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Past and present. Heart and humor. Then and now. Who we were and who we are. All of these pairings perfectly describe Tia Williams’s novel Seven Days in June. It’s a steamy romance that is rooted in reality, including the trauma and every day humor of every day life. ⁣
The novel considers a number of things: who we are in our own stories, who we are in the stories we tell, and who we are in other people’s stories. It reaches into the past and clearly shows how the past can shape the future in terms of all kinds of relationships from friends, mother-daughter, to long lost loves. ⁣
Told with heart and humor, I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good character study, a steamy read, or a book that reminds you of the importance of your present overcoming your past. ⁣
The story is great. The writing is vivid and accessible. The audiobook was also very enjoyable. Thank you to @netgalley and @grandcentralpub for the ARC.
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This book was funny, serious, and downright hot at times. I enjoyed this so much. It covers multiple subjects without feeling like it was trying too hard. I will definitely be recommending this book.
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Seven days to fall in love, fifteen years to forget and seven days to get it all back again... From the author of The Perfect Find, this is a witty, romantic, and sexy-as-hell new novel of two writers and their second chance at love.
I just devoured the latest @reesesbookclub pick, Seven Days in June.  It’s one of those second chance romances that’s I’m such a sucker for. 
Eva and Shane spent a wild week together when they were seventeen.  Now, over a decade later, both are successful writers.  They have a chance to reconnect and rekindle their romance while both are in New York City for the Black Literary Excellence Awards.  I’m not going to spoil it, but it’s an extraordinary, emotional romance. 🔥
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Seven Days in June by Tia Williams is a smart and sexy novel about fate and soulmates.

So far, I’ve read every Reese Witherspoon book club pick of 2021. She’s definitely picked a mix of all kinds of genres and subject matter. My favorites so far are: Northern Spy by Flynn Berry, The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave and now Seven Days in June by Tia Williams. This was the exact kind of book I needed to read right now!

I love love love Eva and Shane! It’s been a while since I’ve read such strong characters in a love story. I went into this novel believing it would be more of a lighter read but there’s actually quite a bit of depth. We follow their journey from reconnecting as adults to their first meeting as teenagers.

I really enjoyed Seven Days in June! It’s a beautiful story about black love and overcoming past traumas. It actually has quite a bit of humor too. I loved Eva, her daughter Audre and Shane. This is a fantastic book to read in the summer. Great choice, Reese!
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Honestly, outstanding. Just outstanding on every level. This is a heavy book in terms of content for sure, but it speaks to Williams' extraordinary talent as an author that I was engaged while having my heart utterly ripped out and trampled on before tenderly fixed and put back in its proper place. Shane and Eva have the kind of epic and intense love that begins when they're teenagers and never seems to abate even when they spin out of each other's orbit and back again. Williams threads the needle between past and present so skillfully to the point where you're hoping against all hope that these two characters will find a way to make it work, knowing that they will (because romance) but glued to the page throughout the whole thing.

content notes: warnings for alcoholism, substance abuse, parental neglect, suicide attempts (cutting/pills), character is mentioned to have stayed in a psychiatric facility, reference to gun violence, secondary character death; additionally, MC also suffers from chronic disability (migraines)

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Humorous, romantic, and gritty!

Seven Days in June is an emotional, all-consuming, character-driven, second-chance romance that takes you on a journey into the lives of Eva Mercy and Shane Hall, two tormented and tortured souls who spent seven days as teens finding comfort and solace in each other’s arms, and who now fifteen years later must discover if what they had was real, unconditional love that’s still worth fighting for.

The prose is rich and polished. The characters are consumed, damaged, and sincere. And the plot using flashbacks and told from alternating POVs intertwines and unravels effortlessly into a complex, absorbing tale of life, love, friendship, family, addiction, introspection, palpable emotion, undeniable chemistry, motherhood, childhood trauma, chronic pain, and the ups and downs of life as a writer.

Overall, Seven Days in June is a raw, fresh, unforgettable tale by Williams that is the perfect blend of heart, hope, humour, and heat and is undoubtedly one of the must-read novels for summer 2021.
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Included as a top pick in bimonthly June New Releases post, which highlights and promotes upcoming releases of the month (link attached)

Content Notes: [alcoholism, substance abuse, parental neglect, suicide attempts (cutting/pills), stay at a psych ward (hide spoiler)]


Disclaimer: I received a free ALC (audio listening copy) from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.
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Hear me out: romance is not my preferred genre. Cheesy dialogue and star-crossed lovers are a hard pass for me. BUT, but….believe me when I tell you that SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE is so much more than a modern romance. It’s a deeply human portrayal of the ways we carry grief and the fortitude it takes to rise from brokenness. 

