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The Witch of the Spring

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Marya is back in Coronado Springs to spend Christmas vacation with her grandma.  Arthur is glad to see her back and tells her that Don Pedro has invited them to the opening of the ancient book they found last summer.  Don Pedro wants the community to be able to see it before it goes to the university where it can be studied and translated.  When Arthur and Marya go to the bank, they find that the book is stolen. Don Pedro calls the governor to request the Texas Rangers to solve and get the book back, he finds that he has one Ranger..  Don Pedro requests that Arthur and Marya assist him on this assignment.  Will Arthur and Marya be able to help the ranger?  

In this second volume of this series, there is a thrilling adventure they will be taking to find the book and find out what the person was going to do with it.  There are twists and turns throughout it.  The suspense and magic throughout the the novel kept my attention to find out what will happen next.  The characters are portrayed realistically.   I learned some interesting information about the Aztecs.  At the end of the novel is a list of the Aztecs’ names and how to pronounce them.    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel and can’t wait for the third one to be published!   I am a definite fan of this wonderful series.
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