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Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Arthur comes upon an elephant who has forgotten who he is and where he's from. Together they become friends and try to figure out who Mr. Elephant is.
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A sweet little story about forgetting, friendship and family from a child's point of view. Arthur helps his new Elephant friend remember, and in the process, they become the best of friends.
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Arthur comes upon a crying elephant and is determined to help him out. They share adventures and fun throughout the day as they search for the elephant’s home. Maria Giron’s Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant is a wonderful, full color picture book addressing memory loss and the value of friendship. The book embraces the love of family and intergenerational living. This would be perfect for a child whose beloved family member or friend is experiencing memory loss.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for providing this book in exchange for a honest review.
Such a cutie!!! Its so sweet, I hope everyone gets to read this.
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This is a wonderfully sweet story of friendship that invites discussion. I loved Arthur's empathy and his kindness toward a poor lost, forgetful elephant. Arthur's reaction exemplifies key character traits that build friendship. It shows how including someone can make a big difference and is a wonderful tool for a discussion about empathy.
A wonderful five star read.

Thanks to NetGalley for the book.
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This book makes the reader go Ahhhhhhhhhh.  An elephant has gotten lost and doesn’t remember anything, but the young kid Arthur becomes his friend.  They play and have fun, and eventually the elephant remembers just enough to contact his family who all come to help the elephant remember things and feel loved.  Within the illustrations one of the elephants that was called says Hi Dad, and another calls Grandpa.  This makes me think of Alzheimer's.  As a way to explain to kids that it is okay to get forgetful as you age.  Just help each other and things will be alright in the end.
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I ADORED this book. 

It had everything I look for in a children's book. 
- an amazing story 
- told in narrative and quote format (easy for using voices when reading a loud!) 
- amazing artwork 
- a circle story where the beginning actually has an end

Plus, animals as characters is a bonus because my kids LOVEEE anything animals. 

I would highly recommend this title. I will 100% be buying my own physical copy for my children.
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This book is the story of a young boy befriending a lost adult elephant.  I really enjoyed the boy's acceptance of the elephant without reservation, reminding himself of what he would want under the same circumstances. Illustrations were very evocative of the play of the children, especially how the elephant allowed them to climb all over him, decorating him with chalk. The only thing that was not quite realistic was the way in which the elephant called for his family. This book, however, would be good to introduce children to the concept of older persons with failing memory.  My children, now adults, have been blessed to learn to deal with older family members with gentleness and kindness, but not all are so fortunate.
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'Arthur and the Forgetful Elephant' with story and art by Maria Giron is a picture book about an aging elephant with a memory problem and the young boy who helps out.

Arthur finds an elephant who can't remember his name or where he lives.  Arthur thinks about the times he's forgotten where toys are or lines in school plays.  Arthur decides to take the elephant's mind off of his sadness in the hopes that this will help.

It's a cute story about helping out an elder that is lost.  Arthur is a likeable young hero in this story.  The illustrations are nice.

I received a review copy of this ebook from Flyaway Books and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook.
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A sweet book about an elephant who can't remember (and we all know that an elephant NEVER forgets.  None the less, this one does,  A little boy named Arthur thinks about how sad he would be if he forgot something and couldn't remember.  With compassion he helps the elephant forget his troubles by playing with him.  At the end of the day, when Arthur goes home, that jogs the elpehant's memory and he also remembers that he has a family!  He finds his way home and is greeted by his children and grandchildren.  That is our first hint that the memory loss might be because of his age.

A great book to help a child begin to understand why older family members might repeat themselves or ask the same questions over and over again.
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While I am not typically a fan of anthropomorphic books where children/humans and animals speak and interact, versus those where there are only animals interacting with one another, I can see the value in presenting this book this way. Dementia is tricky to talk about with children and a book like this one could be quite helpful when presenting this topic to a child.
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I love this book because it shows the joy that can be shared between young and old.  I love how the children paint the elephant in bright colors and he joins in with enthusiasm.  This book would also be a gentle way to lead a conversation if a child has a grandparent or family member who suffers from memory loss.  The illustrations and text are joyful and warm and most of all convey the value of fun, love , family and friendship.
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This charming picture book shows a deep friendship between two very different beings, a little boy named Arthur, and a forgetful elephant with no name. The elephant is sad because he doesn't remember, but Arthur befriends him and helps to make the problem feel smaller, until at the end of the day, the elephant remembers just enough for his family to find him. The elephant is adorably drawn as a realistic elephant but still very charming. Highly recommended.
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I love the illustrations in this book, they are beautiful and captivating.

This book creates the beginning of a conversation with small children about memory loss.  Arthur wants to help the forgetful Elephant but Arthur doesn't know where the Elephant lives or who their family is, so instead Arthur helps the Elephant by being his friend and showing kindness.

I think parents and caregivers will be able to use this book as a stepping stone to explain memory loss in elderly family members to young children.
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I love this book about the power of play and belonging! Arthur meets an elephant who cannot remember who he is or where he's from. Arthur empathizes with him and decides to help him. But instead of pestering the elephant with questions to jog his memory, Arthur invites him to play. They play and at the end of the day, Arthur goes home to his family. This jogs the elephant's memory, and he remembers he too has a family! He calls for them and the elephant family finds him! The elephant is a partner, father, and grandfather—and now he's friends with Arthur. What a beautiful testament to intergenerational relationships! Also, the art is gorgeous!
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Young Arthur befriended an elephant who was unable to remember his name. This distressed the elephant; however, Arthur decided to help the elephant. Along the way, Arthur and the elephant become friends. On the end, the elephant remembers that he has a family and Arthur helps reunite the elephant with his family. 
This was a beautiful and touching story that can help explain memory loss to children. Many children have loved ones who may experience some form of memory loss and this would definitely help bring about a discussion, especially for younger children.
I wish that something like this would have been around when I was younger and my great grandmother had Alzheimer’s.
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I really enjoyed the artwork, very soothing and gentle with color choices and realistic drawings.  The story and the reason behind it made me very sad, but that's because I'm older and sort of worried I'm going to go the way of the elephant.  

This type of book is necessary, definitely, but it doesn't dive into reasons or explanations, that is something the adult reading this to the child needs to do.  The book is a good starting point, but the adults need to take that springboard and make the connection to the family and their specific situation.  

I really liked how sweet and gentle this book was and how it could lead into discussions with a younger child who might not be able to grasp everything that is happening to and with their older loved one.  I would recommend this to anyone who has a younger child and is dealing with an older loved one's "forgetfulness".  This is a good way to open the communications on a difficult topic.

4, I'm glad there are books like this to help with difficult topics, stars.  

My thanks to NetGalley and Flyaway Books for an eARC copy of this book to read and review.
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I enjoyed the book but it was not long enough for me to use as a read aloud and I feel like there are existing books with the message covered in the book.
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Bittersweet book about an elephant that has lost
his memory befriending a little boy. Cute illustrations and story with a happy but still sad ending.
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Arthur and the elephant went on an adventure. The elephant lost his memory. Arthur never became friends in the end. The stories about having compassion. The kindness and the togetherness tug at your heart. The illustrations were on point. They were powerful, Vivid, detailed, and colorful. The illustrations went with the storyline. I recommend this book to younger children ages 3 to 7. I give this book five stars.
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