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I was drawn to this book because of the blurb. It sounded right up my alley. I'm so glad that I read this one. I really liked Skylar a lot. She's battling some demons and when she puts that aside to help Parker with Cullen she proved the heart she has. My favorite scenes are with Cullen and Skylar. They are so precious with him with his little tool belt and workbench. It's so sweet how he gravitates towards Skylar. It's not all sunshine and roses because Cullen's birth mom is a nasty piece of work. Parker is yummy, but I wanted to knock some sense into him several times. The story especially Skylar's backstory hit me in the heart. This is a make you feel good story. The epilogue was the cherry on top for this family.
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I have mixed feelings about this story. There are positives such as the way Skylar, the heroine, is described when relaxing. She’s a woodworking artist who enjoys crosswords and classical music and her relationship with her work is presented well, as is the gentle way she cares for Cullen, the frightened little three year-old boy who moves in next door. I also liked the fake fiancee trope, though this showed hero Parker up in a less than ideal light.
There are also negatives. For a woman who enjoys crosswords I found Skylar’s vocabulary really limited. Parker, the injured marine next door and alleged father of Cullen didn’t resonate well at all for me. He has loud obnoxious parties when he’s home on leave, he treats Skylar appallingly at first, for example banging on her door during one of his parties just so he can borrow her blender and assuming she’ll pretend to be his fiancee and let him move in with her all without even asking her first. 
His parents are obnoxious, racist snobs who definitely deserved a dressing down and the mother of his son is a bitch. Add to this the fact that every second word is f*ck or f*cking and you might just get the picture that I wasn’t all that taken with the story. I’m sorry because I read it through hoping to change my mind but sadly to no avail.
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This book was a quick read which follows a often used trope of fake dating/engagement. I liked the male love interest he had the right mix of kind and caring and possessiveness (although I did want to shake him at some points). I also loved the female protagonists she is strong and independent, I also like that we get hints of her secret throughout the book but it takes quite a while for her to get the full story of her past. I was a bit confused with her personality why she allowed the fake dating to happen. That is something that kind of bug me for part of the book because she was so strong and independent, I’m surprised she ran with the idea when it was presented to out of the blue. As well as the two main characters I love the complex family with the interfering mother and the cute son who presents challenges of their own. Overall I really enjoyed the story and it is an enjoyable romance are you at 3.25 stars because it’s a good book but it is not overly unique. 

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Skylar picked up the pieces of her life after tragedy and now lives a peaceful life in her house with her woodworking business. The only disruption is her next door neighbor Parker. He’s gone a lot as he’s a Marine but when he’s home it all loud parties and half dressed women and cars parked in Skylar’s driveway. She’s counting the days until he is gone... even though she’s rather attracted to him. But they aren’t friends they are neighbors who can barely speak to each other without it going back.

When Skylar hurts herself it’s Parker to the rescue. He takes her to the hospital stays with her and completely ignores the people hanging around his house. He’s very much attracted to Skylar and for reasons he hasn’t made a move. Until now.  But just as he’s ready to make move a huge curve ball is thrown in the mix in the form of a woman he had a onenightstand with four years ago and the 3 year old son he never knew existed. 

In order to keep his baby mamma at a distance while figuring out of this is in fact his son, Parker comes up with an idea. He decided to announce that Skylar is his fiancé so while baby mamma Gemma and little Cullen stay at his house he moves in with Skylar. And the events that follow are full of drama, disaster and heartache. There’s more than mere attraction between Skylar and Parker and things get complicated very fast.

So there was something about Parker that kinda put me off from the start and I can’t figure out what it is. Maybe his personality? Though there was all the stuff with Gemma and him being kinda spineless multiple times. Skylar also got on my nerves but I get that she had trauma that isn’t something you just get over. So I guess she gets more of a pass for that, but they were both annoying. It wasn’t a bad story but like Gibson and Ioan I don’t think Parker deserves Skylar. Though both of them could have solved a lot of problems before things exploded in their faces if only they had real conversations. Yes opening up and sharing yourself with another person is hard but they seemed to make everything far more difficult than it needed to be. Also Parker’s parents are sucky people and I can’t understand their feelings towards Skylar at all, especially considering that Gemma was a mess. 

