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When a young Chinese girl with blue eyes shows up in her pediatric clinic, Dr. Erica quickly becomes more involved with the family than she ever expected.  After discovering that the son has very unusual hemoglobin, Erica speaks to Ting and learns of an illegal gene editing program in China.  When it is revealed that a third child is still in China, Erica goes undercover with her roommate to rescue the child and record evidence of the illegal program.

Although this book had an interesting premise, I thought the book was extremely dry.  The author continually told us what was going to happen, and continually went over worries about what they were doing.  This made the action, when it finally happened, extremely anticlimactic.  Unfortunately, this is not a book that I would reread or recommend.
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Could world sports dominance be an offshoot of gene manipulation? Deven Greene explores the concept in this spell-binding tale of international intrigue and romance! This book sweeps you away into a world of excessive national pride and the attempt at world domination in the sports’ world. 

As Dr. Erica Rosen proceeds to do a physical exam for a kindergartener, she is struck by the impossible; this Chinese child has blue eyes! This is genetically impossible! A lack of any health history begins a very engaging tale of genetics, gene manipulation and seemingly science fictional intrigue and it doesn’t take long to get hooked in this unique premise. 

Gene splicing and correction of DNA family traits that cause diseases or maladies in later life are replaced with gene sequences that do not have these traits! Imagine the way a child would look with more muscle mass, stronger bones, perfect complexion and optimum height and weight. Add a body extremely adept at utilizing oxygen and nutrients as well as the ability to run long distances without fatigue! The possibilities are endless and mind-blowing!

With technology utilized throughout the country to control the Chinese population and their opportunities for advancement, how can a foreigner get into the country and explore the newest technology. A very difficult task indeed for a non-native visitor.

Dr. Rosen undertakes the task of visiting China to find a missing child and unravel the ongoing research into gene technology. Once in country she learns quickly that you cannot trust anyone. People loyal to the communist regime will go to any lengths to protect the technology and states’ secrets. Can a lost child be rescued and the state secrets be unraveled? This read is unputdownable as the action is fast paced, well plotted, and very engaging. 5 Stars – CE Williams
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Unnatural is an intriguing suspense with many different stands of a story going on at one time.  A medical mystery with altering dna plots in China, a disfuntional emotional relationship with the main character and her love interest, a friendship of two roommates and a health crisis with the main character's mother.  There is a lot happening in this story and not all of it gets resolved by the end of the story so look for further books in a series.
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When paedriatrician Erica Rosen encounters a female Asian child with deep blue eyes, in her shift, she is surprised. She is even more surprised on learning that the girl is really a boy. When the highly anxious, neurotic-seeming mother brings in another child whom she claims is wanted dead, events quickly move beyond dead. The appearance of a deadly assassin within ER drives the point home. 

Both children appear to have had their genes doctored. It seems the communist Chinese government is intent on creating a new super race of athletes. 

Rr Rosen and her Chinese fkatmate become embroiled in a highly risky endeavour to prove to the world what is happening before the government's operatives bury the evidence - and to rescue a third child from China, with the help of the mother's brother, who works for an anti-government underground movement. 

There then flows a nail-biting suspenseful story of the women's mission to rescue the baby and obtain the proof of wrongdoing. In the mean time, Rosen is to become acquainted with all the tricks of espionage, though the tropes of hidden camera in clothes accessories still apply. 

The Chinese individuals Rosen allies herself with are all extremely brave, sympathetic characters, though an element wherein Rosen represents the brave free world of America is possibly not as nuanced as it could. be. The bad guys here may well be viewed this way for good reason, but the dangers inherent in using applied gene therapy within any kind of eugenics is questionable, whichever government may perform it. 

It does not come as a surprise that this novel is the first of a planned trilogy: this novel works satisfyingly well as a standalone thriller, but it is clear that the revelations about Erica Rosen's health and the implications these have for herself as a future mother do seem to belong to a more extensive story arc.

This makes an excellent thriller combining an element of science fiction - very entertaining.
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#unnatural,#netgally.This was a very well written book. I  Give it 5 stars. A Mom takex her 5 year old in for her physcal. She, the 5 year has blue eyes but is a chinese girl. The doctor is thrown off. Latdr same mom shows up with 3 year old ,has been hit by car. Turns out poor boy has been made in lab. I recomend ya read for yourself for rest of story. 
Great book
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