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The Wild World Handbook: Habitats

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This is a beautiful, engaging, hands-on, fact-filled book perfect for 3rd to 5th-grade learners, and outdoor enthusiasts. The book helps children to explore their world by examining nine different habitats, such as the mountains, forests, and even a city and encourages good stewardship through well-chosen activities and suggestions for action. Each section contains: facts about the habitat, a brief biography of a famous person in the field, hands-on activities that relate to the habitat, are unique, and lots of fun, a story - including myths and legends, more activities relating to the habitat, and ideas for ways the reader can help protect and preserve the habitat.
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This wonderfully illustrated guide is perfect for anyone who cares about nature and the world around them, whether they're young or old! This was an absolute delight to read and is sure to be well-loved by many children and those who are young at heart.

The Wild World Handbook is split up into sections by habitat type and is very well organized. Each section features fun facts, interesting mini-biographies of those who have loved and defended the habitat, easy DIY projects, ways to help, and more! I adored everything about this book, but I especially appreciated how the "ways to help" section is divided into personal, local, and global goals. It gives kids easy ways to get started changing the world in ways they can see. 

This is an essential addition to any little adventurer or world wanderer's library, and I cannot wait to see what The Wild World Handbook: Creatures has in store! 

❧ 5 ★
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This book is absolutely stunning. The images and information throughout the book are perfect for kids that are wanting to save the world!
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Great for Middlegrade with facts and STEAM activities.
The Wild World Handbook is great for Middlegrade. It is comprehensive, without being overly complicated, but allows them to have an adventure and "meet" people, different aspects of nature and fits right into encouraging children to care for the environment and to learn about it. Children can explore:-

Mountains, Forests, Deserts, Polar Lands, Oceans, Freshwater. Cities, Rainforests, Grasslands.

This book whisks children into introductions to each are of earth and takes them to  the past, present and a small bit into the future of planet earth. So, children are introduced to each of the areas mentioned above, via quick, sharp, easy to follow facts, bold and sharp.

There are interactive elements to map out their own expeditions, do some artwork, plant a tree, find the stars, make a desert biome and more...

"Meet" people from a mountaineer to a naturalist to animals to trees and other plants and more...

There are questions about what they have read, so their knowledge and understanding all tally's up.

It also takes a nod to those (which is refreshing), who played their part in helping to do good, not just in the present, but in the past, something that isn't talked about much these days. It's positive as it refrains from making sweeping generalisations and shows the young, that people older than them (including their parents) did do good stuff to help the environment too. It talks about what children can do too. So, it balances understanding what is in each area with what people have done, in both destruction and to save the earth as it balances out the positives and brings pages of fun to it too.

It is better than some books out there as it does balance positivity between the negativity, lots of fun as well as the serious. 

This book could easily be used at home, as part of a school eco-group or a Girlguiding or Scouting group such as Brownies and Cubs. It has scope for a lot of activities and it shows this area of study can be positive and it can be fun.
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I'm always on the lookout for meaty nonfiction for my third and fourth grade students. It's a tricky age because oftentimes the content is either too easy for them, or too difficult for them to tackle. They need more information than your average chapter book, but still at an attainable length. Most of these kids want (and need) heavily illustrated volumes to help support comprehension.

The Wild World Handbook series accomplishes most of these things. This particular book, Habitats, discusses seven habitats seen on Earth with detailed descriptions and how the readers can help preserve the areas. To my surprise, it also included CITIES (which I loved and think is not often included in a book such as this). There are a variety of pages, from infographics to lists, which all include pertinent, useful information for kids in this age group. 

Love the level of information, the colorful illustrations and the format of this book. Recommend to kids in grades 4 and up, and possibly 3rd as well with some support.
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Great illustrations! Love the diversity of settings and people. Eco focused without being preachy. Thank you!
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Wow wow wow. Kid Andrea would have devoured this book and Adult Andrea was no different.

I was able to get a copy of THE WILD WORLD HANDBOOK: HABITATS via #NetGalley and I am honestly blown away. This middle grade book comes out tomorrow and I 100% recommend! Each chapter delves into a different habitat (swipe to peek at the chapter covers) & includes:

🍃 Interesting Facts
🍃 Natural Wonders
🍃 Diverse Mini Biographies 
🍃 DIY Nature Crafts 
🍃 Ideas for Local & Global Environmental Activism
🍃 Conservation Success Stories 
🍃 Suggestions for "Field Trips"
🍃 Gorgeous Illustrations
🍃 Accesible Text - Upper Elementary and Up! 

Seriously, though, This book would make a fantastic gift for any young person who loves the great outdoors. (Or those of us young at heart, hehe.) And it's full of so many easy and practical ways to start helping the environment no matter where you live! It truly goes to show that you can be a conservationist at any age and in a myriad of ways.

