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Really enjoyed this nontypical, non corny romance that I read with my book club. Loved the authors style.
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Just as amazing and wonderful as everyone said: grown-up and real, but also hilarious and heartfelt. Pretty nearly perfect, in fact!
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This book was so good and entertaining! What a thrill of a book and a lot of fun! I definitely think this was one of the best books of the year. So good!
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Seven Days in June is a slow burn as Shane and Eva attempt to heal old wounds, their love affair made all the more delicate by Eva’s history of abandonment. Chosen family is a strong central theme in the novel, and characters like Eva’s spunky daughter, Audre, and book editor, CeCe, bring warmth to the pages. But this isn’t a light romance by any means, especially during flashbacks. Shane entered foster care as a child and is now in Alcoholics Anonymous. Eva has a history of self-harm, and an early scene depicts an attempted sexual assault. 

Through this gripping love story, Williams reckons with family histories and shows the power in rewriting our origin stories. She lays bare what happens when we are “fearless enough to hold each other close no matter how catastrophic the world” becomes. Readers will feel as attached to these characters as Eva and Shane are to each other.
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I absolutely loved this book! The writing is amazing and I couldn’t put this book down. This is a second chance romance and these characters are so compelling. There are so many issues happening in this book that are timely and important. This is a book that will stay with me and will be one of my top books of the year.
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What a beautiful story. Seven Days in June was so much more than I anticipated it would be, and while it was immensely sad in many ways, it was also immensely wonderful. 

First and foremost, I really appreciated the representation of chronic pain in a main character. But I also really loved the representation of the Black male role model and the incredibly smart, ambitious young Black girl (though I will say I wasn’t sure how believable her character was - kids seem so young to me and I don’t remember being any kind of way as a pre-teen). 

But let’s talk plot. Incredible! I loved it so much. Teenage love that was always a little something more, a lifeline, and thread connecting two souls in need, years and years of writing love letters to each other through novels, then finding each other again. It was just so special - romantic isn’t even the right word here. This book was more than that.

"Adulthood is a lie, Audre. We're all just tall toddlers."

But that’s not to say there’s not lots of trauma in this book. This is not the kind of book where a small, lack of communication situation tears two people apart (but there is lack of communication - it always boils down to lack of communication). This story features some really intense trauma, substance abuse, and lots of self-harm - honestly more than felt necessary, which is the reason this wasn’t a 5-star read for me. 

This book is also wonderfully steamy. The sexual tension is intense and the build up is done so well, which makes it all so much more steamier. That scene at the pop-up nap room. Yowza! 

Seven Days in June is a sexy, unexpected romance with flawed characters that are believable and easy to root for. I feel like there’s so much more I could say about this book, but just know it’s incredible. I absolutely enjoyed it, and think it’s a great read for anyone who’s interested in romance stories that have a stronger drama component.
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ARC was archived before I could down download, then was on every wait list waiting for book!
I have been waiting to read, started and finished in 1 day!!  Good read!

White lies are easier than truth.
Meet  a mother who has an invisible disability- migraines.
Then the past comes to visit the present, revealing the same bones underneath a changed appearance
bringing a flood of emotions, muting others.  Dynamic friends can lead the way.
With all of this, raising a child is full of struggles and tugging.  

Loved this book, completely recommend!
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This book takes place over a very long seven day period. It's starts out very confusing and doesn't begin to piece together until approximately 30% into the book. 

I love how Eva and Shane reconnected at a literary event...accidentally, and tried to begin the healing process. 

There was a lot going on in this 💎💎💎read.
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Fun read for anyone who has had a past relationship that they wonder what would happen if they ever met that person again. Would things work out differently.
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This book started out so strong. The tension and chemistry between Eva and Shane in the present storyline was crackling. I was curious to know how they started and where they would go. I loved Evas's strong personality and Shane's vulnerability, as well as the fact that they were both writers.
Unlike other romance novels that follow the Old Flame trope where the couple drifts apart then reunites, Shane and Eva's beginning is raw and heartbreaking; it was a compelling story on its own, not just a setup for the present-day relationship.
Where it went wrong for me was at the end. No spoiler on the content, but there was a sudden change of structure that didn't carry through the intensity of the buildup. Also, the story did not stick to the "seven days" premise. 
Thank you Netgalley for an Advanced Readers Copy of this book.
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People LOVE this book!! I liked it. :) I really appreciated the inclusion of a character with chronic pain, as that's not something I read about often. I also loved the teenage daughter and her relationship with both her mother and Shane.

I am uncertain about whether this book glorified or romanticized trauma (including drug use and self-harm), so I'll be reading other reviews to see what smarter readers and readers with different experiences than me thought.
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This is a book that I genuinely feel should be incorporated into a classroom setting. This might sound weird, but I really think that I could create a whole lesson plan around this book and probably couldn't run out of things to say. 
I am someone who suffers from chronic migraines and I think that the author did an amazing job of portraying the reality that goes along with this being someones reality. I also loved the theme of generational curses, not in the sense that I think it is a fun topic but more along the lines that I think it should be talked about more because it is a very real issue that many deal with. I adored Eva and Shane and thought their stories were gripping and powerful. Don't even get me started on the romance... it was amazing. 

