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Wow, I was not expecting this.  I read and really liked Tia Williams' debut, The Perfect Find, but this book just blew me out of the water from its first page!  The longing, the past to present written seamlessly, the storytelling, the romance .... I wouldn't change one thing about this book!  I read it in one day and I definitely suggest you do the same -- this was the perfect second chance romance wrapped in struggle, beauty, and literature.  You will love these characters and their story!

Seven Days in June comes out next week on June 1, 2021, you can purchase HERE! I loved this book so much and it reminded me of some of my absolute favorites The Opportunist and I Almost Forgot About You!

Instead, he watched her from the window as she stormed down the sidewalk lining Eastern Parkway, getting smaller and smaller, until she turned a corner and disappeared. With every step she took, the years melted away. Shane was hurtling backward into his teenage self, before the books, the success, the travel. Back in the dark ages, when his loneliness was like quicksand, when he'd ruin himself to make it stop-- and the only bright spot in all of this was loving a beautiful girl with demons ferocious enough to slay his own.
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Seven Days in June is a second chance love story that has you routing for Eva and Shane’s romance together and their individual personal development. 

Eva is a single mom and author of a best-selling erotic romance series. Her success in the publishing field is solely based on this series and she’s eager to be viewed as a serious player by her peers. Shane is also an award winning author who has published four best-selling titles. His fame in the field continues to grow despite his elusiveness, secrecy and disregard for any publicity. What the book community doesn’t know is that Eva and Shane knew each other very well in high school and have some unfinished business together. When they are reunited at a publicity event the sparks start to fly and the whole audience can tell there is more behind their book plots than just fiction.

By alternating between their past days together and their current reunion, Tia Williams fluidly tells the story of their troubled pasts and love affair. As the story proceeds, the reader begins to understand the strength of their ties and the love that cannot be ignored. The characters are written with such detail and the chemistry is undeniable. Eva’s precocious teenage daughter is both hilarious and sweet. A fun, fast and steamy five star read!

Thank you to NetGalley and Grand Central Publishing for the opportunity to review this book before the release on May 25.
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Compelling characters make this a romance the readers are emotionally invested in. The chemistry between Eva and Shane was palpable, both in the 2004 and the 2019 sections.
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I read this book straight through because I was so immersed in the story. The shifts back and forth between present day and Shane and Eva's teen years worked really well and helped explain how they each developed as people. It also shows the reader how each character has an incomplete and different view of what happened with the other. It's also a super steamy romance, but far more authentic than most stories. While Shane and Eva are impossibly gorgeous, they still feel like real people.
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Seven Days in June attracted me from the cover and blurb alone. I knew nothing about this author or her previous work, so it was a bonus that I loved the story as well. As a veracious reader, I enjoy and appreciate many genres, so that fact that this book, a rom-com, stars a Black author who writes erotic vampire novels was a win for me. 

Eva Mercy is a complicated character. Not only is she a divorced, single-mom and mega-famous author, but she’s also plagued by horrific migraines and emotionally crippled because deep down, she’s still in love with her first love from fifteen years ago. It was brilliant to add migraines into the mix because so many people suffer from headaches of all kinds. It really added a realistic dimension to the character. 

Audre, Eva’s daughter, was an important character and was portrayed well as a precocious young teen. Mother/daughter relationships, so complicated by nature, was a theme throughout the book. We learn about Eva and her mother and grandmother though flashbacks into the past. The past is so important to the book as it is the seven days in June, as the title states that Eva and Shane first meet and fall truly, madly, deeply in love. As far as second chance romances, I’m a fan! I love love, so let the characters find their true love! As the old adage goes, if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.  Scheduled on instagram!
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I absolutely loved this book and it was so much more than expected. This read went way beyond romance (though that part was amazing), diving into a myriad of topics, including racism, parenting, living with chronic pain, mental illness, addiction, and so much more. I also loved that both our main characters were authors, as the peek into the life of a writer was fun and unique to read about. 

While it wasn't a book of unexpected twists, it was thoroughly engaging and I was sad to see it end. It's one of those books I don't want to give too much away about- it's highly worth reading for yourself!

Thank you to Grand Central Publishing for my gifted copy.
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Eva Mercy is a bestselling Black author who is secretly sick of writing her famous erotica series. She’s also secretly sick – she suffers from debilitating migraines – and she is trying to juggle her chronic pain and her career with being the single mom of a precocious tween daughter. Suddenly, Shane Hall walks back into her life – Shane Hall, the famous literary author, with whom she had one tumultuous and life-changing week back in high school. Who disappeared out of her life without a trace, and whom she hasn’t spoken to since. 

This book is funny and fantastically detailed, and full of likeable, flawed, vivid characters. The author has a real talent for developing characters, especially through realistic and enjoyable dialogue. The romance, both in the present and in flashbacks, is sweet, sexy, and heartbreaking all at once. The flashbacks also contain some pretty dark content (TW: drug use, self harm, sexual abuse, child abuse) but this serves to deepen the characters’ backgrounds and illustrate how much they have grown and thrived since their struggles in their early years. I loved the way the book unapologetically portrayed black success and excellence, as well as providing disability rep in the form of Eva, who is a fully formed, well-rounded protagonist. We see her managing her condition, and her struggle is an intrinsic part of her character and her journey, but she is never defined by it, and her story is not reduced to revolving around it. 

