – but she’s naïve enough to take him at his word. 

Sure, there are a couple of serious topics hidden within the pages of The Devil and the Heiress. The contemporary issue of women’s property rights is a prominent theme since Violet stands to lose more than her independence once she marries. And both she and Christian must wrestle with trust and the definition of “home.” This is, however, NOT a clean read and should be considered NSFW! If it were a television show it would have warnings for violence, graphic language, and strong sexual content. 

Overall, The Devil and the Heiress is a fun romp with moments of danger and tears. If you’re looking for something akin to War and Peace, or with a strong suspense plot, this isn’t it. If you’re looking for a hot read on a hot summer’s day, however, this’ll work.

P.S. If you’re reading this title as part of the The Gilded Age Heiresses series, you’ll be happy to know a third book will be released early next year.

Disclaimer: Although I received an uncorrected eBook file of this book from the publisher for a Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours (HFVBT) blog tour, the opinions below are my own.
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Totally fabulous
Violet is the daughter of a wealthy American businessman and as such has many people clamouring to marry her, but her opinions don’t always matter. Christian likes Violet a lot more than he should and although her wealth is a draw, it’s Violet who is the real prize 
I loved Violet, she is always herself and is determined to do what she needs to to make her happy, including writing a manuscript and running away from her parents. She has been trapped in her life in London and dreams of freedom, especially when informed of the person she is supposed to marry. She is a strong and independent woman who knows her own mind and who won’t be forced to do something she doesn’t want to. Her relationship with Christian is at times strange but I think that really worked for her as a character as it allowed me to better see inside her head and understand her more which made me love her even more
I totally adored Christian, he is at times haunted by his past which drives him to do things differently, he has a certain reputation but people don’t see beyond the surface that he chooses to portray and the more complex character he hides. Christian is determined to get his own way, but he is also not so set in his ways that his mind can’t be changed and the more he gets to know Violet, the more intrigued by her he is. Christian is pulled all over the place by his emotions and seeing his turmoil made him feel so much more relatable and real. He wormed his way into my heart and I so quickly came to love him 
This book caught my attention right from the start and I was so pulled in that I really didn’t want to stop reading. Christian and Violets world felt so real to me and the turmoil and drama that they faced pulled me in deeper and deeper. It also kept me on my toes, just when I thought I knew everything a twist would happen which would add to the intrigue of their word and had me so emotionally invested in the outcome of their relationship 
I’m sure you have realised that I totally loved this book so it won’t come as a surprise to read that I would recommend it to so many people but especially those who enjoy a historical romance with a brilliant heroine and a tortured hero who will capture your heart
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A historical romance road trip? Yes, please!🥰🥰🥰

This is book 2 in the series but it can be read as a stand alone. The first book is so good! If you love Bridgerton, you’ll love these two. I think I loved the first one a tad more, but this was still a 5 star read for me. I cannot wait for the third book!
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Who else is still trying to fill a #bridgerton shaped hole in their heart? Thanks to @harperstgeorge and @berkleyromance , I’ve got a recommendation for you!

The follow-up to Harper St. George’s Gilded Age romance series was another fun pick featuring the younger Crenshaw heiress.

This time, Violet Crenshaw, looking to escape and arranged marriage to an odious man, looks to the Earl of Leigh to help her escape to Scotland. But the Earl has a different plan with the bubbly lady he wishes to call his own.

I love a good travel romance and this one had me swooning!!! Now let’s get their brother married cause I need more @harperstgeorge !!!!
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Review will be posted on 8/6/21
Violet Crenshaw doesn't want to just get married and do what is expected of her. She has high hopes and aspires to be published author.  For the time period, the Gilded Age, this isn't the norm for women, except she has her sister, August, who also is a non-conformist and she has paved the way for her.   In Violet's book she has a naughty aristocrat as a possible love interest and she based this character off of the notorious Earl of Leigh. As time goes by, she discovers that her father plans to have her marry an aristocrat she doesn't like as it would benefit the family company. Cue the drama. Violet, inspired by her sister, runs away to avoid a marriage that she doesn't want. Strangely enough, Christian, the Earl of Leigh, decides to help her run away.  Christian has always had his eye on Violet. He genuinely likes her; plus, it does help that she's rich and he, like many British aristocrats, has bills piling up. While on the run, their awkward friendship blossoms into something more.  Fans of The Gilded Age Heiresses series won't be disappointed by the second installment, The Devil and the Heiress.

