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‘Forgive & Forget’ is the third and final book in the ‘Risking It All’ trilogy.  What a trilogy it has been too.  I couldn’t wait to read ‘Forgive & Forget’ and so without further ado, I grabbed a cup of tea, grabbed my Kindle and settled down for an afternoon of reading.  Blimey oh riley, what a fantastic read it was too.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Forgive & Forget’ but more about that in a bit.
Oh my flipping word, this was one hell of a read.  As soon as I started to read the book, I was in the zone as it were and it didn’t take me long to ‘catch up’ with the different characters.  I would say ‘caught’ up with old friends but to be honest I wouldn’t want them as friends as they scare the doo doo out of me.  To say that reading ‘Forgive & Forget’ was addictive is a massive understatement. I would pick the book up only intending to read a couple of chapters but I would become so wrapped up in the story and in the lives of the different characters that I would still be sat there reading over half a dozen chapters later.  I couldn’t turn the pages quick enough as my desperation to find out how the story concluded just grew and grew.  All too quickly I reached the end of the story and I had to say farewell to the various characters.
‘Forgive & Forget’ is a superbly written conclusion to what has been a superb trilogy.  Stephanie Harte certainly knows how to grab your attention from the start and draw you into what proves to be a tense and dramatic story.  At times I felt reluctant to turn the pages as I feared what was waiting for me over the page.  Reading ‘’Forgive & Forget’ felt like being on an unpredictable and rather scary rollercoaster ride with more twists and turns than you know what to do with.  I found ‘Forgive & Forget’ to be a tense and gripping novel, which kept me guessing and kept me on the edge of my seat throughout.
In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Forgive & Forget’ and I would recommend it to other readers.  I will definitely be reading more from Stephanie Harte in the future.  The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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Forgive and Forget is the third and final instalment in the Risking It All series, set in and around Essex, southeast England. Gemma is feeling resentful of her son’s father, gangster Alfie Watson, who has become controlling and had not thought twice about putting her through hell over a five hundred pound debt that rapidly escalated. Since their son Luca’s birth, Gemma and Alfie's personal lives have become irrevocably intertwined, and although she absolutely adores Luca she regrets having a child with such a poor excuse of a man. She suffers from sleepless nights knowing that career criminal and mafia boss Alfie would never let her cut him out of his son’s life and she's beginning to believe that drastic measures are called for. The time had come to deliver him a large portion of the dish that was best served cold in order to ensure her family’s future happiness. Meanwhile, after a car accident that left him in a coma fighting for his life, Nathan has been released from hospital and Alfie has insisted that he stay at Darkwood Manor to recuperate. But the prospect of sharing a house with her husband, Nathan, and the man who had fathered Luca made Gemma uneasy. She knew the gesture had an ulterior motive. Darkwood Manor was situated in a secluded spot nestled deep within Epping Forest. Just the place where bad things can happen yet no one can hear you scream.

Then when Nathan discovers the truth about Luca - that he is the son of a gangland crime kingpin - all hell breaks loose. But this is not the only trouble Alfie has in his life. The appearance of Rufan Shehu, the head of the Albanian mob that killed Alfie’s father some time ago, on the scene reignites Alfie's desire for revenge as they took away many years he could've spent building a strong relationship with his father. This rival mob are in town to mark the opening of a new club in close proximity to his own and there is no way Alfie is letting them impose themselves and encroach on his turf. He'll do whatever it takes to put a stop to their plan. He ends up starting an all-out war and it has deadly and far-reaching consequences. Meanwhile, Gemma, Nathan and Luca escape to France taking Nathan's parents, Rosa and Gareth, with them. How will their lives play out and have they really managed to escape? This is the riveting and compulsive concluding part of the series and boy does it end explosively. Told in chapters that alternate between Alfie, Gemma and Nathan's perspectives - characters I have become totally invested in - we discover their fate as ruthless enemies collide. It's a wickedly twisty, gritty, violent, intense, suspenseful and enthralling thrill ride with never a dull moment and the short, snappy chapters help to ratchet up the tension superbly. Highly recommended.
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This is the third and final book in a series. I have read all the books and this one was as good as the previous ones. 
It is a gangland crime book which I am a big fan of. 
The characters in this book are so flawed and dislikeable due to the things they do. They are so well developed. 
The book was well paced and kept my interest throughout. I had to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. There is a lot of violence in this book but it doesn’t go into huge amount of details. 
A great book and a good end to the series.
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Forgive and Forget, the third book in the risking it all series, is another great read. It is gritty and a fast paced story that will have you in its clutches from start to finish. This is also the last in the series. I have throughly enjoyed each book and I am sad it’s over. Stephanie Harte has done a great job with it and has created something that will stay with me. 

