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Normandy to Nazi Surrender

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I like WW2 books. I went into this one with high hopes. To me this book was a 3.5 star book. Some interesting bits, but just not enough for a 5 Star review of this NetGalley ARC copy. Annexes 5 & 7 were both 5 Stars each. A okay story of a man who bravely served the USA in WW2. To all who serve: Thank You 4 your service.
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I was looking forward to reading this book as I have a strong interest in aviation and military history.
The book reads more like a diary with facts on when and where being covered but there is no detail at all about any flying or operational sorties flown during WW2.
Quite disappointing, the book needs much more detail and adding a more personal feeling into the book would also help.
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I have always been interested in personal accounts of WWII. This book chronicles the life of the author from his youth to the end of the war. It also includes several appendices about family members, personal letters, etc.

Strangely, I found the appendices more interesting than the chapters. The chapters often read like after action reports with little personal information. However, the appendices were filled with interesting stories of life before the war and letters that detailed events in the war. Worth reading, but you have to go to the end of the book. 

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for providing an advance reader copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.
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A firsthand account of an American fighter-bomber pilot Van Slayden in World War II, telling us what it was like to fly by the seat of his pants against the Huns. It contains very detailed information about the actions of the US-air force in their determination to bring WWII to an early and successful conclusion. 
To me, they were all heroes. We can not be grateful enough to them repeatedly risking their lives for (our) liberty. 
At times the book jumps from one subject to another, resulting in losing the story-line / overview.
I would certainly recommend this book to read. It gives you an interesting perspective on WWII history.
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An excellent account of the air war from the Normandy landing to the end of the war. The author’s personal story is compelling and really held my interest. I found the book enjoyable and a quick read. A must read book.

Thank you to #NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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