Violet, while she is an interesting character and an aspiring author, wasn't as compelling as her daring sister, August. As The Devil and the Heiress progressed, I did feel she became more interesting as she really started to come into her own.  She doesn't need to go along with whatever life her father planned for her; she has options....except that spending all this unchaperoned time with Christian will lead to its own problems.

Christian is your typical bad boy in The Devil and the Heiress. At first, I didn't like him at all and found him to be too much of a cliche, but as the story evolved, he does redeem himself.  The whole idea of him helping Violet run away seemed a bit far fetched, but I found myself enjoying their time away together and the excitement of being on the run. They definitely have chemistry!

I am not your traditional romance novel reader, but I really liked The Devil and the Heiress. Yes, it is steamy, but it is also filled with thoughtful moments, a lot of historical details, and characters that you end up caring about.  I think St. George really brought to life The Gilded Age and I was happy to revisit it.

So, if you are looking for a new romance to throw in your bag this summer, look no further! While I did enjoy the first book in the series a bit more and liked August better than Violet, The Devil and the Heiress was still a lot of fun.  I definitely think I will be reading book three in this series which comes out this winter; I can't wait to read what St. George comes up with next!

So, what do you think of The Devil and the Heiress? Are you a romance genre fan? Have you read book one? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.
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BOOK REVIEW: The Devil And The Heiress by Harper St. George

Harper St. George is now "topping the charts" as one of my favorite historical romance authors, as I truly appreciate the strong female characters and women's rights issues she integrates into her storylines... T.I.M.E. Jalapeno Rating: 🌶🌶🌶 (3 of 5 Jalapenos | Hot Spicy)... ✨😎✨


All my reviews can be seen at This Is My Everybody | Books, Lifestyle & Home Ideas for Simple Living | Denise Wilbanks at 

♡ Thank you to NetGalley for this ARC. I voluntarily chose to review it and the opinions contained within are my own.
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The Devil and the Heiress is flaming marvellous!!

The second book in the gorgeous; The Gilded Age Heiresses is superb. I loved the first book, The Heiress gets a Duke and this one is a wonderful follow up to that particular story. You can read them very easily as stand-alone, but my thought is to start with the first book – which in my opinion is the best of the two, but non-the-less this is pure class.

This time we follow Violet, an American heiress who along with her sister has crossed the pond to find a good aristocratic title on British shores. Our Violet wants to do what is expected of her, wants to be a good dutiful daughter and in many respects, she is just that, but Violet has a wild and rebellious side that goes against the grain and gets her into trouble.

I liked Violet, she is a great character; she is a sweetie and as I said above there is a rebellious side to her, it is this side, in particular, that is shouting in her ear that she doesn’t want what her parents have decided. I did think she had a naivety to her personality which causes more trouble as she doesn’t quite understand the consequences of her actions – but she soon does.

Violet has ideals and dreams of her own, she wants to be a published author. She finds herself on the cusp of an arranged marriage, which will not do at all especially as the man her parents have in mind for her is the cold Lord Ware. So, she does the only thing she can to rid herself of said cold Ware and that is to flee.

Unbeknown to her that she finds herself in greater trouble than if she had have stayed put, as she is a prime target for the ruthless rogue that is handsome as sin, manipulative and all-out bad-guy who will make you fall tour knees and weep in pure frustration; Earl of Leigh. Now don’t get me wrong I do love an edgier, not your typical lovable rogue and Leigh is just that, but I found him rather hard to like at first. Believe me, that is a rarity as the rougher the more roguish the better for me, but it took me a long time to warm to Christian, but when I did I fell in love with him. I think it was the way he initially used Violet for his gain, she is a sweet little thing who is well and truly out of her depth and he did take advantage of the situation.