Thank you to Stephanie Harte, Aria Fiction and NetGalley for allowing me to read an advanced copy of Forgive and Forget which I have reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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Mob boss Alfie has new rivals in town - and they might be more than a match for the Essex gangster. Between defending his turf, appeasing his crime lord father and holding on to the woman of his dreams. Nathan's recovering from his coma and trying to come to terms with his wife's bombshell secret. Unconvinced of Gemma's loyalty, he turns to his estranged ex-con father for help. Gemma will do anything to give her son a normal life - and she's surorised to find she has unexpected allies.

This is the final book in this series and i've loved everyone of them. I do love a gangland story and this series has been one of the best that ive read. They are easy to follow and you're drawn in from the forst few pages. The characters are strong willed and believable. I do recommend that you read this series in order so that you get the backstory. I'm looking forward to seeing what Stephanie has in store for us next.

I would like to thank #NetGalley, #AriaAries and the author #StephanieHarte for my ARC #ForgiveAndForget in exchange for an honest review.
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I’d like to thank Aria & Aries and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘Forgive and Forget’ by Stephanie Harte in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

Although Gemma and Nathan are together she’s tied to Essex gangster Alfie Watson as he’s the father of her baby son Luca.  Alfie keeps them confined to his mansion Darkwood Manor in Epping Forest and Gemma will do anything to get them away.  When Refan Shehu, the boss of the Albanians, appears on the scene Alfie thinks nothing of starting a war to stop them from taking over his business but it can only end in disaster.

‘Forgive and Forget’ is the final part of the trilogy and the story is told in alternate chapters by Gemma, Alfie and Nathan so we get to hear from each character.  The story is easy to read but I wasn’t gripped and it didn’t have the excitement I’d expected.  The conclusion was perfect and nicely wrapped up the trilogy.
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This is a good gangland thriller series. It's fast paced, with plenty of twists and good characterisation, as well as being the final book in the trilogy. I would recommend reading the previous two books first for background information. Short chapters make this a quick but satisfying read and fans won't be disappointed. Thanks to Net Galley for my ARC.
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Book 3 and the final book in this excellent series.

Mob boss Alfie has new rivals in town – and they might be more than a match for the Essex gangster. Between defending his turf, appeasing his crime lord father and holding onto the woman of his dreams, Alfie knows that something's got to give...

Nathan's recovering from his coma and trying to come to terms with his wife's bombshell secret – that her son Luca was fathered by Alfie. Unconvinced of Gemma's loyalty, he turns to his estranged ex-con father for help...

Gemma will do anything to give her son a normal life – and she's surprised to find she has unexpected allies. But when the moment of truth arrives, can she trust Nathan to protect her and Luca?

Having read and loved the first two books in this series I was really looking forward to this one and I read it in one day it was that good.  Stephanie Harte writes an absolutely brilliant gangland thriller which will keep you gripped from the very start.   This is a fast paced read that you won’t want to stop reading until the final page .
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Forgive and Forget is the third and final book in the Risking it all trilogy by Stephanie Harte. I am going to be sad to see it go as it has been a great story.
After Nathan wakes up from his coma, they decide that it is best that Nathan recuperates at Darkwood Manor. But it is a recipe for disaster when Gemma has her husband and the father of her child both under the same roof. Even more so when Nathan finds out that Alfie is Luca’s real father. 
There are also new rivals for Alfie to contend with. The Albanians are in town and opening a club near his own. Alfie is not happy he will do anything to stop them taking over his patch. Alfie starts a war with them with fatal consequences. 
It seems everyone is out to get Alfie. Also, his family are fed up of him and the families firm. Especially his sisters Dani and Sam and the help of Gemma they try and get Alfie stitched up for his crimes.
This is another gritty, fast paced thriller, with twists that you never seen coming. I really enjoyed but also sad as it has come to an end. If you love gangland thrillers this is a must read. I can’t wait to see what Stephanie Harte has next in store.
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Another great read from Stephanie harte her books are excellent reading . Would definitely recommend this book ..
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Forgive and forget is the third book in the Risking It All Trilogy. So after finishing Tangled Lives and having my fingers crossed that it was the build up to the finale I couldn't wait to find out what happened next. 