All in all it was ok I was curious about Skylar’s secret emotionally scarring backstory. Both Skylar and Parker (mostly Parker) were annoying but I still read on wanting to know what would happen. I mean you can guess how a romance story will end but there’s always the chance of a surprise twist or turn along the journey. There weren’t many surprises or anything complex I think I expected Gemma to be more of a threat but she was just petty and childish. This was my first read by the author and I would be open to reading her work again though I’m not sure I like her writing style there was something about it that was a little off for me but that’s just my personal opinion.
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I really wanted it like this more than I did.   The hot marine next door neighbor and shy next door neighbor  was a perfect premise but the storyline got a little lost when his past surfaced.   I often  had a hard time accepting the cruelty of the characters.  They were able to make amends at the end but I wanted to see more of them as an actual couple.  

 I received a copy of this book for a honest review.
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Parker and Skylar's chemistry was off the charts and you really rooted for this sexy couple. They had that cute enemies to lovers thing going on that didn't last very long and wasn't too deep to move past. But of course there has to be conflict and barriers to their HEA (Gemma anyone?) even though they are obviously made for each other.

I really liked this cute book but it could use just a little bit more tightening up and editing especially the inner monologue. The characters were totally likable and you really wanted the couple to get their acts together and acknowledge they really were meant to be. But then there has to be some kind of conflict. It was a fun read but it still needs a little work.
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Skylar is jut AMAZING. Parker is mostly amazing, although he needed her to set him straight a few times. An interesting and unique storyline that kept me up way past my bedtime finishing it! Can't wait to read more from this author!
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I like this book because it was a quick read and kind of insta love for the part of the hero. Although for me the beginning was kind of trouble since it starts as a fake relationship I really loved how the hero treated the heroine and it was so sad the past of the heroine and I understood her reactions.
Overall its a nice romance story with a happy ending :)
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The cover is just gorgeous and smoking-hot, so I really couldn't resist requesting this new romance from Aliyah Burke. Who doesn't love a story featuring an alpha-male marine with a job description that says 'Be ready to lay your life to protect'? The blurb was stubbornly pointing me in the direction of the bad boy-good girl trope, but, to be honest, my associations with marines are more along the lines of strong, disciplined, and loyal. 'Semper Fidelis'.

 As promised by the blurb, Parker is swoon-worthy sexy, and does know how to talk to women to make them melt from desire. Once you get to know him a bit better, he isn't that far from what I had expected him to be.

Skylar has survived one of the most tragic things that can ever happen to a woman, so if she is a bit cautious about starting something new (short-tem, long-term,or just a one-night-long-super-short-term, noone can blame her. Then Parker's tormented ex shows up with a three year old child who is supposedly Parker's son, and Parker asks her to play the role of his fake fiancee. All these tropes are well-tried and well-loved for a reason. The course of true love is never easy, and everybody needs to define what kind of partner they want in life.

Aliyah Burke does know how to write heated scenes, but she also tugged on my heart strings with Skylar's devotion to Cullen, Parker's little son. It is clear that both Skylar and Parker needed to move on from their past, which they have outgrown, but were almost stuck in, while Cullen deserved a loving stable family and parents who'd always put his needs first.

The ending was beautiful. So, to expand on my first question: who doesn't love a book featuring an alpha male marine that discovers the true meaning of home with a loving woman? good old happily-ever-after never gets too old.