P.S. Volume two (CREATURES) is coming out in November, so keep your eyes peeled. I will definitely be reading that one as well.
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This is a fun concept. Part book and part handbook The Wild World teaches kids through a combination of fun-facts, how-to guides and activities, biographies, non-fiction sections and illustration.  This book encourages learning and curiosity!
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What a great non-fiction book about nature.  I finished chapter 1, and immediately suggested that our third grade order this for their biome study.  I love how it combines facts about the different biomes with real people and tips for exploring nature.  While I think it would fit perfectly in our curriculum, I could also see students really enjoying this book on their own as it does not feel "textbook-ish."  It is well written, and at an accessible level for elementary kids - not too advanced but does not shy away from correct vocabulary.  I highly recommend this book.
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I received this ARC for free! The only problem is now I want this book in print not just the kindle version. It is so beautifully done. I read it to my four children ages 2-11. They all enjoyed the content and the colorful pictures!
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Where do I begin? This book is a wonderful mix of how-to guide, fun facts, and biography of people who are passionate about nature. The texts are so well-written and engaging, and the illustrations are lovely. The book is divided into different chapters (mountains, forests, etc) and on each chapter you get interesting facts, a short biography, a spotlight for one part of the world ("natural wonder"--aptly named!), an invitation for a "field trip" that encourages kids to get out and explore the nature around them, an example of someone taking action to protect the environment, and also a bit of DIY!
Reading this book makes me itch to go on a hike :)
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I am super excited to use material I am passionate about to build cross curricular units that my middle school students can dig into, practice their language arts skills with, and apply information to their lives outside the classroom.

Will update my review, when I see students reaction to this material, but I’m assuming I will be adding another star! 

✅divided into biospheres

✅ highlights environmental advocates from around the world

✅ introduces new academic vocabulary

✅gives practical suggestions

✅ encourages us to get involved in protecting and enjoying our planet

✅ beautiful illustrations

✅questions to discuss

✅ accessible to and written for students 

I cannot wait to collab with science and use this as reading material in my classes next year! Thank you @netgalley for the free digital copy!
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By focusing on several aspects of each type of habitat, this book offers more than just the typical list of facts. Biographies of people associated with each habitat are well chosen, the "natural wonders" (or special places) are great specifics that bring relevant issues and interest to each place. The stewardship and DIY activities are more than just art projects and a nod to the good works being done, they are thought-provoking and accessible ways to become immersed!
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This a beautiful and inspiring book that is accessibly to a wide range of children. As a teacher I am already thinking of ways that I could include this beautiful book into the curriculum. 

In each section there are wonderful ideas and tips for how children could make their lives and the wider world more sustainable through engaging and well thought through ideas. Whilst inspiring the next generation it also helps to set the issues of global warming at a local, wider and global level.
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As a result of my various committee appointments and commitments I am unable to disclose my personal thoughts on this title at this time. Please see my star rating for a general overview of how I felt about this title. Additionally, you may check my GoodReads for additional information on what thoughts I’m able to share publicly. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read this and any other titles you are in charge of.
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This book is simply wonderful and I can’t wait to purchase it for my class! The illustrations are gorgeous and it is packed with so much information all about how we can help protect our Earth.
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The Wild World Handbook

Thank you to Netgalley and Quirk books for the opportunity to read and review this book. 

This book explores the word through different habitats. Each section is a habitat and is laid out in the following way; 

Facts about the habitat

Biography of famous person in the field 

Description of a famous feature- such as the Himalayan mountains. 

Activities- these relate to the habitat and are unique and lots of fun

Story - including myths and legends 

More activities relating to the habitat

An activist in the area and ideas for ways the reader can help protect and preserve that habitat. 

This is a gorgeous book, with beautiful illustrations, especially of the Aurora over the polar lands. The included activities are unique and not the usual ideas you come across, I love the make a dessert biome activity. A wonderful companion to exploring the world and giving the reader a good dose of wanderlust.
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This is a wonderful non-fiction book about nature and the ways we can enjoy and protect it. Split into nine chapters, the book explores nine habitats from mountains to forests to cities. The chapters provide factual information about the habitat, as well as inspirational stories from people who have explored or protected these environments.

The Wild World: Habitats is a fantastic book that will both educate and inspire about nature, cultures, conservation, climate change and more. It could be used in a educational setting or read purely for pleasure. It has gorgeous illustrations with large chunks of text, and I think it would be appropriate for children aged 10+ to read on their own. However, the book is definitely still accessible for younger or weaker readers and would be perfect to read with a teacher, class or parent.
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The Wild World Handbook: Habitats is extremely well done. It is sectioned off by biome, even including Cities as a zone, which I think was an excellent choice. Every chapter has two biographies, a couple of nonfiction passages about specific examples of the habitat, and ways readers can do something- whether through activism or crafts. I love the structure, and think it will be really well received by elementary and middle school readers. I appreciate that the biographies are well rounded and highlight a diverse group of activists specific to the habitats. 

While I don’t teach science, I’ll definitely put this in my class library and will recommend all of the science teachers do as well.
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The illustrations in this book and the easy, aesthetic layout made this book wonderful to read! I love the different regions explored throughout, especially because they include examples of people and events. This book is a great introduction for kids to learn about the environment and our planet's climate change. I can't wait to see it on shelves everywhere.
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