I sure as hell wasn't disappointed when I sat down to spend some time back with Alfie,Gemma and Nathan. Just a few chapters I told myself. Well that didn't happen. I couldn't put this book down. The more I read the more I wanted to know. And OMG what a final book to the trilogy this is. The author has rammed up the pace and the whole plot...I freaking loved it.

It is tense,nail biting and gritty with plenty of twists and turns that I didn't see coming. 
What a brilliant story. This can be read as a standalone but I recommend reading them from start to finish so you get a full insight to the story and build of the characters. I absolutely loved Alfie even though he is the bad guy. You can feel the emotion and tension through the characters taking me on a roller-coaster ride.

If you are a fan of Kimberly Chambers, Kerry Barnes and Dreda Say Mitchell you will totally love this.
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This is book three in the series "Risking it all" and "Tangled Lives" being the first two.

After Nathan's car accident and him being in a coma, the decision is made that now he is recuperating Nathan, Gemma and baby Luca live with mob boss Alfie Watson at Darkwood manor. It has all of the equipment needed to help Nathan back on his feet and working for Alfie again.  

But when it is discovered that Nathan is not Luca's father but Alfie is, things just don't seem the same.
There seems to be trouble on the horizon when the Albanians get involved and try to take over Alfie's patch.

Such a brilliant crime book, well written with a fast-paced story that will have the reader on the edge of their seat, a great gangland story.
Stephanie has really put herself in the limelight with this series and I'm sure there's more to come in future books.
Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this book xx
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Gemma has been to hospital to watch Nathan fight for his life
But I was the baby’s father Luca I was called Alfie and I was called the career criminal
My dad was killed by the Albanians
Rufan the Albanian was killed by Gemma
Nathan and Gemma and Luca went to France but along the way Nathan died of Sepsis 
Alfie had to stand trial of murder and he was found guilty and was sent down
I had an ARC
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First book by this author loved it. Especially liked each character having their own chapters. gritty.edge of the seat. Stuff. Twists in every chapter
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Another brilliant edge of your seat gangland book to sink your teeth into and i loved it,i have vowed to read them all again together excellent book 5*
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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Gemma's husband Nathan is in recovery from when he was in a coma. Both of them are working with the mob to repay a debt. Gemma wants out. I enjoyed the different characters in this book.
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Gemma and Nathan and baby Luca, Alfie Watson is not controlling them no more, he has put this family through hell. Gemma wants a way out of this nightmare, but its not easy. He would never let baby Luca go,
Nathan her husband has pulled through the car accident and the coma, Alfie offers them to stay at Darkwood Manor but unabled to shake the feeling that something bad is well and truly going to happen.
This is book three in the series and I just could not wait to get stuck in.
A fantastic face pace, that will make your hair curl, with outstanding writing from this author, she is not going to disappoint her readers with this one.
excellent right through. I loved it.
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As usual this book delivered a great story.
Im becoming a fast fan of this author and am looking forward to her next book
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I have loved this series, sad to see it come to an end this one is the cherry on the top, just perfect. 

Gritty and all the gangland you could want from a book. 

Reading the series is a must, you will not be disappointed you will get hooked into the life of Gemma.

Can't wait to see what Stephanie has up her sleeve next.

A huge ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ from me
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Wow only downloaded and read it in one evening. Brilliant gritty page Turner. Gangland att its best cant wait to read more
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