From start to finish this book was truly a masterpiece and I just am a different person than who I was when I started this book. (Not to be dramatic) but also this book deserves all of the theatrics haha.
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This was such a powerful story of connection, found family, and resilience. 

Things I really liked:
The first seven days of their relationship was a little hard to look at as love, but by the end of the book we thought the author had really built a great story of connection and understanding. 
The daughter, Audre, was hilarious and insightful, and offered really great comedic relief to a heavier book. 
There were many relationships and situations where you could see both sides of the choice/argument, which made for really interesting analysis.
Heavier topics like addiction, self-harm, and invisible illness were portrayed so well. It was thoughtful and insightful without being heavy-handed. 
The steam was *wowza* and intense!

I read this with my book club, which was a really great selection. There were SO many great talking points, which made for a lively book chat! I'd definitely recommend this, and to talk a look at the content warnings as well.

Thanks Grand Central Publishing for the gifted copy in exchange for my honest review.
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I am so mad at myself for sleeping on this book because this is easily one of my favorite reads this year! 

This book has everything! From the beginning it had me laughing out loud (that opening scene is a DOOZY), but it was also filled with so much heart. It has one of the best descriptions of chronic pain I’ve ever encountered, but I loved that it wasn’t the main focus because people are more than their disability. There were definitely some steamy romance elements, but the relationship between Shane and Eva always felt super realistic. I also loved how both of them were damaged - a good chunk of this book deals with overcoming your past to embrace your future, and it is beautifully done - but still were oh so vulnerable. I’m not exaggerating when I say I cried through a good 50% of this book for many reasons, and while it broke my heart, I would read it again and again. Sometimes you just find a book at the exact right time in your life and this felt like one of those for me.
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Written like it’s prepped to be a major motion picture starring Issa Rae or Jurnee Smollet #SevenDaysInJune brings all the trappings of a romantic comedy but raises the bar with its smart characters and perceptive social commentary. Eva Mercy is a writer who has garnered her success off a series of paranormal romances in the vein of ‘twilight’. Her personal life is wrapped up in being a single mom raising a precocious daughter while trying to break free from the series that she’s made a living off of and finally write the stories that truly speak to her. In the meantime, her ex boyfriend, Shane shows up instigating a flood of memories from a past that was damaged to say the least. Shane is a writer as well, gorgeous, highly respected, extremely charismatic, and a recovering addict, who still hasn’t shaken his biggest addiction-Eva. 

The first half of the novel which alternates between the past (those seven days in June) and the present was great. Watching Eva try to grapple with his reemergence in her life was loads of fun considering you knew where it was going to end up. I wasn’t as crazy about the latter half, the book dissolving a bit into a bit of melodrama for me with a former student of Shane’s  running into some problems and Eva’s daughter who became increasingly cheeky and precious as the book went on. Still, as a summer book it’s a quick escape, and although not a genre I’d normally generate to, with this one in particular I get the appeal. Thanks to @grandcentralpub and @netgalley for the copy.
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I am so glad that I picked up this book recommended by a good friend.  It was a smidge hard to get into because Shane and Eva's stories are just so hard and filled with so much struggle.  But their second chance is so good.  They absolutely earn their happiness in this story.  The growth and work that they experience to get there is so rewarding and Audre is such a good counterbalance to their already intense story.
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This was a wonderful contemporary novel about second chance love between two modern adults with a history. The characters are well developed and complex. Definitely liked this for its diverse cast of characters and highlighting what it's like to live with chronic pain/illness.
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Do you know the magical reader feeling when you pick a book up and don't know much about it or the author, but you find yourself connecting SO DEEPLY to the characters? Last year, for me, it was #BeachRead by Emily Henry. This year? It's #SevenDaysInJune. Interestingly, the books have a lot in common. They're both about two writers, one female (who writes genre fiction) and one male (who writes "serious" fiction.) Here, Eva and Shane were together in high school and reconnect fifteen years later. They've both been writing their stories sort of about the other. They're beautifully flawed, real characters. They're smart. They're FUNNY. And I mean, stop reading and read lines out loud to my spouse funny. The pop culture references are perfect. I loved the time I spent with Eva and Shane and her daughter Audre. This book captured my heart. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #5StarRead #bookstagram #BookReview #BooksAndFlowers #ReesesBookClub #TiaWilliams #EvaAndShane4Eva
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LOVED this surprising and sultry romance novel full of literary references and characters who felt so real.
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Seven Days in June is an utterly heartbreaking must-read! Eva and Shane have been in love and in pain for decades. Meeting first as unstable teenagers clinging to survival, each has gone on to create a rewarding life for themselves in the only way they know how. Both successful novelists have yet to go back to those seven days in June until Shane shows up at a panel Eva is speaking on, then their worlds are pulled right back into each others orbit. There is so much unresolved trauma, so much pain, and still so much love in this book that I wished I could have more. I really would love to read more about Eva's next novel and how she has the much needed conversations with her daughter. An amazing book overall. 

4/5 Stars! 

Thank you to Netgalley and Grand Central Publishing for providing me an e-arc of this book in exchange for an honest review - disclosure I have also purchased this book.
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