The story centers around Eva & Shane, two writers who receive a second chance at love despite a past that left them both broken in ways neither have fully explored. 

Not once did I find the characters, dialogue or lost and found lovers trope to be anything but authentic and compelling. The story boasts a rich cast of characters--each with depth, heart, and substance. 

In addition to a fantastic romance, the novel explores a myriad of issues including: chronic illness, mother-daughter relationships, mental health, childhood trauma, the role of race and gender in the publishing world, and the list goes on. I think this story would yield a really great book club discussion--apparently Reese Witherspoon agrees, as this is her book club pick for June!

Tia Williams writes from a #ownvoices perspective that spotlights the humanity of Black people and celebrates Black joy and love. We need more stories like this one. 

Rating: 4.5/5 stars (rounded up)
Available: Now! (Pub date: June 1, 2021)

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for an electronic copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book!! This is the first story I have read from this author and I know it won't be the last.

Eva is a single mom who is balancing her writing career and raising her daughter who is 12 going on 30. She is thrown off-kilter when she is reunited with an old love interest, Shane, while participating on a writing panel. Shane is also an author and it is clear in the storytelling that their fictional novels are drawn from real-life experiences that the two had shared. Their feelings have not abated either and they are trying to find a way to reconnect while moving past some old wounds.

The story builds momentum and it is important to experience the story as the Epilogue is one of the best of I have ever read.
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Eva is a bestselling romance writing, with a main character with distinct eyes.  She is speaking at an author panel when Mr. Distinct Eyes walks in. The man she spent a week she will never forget with in high school is also a high profile author whose character Eight is shadowed after Eva.  Shane is now sober and trying to figure out life without drugs or alcohol, and seeing Eva for the first time in 15 years in bring back all of the feels.
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Such a great book!! Loved the characters & just immersing myself in a space occupied by brilliant black women. Especially loved that Eva & Shane are so not perfect and have pretty dark demons to overcome. Just loved this!!!
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This was much darker and deeper than just a "romance" and while it has romance themes, shelving it there sells it short. This reminded me of a grittier version of list year's Beach Read by Emily Henry.
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This book broke my heart and then put it back together again. Eva and Shane are damaged people. They hold a place in my heart. This book was funny, smart and at times heartbreaking. I love these people and will forever be rooting for them. Loved the equal parts of humor and human suffering that seemed all too real. Well written and a pleasure to read. 4.5 stars!
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I am generally not much of a romance reader. I saw Seven Days in June on Oprah's list of most anticipated books of 2020 and immediately requested it from NetGalley. I mistakenly assumed from the cover that it was literary fiction with some romance. (Do not throw shade. I know I am not the only person who partially judges a book by its cover.) I am so happy I did, because I may have otherwise skipped this book and that would have been a tragedy.

Seven Days in June is an #ownvoices contemporary romance about second chances, finding yourself, and black joy. This book is so poignant and covers so many important topics, including invisible disabilities. 

Let me start with Tia Williams's writing. Seven Days in June is witty, funny, and powerful thanks to Williams's writing. The characters jump from the page and settle into your soul. I loved that she was able to do this without a ton of internal dialogue. The conversations in this novel are so rich and deep - think a more currently relevant and smart Gilmore Girls. I desperately want to be part of their world. 

I commend Williams for her depiction of an invisible disability. It was refreshing and raw. I related so much and felt seen. I cannot emphasize how amazing this is. Williams did not use Eva's disability as a crutch or plot device as is so often done. I cannot really put it to words, so just trust me and read it. 

I often find romance novels annoying because they are all romance without context, plot, or other things occurring in the characters' lives. Seven Days in June was none of these things. I was completely absorbed in the story. I stopped reading to go pee and was so surprised to find that 2 hours had passed. I became totally invested in Eva's story. I laughed, I cried, and I loved. 

My only real criticism is that the whole seven days concept could have been stronger. It was easy to breeze over, and it was not fully carried out in parallel which made it further lose its effect. It also made for a weirdly long epilogue.

Overall, I loved Seven Days in June and thought it was brilliant. That is not a word I would have thought I would ever use to describe a romance, but here we are. If you are not a fan of steam, you may want to tread lightly, but I thought it was exceptionally tasteful and not too graphic.

Thank you NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for an e-ARC in exchange for my fair and honest review.
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Ok, this swoony romance was SO FUN. The hook drew me in at first: two Black authors who had a whirlwind romance in high school have been sending each other message through their books for almost 20 years before reuniting as adults at a literary event. Doesn't that sound fantastic? And it was! I didn't know what else to expect with this book, but it's so modern and cute and heart-wrenching. We have Eva, a single mother living in Brooklyn who has made a name for herself as a writer of Black vampires in a Twlight-esque saga spanning 14 books. Shane is a literary superstar, a reclusive recovering alcoholic who rarely makes public appearances. As you can imagine, this book is full of juicy literary gossip and name-drops, and an insider look at the publishing world through a Black lens. It was fascinating, and I fell in love with these troubled characters who find their way back to each other after years apart. 

