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This novella spells the end of the time travel story by reducing the genre to the ultimate absurdity. It seems time travel is a trick discovered endless times through out history, until it results in the destruction of history.  
Fortunately, the plot is both very amusing and improbable., as are the characters. 
I would recommend it to anyone, but the more time travel books you have read, the more you will enjoy it.
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Written by the author who introduced us to Children of Time, this is a short novel about time travel.

Our narrator is a product of a time travelling war. He has found for himself a shard at the end of time and lives happily on his bio-engineered farm with his pet dinosaur. Going back in time to get supplies and party with the greats of history, he lives the perfect day over and over again while making sure no other time travelers exist to ruin his perfect life. Two time travelers pop up exclaiming to be his grandchildren from a utopia in a future that shouldn’t exist. The woman he is supposed to meet and wed disagrees with this “utopia” and they have a hilarious all out battle of the wits to destroy one another.

I couldn’t put this one down, I laughed out loud in several instances and the time travel lingo is easily understandable compared to some other hard science fictions out there. Thank you Netgalley for the early copy.
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Short, fast-moving yet ambitious in scope. Tchaikovsky throws out some very big time travel concepts with enough details to keep you thinking about it too much and serve the barmy plot.

The story is entitely told from the main character's point of view in a way that reminded me of Jimmy's narration in Bear Head, another of Tchaikovsky's many releases lined up for 2021. He's a terrible person, yet it's endlessly entertaining to follow him in his attempts just to avoid other people and create a perfect place with a population of one.

There is lots of ridiculous fun to be had here, for example a Bill and Ted style race through history to find history's most notorious individuals for a ludicrous fight to the death. For all its silliness, it does hint at some hefty themes, musing on the effects of technology and WMDs which, in this future world, have virtually destroyed time and causality themselves. Does the future deserve to have the stain of humanity wiped from it?

I was on-track to give this book five stars until its abrupt ending, several chapters short of a satisfying resolution.

Here's a quote which I think gives a good sense of the book: "She's a trespassers and she's come to ruin my life by somehow making me happy enough that I settle down with her and a found a gloriously twee society of facile w****** like Weldon and Smantha. And if that's not a good enough reason to seek someone's death, then I don't know what is."
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One Day All This Will Be Yours by Adrian Tchaikovsky- A new novella that is part time travel essay, part last man in the world, and part comedy. A tongue-in-cheek look at a man trying to stop any further destruction of the human race by the human race. Being that he is the only one left that should be easy. But new time travelers keep showing up and what can he do but stop them with his pet dinosaur before everything goes to hell in a hand-basket again. Tchaikovsky must have mulled over this a while to come up with all the cool insights and different way it could all play out. A sometimes hilarious adventure.
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This odd little title had laugh out loud lines and a fast pace that made me love it. I'm a sucker for time travel stories to begin with, but I love how this story highlights that of course humans would mess up time travel. Highly recommended.
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Adrian Tchaikovsky never fails to Impress with his ability to constantly write books that intrigue, this novel I'd yet another example of his image Imagination run wild, it's a delightful book that left me wanting more
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FORMAT: Published 2021 by Solaris, an imprint of Rebellion Publishing Ltd,. Length - 192 pages. Cover art by Gemma Sheldrake

REVIEW: Absolutely brilliant. The story’s narrator, the sole survivor of the War To End All Wars, lives on a farm at the end of the world. He’s a time warrior and occasional murderer of errant time travellers. Whenever someone gets there, he makes sure they’ll finish their journey in the belly of his pet Allosaurus, Miffly. And after that, he makes a time-travel to destroy his unwanted guest’s culture ability for travelling in time.

He has good reasons to act this way, and he believes he’s doing it to save the future. But it’s also possible he’s just a misanthropic bastard who enjoys being the last surviving human being and has no intention to share the rest of history with anyone. 

I probably told you more about the plot than I should have, so I’ll stop right now. One Day All This Will Be Yours offers a wildly irreverent take on a time travel-gone-wrong trope. It turns the grandfather paradox inside out. It’s hilarious and clever, and Tchaikovsky’s thoughts about the destructive potential of time-travel made me rethink the coolness of the concept.