Thank you to NetGalley, IndieSagePR and Entangled Publishing LCC for the review copy. All opinions are my own and were not influenced in any way.
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Parker is tattooed bad boy marine who when he is home his house is the place to party at, and he is not worried about annoying his next-door neighbor when they encroach on her property. Skylar is an artist who is the total opposite to Parker, but the attraction between them is palpable. When an ex arrives on Parker’s doorstep with a surprise bundle, he gets Skylar to help him and they enter a fake engagement to stop his ex-getting any crazy ideas while they wait for the DNA results. This is a good story which has an intricate and complex plot, and is heartfelt, humorous, fast paced, and a steamy read. The only downside and this is my opinion only, is that I struggled to connect to the characters at times. However, I look forward to reading more from this author and I recommend her work.
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I’m always on the hunt for my next favorite author. This means I read a lot of new-to-me authors. I had never read anything by Aliyah Burke. The cover of Her Marine Next door caught my attention, and the blurb made me curious, so I decided to dive right in. And to be one hundred percent honest, I almost gave up on this story. The first quarter of the book didn’t grab me like I had hoped it would. The way the characters were acting, it felt like there was going to be a lot of steamy scenes but not a lot of substance to them or to the plot. Don’t get me wrong. I love a few well-written steamy scenes, but I like my books to have plots with substance. I debated walking away from this one. But I didn’t, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how much more in-depth the characters and the story became.

NICUnurse’s Rating: From the very beginning, Skylar and Parker think they have each other pegged. She thinks he’s the bad boy who loves to party and thinks of little else when he’s home. And Parker thinks Skylar is a “Goody Two-Shoes” and the white picket fence type. They both can admit there is major chemistry between them, but neither is really willing to take a chance to go beyond that attraction to find out who they are underneath. Until Parker’s world is rocked, leaving Skylar’s world tilted on its axis. What happens next made me more than happy that I didn’t give up on this book. It was a lot more emotional than I thought it could ever get when I was reading that first quarter of it.

All in all, I was impressed enough with the author’s writing that I find myself looking forward to giving her next release a shot. If you like the opposites attract, emotional, and angsty reads, I encourage you to give this book a try. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised and entertained, just like I was.

I give Her Marine Next Door by Aliyah Burke 4 out of 5 stars!
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I was iffy about this book from the start but I thought why not? This is a new to me author, which is always a hit or miss on whether it will be good or not. And for me, this one was ok. The cover is what really drew me in to want to read this more than the actual blurb, although the blurb wasn't bad either. But it really was just ok for me. Skylar lives next door to Parker. He is a marine who is home on leave but she thinks he is a jerk because of all the parties he has and the women that are in and out of his home. I honestly felt like the story was going to be different based off the blurb. I definitely wasn't expecting to not really like Parker. And I mean, I really didn't like him. At the end, yeah ok he did what should have been done before. But through most of the book, I just didn't like him. I liked Skylar more but there were still small things about her that I didn't like. She almost seemed like a doormat at times, and I definitely didn't like that. But I did like what she did for that little boy and how she treated him. That was beautiful. So while this didn't really hit as much as I had hoped for, the story itself isn't horrible. Nor is the writing. I didn't have any problem reading it from start to finish, and I actually enjoyed the way it was written. I just had issues with the characters. And that very well could be just me. Some people will probably love it, but I can't say that I loved it. But I also can't say that I wouldn't read more form this author because I think I would, just as I think I would go back and reread this hoping for more of a connection.
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I have read several books by Aliyah Burke.  She writes a lot of romance books about the military which is a favorite reading genre of mines.  Love her Megalodon Team Series books.  

The cover is very enticing and I knew the inside would be just much more enticing.  

Skylar and Parker are next door neighbors.  Skylar is an artist and she is recovering from the loss of her cheating ex-husband and her son who were killed in accident. Parker is a bad boy recon marine home due to an injury and during his recovery he is a party animal constant parties and constant flow of women.  

Parker is in need of help from his neighbor Skylar.  He needs a fake fiancée and enlist the help of Skylar.  Parker and Skylar are great together.  

I recommend that you pick up your copy today it was awesome read.

I received an advance copy of this book from NetGalley and I am voluntarily leaving a review.  Thank you NetGalley.
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He’s wanted her from the beginning, but Parker Jax can’t seem to go after the only woman who matters in this page-turning romance.

Love an alpha bad boy? Fake fiancé? Secret baby? This book has all that and more. Toss in a spurned woman bent on ruining Skylar, a hero who tends to fuck up, and a monster-in-law and that still doesn’t sum up this book. I was skeptical mixing so many tropes could work, but Ms. Burke pulled it off. 

