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Seasons Between Us

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I don't normally enjoy anthologies but this is a fabulous book and a great introduction to new writers. 
Such an excellent premise of whaf it means to be human with a whole range of diverse takes on it. 
I adored the 'advice to younger self" notes at the end of each one. Such a wise and beautiful concept. A few made me cry. 
There are some fantastic and thought provoking tales in this book all beautifully written.
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A fabulously diverse anthology of heartfelt stories, touching dialogues, strong characters and poetry by a well thought out selection of accomplished authors.
I was pleased to be introduced to a few wonderful authors, such as Bev Geddes whose story i did not want to end; Bogi Takac’s endearing and inquisitive protagonist whose perspective of life in Hungary you would forgive because of her innocence and Alan Dean Foster’s wonderful momentary glance into the cosmos.

How inspiring, to add the author’s ‘younger self’ advice at the ends of each story. This gives the book another dimension; an insight into what drives the author. A look into their younger self.
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I'm certainly up for some uplifting stories. This is a little uneven of collected stories. Many of them were very good. Recommended overall as a collection with a nice variety of tales.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!!
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This is an interesting collection of science fiction that does not address identity so much, but the human experience from different perspectives. The collection has a wide variety of formats, levels of science-fiction elements and length. There is even poetry. But the underpaying theme to me was to think about what makes us human. There is a several stories about death, parenthood and what drives us as human to do what we do or choose the careers that we choose. 

Overall, I found most stories quite interesting, some of which I wish could be developed into full length novels. I particularly liked the stories that were more realistic, almost happening in today's world. I also liked the addition that at the end of each story, instead of adding a biography of the author, they asked them what they would tell to their younger selves.
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This collection was not for me. The short stories were fairly lengthy and I found it hard to connect to the characters. I did like how each author would write a note to their younger self after their chapter.
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I loved this anthology!! Especially after about half way, the stories became so interesting and exciting and I got really into it!! It’s such a great concept and executed brilliantly!! The stories chosen are amazing, mostly, and I loved the writers notes at the end of each. They were a good length also.
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