It was also interesting to have the main character suffer from chronic pain and debilitating migraines, and I think the author did a good job depicting what living with that is like, and how it affects her daughter and her love life. There are certainly hard moments in this light book as well, especially when we flash back to Eva and Shane's high school years as they were both drug addicts at such a young age. But it still seems true to life, and understandable when you see where life takes them and what brings them back together. I have to recommend this book for anyone, especially if the synopsis intrigues you and you're looking for a romance that isn't too fluffy!
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CW: self harm, addiction, fractured family relationships. 

I received a copy of this novel from NetGalley and I am so thankful because this was such a wonderful read. I fell in love with THE PERFECT FIND in chapter 1 and have been looking forward to Tia's next novel ever since. Seven Days was well worth the wait. Tia is LOL funny- witty without being zany and so thoughtfully, insightfully deep without feeling like the book is full of faux wokeness. 

So many times, i avoid books about writers because they're incredibly cliche. It's like writing an attorney by watching Law & Order (my goodness, WHO would EVEN??? Not me, haha *looks away), but this book about  lovers who work out their angst about their young troubled love between the pages of best selling novels and series? 

*fans self* 

It's... Words, I don't have them. 


Also I am extremely interested in seeing the Perfect Find on the big screen (in my bedroom). CANNOT WAIT.
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A smart and sexy book about two characters whose hearts have been broken but come together for Seven Days in June to grow & heal. The swoon factor for this one was off the charts!
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Tia Williams beautifully weaves together the two weeks in June, fifteen years apart so masterfully. It takes you in as soon as you start reading and having finished it I am still not sure it's let go. Eva and Shane are so clearly made for each other and that is never put into question. The questions raised instead are incredibly mature and important - Can two people who were very not good for each other in the past have a functioning, healthy relationship years later? Is love (regardless of how undeniable and irresistible) really enough? Can it actually conquer all as the fairy tales, and the romance novels, lead us to believe? 
On top of all that, for me, the discussion of invisible illnesses, chronic pain, mental illness and addiction all struck such a deep and personal cord. It is so important and meaningful, and I am eternally grateful to Tia Williams for including it in her book.
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Seven Days in June by Tia Williams was one of my most anticipated summer reads, and I am happy to say it lived up to my expectations. I loved it! I loved Tia Williams' refreshing and wry writing style, and I adored Eva's and Shane's second chance romance. I also loved Eva's twelve-year-old daughter, Audre. She was my favorite secondary character. 

Eva and Shane spent a wild week together and fell madly in love when they were both seventeen. More than a decade later, both are successful writers, they get a chance to reconnect and rekindle their relationship while attending Black Literary Excellence Awards in NYC. They get to spend a week together and discover if their connection is as strong as it was the first time around. Will they be able to overcome past hurts and traumas that tore them apart when they were seventeen? 

If you are looking for an exceptional, emotional romance that celebrates Black love and Black success, make sure to pick up Seven Days in June! 
Note: this book has a lot of trigger warnings including child neglect, drug/alcohol abuse, self-harm. It also has a chronic illness rep (migraines).
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Eva and Shane spent a week together fifteen years ago as lost, broken teenagers. Each of them was looking to numb their pain - both physical and emotional - and they had a whirlwind romance that changed their lives and set them on very different paths. Those paths cross again years later, and while much of the week they spent together is an alcohol-and-drug-hazed blur, they remember everything they felt for each other - including all the pain they ultimately caused one another. In the last fifteen years, they’ve both become bestselling authors. They’re the only ones who know they’ve been writing about each other all this time.
Seven Days in June is an intense read. It’s full of emotion and deals with weighty subjects like chronic pain, addiction (and overcoming addiction), family issues, and more. Eva and Shane burned hot and bright during their week together as teens; they were on a path of self-destruction, but they saved each other in a way. As adults, the pair continue to have a magnetic pull to each other, and they have to see if they can overcome their past while trying to figure out if it’s possible to have a future together. The heavy themes are balanced by humour (Eva’s 12-year-old daughter Audre is a trip) and sensuality, making for a truly compelling read. I’ve seen so many people, especially over the last year, talking about how necessary it is to see Black joy in books and not just pain and suffering, since that’s what so many books about POC tend to focus on - Shane and Eva even say that themselves within the book - so I really appreciated the focus on Black excellent and triumph, and I rooted for Eva and Shane separately and together throughout the book.
Romance fans, make sure Seven Days in June is on your summer TBR!
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