This was an excellent read, and I’m definitely going to look for more from Tia Williams. 

One technical glitch with the E-arc - it skips most of chapter 22 (skips from page 222 to page 232). Thankfully, I don’t think I missed anything too vital. I trust that this will be fixed before publication.
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Seven Days in June is about two writers and their second chance at love. Eva is a single mom with a huge fanbase for her bestselling erotica romance series. Shane is an award-winning author who shies away from the limelight. Everyone is surprised when he shows up in New York, especially Eva. Twenty years ago, Eva and Shane spent a crazy week falling madly in teenage love. The chemistry is still there!

Told in daily accounts, Eva and Shane reconnect in a sexy novel. Tia Williams did a good job of writing witty compatible characters. Even though the story span is one week, it moved too slow for my liking. I love a romance centered around characters of color. However, the slow pace made the tale less interesting. Seven Days in June is recommended for readers that like a slow and steady story. 

Happy Early Pub Day, Tia Williams! Seven Days in June will be available Tuesday, June 1.

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Marvelous. Seven Days in June is the journey of two people who met during a destructive and vulnerable moment during their teenage years who meet again as adults. The story moves back and forth from when Shane and Eva were teenagers on the verge of losing their lives to despair to their adult lives where they try to be better than the adults who let them down and abandoned them as children.  Both have become successful authors, writing each other into their books, and readers will enjoy the discussions about the challenges of overcoming writers' block and finding creative inspiration. As Shane and Eva reconnect, they cannot escape the fact that they fell in love at first sight, nor can they ignore that they fell in love, completely in love, at first sight. Author Tia Williams handles many sensitive topics - mental illness, disability, and addiction - thoughtfully, and her characters discuss these personal challenges openly. Ms. Williams offers readers a rich and fully developed cast of supporting characters and even makes the trope of the precocious child feel fresh. This book is an engaging read with characters readers will want to see get their happy ever after.
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This novel really packed a punch. I was expecting a light, maybe steamy, romance. But, this is full on literary fiction in romance clothes. Wonderful.
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I read an excerpt of Seven Days in Buzz Books and thought the story sounded promising. 

The pros:
Some of the turns of phrase were delicious, to wit: a tweenager as an eye roll in human form.

The cons:
It started out as a good story that devolved into a platform for the Black Agenda. The dealbreaker for me was when one of the main characters, Shane, said that the national anthem was "just white bullshit." What? I showed it to my husband (a veteran) and said, "Is it me or is that offensive?" He said, "That is ABSOLUTELY offensive. And why are you reading that trash?" Earlier in the book, several characters were wondering why they couldn't just write novels about everyday people in everyday situations who just happened to be black. Irony much?

A DNF for me.

I received an ARC from Grand Central Publishing and Opinions expressed are my own. FTC 16 CFR, Pt 255: Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements &Testimonials in Advertising.
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SEVEN DAYS IN JUNE by @tiawilliamswrites is one of the most wonderful stories I've read in recent memory. Ok. So you have Eva, who's a single mother in Brooklyn who's a bestselling erotica writer with chronic pain who's made a name for herself despite her difficult upbringing. Shane is a groundbreaking enigmatic literary genius, who's struggling to find the magic he one had now that he's sober.

The two know each other, but never expected to see each other again after the explosive seven days they spent together as teens. Until by accident, they meet again at a who's who literary event, and sparks fly.

This is a POWERFUL, complicated, messy, and unique love story (that wasn't at all cheesy). It's about overcoming your trauma, facing your demons, and finding a way to choose joy. Eva and Shane are A+ characters with such intense chemistry, I had a hard time looking away. Eva's daughter, Audra, is a precocious wannabe therapist in training who is hilarious and adds so much to the story. In fact, I LOL'ed for real at a lot of the dialogue in the story, which honestly rarely happens to me when Im reading. Though there are grittier parts (TW for self harm, alcoholism, death, sexual abuse)... These weren't exploitative and felt organic to the narrative. There is so much Black joy in this book and I so appreciated the author gave a realistic picture of a character with chronic pain.

Clearly, this gets all of the stars. Get this on your radar now- it's out June 1st! @grandcentralpub
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This book felt like it moved at a very authentic and not. forced pace. I loved the transition between past and present. I truly enjoyed this book more than I can explain. It is a wonderful authentic raw story.
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You know those books that come along in your life that you just weren't planning for or expecting? That's how I feel about Seven Days in June. 

The way I feel about this book is honestly  hard to describe because it was almost like falling in love, like the choice was almost made for me before I realized it. I eased into this story like a warm hug, not saying it's a ooey gooey story because it's actually not but what it is, is honest.  Sure, at the bare minimum this is a "second chance" romance but that doesn't even come close to touching it. 

This is a soul searching book, a knowledgeable book, a book that not only makes you examine the relationships you have with your daughter or mother or aunts and friends but also the relationship you have with yourself and the world around you. 

With characters that will burrow into your soul Tia curated a thought provoking, moving, heart breaking and sexy story.....I can't wait to read again.
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Loved the format of this book. It transitioned from the past to present via days of the week. Eva and her daughter had a very heartfelt and realistic relationship that was very enjoyable to read about as the book progressed through the storyline. I loved how Eva was an author and her writing about black characters made the book feel more authentic. The romance itself felt genuine and it progressed at a natural pace to make me invested as a reader and rooting for them to work out. 4.5 stars for me
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