People have described a lot of things as an ultimate weapon, a doomsday measure, a holiday at the final resort. None of them were, not really. Even nukes are just a better way of killing people that leaves a longer-lasting stain on the carpet. City-devouring intercontinental missiles and orbital railgun strikes: these things are on a straight line of development from slings and thrown rocks. But time machines really are the ultimate sanction. And just like the nukes of an earlier era, by the time the war started, everyone had them, and everyone had signed a lot of important pieces of paper swearing they wouldn’t use them. Because we knew that as soon as anyone actually used a time machine with hostile intent, that would be it.

One Day All This Will Be Yours has a great pace, compelling (if deliberately overdrawn) characters, serious questions to ask, and tons of cynical humor that almost made me roll on the floor. It hides plenty of surprises, brilliant ideas, and quotable lines. Without spoiling much, I can mention for example that the narrator loves his farm and travels in time to pick up an older model of a tractor or, when in the right mood, to party with Jackie Onassis, Lord Byron, or Nero. 

I expect KJ Parker’s fans will love the flippant tone of the book and the narrator. I planned to avoid comparisons, but kept this one. I feel One Day All This Will Be Yours will resonate with a much broader audience than most of Tchaikovsky’s books. It shares Parker’s acerbic (and delightful) wit and take of human nature, but it copies nothing. It simply shows how versatile Tchaikovsky is as a writer. And here he’s in the prime form. 

I absolutely loved it. With its frenetic pacing, irreverent tone, and fresh ideas, it ensures a great reading experience. A true gem.
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Adrian Tchaikovsku is one of may favourites novelist, but with every new book, I can't keep wondering when he takes his ideas from. All right, I don't need to know as long as he have a new ones and makes the into stories.

Thank you NetGalley for giving me an ARC copy of this glorious novella.

One Day All This Will Be Yours takes us on a new level of time travel stories. Mostly because of the protagonist who lives alone at the end of times and wants to make sure that it stays like that. His main goal is to eliminate everyone who ever would think about building time machines. It is because he knows what danger such machines are. But it is not all, and saying more would be spoiler. But if you want a short story with a lot of clever humor and a sassy voice of a not-at-all hero who defys a chosen-one trope in the best way possible - read this story. I loved it.
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Prior to One Day All This Will Be Yours, the only Adrian Tchaikovsky I had read (and admittedly adored) was his Children of Time series. As these are epic doorstoppers, I wasn't sure what to expect from his shorter works. 
I'm pleased to say that I greatly enjoyed this - it's a quick and gripping read, and I loved the darkly humorous tone. Despite being so utterly fun, there are also some interesting trains of thought to be followed, and I think the world of this book will stay with me for a while.
I'm definitely inspired to read more of Tchaikovsky's shorter works now!
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ARC received due to NetGalley.

I liked the book, although it definitely needs a sequel!

An unexpected take on time travel, wars, and other time travelers. Plus dinosaurs, of course.
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This was my introduction to Adrian Tchaikovsky. This was a very enjoyable short book, with time travel, action, and humor all mixed in. Highly recommend, and will now need to search out more by Adrian Tchaikovsky.
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This book reads like Jerome K Jerome on a lot of acid. If he’d gone on holiday in a heavily armed time machine instead of a boat. And had a flesh-eating dinosaur as a pet instead of Montmorency the dog. This book is literally insane from start to finish and it’s the funniest thing I have read in years and I wish I’d written it.
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Tchaikovsky has always demonstrated a flair for infusing, sparingly but deftly, some deliciously humorous elements in his writings, but with One Day All This Will Be Yours he takes it to a whole new level.

This is a story of a war gone wrong - very, very wrong - after the introduction of time travel. And one man's mad quest to ensure it won't ever happen again, at any cost, morality be damned. Tchaikovsky proves, once and for all, the ultimate futility and devastation of a time war. One that leaves soldiers fighting for a side that no longer exists and likely never will again.

Deeply sardonic, and frequently ridiculous, this is a clear warning to you would-be time machine inventors that your technology will, despite all your benign intentions, inevitably be used for nefarious (and perhaps hilarious) purposes.
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One of the oddest, most creatively imagined, stories I've ever read, even in a genre which stretches to the far, far distant almost unimaginable future and flexes back to the initial first instance of the Universe,  ONE DAY ALL THIS WILL BE YOURS is the kind of intellectual Science Fiction which inspires, stretches the brain, and elicits that essential passion for scientific discovery.  It also boggles the imagination,  as author Adrian Tchaikovsky slips readers through one time stream after another,  upending cosmic paradoxes, while simultaneously developing character arc and evolution in a gloriously riveting plot. A mind-bending, mind-blowing,  story! I adored it! Definitely a best of year!
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