There were times I wanted to smack Parker for being an idiot, yell at Skylar for not sharing her past with him, and don’t get me started on Parker’s mom. I nearly disliked her character more than the one-night stand turned baby momma. 

Want a drama filled ride full of heat, sweet moments, and even a little heartbreak? You can’t go wrong with Her Marine Next Door. You’ll be turning the pages, unable to stop reading until the very end. 

**Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for the opportunity to read Her Marine Next Door.
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Skylar and Parker's story started at a perfect pace. The chemistry was there and it was clear from the get-go that despite their differences, the two were made for each other.
On the one hand, Skylar who's still dealing with the aftermath of her past is reluctant to succumb to Parker who she sees as a womanizer. On the other hand, Parker wants Skylar but is not ready to settle down. The two kept circling each other stirring the flames of a passion that consumes them. 
The unyielding chemistry between them was what made me sail through the story. Yet, there were times where the story felt a bit disjointed. (Spoiler) Gemma's interferences and Skylar's inner thoughts seemed disconnected from the story at times. Skylar kept going in circles. 
~ #fridayinaprilbookreviews 
I voluntarily read and reviewed a free copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Skylar and Parker are total opposites who seem to can't stand one another.  Skylar resents her neighbor, Parker, for his wild parties that always tend to run over into her yard but spends a great deal of time watching him secretly from her bedroom window because in spite of the noise he his easy on the eyes.  Parker knows that he's irritating his neighbor but that seems to be the only way he can get any type of reaction from Skylar, and even though he won't admit, her reactions really make his day.  So when unexpected drama shows up on his door step in the form of  a possible baby momma, Parker decides to solve two problems with one solution. One that would get him closer to Skylar while keeping him far away from the  drama that is now temporarily taking up residence in his home.  He decides that introducing Skylar as his fiance will solve all of his problems to bad no one else agrees with him and that's when the true drama begins.
This was a quick read about to people finding love when neither thought they were ready or even looking for it.  Both the hero and heroine have issues they are dealing with, Skylar has a painful past and Parker has a uncertain future.  I loved how they each helped one another without really knowing it but just by being there when they were going through uncomfortable times.  I also loved the strength that Skylar exuded when she reached her drama threshold, and said enough because there were points in the story when I wanted to slap Parker myself. Overall I enjoyed the characters and the parts they played which made for a wonderful quick read.
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Parker is a marine who finds himself on leave due to the rehab he needs to complete after an injury but even though he is concerned about the future of his career the one bright spot is that it will allow him to spend more time with his sexy neighbor.  Skyler is a woman who is still trying to overcome her painful past and creates customized pieces from wood even though she may be attracted to her neighbor they have very different lifestyles.

He is there for her when she needs someone the most so when a woman shows up at the door with her son Cullen claiming that he is her father he convinces Skyler to pretend to be his fiance until they can confirm the truth one way or the other.    As they spend time together the chemistry between them ignites but between her past and the drama in the present things are about to become complicated.

Chemistry was never a problem between them and they had Cullen’s best interest at hearts even if at times it put them on opposite sides but if they are to have a future together they must overcome the outside forces that are trying to drive them apart.
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" I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book."

It was a great read and we'll written.  The story line and the characters were well developed.  Parker thought he had everything he wanted until what he needed came in the form of a readily made family.  Skylar has been through a traumatic experience and became a shell of herself.  Can her neighbor and his son be what she needs to heal?  I really enjoyed reading this book.
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Her Marine Next Door follows Skylar who is annoyed by her annoyance and yet attraction to her frustrating neighbor.  Story turns into a fake fiancee and a unknown son, crazy baby momma and so on. The story was meh, there were times where I just powered through or skimmed to get to the end.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in return for an honest review.  All spelling and grammar errors are totally my own.
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I really loved Parker and Skylar's chemistry although the intimacy seemed a little rushed. Cullen was super cute but all i could think of was Twilight whenever I read his name. Gemma frustrated me to no end. She felt like a caricature more than a real person and I just wanted to shake Parker to make him see it how horrible she was. There were a few things that made no sense but overall I really enjoyed this book.
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