But, my oh, my – once that charming, silver-tongued devil sets his eyes on you and is determined to charm his way into your undergarments, you really have no choice but to submit, play his game and have jolly good fun in the process.

I have got to say how much I detest Violets parents, I thoroughly disliked them in the first book; The Heiress gets a Duke but this one they seem to get under my skin, I found them completely repulsive and I was cheering Violet on as she fled. This goes to show what a brilliant author St. George is to make you feel such detest for certain characters.

I love that last line of the back blurb ‘Violet has no intention of surrendering herself or her newfound freedom in a permanent deal with the devil.‘ I love it and it fits the story to perfection, and also Violet and Leigh’s scorching and complex romance perfectly too. After all, he is the devil in disguise, but this kind of devil is one you would be more than happy to be very naughty with. 😉

Overall, The Devil and the Heiress is pure class. It’s ultra glamour and smoulders with originality. It’s sexy, sensual and seductive. Every scene crackles with longing, frustration, lust, drama and danger. St. George is a master at the angst and pent up sexual tension between her two leads, she builds the drama and the emotion with such ease, you are hanging on to every word. Her flawless narration and clever writing style bring the story and characters to life with such dazzling clarity.
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I didn't think this was particularly memorable. It's set in a different time period than most historical British romance, so that may be interesting for some readers, but otherwise it's not worth it to buy on my limited budget.
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I had so much fun and it was a breath of fresh air to read THE HEIRESS GETS A DUKE earlier this year because really great historical romance is hard to come by. I immediately downloaded the sequel when I got the ARC in my email and away we went with the morally ambiguous man and the sheltered heiress. I was ready.

Knowing Christian's motives and thoughts from the previous books and that he would do whatever it took to secure a marriage and alliance with Violet I couldn't wait to see how Harper St George made me--and Violet--fall in love with this devil without a care. Their forced proximity on a carriage ride after Violet tries to run away had me swooning. I adore this in novels when the hero and heroine have private, uninterrupted time and scenes to talk and get to know each other and it absolutely worked in this book. Their slow and steady descent into love and mutual respect was so fun and sweet to read about.

The climax/conflict of the story made my heart hurt so good! I couldn't wait to see how the book ended and everything came together. I loved how with this book, and the previous one, women's rights and suffrage were discussed and how these women make the men see life from a different angle. We get an amazing love story people but it is not without depth. I'm already eagerly anticipating the next book and I can't wait to see what Harper St George does next.

Thank you @berkleyromance for the review copy!
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The Devil and The Heiress features Violet, the younger Crenshaw daughter. Her parents arrange a marriage for Violet to strengthen their business alliances in England.  Christian (Earl of Leigh) requests Violet’s hand in marriage but is denied by Violet’s father because Christian doesn't offer the right alliances for the Crenshaw family business.  

Violet does not want any part of this.  She is a writer, not a wife. In order to avoid marriage, Violet decides to run away and support herself by publishing her novels.  When Christian realizes that Violet intends to run away, he offers to escort her to arrive safely and unseen.  However, HIS scheming intent is to seduce Violet and convince her into marrying him so he can use her dowry to repair his Scottish Estate (a cherished family home) after a devastating fire. 

If you loved Book 1: The Heiress Gets A Duke, you will not be disappointed in Book 2.  However, you can also enjoy Book 2 as a stand-alone. The romance trope in Book 2 is forced-proximity which leads to tension and chemistry that is undeniable. Violet is headstrong and determine with a bit of naivety. Christian is mischievous but with a soft heart. Together they are witty, sweet, but also fiery and electric (AKA steamy).

I look forward to Book 3. Perhaps Max and Lady Helen will find romance?
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If you are looking for a new series to tide you over until the next season of Bridgerton drops then you should check out the Gilded Ages Heiresses!  The Devil and the Heiress is the second book in the series and is the story of Violet, a runaway heiress who makes a bargain with the devilish Earl of Leigh in order to escape an unwanted marriage.  This sexy romp was such fun to read, full or humour and heart.  I'm already looking forward to book 3 which comes out next year!
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